Work permit vaccine mandate ‘soon come’

| 30/07/2021 | 339 Comments

(CNS): Government is expecting to steer an amendment to the immigration law through Parliament shortly to make vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for employees on new and renewed work permits. Premier Wayne Panton said Thursday that the draft legislative change is already on his desk and that government would be invoking a special circumstances exception to the constitutional requirement of 28 days consultation on all bills.

With little opposition and broad support for all permit holders to be vaccinated, he hopes to have the amendment passed by the middle of August. But there are no plans to enforce vaccination on others in the workforce.

Speaking at the Cayman Island Tourism Association (CITA) meeting on Thursday, Panton confirmed that the proposal would become a reality within the next three weeks or so, as government can suspend the requirement for the four-week public consultation for all proposed legislation because of the exceptional circumstances surrounding this issue

Government has already taken advice regarding the human rights issues, and given that there are already certain mandated health requirements for work permit holders, the addition of a vaccine is not believed to present any legal issues.

Once passed, all first time work permit applications will need to include a verifiable vaccination certificate, while employers renewing permits for existing staff will also need to ensure that their employees are vaccinated before submitting the renewal. The introduction of such a mandate is expected to boost take-up of the vaccine over the coming weeks, since workers now know that to keep or acquire a job they will need both doses of the vaccine.

The government will not, however, expand the mandatory requirement beyond work permit holders, as there are more legal issues relating to local staff. Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan pointed out that it remained a sensitive area for some Caymanians, and government does not want to add more barriers for local people to find work or make Caymanians jobless because they have not been vaccinated, as he pointed to continued efforts to use persuasion rather than coercion across the local community.

Labour Minister Chris Saunders noted that there are contractual obligations that employers must consider before they try to mandate vaccinations for all staff, and said that government would not legally be able to obligate civil servants to be vaccinated either.

The issue was raised by the CITA board, as they pointed to moves by A.L. Thompson’s hardware store to push staff towards being vaccinated. The owner, Al Thompson, has not mandated that his staff get their shots but he has asked for all of his employees to reveal their vaccination status and has implied that this year’s employee bonuses will be tied to that status.

The issue of vaccination passports and certification is controversial, but private sector organisations, such as bars, cinemas, clubs, restaurants and sports venues, can in theory mandate vaccines for entrance.

Mandatory vaccination tied to people’s livelihoods presents a legal challenge that some also see as a step too far, given the range of reasons for vaccine hesitancy. However, making vaccines a condition of engaging in social or fun pastimes may become an issue in Cayman once the borders are open.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

For more information on vaccines contact the HSA Communications team at

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Through vaccination or infection we get antibodies the evidence of immunity. Thatiswhy if some one has chikenpox they have immunity no need of vaccine. Some countries accept antibody presence as equivalent to vaccination.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would be interested to know a) what you are trying to say, and b) what counties have announced proof of infection as a valid entry requirement? Negative test perhaps.

      • CSF says:

        USVI (albeit not a country) accept a positive antibody test dated within the last 4 months in place of a negative PCR/antigen test within 5 days of travel.

        • Anonymous says:

          And we see what going on in USVI..I wouldn’t use them to prove any of your unfounded theories..Your Orange Leader would call them a shit hole country…don’t even think he is aware they belong to the USA.

          • CSF says:

            USVI and BVI are different…and I was simply answering the question with a factual response. I wasn’t posting anything else on this thread. Nothing political in my response whatsoever so not sure why you jumped to those conclusions.

    • Anonymous says:

      8:18 whoa too much sense here for some in this crowd….all of the arm-chair infectious diseases experts. It’s a virus, meaning we ALL have to get it, one way or the other, in order for our species to continue living on planet earth. Like every other virus in the past. That’s how we evolved! <— way to complicated for most

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because this variant also spreads amongst the vaccinated (although less efficiently), the concept of “herd immunity” is really no longer relevant as far as spread as their is mounting convincing evidence that vaccinated can function as a vector for transmission. This means the virus will eventually find you; it is inevitable. So whether we are at 70%, 80% or 90%, the virus will find its way to everyone.

