Hatchlings put on daytime show in Little Cayman

| 10/09/2021 | 1 Comment
Baby turtles emerging from their nest

(CNS): Volunteers with the Department of Environment’s Turtle Team on Little Cayman were on hand last week to catch on camera the rare event of baby turtles hatching from their nests during daylight hours. Sea turtles usually emerge from their nests at night to prevent them from overheating and to evade hungry predators on land and in the sea.

However, as the DoE explained in a social media post, they occasionally appear in the day, usually driven by a drop in temperature. The volunteers recorded the rare moment of a natural daytime hatch of baby loggerhead turtles, which made their way safely to the sea.

If you see hatchlings in the daytime heading to water, please do not interfere, but call the turtle hotline on 938-NEST (938-6378).

See video on Facebook here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Until the feral cats eat them.

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