COVID cases soar with 90 positives in one day

| 26/10/2021 | 255 Comments

(CNS): The positivity rate of people being tested for SARS-CoV-2 reached a startling new high Tuesday, with 90 positive cases of community transmission as well as two cases in travellers due to leave quarantine all recorded in just one day from 1,101 PCR tests. Two more people have been admitted to hospital and both are being given supplemental oxygen, Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee said in the announcement relating to the surge in transmission. One woman who was hospitalised in early September and another patient who has COVID but was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for an unrelated matter are both stable.

As the realities of living with COVID grew more stark today, Dr Lee said he was aware that people would be anxious but the ‘genie was out of the bottle’.

“I know a lot of you will be feeling frightened or worried with this increase in numbers, but they really are as we might anticipate with this being such an infectious disease,” he said. “It’s important to understand that once this degree of infectious disease is in the community, you can’t really put the genie back in the bottle. It’s with us as we move to reopen the borders further.” 

The CMO urged people to follow COVID protocols and take extra precautions as the virus is now widespread.

“I really need to ask you to follow the advice of people that you trust and have trusted for a good long while and the information sources that are trusted out there, too,” he said. “Do please mask, distance, look after the elderly in the community and the vulnerable, and protect them as much as you can.”

Dr Lee advised people to get vaccinated to protect themselves from serious illness if they have not already done so. “Overwhelmingly around the world, the people who are admitted to hospital with serious illness and who unfortunately die, a huge majority of these are those that are unvaccinated. So we can see the evidence that it will protect you,” the CMO added.

Public Health is reminding all households that have undergone testing for COVID-19 that they must continue to isolate at home, whether test results have been received or not, until they are advised they can leave by a Public Health official.

The number of active and symptomatic cases or the numbers of those in quarantine have not yet been released for Tuesday. As of Monday, there were 320 active cases, but with today’s additional 90 positive results, even with some recoveries Cayman has around 400 live cases of the virus among those now in isolation, which is around 1,500 people.

Meanwhile, around 64% of those infected as of yesterday were said to be showing symptoms of the virus.

See Dr Lee’s video message on today’s results below on CIGTV:

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Comments (255)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    With the FDA now approving the vaccine for 5 -11 year olds, when promoted and rolled out in Cayman, I expect all those who were voicing hatred of those who didn’t want to take the vaccine, to get their kids vaccinated. I wonder how many are willing to show their selflessness they were shouting from the rooftops.

    I’m of the opinion that very few are willing to make their kids get it. They’ll probably do what they despised others of doing, exercising their freedom of choice. I can’t wait to hear them use the same arguments they vehemently concluded were “Facebook science” and from “Fox News”.

    This clown world is about to get way more interesting. I bet the talk of a vaccine mandate will also start to decline, as they probably don’t want THEIR kids or grandkids to get included in that mandate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    On Monday, I said 500 more cases by the end of the month. People thought I was crazy. Well, 216 in the past two days and 4 days left to go. I think my estimate was too low. And these are just those that were tested. Walk around town and listen to the number of people coughing!

  3. AZM says:

    Another 126 positive cases reported by Dr. Lee today.

    So, its still not a concern for the folk that agree with the opening, no matter what, the idea of herd immunity.

    Well, to me, like with Americans who adhere to the same notion, its very dangerous, selfish and sad.

    I’ve read comments that say its infringing on their personal liberty, … have any of these folks thought about the way they infringe on those they get in contact with?

    And now, judging by many of these comments, we are faulting residents, expats, the usual prejudices that Cayman folk seem to like to blame.

    Maybe, these folks should look at the numbers, you know statistics, and see that just over the past 3 reports, there have only been 7 travelers testing positive.

    Guess what? The rest of the spread of infections in the community, are spread by Caymanians, who don’t give a shit, break quarantine, and feel no compunction to safe guard the community.

    I know I’m going to get a lot of shit over the post, but know what, I don’t care, I think my observations are solid, regardless of ignorant comments, insults, and just your own dogma that you defend fiercely.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Relax everybody. Watch goofy French comedy about pandemic on Netflix “Stuck Together”, 2021. I applaud French cinema!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anyone under the age of 16 shouldn’t even be tested unless they require serious treatment.

    The faster this rips through the school system, the better.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The 60+ triple vaxxed double masked oligarchs are freaking tf out right now and terrified that their slaves might infect them.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is something wrong with you in the head

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      @4:40pm Seriously? You wouldn’t be on here making stupid comments like that if you weren’t worried. You better go Lions Center tomorrow and get your shot.

      Watch and see when the hospitalizations start who they will be?

