Hawksbill turtle caught in net trap rescued

| 11/08/2021 | 4 Comments
Cayman News Service
CICG officers free the trapped hawksbill turtle

(CNS): A critically endangered hawksbill turtle was rescued by the Cayman Islands Coast Guard yesterday after officers received a report from the public that it was caught in a net attached to two buoys. Using the detailed information on the location of the distressed animal provided by those who made the report, the officers were able to respond and free the turtle, which they said appeared to be uninjured. But the coastguard said that the net attached to the buoys, which the officers removed, seemed to have been deliberately designed and set with the intention of trapping turtles.

Of the three turtle species nesting in Cayman, the hawksbills remain the most endangered, as unlike the green turtles and loggerheads the nest numbers remain very small. Last year, in what was a record breaking nesting season for turtles in the Cayman Islands, there were still just five hawksbill nests on Grand Cayman and two on Cayman Brac out of more than 550 nests.

The coastguard said they rescued the turtle from a designated Environmental Zone, which strictly prohibits the taking of any marine life but noted that the National Conservation Act prohibits the taking of any turtle from Cayman waters and taking of any marine life from protected areas.

The officers expressed their gratitude to the two members of the community who alerted them to the plight of the turtle and who no doubt played a critical role in helping to save its life.

Anyone who sees any suspicious or illegal activities while out at sea, including poaching of any kind, is urged to call 911 for immediate attention by the CICG or other relevant agencies.

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  1. anon against ignorance says:

    It would help if the location was revealed so the public can keep an eye out for these morons.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    2 types rarely prosecuted – poachers and politicians. Sad on both counts.

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