Child hospitalised with COVID-19

| 07/10/2021 | 178 Comments
Cayman News Service
Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town

(CNS): A child who was admitted to hospital Wednesday with COVID-19 was said to be “doing satisfactorily” on Thursday morning, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee, who issued a short video message. No details were given about the child’s condition as the CMO reported on the latest test results. Governor Martyn Roper said the “news that a very young child has tested positive and is in hospital will be a shock for the community”.

Along with four positive travellers who had been due to leave quarantine, a further five children were positive for the virus, though Public Health officials have not said which schools were involved. CNS understands that cases have been reported in at least two additional schools but has been unable to confirm the details. There are now more than a dozen schools reporting cases.

We are also still awaiting information on the number of households that are now isolating as a result of the school outbreaks. Government has not released information on individuals in isolation since last week, when 1,017 people were in quarantine and the figure has increased significantly since then.

Today’s additional positives have pushed the number of active cases of coronavirus to another new high of 132, with 62 people showing symptoms, including the hospitalised child.

Meanwhile, government continues to juggle with the spread of the virus through the school population, increasing mid-term break to two weeks and even longer for the John Gray and Clifton Hunter High Schools, which are both closed from today (Thursday). All the primary schools, the Further Education Centre and the Lighthouse School will close for their mid-term break on Monday until 25 October.

The premier has said that Cayman is learning to live with COVID and taking the lessons learned from unexpected community spread to pave the way forward, but it is evident that the education and public health systems are both struggling to cope with the spread of the virus through the schools.

According to the latest figures on the vaccine, 63 additional people received their first dose over the last day and another 151 completed the two-dose course, while 166 people have had a booster shot. The overall the national vaccination rate of the fully vaccinated stands at 74%, or 52,783 people.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

For more information on vaccines contact the HSA Communications team at

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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  1. Sorry to refer to the data but... says:

    Since the pandemic began, the population fatality rate among children in the UK has been 1 in 660,000. That is 1 death out of every 660,000 infections. And that includes the period when there were not the therapeutic responses we have now, so the real child population fatality rate now is likely to be lower than 1 in 1 million. That makes Covid less dangerous to kids than flu. That means if every child in Cayman was infected, and none received any vaccine, there would be a 1% chance of 1 death among the whole child population. Perspective people, that is what we need.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hold on there fella! Don’t start throwing out facts and statistics. I prefer social media hysteria to base my viewpoints on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Covid hospitalizations have gone down significantly.

    Lee Health [FL SW] treating fewer than 100 COVID-19 patients for first time since July.

    Lee Health says it has 98 COVID-19 patients isolated in its hospitals on Friday. One death was reported on Thursday.

    Since the start of the pandemic, 1,177 patients have died at Lee Health hospitals, with one death Thursday.

    65% of ventilators and 11% of ICU rooms are available for use. There are 21 COVID-19 patients on ventilators and 17 in the intensive care unit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Slow the severe overreaction expressed by some commenters. There have been hundreds of millions of infections in children so there is a deep dataset to provide insights in the relative risk to children of infection outcomes. Those details are broadly available, but the is risk is extremely low in children.

    Every year (last year perhaps being an exception), children occasionally have briefly entered hospital in Cayman with flu.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Allowing people to work from home should be a part of learning to live with COVID. I’m surprised that after all the pandemic has taught us that we are still requiring people to come in to work. There is no need for us to be all up in each other’s face enabling community spread like this. Close down for 3 weeks and we’re back on track.

    If some of the dinosaurs in these workplaces would allow more people to work from home instead of returning to business as normal we could reduce the spread of COVID in work environments.

    We could also rotate online learning which would increase social distancing in schools. Each tutorial group is divided in two and online learning (attend class via zoom) is rotated weekly. This will allow teachers to increase social distancing between children during class, thus, reducing the spread of COVID.

    For this to work, businesses that are not client-facing or essential should be more relaxed about where people get the job done. Because really, why do you care if the work is getting done and our children are learning in SAFE environments?