  7. Daniel Johns says:

    All it took to make things worse on the Brac and Little, was 1 unvaccinated Gov’t employee, who I guess thought they were special, took out the fire dept, and a few hospitality people, who rely on their jobs to care for their families.. We have a nurse here at Faith Hospital who will not get vaccinated, Red hat syndrome… Math and science people, 2 things that never lie…Results may vary… but figures don’t lie, liars figure…

    • Anonymous says:

      The number one anti-vaxxer on Little is the one who started all of this..He thought he was invincible, now he is locked up in Holiday Inn posting shit on Facebook. These type of people could give two shits about other people. You let me hear my Mama is affected over in the Brac, he will be getting a little bit of my mind and maybe something else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I went out to breakfast today (outside restaurant) only because it was a special occasion. NONE of the staff or customers were wearing a mask except us. I really wanted to leave but didn’t want to upset my friend or cause a fuss on her special day.
    Does everyone here think they are invincible? And that they won’t infect an elderly or vulnerable loved one.
    My Brother In Law was a covid denier (lives in the US). Thought it was all a hoax or just a bit of flu. Caught covid, infected his mother who ended up on a ventilator and died. She was early 60’s but fit and healthy. He’s been near suicidal with guilt and grief ever since.
    His sister in the UK has been suffering from long covid for more than a year despite not being very sick when she got it originally. Just learned she has irreversible heart damage from it and will go on the transplant list. And those are just cases I know in my own family.
    Covid screws up lives in more ways than just dying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your restaurant experience is an everyday occurrence here and no one seems to want to use reason to protect patrons. Avoid them all until they show responsibility

    • Anonymous says:

      There is “Stuck together” goofy French comedy on Netflix-When Paris goes into lockdown during the pandemic. You might want to watch to see if you recognize yourself.

  9. C'Mon Now! says:

    It would be helpful if the Covid-19 dashboard on were update for yesterday’s results and also if we had been given the normal Dr. Lee briefing this AM.

    If it happened I have not been able to locate it or any news items that reference it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Given the alarm in the community with the release of information of the extent of community spread, government now has to get approval from the cabal to release information.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the simple things like this that make you think this gov’t isn’t competent to do anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cannot be an informed citizen with no facts. Brilliant tactic

  10. Anonymous says:

    How did Florida end up with one of the best COVID-19 case and death rates in the US despite Gov Ron DeSantis refusing to implement mask or vaccine mandates?.

    “However, more logical explanations include that as people have contracted COVID-19 over the last two months, the virus is (slowly) running out of people to infect.”

    • Anonymous says:

      “Additionally, the state is doing just as well as California, despite the West Coast State taking a very strict approach including implementing mask mandates, limiting gatherings and closings bars and indoor dining at restaurants.”

      Desantis is a general. Newsome is a nauseating hypocrite.

      • Anonymous says:

        A general right wing fascist.The Florida Trump. A hero of the white supremacist crowd in the US

        • Anonymous says:

          People that don’t know or appreciate what rights and freedoms are throw around words like fascist and white supremacist because they don’t know what those are either.

        • Anonymous says:

          The racist are usually the ones calling everyone else racists.

        • Anonymous says:

          A hero to a lot more people than that!

        • Anonymous says:

          @6:54 and a regular POS. He has his idiots like Trump does, that will worship him like a god while their families are dropping like flies around them.

          If these people would someday ask themselves why DeSantis and his entire family are vaccinated and he is telling them not to get vaccinated or wear a mask? They should replay that Jim Jones documentary in every Cinema in the United States and offer it free of charge so that some of these may get it through their heads that this is nothing more than a cult seeking political power for themselves.

          DeSantis just hired another idiot for his Surgeon General who is a self proclaimed anti-vaxxer and anti mask wearer. Just the other day a Senator who is sick with cancer asked him to wear a mask due to her condition while he was visiting her office and he refused..she kicked his ass out and rightly so. As karma would have it DeSantis’ own wife has just disclosed she is battling breast cancer. Let’s see if DeSantis will let this idiot by her bedside unmasked.

  11. Anonymous says:

    For the 3 in hospital, why not release whether vaccinated or not? Almost guaranteed to not be.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least 2 of them are vaccinated, fully. Not sure about the 2 new ones though

    • Vax Person says:

      You are real idiot. Being vaccinated does not prevent spread of Covid you can still catch it, spread it and die.
      Being vaccinated reduces the chances of dying.

      • John Smith says:

        Vaccinated does prevent spread of Covid you can’t catch it and obviously can’t spread it.

        Unfortunately there is chance to vaccine basically doesn’t work in some particular individuals. That the vaccine success rate it is.

