New rules curb social interactions

| 24/09/2021 | 226 Comments
Cayman News Service
An officer hands out a reusable cloth mask at a local supermarket in May 2020

(CNS): After well over a year of few restrictions on day to day life on island, Cayman residents are now facing limits on their behaviour following the outbreak of community transmission of COVID-19. Government leaders have mandated new regulations that will last until at least 22 November but have said they could be removed sooner. In the interim, however, changes have been made to indoor and outdoor gathering numbers, and masks mandates are back for indoor areas as well as social distancing requirements. Public gatherings may not exceed 100 people indoors or 250 outdoors or at venues with both inside and outside areas.

Weddings, civil partnerships and funerals are subject to the restrictions but the total number does not include the bride, bridegroom, official witnesses, marriage officer, parties to the intended civil partnership, official witnesses, civil partnership officer, six pallbearers, the officiant and essential mortuary staff.

There are a number of exemptions, such as offices, churches, cinemas and theatres where there is enough room to accommodate more than 100 people where household groups can socially distance. Social distancing of at least six feet must be maintained in all public places unless individual are from the same household. Additional measures, including those relating to the use of personal protective equipment, may also be required at quarantine facilities, healthcare facilities, residential home care facilities, and prisons and places of detention.·

Adults and children over the age of five years must wear masks when indoors in a public place or an educational institution if the six feet social distancing cannot be maintained. The owner or operator of an establishment may also require people to wear masks and refuse entry to any who refuse to do so. Masks are also mandated for drivers and all passengers of taxis and buses, including school buses.

Mask exemptions apply to those with a medical condition, and anyone who is eating, or working at a desk or indoors in a bar or restaurant when sitting at a table.

From Monday, outdoor sporting and exercise activities are permitted but with no more than 250 people and with social distancing for spectators who are not members of the same household. Where the sporting activity or exercise takes place indoors at a gym, fitness centre or other indoor fitness area, no more than half of the legal capacity will be allowed inside at any one time, including employees, patrons, participants and spectators.

Customers will not be allowed into a gym, fitness centre or other indoor fitness area unless the person has completed an approved vaccine course 14 days prior or has presented the owner/operator with a negative PCR test result, taken no more than 48 hours before the date of the activity.· These regulations are currently scheduled to expire on 22 November but may be amended before that date.

Anyone over the age of five travelling from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman now requires a PCR negative test or a vaccination certificate.·

Boat operators must ensure that the vessel never has more than 100 people on board or 70% of its legal capacity, whichever is lesser, and this limit also applies when boats congregate. However, boats with a capacity of 40 people or fewer are exempt from this requirement. There are also new rules surrounding local fishing areas set out in the regulations.

New rules for travellers includes a ban on unvaccinated visitors who are not the child of a Caymanian or residents and travelling with that person. Tourists will be allowed to quarantine for seven days if their vaccinations can be securely verified. If not, they must isolate for ten days.

The quarantine period for all verifiably vaccinated travellers has been increased to seven days except for those who already had travel authorisation before the new regulations came into effect. A negative pre-travel PCR test is also required. Ten-day and 14-day quarantine periods still apply to those with unverifiable vaccinations and the unvaccinated.

See all of the new regulations here and here and here.

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Comments (226)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone knows the risks. If people don’t want to get vaccinated…fine. But but it is unfair to hold they rest of us against our will in a totalitarian regime. Those that refuse the vaccine are aware that with their choice comes consequences, that they must own. Those consequences include a higher likelihood of death. They have chosen. I doubt two month or two decades would change their minds. We cannot allow them to ruin an entire country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone knows the risks. If people don’t want to get vaccinated…fine. But but it is unfair to hold they rest of us hostage. Those that refuse the vaccine are aware that with their choice comes consequences, that they must own. Those consequences include a higher likelihood of death. They have chosen. I doubt two month or two decades would change their minds. We cannot allow them to ruin an entire country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quick poll:
    – Thumbs up if you agree with the new mask restrictions
    – Thumbs down if do not agree with the new mask restrictions

  4. Anonymous says:

    Headline should ready: “New rules to reduce risk of transmission”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Should read “New CIG rules make no sense, but people are oddly still complying”

      • Anonymous says:

        For the last 18-months– until this community outbreak– you’ve been living a completely normal life, while people in the US have been getting sick and dying in droves: Why do think that is?