    Just a thought

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully the kid recovers quickly. In other news, very positive that the UK no longer require a PCR test within 3 days of departure to travel through Nassau to London, and you can just do a home lateral flow on day 2 with no quarantine at all still. Great how easy and restriction free it now is for us to travel to Europe. Cayman could learn a lot.

    • Anonymous says:

      But from Cayman still have to do PCR test when no amber list exists anymore so Bahamas, UK and Cayman all same now. The lateral flow test in UK does not come into effect til around of October, according to BBC news yesterday. Just need to drop quarantine in Cayman now and we will be up and running with lateral flow tests here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    People cannot be quarantined based solely on a “positive” PCR test. In Portugal, thanks to a court decision that ruled that the evidence was inherently unreliable and therefore fraudulent for policy-making purposes. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020, the court determined that the PCR test produces variable results based on an individual’s viral load as well as the number of cycles used. In its conclusion, the court wrote that:

    “… If someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%. ”

  7. Anonymous says:

    People need to understand that this community spread is certainly due to inadequate quarantine in one form or other. That is true whether the inadequate quarantine is a result of:

    1) the government saying it is OK to leave quarantine after 5 days when the viral incubation period is 14 days,
    2) people in quarantine interacting with others outside of quarantine while they are still infectious, or
    3) infected people coming in drug boats and interacting with criminals here.

    To the virus it is all the same – a free pass to fresh meat.

    • Anonymous says:

      The governor told you where it came from. Hint: it wasn’t reduced quarantine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Those pesky expats and their canoe trips to Jamaica!

        • Say it like it is says:

          11.58am Maybe, but who is it they meet with after they arrive back with their “cargo” – certainly not expats,but our home grown, mostly anti-vaxers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually HE did not say that at all. He offered a possibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or ppl leaving here on drug run and returning with the virus as is the case in North side

  8. Anonymous says:

    Too many assumptions being made with zero information.
    It is possible that this child has a condition such as severe asthma which would have cause him/her to be hospitalized with something as minor as a cold…. As there have been dozens of other children test positive and then recover at home with little to no illness/symptoms at this point, I’m inclined to think this is a rare instance, because there have been no other seriously I’ll children (and we don’t have any indication that this child is seriously I’ll either…children with asthma are frequently hospitalized in order to give nebulizer treatments while they recover from respiratory illness/viruses).
    Let’s not jump straight to the worst case scenario before we have any facts.

    • Anon says:

      I agree- no reason to panic. It is not that unusual that kids are hospitalised with the flu/colds etc- my own otherwise 100% healthy kid was for treatment for breathing issues with a cold and he was fine the next day. Most parents have had a trip or two to the hospital with their kids for one reason or another.

    • Anonymous says:

      So damn insensitive to this situation just to suite your agenda, shame on you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    How old and is the kid vaccinated? That’s pretty pertinent information. Should we assume the child is vaccinated because if unvaccinated they would have triumphantly announced it?

    CNS: Silly question. “Very young child” = not vaccinated, since the vaccines are not yet approved for children under 12.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason they do not vaccinate children is because thus far the risks outweigh the vaccine. The young childred more at risk from getting sick from the vaccine than the flu itself since their immune response can deal with Covid much better than adults.

      But I’m sure Pantoon will find a way to force expat children to get injected as well. Because as we all know, Covid only spreads through expats.

  10. Anonymous says:

    All those in the ‘learn to live with it’ camp, do you have a young child? Can you imagine how you would feel if your child was in hospital struggling to breathe, feeling like they were drowning. Would you think this was an acceptable sacrifice so some wealthy business owners could make some extra money from that child’s suffering?
    We were all doing just fine before quarantine on trust, we were all happy with no covid, our kids were healthy, schools and businesses were open, parents were at work, no one was sick, we had no masks, life was easy, there was no stress.
    And now how do we feel?
    We had something so valuable before, something unique to offer those who were willing to quarantine to come here to safety, and we threw it all away.
    Are those tourist dollars ending up directly in your pocket?
    Is it really worth what we’ve now lost?
    And before you all start bitching, yes, I am vaccinated, and no I’ve not worked since March last year, no I don’t claim the stipend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you are wealthy enough to survive in your isolated paradise… many many people are not so lucky

      • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

        I am not wealthy by a looooong shot — in fact, just barely making it, after Covid compromises — and I agree completely with 12:37.