        Is amazing how people which can’t calculate square root from 16 are so knowledgeable of bio molecular medicine.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Release the healthy people from isolation, this is not living with covid.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know they are healthy until the incubation period is over jackass.

      • Anonymous says:

        If this is the position the country wants to take, then everyone needs to stay home… Jackass.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:53 Exactly, people scream follow the science but don’t want to when it does not suit them. Incubation is still 14 days for this virus..look at how many travelers are testing positive on their release date.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the new normal and how we will live with Covid. I hate to be the one to rain on your in-denial parade, but life will not be returning back to the old normal for the foreseeable future.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ 1:49pm With ignorant statements like your, we should not wonder why covid is spreading so rampantly throughout Cayman.

      I’m at the point now that I can’t wait for one of these anti-vaxxers to be put on a ventilator to see whether their thinking remains the same.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The truth is you can’t stop Covid, it was only ever a matter of time. What you can do is negate the seriousness of infection by getting vaccinated.
    Constant enforced isolation policies haven’t worked anywhere in the world, Cayman will be no exception.
    Infection isn’t the problem, the numbers of hospital admissions and deaths are. Vaccinate, no other way out people.

    • Anonymous says:

      The real truth is you can’t stop self appointed medical experts like yourself from stating opinion as fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Whatever policies implemented by government we would have always had this first wave. Borders open or closed. We just delayed it but good thing is we now have a very high vaccination rate. People seem to think covid will go away one day or staying closed would have kept it out. Nonsense. We are just catching up with the rest of the world and it’s unavoidable.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is NO avoiding this. Get over it.

    • Anonymous says:

      The key difference in Cayman is that the islands are tourist destinations. What happens to the tourist that keeps testing positive, can’t leave the islands for weeks on end, has run out of cash and lost their flights? The CIG will have to bail them at a cost that is far greater than keeping the tourist away. Residents are different. They have a house to isolate in and no need to rebook flights at great expense.

      • Anonymous says:

        Every country in Europe and every big city in the USA is also a tourist destination. And we are also making sure all tourists here are vaccinated and negative tested. The biggest threat is unvaccinated caymanians, not visitors.

        • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

          You’re wrong about that. Unvaccinated Caymanians are not travelling; they know they can’t.

          Incoming visitors that test negative at the point of departure and test positive once here, will have to be quarantined at our cost. Just think about it. Just being double-vaccinated doesn’t insure in any way that a person cannot contract and spread the virus.

          So how are we better off welcoming incoming visitors? They are the real threat to the economy, at least as it stands now, and who is going to benefit by them?

          It’s different for visitors who have a condo or house here. In general, they are coming for a longer time, and perhaps have more of an affinity toward the islands and their people. We’ve had incoming visitors with homes throughout the entire period of us being Covid-free and they were willing to endure quarantine for the profound benefit of emerging into a Covid-free environment.

          We have effectively just wasted that. It’s still not too late (I hope) to get it back, but I doubt our government has the stones to do what is necessary.

          • Anonymous says:

            They don’t need to travel to get covid. It’s already here

          • Anonymous says:

            Mandatory Heath insurance for tourists…really not that hard all the other open islands have been doing it for 12 months.

            Time to wake up and move on!

        • Vax Person says:

          Would love to hear you explain how the unvax are the biggest threat. You are so dumb.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ah yes. The vaccinated’s greatest enemy is the unvaccinated. This is the only time in my life I’ve heard that something so safe and effective can be completely nullified but those who didn’t take it.

          In anticipation of a response previously heard on this, mutations. Again, Ah yes. It’s just like when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.. its those who didn’t take the antibiotics that allowed those bacteria to become suspiciously stronger to the medication. Funny how this argument was never taken seriously before, because its a bunch of shit.

          Oh, well you might say the reason the unvaxxed are a threat is because they will clog up the health system and we can’t have that right? We need it for people who disregard their own health and consume garbage and have other completely preventable diseases. Out of all the people who know better and choose not to do it, the unvaxxed is the only threat you see, despite unvaxxed doesn’t mean sick and it isn’t an automatic indication that someone is unhealthy. Vaxxed and unvaxxed can life completely horrible lifestyles and become a burden on society.

          How much of a clown can you be? I need to find you a old school VW and some make up. You need to get off the mainstream media propaganda.

      • Anonymous says:

        No they need to have travel insurance..Most people travel with insurance now because they are aware that this can happen.

        I just came back from Canada, I took out medical travel insurance before I left just because of all of the uncertainty. ath

        I know some people won’t do that but let’s face it most of our tourists are wealthy American who have already been travelling and know what they need to do.