  5. Eden says:

    We have had very good data from the scientific community early on showing low vitamin D levels (below 40ng/ml), are strongly associated with covid deaths. Similarly obesity is strongly tied to death.

    Statistically, a person can reduce their risk of death from covid by 95% if both of these are corrected. But the Authorities all around the world have censored doctors referencing this data. They have failed to inform the public on this issue, and they have effected policies to actually make these issues worse. People were banned from laying down on beaches, from going to the gym, and they were encouraged to drink alcohol.

    Japan has a metabolic law that requires people to measure their waist circumference annually. If their wrist is to large in proportion to their height, they are sent to metabolic education classes to help them stay healthy. Perhaps this is why Japan has one of the lowest covid death rates (93% lower than the USA).

    No one is talking about forcing people to increase vitamin D levels to travel. Why are we talking about forcing a medical intervention that is not associated with reducing the death rate anywhere in the world? Could it be that this is because of political science and not actual science?

    • Anonymous says:

      Vit D, exercise, eating well, 8-hrs sleep (sleep never mentioned) helps boost your immune system, but VACCINATION MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE. I hope you’ve had the shots.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can we all aim to have a unified community? None of this works for any of us. Everyone is sad, frustrated, trapped and increasingly crushed by the COVID narrative. It’s exhausting. When we base policy from a fear based perspective then wide ranging problems occur. Dividing the community, asking for papers, stopping free movement and locking people away is no way to move forward with this virus. Yes stopping transmission would be them aim but that is impossible. It is an airborne virus and no amount of masking or social distancing will stop the transmission whether you are sat at your desk or a restaurants table. This must be a very clever virus if it knows you are sat down to not infect you! Transmission of this virus happens whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. The cdc has shown that the viral load is the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated. We do not need to vilify each other for transmission as it is a mute point. If we continue to ONLY push the narrative of vaccinate and we’ll all be safe we will end up in the same plight as Israel and Vermont the higher the percentage of vaccination the higher the case counts. The vaccine will not stop transmission. What can we then ALL do when both vaccinated and unvaccinated end up getting sick enough to need help? What is the plan? There seems to be no back up to this vaccine… What about Monoclonal Antibodies? Ivermectin? Hydroxychloriqine? FLCCC protocols? If the aim is to stop death, if we support early intervention protocols we have a great chance of stopping people ending up dying in hospital. The vaccine will not stop some people dying when they get infected and although they are called breakthrough cases they seem to be happening a lot more frequently than any of us thought possible. As a community of people living on this beautiful island can we uplift each other, discuss other options around the vaccine and talk about health and cellular strength to combat the virus before it has a chance to invade the body. Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Nac, plenty of sleep, exercise, good food, losing weight etc. Health is about so much more than drugs. Living in constant fear puts a huge strain on the immune system and we are much more susceptible to illness. Let’s all come together to stop the madness and make sound policy decisions that uplift us and give us a multi faceted way to attack the virus so we can breathe easier and unify as a country.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so from what I understand is that with a vaccine you can still get covid. Just like if you get the flu shot you can still get the flu. But the symptoms are still way less and its way less life threatening. I hope we can agree on that. Covid is never going to disappear. I hope we can agree on that. We need to open the borders so the already struggling tourist industry doesn’t collapse and so we don’t give tourists the impression that we don’t want them here. I hope we can agree it needs to be done. How its done is up to debate. But I think that we have to be aware that the people that don’t want or won’t get the vaccine are going to suffer this worse than others no matter what the timing is. I think its time we face the fact that the world has moved on from this and so should we. Time to start relaxing this and move on with our lives. The sooner the better for the suffering tourist industry.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just watched the boxing last night in the UK. 70k people in a stadium having a blast, yet not a single mask in sight.

    Same with NFL in the USA. Stadiums are packed. Life is back to normal. Covid is old news.

    Why can’t we also grow up and move on?

  9. Anonymous says:

    When you elect clowns you get clowny outcomes.

