Moxam to chair airport board as border reopens

| 08/09/2021 | 37 Comments
Cayman News Service
Johann Moxam

(CNS): Johann Moxam has been appointed as chair of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) Board. One of several appointments recently gazetted by the tourism ministry, he will be taking control of this authority ahead of a controversial period as the airports get ready to reopen to commercial traffic and increased visitors in the face of the COVID pandemic. The new board also takes over at a time when further revelations over the mismanagement of the costly redevelopment of Owen Roberts Airport are expected to emerge, and must deal with the outcry over the kerbside drop-off ban for private vehicles.

Moxam is a vocal advocate for good governance, a founder of the successful Cruise Port Referendum campaign and a fierce opponent of the last administration. However, he failed to oust Joey Hew from his George Town North seat at the last election. He is the managing partner of the financial services firm Lainston International Management (Cayman) and was also recently appointed to serve as a director on the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Board.

On the CIAA board he will be working alongside Marva Reid, who has been appointed as deputy chair. Roy Grant, Nathaniel Tibbetts, Alfred Thompson Jr, Jacqueline Haynes and Jonathan Edie have been appointed directors.

“The new CIAA Board members are highly regarded professionals and leaders in their respective fields,” said Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan. “Their diverse expertise will provide strong strategic direction to the management team at the CIAA and bodes well for the ongoing positive development of the sector. I wish them well during their tenure and look forward to working with them.”

The ministry has also now appointed the board of Cayman Airways, which will be chaired by Jude Scott, a former audit partner at Ernst & Young Cayman Islands and the current CEO of Cayman Finance. The new board also includes John Paul Clarke, who is the new deputy chair, former finance minister Marco Archer, former CAL pilot Kris Bergstrom, Stefanie Ebanks, Shanna Myles, Robert Hurlstone and Tyrone Welds.

The CAL board also faces some tough times ahead as Cayman Airways will perform a critical role in the return of Cayman’s tourism sector. And since the international airlines are not expected to return to Cayman until the last quarter, CAL must decide where it will fly to over the coming weeks.

“I am particularly pleased that the new Board of Directors for Cayman Airways includes a former government minister whose strong financial background and expertise will assist with holding the airline accountable with its spending,” Bryan said.

“We are also privileged to have a former Cayman Airways captain with decades of airline experience and a professor of aerospace engineering and industrial and systems engineering. The new appointees bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse industry sectors, and their insights will be invaluable as the country continues to navigate through the pandemic and prepares to reopen our borders.”

Bryan said he was pleased to have achieved a more desirable gender balance, “with more women able to bring their unique perspective to these important boards”, as he welcomed the new members to serve on “some of the country’s most important assets”.

However, despite the claims about improved gender balance, which was a policy objective outlined by Premier Wayne Panton, across the three Ministry of Tourism boards (CIAA, CAL and the port authority) seven out of 22 (less than one third) of the new appointments are women. None of the new chairs and just one of the deputy chairs are women.

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Comments (37)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jobs for the boys! – different faces with a change of government but same old same old

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart move by Wayne; give him something to do then he won’t give you any competition later on (next election).

    • Anonymous says:

      A whole bunch of recycled woke political junk…. not possible to use mulch… so appoint them to CIG Boards.

  2. Say it like it is says:

    WHEN are we going to get the final cost of the terminal renovation, related I am sure to the “expected revelations on the mismanagement of the airport redevelopments”?.

  3. Anonymous says:

    johann… a forward thinker and somebody who has always asked the right questions.
    but he has taken poisoned chalice here

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully he will learn to listen and not just rant and rave.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh noooooo how could this happen.

      We need him to keep calling into Rooster with ridiculous questions.

  5. Gray Matter says:

    Not sure what’s so special of one that trumps their own horn and think on a pedestal.

    With followers now thinking he will make it all better .

    This is a narcissist.

    Brian Bodden

    • Anonymous says:

      Now hear who talking about being a narcissist..Come on now Brian, that word is too close to home for you.

      The three sentences you wrote are the exact sort of thing a narcissist would say…

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see where he has said or done any of those things particularly in the article but it must be personal so good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Brian, this is why us Caymanians can’t move forward. I think you should take your personal beef with Johann up with him and not bring the rest of us into it.

      I know you well enough to know that the very things you accuse him of are very much your personality type. Just saying..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to see all the unsuccessful PACT party members getting various chairmanship posts. The old boys club never fails.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great choices on the CAL board not too sure about the CIAA board

  8. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Johann

    First order of business, rescind that drop of no brain scheme
    That was just implemented and fire everyone that was involved in it for wasting our money.

  9. QAnon says:

    PACT will not reopen borders in October that would be political suicide. The first serious wave of Covid cases especially involving kids will cause the public to turn on the government with Alden’s gang waiting to pounce. PPM will pull the see I told you they were too inexperienced for the job of running the country. Strategically it would be crazy to open up and risk Cayman being locked down for the Christmas holidays.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Moxam is a PACT man that will do what’s right for country.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bryan said he was pleased to have achieved a more desirable gender balance, “with more women able to bring their unique perspective to these important boards”

    Kenneth is such an idiot with his pro feminism chauvinistic remarks. A woman can & does the job because she is equally qualified, not just because she has a vagina; clown.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to the CAL and CIAA boards. They are going to need all of it

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why is ALT on the board?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Joey Who will now wish he lost in GTN after Moxam finishes digging thru everything to expose the allegations of corruption and waste under the ppm over the last eight years at CIAA.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The status quo will be crapping their pants now. Beware of wounded animals Mr. Moxam.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Good luck and good choice by PACT to get to the root problems at the airport

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yohan And the new board have lots to address but can get it done

  18. Anonymous says:

    Moxam is a good choice. He is honest professional and will expose the bad actors and conflicts that have gone on in the past holding himself and management accountable.

  19. Anonymous says:

    K, now rescind that stupid no drop off at kerb rule.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Which border opening? Wait till 3pm you find out.

  21. JTB says:

    Hopefully he’ll sort out their ludicrous kerbside drop-off and pick-up plans

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of!!!! You can pull up right outside the doors of large, high profile airports all over the US but in Cayman it’s too risky? I call BS and there is some ulterior motive.

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