    With this I implore you (as a family physician in Cayman) to best equip your body with antibodies (the short-term ‘fire extinguishers’ that are protective in the first day or two) and reactive memory B and T cells (the fire engine brigade that kicks in a couple days after infection). The vaccines perform well in keeping the virus in the nose and throat, and not allowing the virus to spread to the lungs, which is where people can get into trouble.

    As Dr. Scott Gottlieb discussed today on CNBC and later tweeted in regard to the CDC’s report release today:

    “While infections (and transmission) can still occur, the vaccines work very well. In CDC’s data they showed vaccinated people had a 25-fold reduction in risk of death, a 25-fold reduction in risk of hospitalization, and 8-fold reduction in risk of disease.”

    • Anonymous says:

      25 times reduction in death would be great if it was real.

      CNS Warning: Misinformation ahead.

      Israel and Scotland are transparent with data and vaccinated account for well over 50 percent of deaths over the past 2 weeks. The vaccines have mostly stopped working.

      I encourage you to go to the source data reported by the governments to check this.

      CNS: The information coming from the Israeli government study is that the Pfizer vaccine is less effective at stopping the spread of covid but still highly effective against getting very ill or dying – down from over 90% to 80%. Hardly “stopped working”.

      Here is the latest update from the Scottish government, which you say is transparent. State of the Epidemic in Scotland – 30th July 2021
      Note: “From 29 December 2020 to 15 July 2021, 89.3% of Covid deaths were in unvaccinated individuals”

      Also: “Vaccines are effective against Delta, Public Health England preliminary analysis shows that vaccines are highly effective against hospitalisation from Delta variant with similar vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation seen with the Alpha and Delta variants. A recent study from Public Health England shows that after a single vaccine dose there was a 14% absolute reduction in vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic disease with Delta compared to Alpha, and a smaller 10% reduction in effectiveness after 2 doses39, which is in line with previous studies.

      EAVE II data from Scotland also shows that both the Oxford–AstraZeneca and Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are effective in reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 hospitalisation in people with the Delta variant, but these effects on infection appeared to be diminished when compared to those with the Alpha VOC41.

      There remains uncertainty regarding the impact of the Delta variant on severity of illness, treatment or reinfections. There is EAVEII data indicating the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is associated with approximately double the risk of hospitalisation compared with the Alpha variant, but the vaccine continues to protect. As more data is analysed we shall become more certain of the impact of Delta on hospitalisations and disease severity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post. I do hope that the minority 30% that are not vaccinated would listen to common sense. Alas, that is not very common to some.

      But as you said very succinctly, everyone will be infected at some point, but without a vaccine, many will be much more severely ill, have life-long conditions, or… die.

      I commend you for trying to convince the willfully ignorant. I have given up – the virus will do the rest.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is discussing how to force people to get an experimental shot but can’t even fix the DUMP.

  4. Anonq says:

    It is high time an association for exparts, funded by expats was incorporated. To get around the likely refusal to register it here it could be registered as an NPO in the UK.
    Then together as a group we could challenge divisive and discriminatory policy by govt. At the end of the day there is legislation to protect nationality called the UK equality act. Taking it all the way to the privy council to remove local influence over verdicts to force the goct here to do as they’re told. It simply isn’t right that almost half the population (soon to be more than half) has no voice. And you know what the Governor is useless.

    • Anonymous says:

      Work permit holders are guest workers in a country, and the host country can impose conditions on guest workers. If a host country desires to limit the possible strain
      on its healthcare system by requiring a vaccine for its guest workers, that is fine.

    • Anon says:

      Agreed, especially as expats create the vast majority of economic growth here

      • Anonymous says:

        Except that expats are treated very well and that why a lot of us are here..These islands provide a place in paradise for us to work. Your idea of this association of expats against Caymanian would surely do nothing but backfire on you. Do you really think that you could get your work permit or other work permit holders that are members of your association renewed. Remember we are guests in this country, a wonderful country where we can make lots of money and live a great life. We do not own Cayman and we cannot tell its people what to do.. Let’s try to respect the people that live here instead of being arrogant, disrespectful and demanding that they must live by our rules and not theirs.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do know as an expat you have a choice to leave..No one is forcing you to stay here..