    • Anonymous says:

      This place just takes the rainbow wigs off and passes them on to the next group of under qualified fools. It will never change until they fix the education system and appoint people with the right backgrounds and skill set. But those people aren’t easily manipulated into the corrupt society here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yet two more people have died on our roads in the last 24 hours than from the ‘rona over 18 months. Close the damn roads Wayne!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Everyone who was so happy this government:

    We have a battered tourism industry, flip flops galore, McKeeva cronies installed in key positions, platitudes from Mr. Panton on the environment but no action and a CPA stacked with old cronies and the list goes on…

    I’m all for vaccines (as a personal choice) and reasonable public health measures but they’ve just made it illegal to be within 6 feet of another person without a mask. Stop and think about that for a second.

    Now they are proposing that permanent residents and persons married to Caymanians should be forced to take the vaccine. Again, I am pro vaccine but that’s my personal choice. The government shouldn’t be dictating what I put into my body, sorry.

    How are we allowing these intrusions and erosions of fundamental human rights to go unchallenged? It’s staggering.

    • Anonymous says:

      Government has been mandating what you can and cant put in your body from day 1.
      Food, water, vaccines, medicines you neme it

  12. Anonymous says:

    Time for a vote of no confidence.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yet, the instant we cross the threshold, those 6 feet reduce to 6 inches when inside grocery stores. What is the fine for these store owners for disregarding their duty to supervise compliance with public health orders for the health and welfare of their customers? Dispensing mystery goo at doorway seems to be the limit of their health and safety efforts. Many of their kamikaze staff seem completely unaware that there is a global pandemic that can be averted through simple distancing measures…it’s asif they believe they have a waiver to violate customer space.

    • Anonymous says:

      Protect yourself and stop relying on others to do it for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      When the regulations are a joke, rational minded people will rightly defy them.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are that paranoid, I suggest you don’t go into the store. Are you going to get out your measuring tape to report people who are only 5ft 11 inches away? We have become a scared society ratting out our fellow citizens.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, although I have always taken a neutral stance regarding party politics, I have to say that I miss former Premier McLaughlin and his management of the COVID-19 virus. Like him or hate him, he instilled a sense of trust that he was doing his very best to keep us all safe, and that he cared. This new reality is the polar opposite (more like anxiety on steroids) and I have lost all confidence and trust in this pact.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just noticed the prices for the Hilton ( formally Comfort Suites) now owned by Dart. Price increase by $100+ per night- as a family who visited there 2-3 times a year will now be social distancing from that hotel. Over $300 a night and no beach access or really a beach- 😂😂😂
    Now, that’s funny. Didn’t read further, but think there is also resort charges so they can shuttle you to a beach. Even funnier!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Census continuing and being promoted. I have sent 2 emails to census office asking if census workers going into people’s homes will be vaccinated. I have not received a response to these emails in a month. No proof of vaccine no entry and no census.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not coming in my home anyway. Don’t let strangers in whoever they might be.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was an enumerator for the census in the US which took place during the pandemic. (October 2020). We did not enter anyone’s home. We knocked on the door while wearing masks, stood 6 ft from the door and asked the questions. No need to enter anyone’s home. As an enumerator, I would not feel comfortable entering anyone’s home.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Time to open up and move on Cayman. Covid is no longer front page news or the top priority, or the big wiry, in Europe and America. We are living in the past.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love the provision that the medical exemption from wearing a mask doesn’t need to be backed up by evidence or documents. 🤣

    • Anonymous says:

      I am uncomfortable with you even asking why i am not wearing a mask. It’s none of your business to even speculate what my condition may be.

  19. Joe Blogs says:

    Fantastic! PACT should rebrand as SRP – Socialist Regressive Party, because there’s only one direction this country is going with them in charge- backwards!

    Benefit the few at the cost of the many.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Who cares anymore, too hot to be masked and not going back to not hitting my friends. Fine me – no money, jail me – get fed and watered, no bills, so government can keep me for a change after all the money paid into their pockets.

  21. Anonymous says:

    How about those new restaurant regulations. Published this evening?

    “Owners and operators of any establishment found in breach of these regulations are liable on conviction to a fine of KYD10,000 and to imprisonment for up to two years.”

    2 years in jail for a breach of regulation? What is this North Korea? If I had a restaurant I’d say fuck this and leave…

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like the new rules or their timing but at least we are better off than Bermuda which had 7 more deaths in the past 24 hours with numbers in ICU and hospital rising. They have a very similar population and vaccination rate and demographics:

    This is what the Bermuda Minister of Health stated today:

    “I am extremely sorry to report today seven COVID related deaths,” said Minister of Health, Kim Wilson, JP, MP. “This is very sad news, and I extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased during this difficult time.”