        Isn’t it a shame this needs to be said: Yes, I’m vaccinated, and no, I’m not getting any financial aid. As if those qualifiers make a person’s opinion more or less important. So disgusted with some of the discourse these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, many of us do have children that get very sick at times. And many of us even have asthma which makes it incredibly difficult to breath when we get the normal flu. But we don’t ask to shutdown the entire country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly CIG cannot afford to stay closed indefinitely.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What’s the child in hospital for?

  12. Anonymous says:

    People being tested at the end of their quarantine are testing positive. If they were vaccinated people – what is the basis of the government to state they will re-open the borders to verified vaccinated tourists without quarantine? Just so COVID can be freely circulated in the community further? Then clearly they are prioritizing livelihood (aka profits for the hotel owners) over lives.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hope and pray for the child to recover soon.

    This govt. is going to rely on lsteral flow or other rapid test when the test kits are received in a couple,weeeks. – for the purposes of keeping the schools open, etc. BUT how reliable are those tests? Do they show positive results only when the viral load is high? Which would mean a bit advanced in infection? And the person could still spread as it would not be detected by these tests in earlier stages, and hence not required to isolate.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if the majority of kids (including my own) put down their iPads, phones, PlayStation’s, xBoxes etc and played out, exercised, got filthy, ate dirt under their finger nails they wouldn’t be the bunch of pu$$ies, morbidly obese kids with an immune system equivalent to someone with the early onset of AIDS that they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell me you’re a jaded, ignorant boomer without telling me you’re a boomer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Facts are not easily acceptable to you.

        Name-calling me a “boomer” is just fine.

        Not angry enough to call you “jaded” or “ignorant” though.

        Some adults have to remain in this chat room.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not sure what “facts” you’ve come across to think that a stronger lean in technology for the younger generation leads to less-capable immune systems than kids in your generation.

          Your lashing out because children in this generation don’t act the same as they did in your hay day and so you prefer to push the blame on their usage of electronic devices. So yes, you are ignorant to how germs work and how the immune system of an individual operates. A change in generational activities more suited to technology has nothing to do with it.

          You can’t possibly call yourself an adult while having those misguided views, grow up and change with the times cause it’s certainly not holding our for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe if you did a better job as a parent?

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe if abortion were legal (my body, my choice), I wouldn’t need to worry about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 7:26pm: Your comment is utterly deplorable. The disdain, the contempt, the total lack of positive input to the topic at hand. Truly, no added value whatsoever.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re morbid to write such! You must not like kids at all – what have they done to you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Straight talk..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vaccinated people do not need to quarantine. The rate of spreading covid for the vaccinated is extremely low. Wear a mask when you can’t social distance. How many times does this have to be said? Get vaccinated. Those are your best chances for protecting yourself and your young children.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am fully vaxxed and so is my family. I agree that getting vaxxed is our best chance for protecting yourself and your young children. However, vaxxed people can still catch and spread Covid. Even in Cayman several hundred fully vaxxed people have tested positive for Covid on the quarantine exit PCR tests. If those people had not been quarantined they would have been spreading Covid.

      • Flushing Meadows says:

        7.52am I and my family are all fully vaxed but we are also fully vexed with those that are not.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that people should get vaxxed but your statement that vaccinated people do not need to quarantine to protect others is dangerously wrong. Vaxxed travelers are testing positive for Covid almost every day in Cayman and around the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Extremely low rate of spread for the vaccinated BUT NOT NIL. You seem to want to roll the dice.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its actually not extremely low at all. After a couple of months spread is almost the same as unvaccinated.