      What are you doing here in any case if you don’t like our rules and laws?

      If I went to your country, could I complain and say that I am not following their rules and regulations? I can’t even get on flight to the USA without first having to go through a grueling process of getting a visa. Isn’t that discriminating against me as a Caymanian when people from the USA are free to come here without a visa. Do I complain? No! It is a requirement of that Country and if I want to go there, I must respect their laws otherwise I can’t even get on an airplane.

      We have lots of good expats here and many more that want to come that don’t share your beliefs that Cayman should adapt to your rules and cultural norms. You don’t like it when we stand up for what we believe in but are more than ready to try to force us into what you believe we should be..This is our home and we have no where else to go, you on the other hand can job from country to country or go home if you like..but something tells me that if home was better, you wouldn’t be here..

      The vaccine is not being forced on anyone but will be a requirement if you want to come to work in the Cayman Islands. The best thing about it is as a work permit holder or a potential work permit holder, you have a choice to take it and come or don’t and simply find a job elsewhere in the world. It’s that simple.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is funny. You force outsiders, because you can, but can’t convince your locals.

    • Anonymous says:

      You notice it is always the traveler, the expat, the tourist………

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you distinguish between a local, a Jamaican, and a Honduran? Almost every local I know is vaccinated. The others, not so much.

    • CSF says:

      CIG is not doing this to be anti-expat. It’s just trying to boost the vaccine numbers to get closer to the level at which they believe they can open safely/reduce the number of people who may become very ill if they contract the disease when they reopen. I bet if they could lawfully instigate a broader mandate, at least in certain industries, they would. This seems to be an easy one.

      When I was a WP holder I would have been fine with this. It is reasonable for CIG to impose requirements on non-citizens for the benefit of public health. But I’m pro-vaxx anyway so maybe I would say that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    CNS, why won’t you post the link to the CDC released today that states:
    Study claims vaccinated people who get COVID have same viral levels of Indian ‘Delta’ variant as the unvaccinated

    CNS: I nearly deleted this comment because the question is so flipping annoying. I’ve lost count of the number of comments I’ve posted that has this quote or link. The scientists have been telling us since the Delta variant first appeared that it is dangerous precisely because it is so easily transmitted. However, 99% of hospitalizations and deaths are now in unvaccinated individuals. It was CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky who coined the phrase “the pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

    Note that the vaccines were designed to stop people dying or getting seriously ill. The fact that they also appeared to reduce viral loads was a major plus, so clearly this study is not good news. That is why the CDC has changed their position on masks and social distancing. But they have not changed their position on the vaccine. The message is that it is even more important to take it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS. No amount of basic comprehension seems to exist anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS: “99% of hospitalizations and deaths are now in unvaccinated individuals”

      You’re very misinformed.

      Look at stats from Scotland. The hospitalization rate for vaccine breakthrough infections is HIGHER than for unvaccinated. Age has probably something to do with it but still 99% wildly inaccurate for many places in the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        I cannot claim to have reviewed Scotland data but assuming everything you claim is accurate, you do realize nothing you said counters the CNS comment right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS. It should also be included that the same study found that vaccinated people were less likely to catch covid in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please stop repeating that the vaccine was only supposed to reduce severity of disease, that is not true. The vaccine was supposed to reduce severity and be at least 50% effective at stopping infection. The very reason why the Chinese vaccine was initially derided was it’s low 60% effectiveness at stopping transmission. The entire idea of quick vaccination of population was to create herd immunity and to stop the virus from replication and drive it to zero.

      In the current state the very low effectiveness of Pfizer is terrible news because it means no herd immunity and it will lead to even more natural selection of more vaccine resistant variants. They better make the third vaccine does more effective.