        • Anonymous says:

          You think any travel insurance policy will cover a claim for 3 week in the Ritz plus food and a plane ticket home? The premium for that would be more than the cost of the vacation. No chance.

          • Anonymous says:

            @7:48 Do you have any clue what insurance is?

            Let’s just put it into a local context to hopefully make it easy for you to understand. For my health insurance, I can go to Britcay and get the SHIC Aka Shit plan or I can get their Premier Plan. I still get health insurance but one doesn’t cover anything much and the other covers everything..

            Here is an example for you..I use American Express travel Insurance..


            Hope this helps…and if you are vaccinated and can enter the USA you should buy some too..You could get stuck there too..Covid isn’t just for Americans anymore..

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m traveling down and I’m poor as dirt. I figure if I get sick someone will let me quarantine in their loft. That is what cayman kind is all about, right?

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame that PACT didn’t bring in some sort of vaccine passport because I imagine there will be a huge increase in cases after this weekend given that there are so many bars planning Halloween parties. Especially since the population group most likely to attend also have the lowest vaccination rate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Make sure everyone wears a Halloween mask :).

      Also, everyone take a shot of booze each time you see a racoon costume. Expect a few of those.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hopefully the Halloween masks help because otherwise they are going to end up being super spreader events.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tour expectations are way too high. That would have decreased profits

    • Anonymous says:

      The vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid dipshit. Regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated, if you are out partying in a confined space, you will more than likely catch it if someone there is positive.

      • Anonymous says:

        Go back to school and get a better education. You can’t spread what you don’t have and vaccinated people are far less likely to catch covid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wedo have a vaccine passport. You can go online and get set up through

      What the government needs to do know is implement the law that mandates that you cannot go into bars, restaurants, crowds etc without having the vaccine passport.

      These are working very successfully in Quebec and Ontario in Canada and would be very easy to implement here. Everyone with a smartphone can have a QR code and those without can simply get a printout of the QR code to use.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not going to happen here. Cayman is far too small for that to work, businesses would feel a massive pinch to their pockets.

        • Anonymous says:

          @4:55pm How would they feel a massive pinch? It will become a way of doing business all around the world. The Qr Code can be read on a simple IPAd or Tablet, just about everyone has one of those lying around. It literally takes seconds to do and does not slow down or stop business.

          In cayman, almost 80% of the population are vaxxed and i don’t believe that remaining 20% not coming into stores is going to make or break any business.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Negative results are informed immediately via automated email.

    Positive results have to be contacted by a human to discuss isolation requirements…. This takes at the present time 48-72 hours.

    Seriously what is the point of this?

    Who is going to wait at home 2-3 days to be informed they have to stay home?

    • Anonymous says:

      A responsible adult maybe ??🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      • Anonymous says:

        So… Looks like half the Brac is lined up in traffic to get tested. You think they are staying home tomorrow?

        • Anonymous says:

          If they are negative why would they need to? Unless they are a contact of a positive, they need not. Getting tested for peace of mind to ensure you are not positive on such a small islands with many elderly is responsible.

        • Anonymous says:

          ?? Traffic? The Brac?? Lined up?

          You, Sir, are a hyperbolic* troll. Things are being handled on the Brac in an orderly manner, and to drive by either Ashton Rutty Centre or hospital, you wouldn’t know anything was different.

          *look it up

          • Anonymous says:

            So the video I saw today of what seemed like every car on the Brac lined up for testing was fake? Hmmm…

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes the video was fake, it was fake just like the the virus is a such thing as covid. Mask wearing and getting the vaccine is the Government’s way to control you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Friend of mine had to wait 3 days to get his negative result ( test taken after extended contact with a positive case) – was told the system is overloaded. But was not told to stay home pending results – was free to roam!

      • Anonymous says:

        Does your friend not have common sense?..Stop acting like children and that you have to wait for somebody to tell you what to do..

        If I was worried about whether I had covid or not, I would do whatever it took to protect me, my family and my friends including stay on my ass home. We have been through this now for 18+ months and I still here people asking if they need to wear a mask when they go into to a business. Covid is everywhere and doesn’t tell the manager of the restaurant, when to tell their customers to wear or not wear masks.

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Only responsible people need apply.

  17. Anonymous says:

    In isolation, insist on getting sunlight on the skin.