        If you don’t believe me check the news this week which reports the results of just released studies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, doctor. What would we do without your expertise?

    • Anonymous says:

      What are the numbers on that rate of spread?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m vaccinated but the truth is vaccinated spread the virus the same as unvaccinated in the beginning. However, we have a lower viral load quicker than an unvaccinated person. As for the lateral tests, they only test for high viral loads so the person can still have Covid and the lateral test doesn’t pick it up. Of course, the person is less likely to spread the virus when the viral load is low.

  16. Anonymous says:

    And so it starts … God help us.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Singapore has a vaccination rate of over 80% and this week has had to pause its reopening due to a surge in Covid and multiple deaths. Hopefully government is taking this type of information on board.

    • Brian says:

      LOL think of what you just typed….a population of over 5 MILLION people and they had a surge in covid and multiple deaths…NOT thousands up thousands of deaths this week…but MULTIPLE….see how ridiculous it sounds and why “closing” doesnt do anything. Reopen and move on.

  18. Anonymous says:

    A child admitted to hospital with the covid don’t sound promising at all and don’t look good either,speedy recovery to that child

  19. Anonymous says:

    In before the “learn to live with it” cabal!

    Is this acceptable to the cabal? Is flinging open the doors to the border worth this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Except the borders weren’t even opened.

      • Anonymous says:

        The borders have been open for months – lots of people are traveling and going shopping and have been for months. With the reduction in quarantine to 5 days so has the virus and that is why we are at this situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly, so imagine the effect is they were.

    • Steve says:

      I agree. The sooner we ban children the better

  20. Anonymous says:

    The government governs by consent…I don’t think they will have consent for much longer if our freedoms continue to be impugned.

    • Anonymous says:

      They were duly elected. They don’t need your “consent” for another three and a half years. In three and a half years, if things are more or less back to normal by then, having some freedoms “impugned” now won’t matter to most voters. However, having dead family members because of their decisions to bow to the desires of Dart, CITA and expats who don’t like the fact that they have to quarantine after their vacations, will matter. In that context, it’s politically expedient for the government to move with extreme caution, particularly right now as Delta takes hold in the community.

      • Anonymous says:

        You better Google “consent of the governed”. Then we can talk.

        • Anonymous says:

          1) In a democratic society, your ivory tower political philosophies are rectified by only elections or revolution. Are you threatening the latter?
          2) You are stating theory. In the real world it works differently. For example, in the United States, more than two thirds of the population supports a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. Yet that right is curtailed for political expediency in many states.
          3) You are arrogant to think that you – almost assuredly not indigenous to Cayman – speak for the public.
          4) Suck it up buttercup. The island will open up soon enough and the freedoms you feel are impugned will be restored. Meanwhile, the country will do what is necessary to protect the lives of its older citizens and children. Enough of your histrionics!

      • Robert Mugabe IV says:

        You’re deluded if you believe most voters are happy with how Pact have handled the last few months.
        You’re even more deluded if you believe only Dart, CITA and Expats alone are the only people who want their freedom back.
        Get out from under your bed and check ‘expedient’ in a dictionary.

        • Anonymous says:

          Time is definitely longer than rope when it comes to politics. Three and a half years from now, no one will be talking about the freedoms lost because of the government’s actions to deal with COVID-19. However, should the loved ones of voters die because PACT mismanages the reopening of Cayman, voters will certainly make them pay. I know what expediency means – do you? And by the way… you should pick a new hero other than a racist tyrant.

          • Robert Mugabe IV says:

            So you already know what people will not be talking about in 3 1/2 years time. Absolute genius.

            You haven’t been paying attention, Pact have already mismanaged their opening date. It was October 14th with no quarantine. Do you remember that?
            One more thing. Can you tell us how many people in Cayman will have died from Covid from today until January 1st.
            Thank you.

          • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Weren’t elected by the majority of people here

      • Anonymous says:

        They absolutely need the people’s consent, including those people who did not / could not vote for them. Otherwise it becomes just a dictatorship, and there are numerous examples from history as to how that ends (Mussolini, Ceausescu, Gadaffi etc).

      • Anonymous says:

        Only expats vacation?

        Good lord – does EVERYTHING with some people have to come back to anti-expat sentiment?

        It’s boring, particularly when so much of the government’s budget is funded by expats.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The premier has said that Cayman is learning to live with COVID.

    So is the rest of the world but we’re going to be different?

    I don’t buy this koolaid the government is selling.

    Foñlow the $

  22. Anonymous says:

    Until boosters arrive and are widely available, I’d feel better with masks, and a return of the concept of 6ft. But that would probably make too much sense.

  23. Anonymous says:

    A few minutes ago it was announced in the US that in the short time federal vaccine mandates have been in effect the number of unvaccinated persons in the US has decreased by 1/3. Too bad that is not something PACT will even consider, even for the sake of the children.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This was going to happen from the day they announced that quarantine for incoming travelers was going to be reduced.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please provide proof that this is the case! Conjecture is not helpful and certainly won’t stop the ‘blame’ cultural that is getting ugly and vitriolic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its obvious. The incubation period for the virus is 14 days+. When people are released from quarantine before that, some will be infectious and will spread the virus into our community.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ah I’m glad it’s so obvious where officials don’t know the source. Maybe you can point to the specific traveller so they may be publicly flogged 🙄

      • Anonymous says:

        Conjecture, logic, best case scenario are all in the mix when the data is unclear. Where do you think the breach occurred? Go on, take your best guess.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the current outbreak is due to the reduction in quarantine to 5 days then we would have had our first community case back in June – not 3 months later in September

    • Anonymous says:

      The length of quarantine was not the relevant factor, it was the quarantine breaches that were the main issue. When people don’t respect the rules of quarantine and receive visitors at their home (to play dominoes etc) it’s no wonder the virus got out.

      • Anonymous says:

        So who were responsible for the breaches? Maybe CIG and the lack of any enforcement or consequences?

    • anon says:

      6.35pm It’s not expats inviting friends to play dominoes at their quarantined residence neither is it expat children who are suffering from the current Delta outbreak.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have thought of doing an FOI asking for information on the air handling system at my child’s school and in particular asking for information how often the stale air that these days may contain aerosolized Covid is vented and fresh outside air is added. I decided that it is probably better just to teach them myself as I am not convinced that the school even understands the issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or the gyms .. I wonder how often the AC filters are changed?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have had a beef with the whole AC thing from day 1. At our school, windows are never opened, AC is ridiculously cool, and playtime outside has been minimalized. There are easy ways to help mitigate infections of various kinds, not to mention save government money. Please can we consider these?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d worry about microscopic ultra fine particles from the Dump fires that contaminate a/c systems, penetrate deep into one’s lungs, not “ aerosolized Covid”
      I have taken 12 long distance flights in the last 18 months, have yet to catch that elusive Covid.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a feeling which school you are referring to and trust me, the school understands the issue. The problem is getting the matter addressed by DES. Did you know that school doesn’t even have windows that can open?!

  26. Anonymous says:

    In years gone by it was common to put children and other people of low value to the governing elite at the forefront of battles as ‘cannon fodder’. I thought that we had moved past that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another bobo comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, we are clearly still in the those days evident in how school are used as breeding grounds to test some theory. I say so because PH is usually spot on in their procedures but allowing possible positive to return to schools pending results is fishy.

  27. Anonymous says:

    cig should mandate that only kids with vaccinated parents can attend school.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh shut the f*** up. You can still get snd spread Covid to all the other ones.

      • Anonymous says:

        But of course it’s less likely.