      • Anonymous says:

        You read the bit about the fact that you are 8 times more likely to catch Covid if unvaccinated than if vaccinated right?

    • Anon says:

      @CNS – Unfortunately the CDC has been caught lying today about the 99%. Per CDC’s own internal data, 15.1% of Covid hospitalizations in the US in May were vaccinated people, not 1%.

      *CNS: I looked and could not find what you are referring to. This is the closest: “CDC quietly deletes 6,000 COVID vaccine deaths from its CDC website total in one day.” Rated Mostly False by PolitiFact.

      Anyone that can point me to data that proves the Vaccine is safe or effective, please do so. Forcing an unsafe, ineffective vaccine on any % of the population is barbaric. Forcing any outside substance into the body of an individual is rape regardless of how safe and effective it is, and should not occur in a free society.

      *CNS: John Hopkins – Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe?

      As has been noted countless times, no one is forcing you to take a vaccine. To continue to pretend that this is the case is now lying. However, it is perfectly reasonable that a county should take steps to protect its citizens, so denying privileges (such as working here if you are not from here) if you are not vaccinated is justified.

      • Anonymous says:

        Posting the link to this information separately. Not sure if this is allowed:


        CNS: No. The link was for a far (far far) right wing hate/misinformation site sprinkled with antisemitism. The comments on some of the articles I read could have been written by Three Percenters – denying the holocaust and excusing the storming of the Capitol, etc. Truly disgusting. However, it explains where you get your info from. If you’re a normal human being you need to stop reading that muck. It’s messing your brain up. I find it really concerning that people in the Cayman Islands are reading sites like that.

        • Anonymous says:

          CNS..Someone wanting to post stuff like that should be banned from your site..

          I’m just amazed at the level people will go to spread misinformation and hate..

          Thank you CNS for being so vigilante and moderating the misinformation that these people are trying to use your website to perpetuate their vile vomit.

        • Anon says:

          Here is the WAPO data from the CDC.

          WAPO is far left, this other site was simply showing CDC tweets next to WAPO reported data.

          *CNS: If you want to tell a good lie, include some truth. The statistics that Dr Fauci cited were for long-term statistics, not May statistics. The article that you linked added the words “in May”, which he never said. However, he did say that cases and hospitalizations were on the rise. In the quote your article gave from CDC director Rochelle Walensky, she specifically says “in the last six months” and then your crappy site again pretends this is about May.

          I would recommend that you actually read the link above – all of it. Also watch this interview with Fauci, so you can hear what he said and not what some crappy misinformation site said he said.

          You also need to understand the chart that the crappy site posted out of context in light of the drastically reduced hospitalizations (see here) and deaths ( in the US since vaccinations started. So the number hospitalized who have been vaccinated is 15% of a much smaller number. The notes you linked above try to explain why this is so in the simplest form possible.

          Unfortunately mandating something for only the portion of residences who cannot represent themselves is not a defendable position. I have been in Cayman over 13 years, but because of multiple times, will be up for PR in April and will need to renew WP first in March. Tell my children who will have to leave Cayman this is morally ok to do. Cayman will alienate a large majority of Americans residing here, and Americans will not move here in the future.

          *CNS: The position of the CIG, as I understand it, is that they are not prepared to risk the health of its residents because people are putting their faith in crappy misinformation sites instead of public health professionals. Your children will have to leave if you continue to do so and follow the ramblings of fanatics. However, if you spend time reading sites that pander to far right racist extremists, perhaps Cayman is not a good fit for you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good for you! A gold star! Why not herd them into a holding pen until the authorities are able to take them off your hands for shipment to gulag.

    Now consider this: In your eyes, you are discriminating against them to protect them. Let that sink in a moment. You believe the vaccine works, and you are now protected. So what threat are they posing toward you? They choose to protect themselves in a way that is different from yours. You think they should be punished. Isn’t that the truth?

