COVID spreads across schools and community

| 01/10/2021 | 132 Comments
Triple C School

(CNS): Seven children, including one pre-school child, were among 13 new positive cases of COVID-19 revealed on Friday. Chief Nursing Officer Dr Hazel Brown reported that there were two travellers in the results while the rest were all community transmissions, two of which could not be connected to any of the first three outbreaks.

As well as a child who attends Just for Kids Preschool, there were three more Prospect Primary students including a student from Year 3, another George Town Primary student, a John Gray High School student from Year 9 who is a direct contact of a child attending Prospect and already in isolation, as well as a student from Triple C School, who is also believed to be connected to the Prospect outbreak but was not in isolation.

There were also four local transmissions among adult: two who are contacts of students and two with no known connection to any existing cases.

“Though we now have established community spread of the virus, as of this morning the last admission (to hospital) was on 8 September,” Dr Brown noted. “The inpatient was vaccinated and continues to improve. All the children are doing well, with most of the current cases being asymptomatic.”

She added, “We continue to appeal to the public to take the vaccine if you are able to do so. However, vaccinated or not, please take all measures to protect yourself and our community — wear a mask, sanitise your hands and practice physical distance when interacting outside of your family and household.”

Meanwhile, parents of students at Triple C School were complaining today on social media about how the school was managing news that a student was positive before closing the facility at around 11am.

There are now 55,200 people who have had at least on shot of the vaccine, which is 78% of the estimated population, while 51,759 of them have had both doses. While vaccinations increased significantly this month, with well over 3,500 people getting their first shot in September, this week things began to slow down, as just 152 additional people were administered a vaccine for the first time since Monday.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

For more information on vaccines contact the HSA Communications team at

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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Comments (132)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s pause a moment and reflect.

    What harm is done to the overall health of those vaccinated if some people refuse to be vaccinated? I believe the answer is none.

    The borders have to open sooner or later; we all know that. When they do and the disease spreads here faster as a result, the evidence is that for the vast majority of the rest of us, our vaccinations will protect us from all but minor symptoms should we catch it at all.

    By contrast, those who remain unvaccinated will be taking a risk in doing so; there are lots of examples worldwide of apparently healthy unvaccinated people being killed by Covid. But if they want to run that risk, they should be entitled to do so. I might say they’re crawling along the branch of a tree to see how far they can get before it breaks, but that’s (hopefully not literally) their funeral, not ours. If they catch Covid, it could be a lot worse for them than for the rest of us. In fact it’ll make no difference to us health-wise one way or the other, and it will have been their choice to suffer.

    What is unacceptable is of unvaccinated people here try to prevent the borders from reopening for fear of catching the disease. The world must keep turning, and these vaccines have been developed to enable it to do so. The borders must open, and the unvaccinated must choose whether or not to protect themselves and their families when they do. If they choose not to take the jab, they are voluntarily putting their heads in the lion’s mouth. They’re braver, and some might say stupider, than me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d actually like to commend the way that Triple C administration has handled this whole situation. And based on our PTA group chats, I believe most parents are in agreement. The school has provided timely information via different avenues, and the parents are kept up to date on a regular basis. They were also very instrumental in not having the children in a panic. I saw 1 or 2 post from parents complaining, but the majority seemed to be quite happy. Good job to them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So our plan for living with Covid is if two children from the same class test positive, all classmates and all members of their households, even if tested negative and are vaccinated have to quarantine for 14 days.

    Who came up with plan? Who approved it?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is impossible to have zero cases of COVID. We need to figure out how to live with it. Freaking out and shutting everything is not a plan- it is an overreaction. Does anyone in Cayman have a television- have you seen the sports events or concerts in the US?

      • Anonymous says:

        That is hardly the best metric. Does anyone know that more than 700,000 people have died from Covid in the US? Does anyone know that Alaska is rationing health care or that New England hospitals are once again filling with Covid patients?

      • Anonymous says:

        Everything is not being shut – only schools. It is outrageous!

      • Anonymous says:

        700,000 dead, and counting. Stuff the sheep do not watch on TV. Bad for ratings.

      • Caymanian says:

        How about when people start to die? Is shutting down a consideration then?

        Where is the line in the sand?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes the rest of the world has moved on with COVID-19. Take florida for example there case numbers are decreasing because they are treating those that have COVID-19.If there is treatment to be offered to residents then offer it. But it seems all they are offering is that residents should get vaxxed that is not the solution. This island have been in a bubble for over a year now that is why now there will new cases showing up 52 within a few days and sent home to quarantine.