  18. Dave says:

    Trusting the science or praying the holy master will spare the blessed? The great thing about science is that it has foundations in truth that are experimentally testable, in Our God , well…
    There are some things you cannot cover up with lipstick and powder!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    What a mess. When I was at Lions Center last week, a person who seemed like the supervisor was wearing a mask below his nose. Chairs were about 18 inches from one another. Rooms seemed totally sealed so no airflow.
    Whilst people are ‘wearing’ masks indoors, social distancing doesn’t exist indoors or outdoors. Virtually no one is acting as if there’s an highly infectious virus in the people around us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to one of the gyms- everyone sweating and exhaling profusely, touching machines over and over – and yet hardly anyone wearing a mask or social distancing. It’s a total joke.
      Compete Covid breeding ground.
      These places – and others- need to be properly regulated.

    • Anonymous says:

      That was my experience also. Chairs were way too close.

      • Anonymous says:

        This crap amounts to gross negligence and is criminal. When will there be any Civil Service Accountability? People are very likely to die in consequence of this kind of crap.
        Yes, most will have caught it regardless, but seriously. Do we have to make getting an injection, or tested, dangerous?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yea sure we don’t take any precautions, no covid for a year, now look at us. I thought that was what we were doing but no, quarantine people had to go out in the general public and spread the covid…. mask wearing around your neck, under your nose is great….one Jamaican woman who does the quarantine security in east end wears her mask below her nose…great way to wear your mask. Now we have increase of covid, CDC is advising about Cayman and we are opening borders in 3 weeks with no quarantine and no rules in place and enforced.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was coming anyway. We’re now on the same path as the rest of the world – learning to live with COVID

      • Anonymous says:

        And some of us vaccinated or not may die – profit over people

        • Anonymous says:

          Why the “profit” excuse?? This spread is happening weeks before a border opening.

          Blaming this on the border re-opening weeks before the actual border re-opening!

          • Anonymous says:

   nailed sick of blaming what is happening now on the border opening..that is still almost a month away, This is our own doing. Nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to wear a mask, nobody wants to social distance, nobody wants to isolate or quarantine when they are told to do so or break quarantine because they think it’s okay..

            When I listen to some of the foolishness I have to stop and think if I am still in Cayman.

            Today I saw David Wight stirring shit on Facebook about how we could have gotten this many cases so quickly insinuating this is all the PACT governments fault. I don’t know if anybody else got sick of hearing Wayne and the PACT team say get vaccinated and doing the right things to protect yourself but I did..Now you want to blame them because we have community cases. ugh!

            PPM stirring shit at a time like this for their own political expediency is nothing short of despicable.

      • Anonymous says:

        5 million + dead in the rest of the world. I am vaccinated and would prefer a different parh

    • Anonymous says:

      The covid is doing here what it did every where else in the world. We just retarded the inevitable at great cost.

      • Anonymous says:

        What we did is buy time to raise vaccination rates and save lives.

        • Anonymous says:

          Vaccine isnt going to save your life, fyi. Better do more than rely on that to get better when you get it.

          CNS: Pfizer vaccine offers at least 90% protection from death caused by the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Source here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really? Yet for our own people it’s optional.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is true. We could have waited just a little while longer though so that the parents who wanted their 5-11 year-old kids vaccinated could do it and for more folks to get boosters. And it would have been nice if the HSA was prepared for what is coming. But this was always coming – there’s no denying that.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Covid is all over the island. There’s no turning back now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The tourists are not responsible people. Despite CDC advice they still travel to high risk countries. They do not care about spread containment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Especially the Trumpers.

      • Sheriff says:

        Give me a break it is not just “Trumpers” I know many people who hated Trump who traveled during Covid and are still traveling I also know a lot of “Trumpers” who traveled and did what was asked of them, mask wearing, social distancing, etc.

        There are plenty of locals not following the Covid prevention guidelines so you can’t simply blame all tourists. Look around when you are out and about, do you see people here on-island wearing their masks below their nose? Do you see people standing close together? I know I do.

      • Anonymous says:

        He still owns you, huh?

    • Anonymous says:

      There IS NO SUCH THING as containment. This ought the be obvious to the brain dead now. We are just retarded progress and getting over this like the rest of the world has.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeh let’s play word semantics with containment and suppression. I’m reasonably certain the virus doesn’t care which one you use.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like the residents haven’t been too responsible. 90 cases in one day!
      Stop blaming everyone else. Tourists aren’t on island!

      • Anonymous says:

        1:28 The fact that you think they are not already on island says a lot about you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not enough for you to be blaming community spread on tourists. 52 breaches in August was not the tourists. What is going on now you can surely bet is not the tourists.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Everyday we hear about vaccinated travellers testing positive at the end of quarantine, but come November it no longer matters. Total madness, no consideration for our health services. Despite popular opinion that the vaccinated are invincible it will be put to the test next month.

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