    • Tropical Sniper says:

      Easier to give the iguana hunters dart guns and a list of unvacinated.
      I’d do it free and no ones gets hurt.
      Lie in wait till they open their door and zing!
      See you in 6 weeks.

  8. Anon says:

    Intuition would suggest a greater proportion of expats are vaccinated, simply because they have to travel to see family and it is highly likely they will be required a jab anyway. This is just another divisive move by CIG biting the hand that feeds it.

    • CSF says:

      I think that’s probably right but it will still help push things in the right direction. There are vaccine holdouts in all parts of our society, but I understand there is a lot of reluctance among certain specific sectors of WP holders.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason is education.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think when you speak of expats and travelling to see family and the like you are not getting it..These are the privileged white collar expats. There are a lot of the expats on the other end of the spectrum that refuse to be vaccinated not because they have any medical condition but because they have bought into this.

      My cable guy came the other to get my system up and running and I got to chatting with him and found out he was from Honduras. He told me that he was going to get the vaccine but didn’t because his Mom in Honduras told him not to get it because everyone she knew there was getting blood clots or having heart trouble and dying from taking the vaccine so he is afraid to take it. I asked him if he had heard or knew about anyone here having those things happen to them..His response was, they probably are but just like Honduras, the government is covering it up. I stood there and thought to myself, with this level of ignorance and misinformation we are doomed to ever get out of this mess.

      Before he left, I simply said to him that it’s his choice to get vaccinated or not but seek out information for himself, don’t let others tell you stories unless they can back it up with data from a respected source.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is no opposition because permit holders do not have any say. A government forcing people to take an experimental vaccine is a dangerous path and it will be interesting if there will be a court challenge not to mention law suits if there are side effects. Remember the big pharma are protected from law suits, but government is taking all liability by forcing it.

    • Unvaccinated says:

      CORRECTION: THEY ARE NOT FORCED! They can CHOOSE not to take it, and go back home! Just being straight!
      But unfortunately, the Cayman Islands will lose alot of good work permit holders who have CHARACTER – for those who would do any dirty thing for monies, or, to stay here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amazing that Caymanians think that the expats should take care of the vaccine problem for them. What is wrong with you people?

        • Anonymous says:

          “you people??” How derogatory, and it speaks volumes.

          This is what causes division more than anything else. If you don’t like it here and you don’t like abiding by our rules, simply leave. Resorting to this type of behavior only reinforces that you are someone that shouldn’t be here in the first place.

          The Government is not forcing anyone to come here to work. What they are saying is that if you want to come here to work then you need to be vaccinated. Plain and simple.

        • Anonymous says:

          Poor education, believe FOX, are being paid not to work, hate expats, hate work-permit holders…

          • Anonymous says:


            You forgot, “hate work-permit holders (but the Cayman men love them expat girls)…

            Keep them coming will yah!

      • Anonymous says:

        No one will leave. Life too good in cayman. Let’s be real.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, many of those people come here as economic refugees anyway, many from crime infested, shit hole metropolitan areas in Europe, US, Canada, and so on

          let’s understand

          Many remember there and prefer it here

  10. Anonymous says:

    We all get our children necessary vaccines. Why we r making a fuss to get Covid vaccine to be safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      What necessary vaccines are you giving yo kids exactly? I’m worried if you have children.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have to show proof of vaccines to attend school.

      • Anonymous says:

        I ran several child care centers in USA for 26 years. (6 months – 12 years). EVERY student had to have multiple vaccinations. This was a state requirement. They could (and a few did) get a Dr letter granting exclusion. BUT, as a private business, I was also able (and did), refuse enrollment. My school – my enrollment stipulation. AND, I freely gave them addresses of alternate schools where they could easily enroll at. I respect the parent’s right not to vaccinate their children, but I also expect them to respect my right as a business owner. I never lost a minute of sleep of any lost revenues; my parents appreciated the standards I held to.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What about those who have natural immunity?