        CNS: Florida is coming down from crisis levels. There have been 55,619 covid deaths so far in the state. See most recent update in the Miami Herald here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Almost equivalent to two weeks prison for not committing a crime. Even scarier is that it could happen to the same person monthly lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is everyone in the prison vaccinated? That’ and nursing homes are where you need to be concerned due to close living conditions. No need to close down schools.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our “plan” for living with covid is to not live with covid.

    • CSF says:

      It’s as if our Public Health & Education Departments have decided not to learn anything from the UK or the US. Any benefits from delaying covid spread in the community for a year to see what does and doesn’t seem to work elsewhere are to be lost, in the educational sense at least.

      Online options seem only to be contemplated for the classes/year groups who will be quarantined, not the other household casualties of the policy in different grades.

      Cue educational disruption on a massive scale, just at a time when education in the US and UK is trending back to normal. I feel for those who have kids in multiple grades of school, especially teenagers with high-stakes exams and who may very well be vaccinated.

      Link to CDC K-12 guidance for schools below.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is government not commenting on the fact that in Bermuda which has similar demographics and a vaccination rate almost the same as ours nearly 20% of the people dying of Covid are fully vaccinated????

    • Anonymous says:

      Today 2/3 of the people that died in Singapore were fully vaccinated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fully vaccinated people are dying wherever there is Covid. Fully vaccinated people who are infected are also infecting others. That is something that government is also silent about when trying to convince us that dropping quarantine is a great idea.

      • Anonymous says:


        “ UPDATEDOCT 3, 2021, 12:40 AM
        SINGAPORE – Four Singaporeans aged between 55 and 80 have died from complications linked to Covid-19, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Saturday (Oct 2).

        They are three women and a man, all of whom were unvaccinated and had various underlying medical conditions, said MOH.”

        I don’t know where people get the crap they spread or just make it up. You should see the nonsense a friend sent me about Italy stopping vaccinations…

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, really.

          Six more people have died from COVID-19.

          In press release, the ministry said that five of them were Singaporean men and one was a Singaporean woman, aged between 68 and 91 years old. Among them, two had been unvaccinated against COVID-19, and four had been vaccinated. Five of them had various underlying medical conditions, while an unvaccinated case had no known medical conditions.

          • Anonymous says:

            Dear god. Go back to Junior school and learn some basic stats. The more people you vaccinate, the fewer people will die of covid than otherwise would have but as the proportion of the population there will be vastly more vaccinated people to catch it so the proportion of those dying from it will be higher, even though there are far fewer over all. It’s not difficult. My 12 year old gets it. Jesus. The vaccines work. It’s a pity they don’t have one for stupid.

            • Anonymous says:

              They would refuse to take that one as well. Apparently, the anti-vax crowd is now smarter than all the doctors and researchers are now…

        • Anonymous says:

          Facebook – seriously?? it was actually 4 out of 6 patients dying of Covid in Singapore were fully vaccinated. Here is the URL and a quote from the Government of Singapore site:

          The Singapore Government reported the following today regarding deaths among fully vaccinated people (their population has a higher vaccination rate than we do):

          “6 more cases have passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection.[1] Of these, 5 were male Singaporeans and 1 was a female Singaporean, aged between 68 and 91 years. Amongst them, 2 had been unvaccinated against COVID-19, and 4 had been vaccinated….

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes because most people are vaccinated. Simple maths: Let’s say if 80% are vaccinated and 20% are not. Of each group 5 people get admitted to hospital. The 5 vaccinated ones represent a very small percentage of the 80%. And most likely the are over 80, and therefore more likely to die. Whereas the 5 people of the 20% represent a higher par of the 20 % unvaccinated, and are most likely between 50 and 90. Less likely to die as younger. So there you go Maths solved the problem

    • Anonymous says:

      When did they get vaccinated and when did they get Covid? Important questions!