      • Anonymous says:

        Far less likely to spread though. Kids should be warned to stay well clear of unvaccinated adults.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s not entirely true. Only about 0.5% of fully vaccinated people become infected (and potentially capable of spreading the virus to others). That 1 out of every 200 vaccinated people. So while fully vaccinated people technically *can* be infected and spread the virus to others, this happens on a very small scale compared to the level of transmission in unvaccinated persons. I think this is a key point that many in Cayman are missing.


      • Anonymous says:

        and you still don’t understand facts:
        unvaxxed get covid easier and spread it more easily.
        this in turn pput more people at risk and puts our health service at risk.
        its why the rest of the developed world has restrictions in place for unvaxxed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it hard to believe anyone with kids is unvaccinated, what a terrible parental choice that would be

    • Anonymous says:

      Nooooo, that would mean that only kids of non-caymanians will be able to attend schools. That would be discrimination against caymanians who are not being forced to take the vaccine.
      Tbh i would prefer to know that my child is attending school with kids from vaccinated homes.

  28. Anonymous says:

    With the school A/C systems the way they are and school windows sealed with one infected child or teacher you get ‘Covid in a box’ in which the disease spreads rapidly. The government must have understood that.

  29. Anonymous says:

    A vaccine is going to be available for children 5 – 11 shortly. Sad that this was ignored when the decision was made to reduce quarantine from 14 to 5 days despite all the evidence that what is happening now would be the result.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the quarantine breaches should have been prosecuted immediately to the full extent of the law, but no that’s only reserved for the likes of skylar mack

      • Anonymous says:

        If the law says 2years and $10,000 there should be NO EXCEPTIONS!!

        18 months (for “good behaviour”) and 5-10 years to pay off the fine and there would be NO ONE stupid enough to chance quarantine violations!! Enforce with THE FULL penalty and see what it produces. Cayman courts are a JOKE with concurrent sentencing for multiple offences. Consecutive is the only way to reduce crime and recidivism!! Throw the book at violators.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be sad, you’ll be alright.

    • Anonymous says:

      Will it even matter? If people won’t vaccinate themselves to help protect their family, they probably won’t vaccinate their children. And if PACT won’t even mandate teachers get vaccinated, I doubt they’ll mandate it for students.

  30. Anonymous says:

    “US researchers say teenagers are more likely to get vaccine-related myocarditis than end up in hospital with Covid”

    • Anonymous says:

      That study isn’t peer-reviewed yet and other studies have shown different results.

      It could be correct but much of the misinformation out there has come from pre-prints and non-reviewed studies.

    • anonymous says:

      Can teenagers spread myocarditis as they can with COVID??? and don’t go one about well even if they get vaccinated they can still contract and spread the disease. YES perhaps but at a much lower statistical rate and if others are vaccinated then even lower maor health issues .

      I have also cherry picked other information that says:

      “What is already known about this topic?

      Viral infections are a common cause of myocarditis. Some studies have indicated an association between COVID-19 and myocarditis.

      What is added by this report?

      During March 2020–January 2021, patients with COVID-19 had nearly 16 times the risk for myocarditis compared with patients who did not have COVID-19, and risk varied by sex and age.”

      This has now been updated

  31. Anonymous says:

    trust in stats….132 cases…one person in hospital.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand, was the child hospitalized WITH covid or BECAUSE of covid? Its kind of ambiguous.

    • Anonymous says:

      1/132 x 70,000 = as many as 530 people

      • Anonymous says:

        you realize that all of the population is not going to be infected and certainly not all at once…

    • Anonymous says:

      scale up to 70,000 people comes to 530 potential hospitalisations.

      How many beds and respirators are in Cayman?

      • Can't we please stop the silly alarmist comments says:

        Are you trying to frighten people with this silly and illogical comment?

        It isn’t as if everyone will get Covid, certainly not all at the same time.

        The spread doesn’t happen like that and a highly vaccinated population provides a strong level of protection against bad outcomes. Further it is not as if public health will just ignore what is going on in the population. If spread becomes concerning public health measures will be tightened.

        Also if people start to get a more personal understanding of the effects of Covid-19 the level of vaccination will also increase.