    “But while the world has been preoccupied with antibodies, researchers have started to realise that there might be another form of immunity – one which, in some cases, has been lurking undetected in the body for years. An enigmatic type of white blood cell is gaining prominence. When researchers tested blood samples taken years before the pandemic started, they found T cells which were specifically tailored to detect proteins on the surface of Covid-19”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Some conspiracy theorists are saying the vaccine is a microchip! Trust me, if you think it’s a tracker, you’re already being tracked. Your phone is a tracker, your bank information, your license, etc. Besides, what difference is this to any booster, tetanus, HPV, or Hepatitis shot? Using your logic, you’ve already been tracked… so take the vaccine!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can assure you most people who are hesitant are not against it because they think micro trackers are in the vaccine. It just shows you have not been listening or even attempting to understand the other side of the argument. Humans nowadays seem to have a very difficult time seeing the other sides point of view (doesn’t mean to agree).

      One side of the argument seems very much set on seeing their own conclusion as the most altruistic and the only way to solve the problem, that if someone else doesn’t see it there way then the only reason is that the person is selfish or evil.

      Clearly we are not as open-minded as we like to believe.

      • Anon says:

        I notice you have not bothered to let us know what the other side of the argument is? Go on then, im waiting and happy to hear you out. Why dont you want the vaccine? Help me to understand your logical reasoning.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you even read the comment you’re responding to? Op said “some conspiracy theorists”. They did not say anything about “most people who are hesitant”.

        Either you struggle with reading comprehension or you’re not even attempting to read comments with an open mind yourself. You literally seE what you see and proceed to argue for the sake of arguing.

    • Anonymous says:

      The difference is that this injection is NOT like the ones you have listed above. It’s uses MRNA technology that goes into your genetic code. That has never been used in human existence, it’s not been studied, nobody knows the side effects or the outcomes. THATS the difference!

      • Anonymous says:

        9:38 The vaccine has nothing to do with your genetic code! I wish there was a vaccine that could alter your genetic code so you would have some bloody common sense!

      • Anon says:

        I think most would agree this is a fair source of info which could assuage your concerns.

        In case you didnt know before we started using engines to power vehicles, we used horses on land and wind power for sailing. Before electricity we slaughtered eachother for olive oil and whales for oil in lamps. Before the advent of health care as a concept, avg life expectancy was low (less than 50), infant mortality was high, chilbirth was close to a death sentence. Before humans decided that settling down in communities was more beneficial owing to it being easier for food to be gathered in abundance instead of continuing to roam in nomadic tribes which left behind the weakest to die alone.
        The common thread of all these is innovation, progress owing to people putting their intelligence to use for the benefit of the rest.
        Stop pretending to be more intelligent than you actually are, acting as if you know better than people who were smarter than you in school and continued working harder than you into adulthood. i have accepted that there are people out there smarter than me. I take their advice and get on with it. None of us on a comments board on the interweb have earnt the right to demonize the hard work of people who are out working harder than us solving problems we could never understand fully.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gov. DeSantis issues order prohibiting schools from issuing mask mandates.

    “If you have been listening to some of the murmurs going around, particularly in Washington lately, if you listen to some of the stuff that’s being percolated around the CDC, there’s a movement to try to impose more restrictions on the American people,”..

    “And I just want to say in Florida, there will be no lockdowns. There will be no school closures. No mandates in the state of Florida.”

    Love Gov. DeSantis!

    • Anonymous says:

      DeSantis is the ultimate Trumpist: of course he would say what he said.

      • Anonymous says:

        FYI 5:15. The US was safer and cheaper to live in under President Trump. Fool!

        • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          The very type of response expected from a Trumpist: totally lacking in class.

          • Anonymous says:

            Lacking any class? You are probably renting one of my homes on your rock. Probably because it’s safer to live here than there right now. But go on

        • Anonymous says:

          To 6:03 — Not if you were a black man stopped by the police.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m in Ohio. You have no idea of reality. It will take generations to fix the damage Trump did, and the anti-vax issue is one of the worst. His manner of handling Covid has directly cost hundreds of thousands their lives.