      • Anonymous says:

        Average life expectancy is 83.9 in Singapore. World average is 72.6. So, though tragic as no loss of life is good, reality dictates odds were close for all these people to pass soon regardless of COVID

      • Anonymous says:

        The importance of that question is that someone could get vaccinated today and covid tomorrow before the two week period (3 in some countries) when the potency of the vaccine is supposed to become completely effective. Also, some people only have one shot and get exposed to covid when they need to get both shots and have that wait period of a few weeks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously? Did any of you people graduate high school? The vaccine is 95% effective. In a country where every single person was vaccinated every single person that died of Covid would have been vaccinated however there would be approximately 1/20th the number of dead than if none of them were. This is very simple stuff. Stop reading damn facebook. In the US right now 90%+ of hospital admissions are unvaccinated. The vaccines work. Get over it. You were wrong, that’s fine, move on, stop doubling down with this BS and being so damn ignorant.

  5. Annie says:

    All of is this is pointless. The kitty is our of the bag. It is like trying to hold back the Ocean with the Marriott sea wall. The Delta virus is just better at its job infecting people than our government is at containing it. Really they had no chance of keeping the bubble without completely locking down all travel for the foreseeable future and past. And that would never have worked anyway. So get the jab, get used to the masks, and move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, except the masks are stupid. No one wears them properly and few even have the correct kind of mask.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not a word on used 😷face masks collection 🚮at schools. It must be replaced every 3 hours and disposed in special ☠️bio-hazard marked bins, which in turn must be collected daily and further disposed properly, which is incineration.

    Do they teach kids when and where to dispose used face masks? Do school premises and grounds have enough (if any) bio-hazard marked bins?

    If not, what is the point of sanitising class rooms, chasing contacts, etc. if the very rudimental steps to prevent COVID spread are not implemented? It goes without saying that used face masks, not hard surfaces in schools, hospitals, shops, businesses, etc. contaminated with pathogens, including COVID virus.

    Can someone please clarify?

    CNS: You have a point and this should be included in the MoE guidance, but we don’t need bio-hazard bins in the classrooms. The WHO recommends closed bins (see here). The UK recommendations for disposing of masks in schools is “dispose of temporary face coverings in a ‘black bag’ waste bin (not recycling bin)”. See here and note this is no longer in effect in the UK.

    Also, it’s not the plague. The virus may last on masks as long as seven days, so as long as people don’t rummage through the garbage in that time, I doubt there’s any imperative to incinerate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me the thunder and lightning came down on those anti-VAX fools today.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, just more judgement, of which there seems to be no shortage.

      You notice that nobody says they are anti-vax. Just opinionated people like yourself trying to slap a label on those who think differently than you.

      • Anonymous says:


        The “official” group statement may not be anti-vax but look at the VERY vocal lead members and their 100% anti-vax rhetoric. The group is using “freedom of choice” as their tag line but they mean “we choose to not be vaxxed”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, but the signs say a lot.

        The problem the ‘Vaxed-but-choice’ people have is the ‘anti-vax conspirators’ standing next to you with their sign make your entire demonstration look less credible.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Covid spread is still person to person not random. What has become random (for a number of reasons) is detection and suppression.

  9. Anonymous says:

    With the vaccination rate where CIG wanted it in time for an October 14 opening and this continual knee-jerk reaction to community spread despite that, the ongoing border closure seems less about the virus and more about just not wanting tourists, and potential tourists can see that. The rest of the world that has had the privilege of the vaccine like here is moving on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This virus is now in the community. Time to let it go

  11. Anonymous says:

    At least Wayne called a news conference to tell us what PACT plans are and how they have changed because of community spread.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the hell were you listening to? You should get those voices in your head checked out.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Question- are all the students and their family going to be in 2 week quarantine similar to the GT outbreak? Or only the positive case expected to quarantine??

  13. Wiliam says:

    Are these kids in bad shape? Dying? Or are they just staying at home, doing just fine?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The event yesterday will put the nail in the coffin of the water sports industry.

    Forcing 25 vaccinated people into isolation due to potential exposure is madness!

  15. Anonymous says:

    19% of the dozens of people who have died of Covid since Bermuda dropped quarantine were fully vaccinated according to the Bermuda government. That ought to be a sobering statistic even for this government.

    New drugs that appear to cut the risk of death and hospitalisation in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are likely to be approved in the US and the UK before the end of the year.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “two of which could not be connected to any of the first three outbreaks” Well then they are probably 2 more false positives. You can’t spontaneously create the virus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    850 confirmed cases to date.

    2 deaths.

    One of them practically doa from existing heart problems.

    If I’m not mistaken the other had terminal cancer, but that could be incorrect.