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is this for real? As a young Caymanian this is the government i chose, do they know what they are doing? 4 years of this government, wow.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m fairly sure this is how we will have to live once the borders do reopen. Best to get used to it now.

    There’s still a way to go before this is all over. We all still need to be patient, which is difficult.

  25. Anonymous says:

    No more local COVID cases as tracing ends. Was the headline befor this so why are we heading deeper down the rabbit hole?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t now be a good time to learn to live with COVID in the community, while our borders are controlled, rather than going totally backwards. This is a good test run before the borders open, we need to figure out what we will do with community spread other than hitting the panic button.

    • Anonymous says:

      We just need to look at Bermuda to see what will happen as soon as quarantine ends. Seven dead in yesterday’s Bermuda Government press release with a population, demographic, and vaccination very similar to ours.

      In Cayman some will get sick, some will die, some will be OK. Some businesses will be OK. Some will fail. Some or all schools will shut down periodically. Probably an occasional lockdown. Each of those things is inevitable as soon as quarantine ends.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not a guinea pig. I am astounded at how all these people are lined up to follow often pointless rules. Emergency measures that curtail freedom should be saved for times when they are needed, for example if the hospital is in danger of overcrowding.

      Sensible people and business owners who are already struggling shouldn’t face these restrictions for a “test run” because some people are panicky, scared, or stupid.

      And yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing. And people like you cheer it on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    We were the envy of the world when no mask or other social distancing rules existed. I already miss those days and freedom for the kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      The envy of the world? Seriously? All cuz you didn’t need to wear a mask. I would rather wear a mask and be free than not be free.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. And some — I suspect not locals — would easily exchange that safe period and no deaths for their personal freedom of movement without quarantine. Think about it. People can come and go if they are willing to sacrifice ten days. For some of you, those days are too much to ask, and would rather exchange lives.

      • Anonymous says:

        We didn’t wear a mask most places we went. Just those places where we could not social distance. Wasn’t a big deal. We were never locked down except for the first few weeks when the world was locked down. Those restrictions lifted quickly.

        If every where only had 60,000 people and could close down there borders every where would have been better off. We have small towns bigger than Cayman Islands.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The same anti-vaxxers, quarantine breakers, will not wear masks and simply say they have a medical condition.

    • Anonymous says:

      The same pro-vaxxers, quarantine breakers, will not wear masks and say they have a medical condition.

      See how similar rebellious characters on both sides of the vaxx situation are? Both get infected and spread the virus but don’t care! So, please stop with the attacks against either side! All of the division tactics need to stop and everyone should behave responsibly, vaxxed or unvaxxed.

  29. Anonymous says:

    After looking at the new regs, we appear to be just the curfew awasy from last year’s total lockdown. Bars and restaurants may as well close. For those of you who want to keep Cayman locked up foreever, you have not thought this through.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s somewhat interesting is that these new regs now say that PR holders and residents of independent means are now to be included in the new vaccine mandate previously meant to be applicable to ‘work permit holders’.

      I thought govt previously said that PR holders (and Caymanians) would NOT be required to vaccinate? So they partly changed their mind or am I missing something.

      Not sure how big a group the PR holders are or if it even matters. Perhaps they are simply trying to get add’l vaccinations to hit the target for the local population, but when you see Biden wanting to pass legislation requiring ALL Americans to get vaccines who is to say the govt (and other govts) won’t follow suit and push the vax on all Caymanians / it’s citizens?? Boosters for breakfast worldwide after that?? No option to simply test more regularly if unvaccinated?? At what point does herd immunity play into the future vaccine requirements??

      Look, everyone who can get the vax should get it, but this has to end at some point — also not all would agree but I was RAISED to believe people have rights when it comes to their bodies — the vaccine or any medical undertaking should be a choice between a person and their doctor, not the government Society is flirting with dangerous government tendencies the further these mandates continue and the more they are passively allowed.

      Nonetheless, I still trust and support the process locally and just pray that our govt (and world leaders) are not even thinking about slowly stripping away human rights under the guise of everyone’s ‘safety’. If this obsession over inoculation doesn’t end soon despite hitting targets then I would start to get worried about the true intentions.

      Because if we are not on the right path to solving this then I fear the proverbial frog is cluelessly simmering at this point.

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