        So please take two minutes to think about this with some semblance of logic.

        • Anonymous says:

          “if people start to get a more personal understanding of the effects of Covid-19 the level of vaccination will also increase”

          so you’re going with the placebo effect, lol, look at the level of protection from the vaccine and the people who thought they were being given the vaccine,

          Oddly the vaccine was far more effective than the placebo.

          Please do more research yourself before calling other out.

      • Anonymous says:

        good try…but try harder and you will get to some real numbers. your biggest mistake is not accoutning for our huge vax rate…especially in the most at risk groups

        cayman will experience future deaths from covid there is no way of getting around it. over the next 18 months its likely that around 15 people will die with covid.
        you cannot escape statistics.

      • Anonymous says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry that this child is paying the price for the greed and indifference of others.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Who cares say those demanding opening at any cost as they press the ‘ZZZZZZ’ button.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Having been convinced by the reasoning of earlier posts on another thread, I blame this hospitalization on testing. If government stopped all testing for Covid everyone would have perfect health and all motor vehicle accidents would also stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to the Trumpian world of alternative facts. Would you like your red ball cap now? We can also send you talking points on how to disparage Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, the liberal mainstream media and all celebrities except for Nicki Minaj, Candace Owen, James Woods, Kyrie Irving, Christine Northrop, anyone appearing on Fox News and a few others. We’ll also send you a list of must-watch YouTube videos and Reddit sites you should monitor for research you can do on your own. Welcome to the club patriot!

      • Anonymous says:

        This and the OP are both really good sarcastic responses. Very well constructed. On the other hand, because Trump said something in his usual inept way, it became dismissed by many on that basis alone. But he actually had a very interesting point that, because it came from the Cheeto in Chief, got glossed over and missed. His point wasn’t that we should not test – his point was that for the first time in history, we were testing broadly and pervasively on people who had no symptoms. If we, for instance, were to do the same level of testing for the influenza virus across the population including those who are non-symptomatic – the # of positive tests would probably shock everyone. I am pretty sure, right now, in fact that if we could simultaneously test the entire population of CI (and if we could trust the results were accurate – which lately is in question) you would likely see that there are a LOT of people walking around who are positive for COVID and don’t even know it. That is the nature of viruses like these. And not to lose the original point – but prior to this we never tested unless there was symptoms – so the Cheeto had a point.. just really poorly worded. When you expand your testing x10k more than normal and test everyone, you WILL see more positives.. go figure.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re right, of course, but …
          Some of the dipshits that form a large part of the so-called “Republican base” took his poorly worded comments to mean COVID-19 wouldn’t exist if there were no testing and therefore, they didn’t have to/shouldn’t have to follow any prevention mandates.
          And, to the OP’s sarcastic point, hospitalisations have nothing to do with testing.
          Now… let the sarcasm continue to the amusement of those who can appreciate it!

  35. Anonymous says:

    vax rate has stalled again and the carrot approach is another huge failure for pact.
    to get people vaccinated they need to bring in vax passport system for the people socialise in public places….
    this has been a huge success in all other developed countries.

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Pretty soon you’ll be endorsing shutting down the internet of the unvaccinated, and after that, who knows? Do you look good in a uniform?

    • Anonymous says:

      Vax rates have stalled because all the expats have gotten their vaccine. The remaining percentage of the population does not have to take the vaccine. I hope the government will realise this too and open the borders.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Another of the consequences/collateral damage of reducing quarantine. Hopefully the child will be OK but I have to ask how many more children and adults will be hospitalized in pursuit of the tourist dollar?

    • Anonymous says:

      How about actually respecting quarantine? The law fearing residents of this island have done their part, as for the others that feel like they are beyond the reach of prosecution, not so much.

      • Anonymous says:

        Problem solved!

        • Pew Pill says:

          2.01pm So what has happened to the school mother who went on selling food at building sites after being quarantined and her husband who went to a night club?.

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