    In any case .24% or 99.76% and that doesn’t include any unverified cases which are typically 3 x the known cases.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s your point? Would you prefer to see a higher number?

      The numbers mean we did it the right way and saved many lives. Appreciation to both governments.

    • Anonymous says:

      forget deaths…of all cayman cases how many ended up in hospital???
      time to put faith in science and basic statistics.

    • Anonymous says:

      She didn’t die from cancer. She died from Covid. Are you saying that it’s okay for people who may have a sickness besides Covid to die from Covid? Many people have cancer and survive.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Over the past several weeks in the UK rate of positive tests per 100k people is higher in vaccinated over the age of 40 by over 20%. While in Israel those vaccinated over 6 months ago are also showing higher infection rates than the unvaccinated. After several months without the 3rd booster you’ve got negative vaccine efficacy.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because more people are vaccinated and the vaccines went to the older and higher risk as a priority. What don’t you people get… of course a larger proportion of positives will be vaccinated people when 80 per cent of a population are vaccinated! Cases don’t matter, none or very few of these vaccinated positive cases are dying.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong 3.08 pm This is per 100k people of the sample not total cases. And it’s true by every 10 year age group above 40. What it means though is that 2 jabs as or right now in the UK provide only mortality reduction and don’t help limit the spread of covid at all. In fact they seem to increase your chances of infection among the 40+ crowd.

        CNS: I couldn’t find anything that backs up this claim and rate it total BS. I think you’re misunderstanding the data, as the commenter was trying to explain. It is also absolutely false that the vaccines only affect mortality rates, as it is clear that they greatly reduce illness and hospitalizations. AND they still reduce infections, though not as well for delta as previous variants. For those interested in facts: Four factors that increase the risk of vaccinated people getting COVID

        • Anonymous says:

          Consider that people who are vaccinated will take less care with hand washing, masks, social distancing, etc. If people act differently it affects transmission rates rather than related to vaccine itself.

          Things are generally more complicated than just a single factor.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rates take into account vaccine status. So no you are wrong, but even if you talk about sheer numbers and ignore rates you are still wrong because of the magnitude. Don’t believe me? Do the math and look at the efficacy rate. You may be surprised.

        • Anonymous says:

          1.02am You make no sense. The raw numbers in excel are provided by the UK, Scotland, Israel and several other countries. Anybody can find it with some effort. Among the 40+ age group the number of covid cases over past week is over 5x higher among the vaccinated than unvaccinated. People in that age group are getting infected now at higher rates than vaccinated because they were vaccinated a long time ago and the vax wanes and the most recent data CLEARLY shows vaccine efficacy can even go negative. Cayman data so far doesn’t show anything too different among the adult vaccinated population which account for like 90% of those infected.

          Why do you think Israel now considers people vaccinated over 6 months ago as unvaccinated? Because as of Sept 29th double vaccinated 6 month ago+ had 23% higher rate of catching covid than unvaccinated. Even the Israeli PM admitted double vaccinated long time ago are at higher risk of catching it than unvaccinated. That’s why they panicked with the 3rd booster rollout for millions of people.

          The good news is the third jab seems to do the trick on cutting down on infections by a lot, but only after 14 days.

          People seem to have become some vaccine zealots trying to defend a false premise and that muddles the logic of the policy response required in Cayman. Living with the virus means everybody gets infected and tens of maybe even over a hundred will die and thousands will end up with long covid.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this spread will not lead to the situation Bermuda now has after dropping quarantine requirements there. The Bermuda government announced another 3 deaths yesterday on top of the dozens who died in the past few weeks. I also hope that our government is not willing to let so many Caymanians die but I am no longer sure about that. It seems that they may now be more interested in catering to certain private interests.

  20. Elvis says:

    They soon be panic vaccinating . Running like idiots to get the life saving injections suddenly realizing what fools they have been to wait till covid actually comes for them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Pretty obvious who, when, and how this started. It was inevitable. The very people who shut the island off from the rest of the world to save themselves. They opened up. Now can the rest of us open up?