        • Anonymous says:

          600K people died in the last year of Trump’s Presidency from covid because he did zilch..It was a lot safer to live in IRAQ than it was to live under Trump.

          De Santis is now doing the same thing with Florida and cases are rising there like crazy due to his crazy desire to create more political power.

          Let’s see how many people die in Florida because of his stupidity. I’m so grateful that my family there have been vaccinated and stand a good chance of survival as cases continue to rise under this idiot’s watch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Happy to see the Trumpster is still living rent free in your head

        • Anonymous says:

          Not rent free. See, you have to understand logic, which you don’t. Tell me, what do you know about the number of crimes since Spineless biden took office? And inflation. Think it’s gone down? Enlighten me:

    • Hubert says:

      Going to be interesting to see what happens in Florida when school children start getting hospitalized when school starts in September.

      It will happen as sad as it will be. De Santa’s is going to be in for a big shock when parents wake up and start believing the public health officials and doctors in Florida than lawyer and Trumper DeSantis.

      • Miami Dave says:

        Fear is what is going to get ignorant people on these Islands vaccinated. Just look at all the people dying in Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri the past week. On their death bed a number said “I should have got vaccinated”.

        We open up here and fear and vaccination rates will start going up real fast. GUARANTEED. Might be best we open up and get the fear going.

        Only way people will wake up.

      • Anonymous says:

        In two weeks right? Here’s one for you. Some research shows Delta has peaked in Florida and will decline over the next ten days. Hopefully, the latter is correct.

        • Orlando Bob says:

          5:37, Nearly 22,000 new cases yesterday in Florida. More than anytime since COVID started. The Florida health system is nearly broken. Not sure how you figure COVID is going to peak there this month?

    • Anonymous says:

      De Santis is Trump incarnated..The same man that told his patriots to inject bleach and other nonsense to save them from covid while 600K people died in one year under his watch. The same man that is walking around fully vaccinated but encouraging his Patriots not to even wear a mask for their protection muchless get the same vaccine that both he, De Santis and their families have taken for their protection.

      If you can’t see that these idiots are using you for their own gain and political power than go ahead and follow them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It will be great if Govt consider good advice. It is not the issue of work permit holders or mot. It should be the behaviour in crowds or exposure points irrespective of caymaian or work permit holders.

  15. Anonymous says:

    CIG believes it can cook any Law it pleases without any regard to International human rights and rules therefore promoting discrimination, segregation, societal division, arbitrary application and enforcement.

    Once reputation as a lawful society is lost, it is lost for good.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unless we have rules it is not possible to have discipline.We r splitting hair rather working towards common good.
    How can God save us if we dont want do our duty.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Tourism workers. That is the problem. The government wants Caymanians to work in tourism. But what if they are not vaccinated? Can the hotels mandate vaccination??

  18. Anonymous says:

    Given that the Labour Act requires all employers “to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare at work of that person’s employees”, Government should perhaps give some thought to the fact that any employer who doesn’t require their staff to be vaccinated may be committing a criminal offence under that Act.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What about mandating vaccination for all staff at CIG/Private Schools?

  20. GT says:

    What about us who have survived coronavirus and have the natural immunity? Government and the rest of the instutions ain’t talking about us anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had the original strain or one of the early variants you have little if any immunity to Delta. Get vaccinated.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only way to please people like you is to be vaccinated. You will take any and all roads in any discussion/debate so long as it leads to getting vaccinated.

        GT brings up a good point. A lot of this vaccination hubbub was to work our way towards heard immunity and to protect the public, but they have been infected and their body more than likely has a natural immunity to it. Arguably the best kind as its a natural occurrence, but you just want people to be vaccinated because what, it makes you feel safer?

      • Anonymous says:

        Simply not correct.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even those that have had Covid, should be vaccinated.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Vaccine hesitancy is of large concern.

    If you are afraid of the side effects – Myocardic pulmonitus – one of the much vaunted side effects of the jab, is something that occurs in 30% to 40% of all COVID cases anyway.

