Safety issues still stalling CAL’s La Ceiba flight

| 21/10/2021 | 24 Comments
Goloson International Airport

(CNS): The Goloson International Airport (LCE) in La Ceiba, Honduras, has still not increased its Category 6 safety grade, despite assuring Cayman Airways that measures were being put in place to facilitate today’s scheduled flights, the airline has said. As a result, Thursday morning’s jet flight KX882 was canceled and once again the national flag carrier will be using the small Saab 340B+ aircraft as a rescue flight for passengers stuck in Honduras. All affected passengers will be notified directly and rebooked.

Last week the LCE airport issued an official Notification To Airman (NOTAM), with no prior notice, effectively downgrading the airport’s operational capabilities to Category 6 with immediate effect, which meant that Cayman Airways was not able to operate its Boeing 737-8 jet aircraft into that airport.

Roatan airport has also been downgraded to Category 6 until 7 December. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires Category 7 or higher for CAL’s B737-8 fleet to fly into any airport. 

Affected passengers can call Cayman Airways Reservations on 345-949-2311 or 800-2791-9422 (toll free in Honduras). Cayman Airways is currently working with authorities to determine requirements as it relates to PCR testing. 

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Comments (24)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This route has always been about sex tourism and sex trafficking. The easiest way to avoid detection is to have the excuse of “strong family” ties.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Or would it be better (more affordable) for CAL to use the SAAB to service this route instead of the jet. (And Jamaica as well?) If they’ve got the planes maybe they can be put to better use than just Brac. (Though the sister islands flights of both sizes can be full at times, they can also be nearly empty. CAL really needs to do a better job of load spreading.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    We import poverty and it keeps moneygram profitable

  4. Anonymous says:

    Definitely cut out Montego Bay, that’s only costing money (landing fees) and too much wear and tear on the planes for very little in return.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We do have “strong family ties” no doubt, to both these locations. But at the end of the day are we economically benefiting from these routes? What does this country gain, if anything, is the main questions and if it is answered to be a a lucrative, financially sound profitable routes then let them continue, ofcourse! But if we are losing for the sake of persons being able to jump back and forth at our governments expense then i say, stop or downsize these routes to where ‘we as a county’ come out on top. There are other routes these persons can take, and other routes like Panama, which should be considered!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Since Cayman Airways is a government owned and subsidized entity can we demand to see just exactly how much it loses on the route to Honduras every year? And what benefit is it to the country. Can’t be tourism. Can’t be trade and goods. Why the hell is KX even flying there. People who want to come here from Honduras can do it via MIA. You know like pretty much every other tourist and resident.

    Just another transparency question. No doubt it will never be answered. Cal will claim its sensitive commercial data. Like there’s any other Cayman based airline that would want it. 😂

    • Anonymous says:

      8:25am We can say the same thing about the flights to Jamaica!

      • Anonymous says:

        9:27 am, right. especially stopping at Montego Bay and paying that landing fees, plus the wear and tear of landing and taking off again.That should be cut out pronto. Jamaicans that wants to come Cayman would gladly go to Kingston to catch CAL .

    • Anonymous says:

      CAL 2016/17 Annual Report

      Page 5:

      “10 Key Roles of Cayman Airways”

      1. A lever for Strategic Tourism and Economic Development
      2. Provide an essential inter-island air-bridge
      3. Guarantee air service independent of foreign carrier priorities
      4. Disaster relief before and after events
      5. Tourist evacuation
      6. Ensure competitive fare structure from foreign carriers
      7. Prevent foreign carrier monopolies
      8. Provide community support from corporate citizenship
      9. Contribute over US$200 million annually to the Cayman economy
      10. Provide direct employment in the Cayman Islands to 370+ people

      Hard fails on all 10 key missions for this route.

      Lots of other good reading, like the $2.5mln to fix a damaged engine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a shakedown by Honduran government.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just cancel the route, and start flights to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. It’s about the same fly time, but you finish at an actual real international gateway hub. If anyone wants to continue on to Category 6 airport like La Ceiba, they can book a puddle jumper from there. Or LA, or Vancouver, or Mexico City, or Tokyo, all of South America, etc.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good and high time to stop flying in and out of failed states like Honduras, Jamaica, etc

    Nothing good to gain from going there over the longer term.

    The educated, experienced and decent individuals that will contribute positively to Cayman can fly via Miami.

    Move on from these places.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your post is so tone deaf it is not funny. Many Caymanians have had strong family ties to Jamaica and Honduras way before you washed up.
      Your Johnny-come-lately-with-all-the-answers is incredibly disingenuous.
      I know of several friends and family who will be suffering because of this decision, one family member in particular who is desperately trying to leave Cayman and get back to Honduras.

      • Anonymous says:

        From MIA, Avianca and TACA can get them safely to SAP, where they can thread the cartel blockades to La Cieba. Letting their airport decay to this status was a Golosón administrative decision, and has nothing to do with us. Subsidising airlift to Honduras (nice as it is, and have been there a few times) is well-outside the stated mission of Cayman Airways.

      • Anonymous says:


        Cayman Airways should NOT exist to satisfy the emotional needs of “several friends and family” and “one family member in particular”.

        Your opinions reek of rank entitlement and downright selfishness as you expect the rest of us to help pay for you and your entourage.

        There are more ways to reach your friends and family other than GCM to LCE, direct.

        I have direct family connections in Honduras, Jamaica, Cuba, and several other places that KX does NOT fly direct to.

        Should I also feel entitled to have those serviced by KX as well?

        Let’s rethink the type of place that we want our children to grow up in. Most of us left those places to do better. Don’t ask the rest of us to help pay for Cayman to join them.

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