  22. Anonymous says:

    No story being done on Brac – where many many children are not in school because of the flu/cold – – – hmnn Covid maybe?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Too slow. Once we got a positive case at GTPS, the children of all parents who can work from home should have been automatically placed on remote learning so to make social distancing easier for the students whose parents had no option but to send them into the school. That would have bought the HSA time to complete the contact tracing and pinpoint any other flares with more certainty. Now we are left praying this does not become a blooming onion that disrupts far more households that it should have.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully all are doing very well and most are even asymptomatic. Vaccines work! We can’t keep the mentality of trying to avoid cases here and must realize we can manage cases.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am sick- sick of hearing about covid.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Start testing the school kids with consent from parents with easy saliva test like Bermuda is offering.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If the kids have got it, so have their families.
    One in four 12-17 unvaccinated in Cayman
    One in five 18-30 unvaccinated in Cayman

    Hopefully there’s enough vaccinated adults & older kids around the unvaccinated little kids to stop the spread getting uncontrollable, but this is still having a big impact on kids accessing their right to a school education in person, and will continue to do so for months.

    And we are just starting to feel this Delta wave.
    I hope the teachers & school support staff are vaccinated.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can we all just move on with our lives? No more quarantine, no more lockdown, no more masks. Go get vaccinated and be done with it.

    • Anonymous says:

      19% of people dying of Covid in Bermuda were fully vaccinated. I am sure that they would have preferred to be alive with quarantine and mask wearing.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, we can’t, because we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. Just because you want it to be over doesn’t make it so.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Cases, not hospitalizations

  30. Anonymous says:

    I say we go door to door and vaccinate everyone regardless of age or medical condition. We all are ready to get back to brunch and rent our condos to foreigners willing to pay us anything to experience this beautiful country that we pay no property taxes or income taxes to. If some get sick or die, it’s a small price to pay for our prosperity.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you lead the charge so I can soundly repel you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You keep repeating these comments about brunch and condo rentals. You are missing the point.

      Covid is here to stay. You can’t avoid it. This country needs to get back to reality and learn to live with it, along with all the other illnesses and dangers we face daily. Hiding from this truth will not keep you safe.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It’s been on Island all the time anyway, this is now becoming old irrelevant news folks.

  32. anon says:

    “Two with no known connection with any existing cases”. This is where the system breaks down. If for sake of argument and I’m not suggesting this happened in these cases, the two did play dominoes with people already in quarantine with the Delta variant, would they admit it?. To me this is a likely scenario with many of the community transmissions, not necessarily dominoes but contact that should not knowingly have taken place.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Who else is regretting voting for this government?

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, we’re there any half decent choices?

    • Hubert says:

      OK. Enough is enough. We need to have a mask mandate for all students in both public and private schools ASAP.

      With so many still not vaccinated we are playing with a potential public health disaster with our children.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the month of September, in Canada, school aged children accounted for the fastest growing share of new COVID cases there.

      Don’t think it can’t happen in the Cayman Islands. We need a mask mandate for all children in our schools.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This is why the smart people got vaccinated

    • Anonymous says:

      Right. Let’s vax the babies, toddlers and kids so we can get back to brunch and rent our condos for the vacays

  35. Anonymous says:

    Pure Jamaican in the vaccine line by Camana Bay yesterday.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, that’s great news and I’m very glad to hear it. Better late than never. Jamaicans have been a big vaccination holdout and tend to move on these kinds of things in blocs. It doesn’t matter what someone’s personal bias is with Jamaicans, we shouldn’t wish COVID on any of them and the more people in Cayman who get vaccinated, the safer we all are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lack of education

        Lack of civic responsibility

        No real world experience outside of Jamaica and Cayman

        You cannot really expect better

        This of course applies to many but NOT ALL Jamaicans in Cayman!

    • Robert Mugabe IV says:

      Did you do your own personal poll of everyone in the line? You’re telling us 100% Jamaican. What an idiot you are, as is any clown who has agreed with you.

      Xenophobia is alive and well in Cayman.

      A large number of our own are unvaxxed. It’s a personal choice. So look after your own loved ones who have underlying conditions. That’s the bottom line.
      Now open the borders!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is great news. Please everyone get the jab!

    • Anonymous says:

      about time..a lot of them are in construction and on work permit and refuse to get the vaccine despite what is going on in their own country..

    • Anonymous says:

      5:45 About damn time! They are a big part of the unvaccinated group that has held the rest of us hostage.

  36. Anonymous says:

    You can thank your government for reducing the quarantine time to 5 days and allowing quarantine at home, causing this .
    All done on purpose to benefit the business on this island.
    We were fine and unique in the world and now we are back to chaos .

  37. Anonymous says:

    Anybody that brings up Singapore as an example of the great effect of vaccines on reducing mortality from COVID… In the first wave, without any vaccines, the 65,000 cases resulted in around 40 deaths. The most recent wave, with 80% vaccine coverage of entire population, has run now at an extra 35,000 cases and caused 60 deaths.

    If Cayman lets it rip and over 60% of the population ends up infected you’d get at least the number of fatalities you’ve seen in Singapore with the more recent 35,000 cases.

    CNS: It’s hard to follow your train of thoughts here. Singapore has a population of 5.5 million of whom 82% over age 12 are fully vaccinated. There have been a total of 93 deaths from COVID-19 there since the beginning of the pandemic through Wednesday.
    We have roughly the same vaccination rate (I don’t have like on like stats but it can’t be far off) and a population that is about 1.3% the size of Singapore’s (even with our upper estimate). How on earth do you conclude that we will have the same number of deaths?

    A good outline of the situation in Singapore, rather than grab a few stats out of context, by AP – Singapore strategy of living with COVID raises concern, hope

    • Anonymous says:

      What is there not to understand CNS?

      65,000 happened in the first wave where there were no vaccines and those 65,000 cases (which were actually a severe undercount of cases not deaths because of more limited testing than today) lead to 36 deaths.

      The recent Delta wave started started mid July and the country logged 35,000 cases since then and 66 deaths. If you infect over 60% of Cayman (which is the number you’ve seen in say in India, New York, Eastern Europe) you have an idea for what number of deaths Cayman should expect even with the high vaccine coverage it has. But Singapore’s healthcare system and early treatment drug cocktail approach is superior to what is practiced here…

    • Anonymous says:

      If I calculated correctly 0.0017% of Singapore’s population died from Covid-19. Extrapolate that to Cayman using population of 71k, would be 71,000X0.0017% = 1 person, which is actually where we are at since Mar 2020.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stats and logic are not strong suits of a lot of the folks who post on these boards…

    • Anonymous says:

      Quiote From the article cited by CNS about Singapore:

      Leo Yee Sin, executive director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases and head of Singapore’s pandemic response, told The Associated Press that the surge has reinforced evidence the delta variant can evade resistance to COVID-19 and that her office has determined it is important for at-risk individuals to get a booster dose.

      And while vaccines have meant milder symptoms for most, even asymptomatic people carry the same amount of the virus in their respiratory tract and can easily spread it, she said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS. one wonders if this poster just assumes because Singapore is a relatively small low tax jurisdiction it must be rather same as cayman! No understanding of it being the most important and largest port in south east Asia and a giant city population wise!

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, thank you for your tireless efforts in keeping uninformed/misinformed people in check!

    • Barry says:

      Nice one CNS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, CNS, we will have more deaths. Why?
      1. Everyone here goes to the same places such as the grocery store
      2. You all are believing this number of population.
      The census will prove that the population figure is incorrect.
      3. They are counting everyone in those vaccines and there were a lot of people who came here to get the vaccines. When I was getting mine there was an American girl getting her vaccine. She doesn’t live here. Then there is all of the winter bird home owners that got theirs’ as well.

  38. Anonymous says:

    In other news, the sky is blue and the sea is wet.

    This was always going to happen.

    COVID is never going away.

    This was unavoidable, regardless of government policy.

    Cases where no-one (due to vaccines) are in hospital are not an issue and are due to vaccines (that work).

    Yes – this is the Delta variant. The vaccine still works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also people who continue to spout ‘covid is never going away’ are never going away. Still I guess the world needs a few idiots to balance nature. Up next Spanish flu, oh wait it isn’t around anymore. Or maybe bubonic plague, oh yeh that’s gone too.

      • Ffs says:

        The virus responsible for the 1918 influenza pandemic “Spanish flu” still circulates today.

        Bubonic plague is still around and infects roughly a couple of thousand people each year worldwide.

        If it helps polio is sill about too.

        There’s this thing called evolution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even without vaccines the hospitalization rate from catching the virus is less than 1 in 50 in a population with average age of around 40. Based on the number of cases so far and the young age skew you’d expect zero hospitalized cases with or without vaccines.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah, bring it on!

    • Anonymous says:

      We want death! We want Death! WE WANT DEATH!!
      Which brings me to this question: Why are Cayman’s good Christians so afraid of COVID when eternal glorious life awaits?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Upvote to Open the border.

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