    In all prior vaccines, 100% of all side effects surface within 2 months. Said differently, in the history of all vaccines ever invented, there has never been a side effect that came to light more than 2 months after the vaccine was publicly deployed, and we are further than 2 months in with these ones now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If you haven’t gotten COVID yet, you will get Delta or some subsequent variant at some point, practically guaranteed.

    Unvaccinated people are at a greater risk of catching – and dying from it. Of all the Americans who died of COVID-19 last month, over 99% were not vaccinated.

    You can protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and the delta variant by getting vaccinated ASAP.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is great to see. Hopefully employers will make this known to their employees. I do think it would have been better to require it right away like they did in Turks so people don’t just put it off.

    Now what we need is bars, the cinema, clubs, restaurants and sports venues to step up and start requiring vaccines for entrance in preparation for the border opening. Especially those most affected by the closure. Given the very high vaccination rate here, I doubt they’d lose business and some people might even choose to support them.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      If you are vaccinated and you believe the vaccination protects you as it says, then why the concern from unvaccinated being around you? I would like it to driving a car and worrying about cyclists hitting you and causing you physical harm?

      If this is all about your concern for others, why are you so willing ostracize others from society because they don’t agree with you? You’re trying to get everyone in cars because you don’t want someone on a bicycle to hit you while you are driving.

      I’m not following your logic. I would very much care for more details so I can better understand. Maybe I’m missing something.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well obviously only allowing vaccinated people into non-essential places will help to protect other customers and staff – especially those that cannot be vaccinated because of age or medical conditions. And I’m not just worried about myself! But it will also motivate people to go get vaccinated. Eventually it will become apparent that if you want to live your life normally, you will have to be vaccinated. A number of places and countries are planning to use vaccine passports to motivate people to go get vaccinated for that reason.

        I shouldn’t have to explain why it’s important that as many people as possible are vaccinated as CIG has already done that but herd immunity, protect the vulnerable, not overwhelm the healthcare system etc

        If as the article states and these places “can in theory mandate vaccines for entrance” is true then I think businesses, especially the ones pressuring the government to reopen, should do their part and require it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your analogy makes absolutely no sense.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @11:39 am.

    If what you are saying is true, then the company better get some legal advice because they are going to need it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Unvaccinated people are at a greater risk of catching – and dying from it. Of all the Americans who died of COVID-19 last month, over 99% were not vaccinated. You can protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and the delta variant by getting vaccinated ASAP.


    • Islandmadness101 says:

      CDC director disagrees with your FACT. But why would you know that, being an expert and all!

      • Anonymous says:

        CDC director does not disagree.

      • Anonymous says:

        How do I know – because I can read? Unlike you who either doesn’t read what the CDC director said, doesn’t understand it, or just wants to think they said something different.

  26. Anonymous says:

    There should be an exemption for people that had the infection and recovered. Natural immunity better than the jab. Much fewer are getting sick with Covid a second time than the double jabbed.

    It should be vaccinated or proof of prior infection. Make that amendment!

    • Anonymous says:

      You know having previously had covid doesn’t make you invincible right? Mutated strains develop and you can deffinetly get it again. Please get the jab…

      • Anonymous says:

        Those who have recovered from COVID-19 are being shown to have immunity not onlyto the original virus but also to it’s variants.

      • Anonymous says:

        For now, a prior infection protects you more than the jab and unlike the vaccine it’s not waning against variant. Get your facts straight.

        Cayman would be much better off with new work permit holders that recovered from infection than people that just had the jab.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your very argument can be made about the vaccine and it’s limited ability to fight variants. Just saying.

  27. Anonymous says:

    A step in the right direction. However, I disagree about not making it mandatory for Caymaninas also particularly those out of work. I think anyone who is out of work in the tourism sector 9for example) and who is receiving a stipend should be required to be vaccinated in order to continue to receive the stipend. Our borders are closed and subsequently, the tourism sector is suffering because we don’t have enough people vaccinated. However, if there are Caymanians in the tourism sector unvaccinated they are contributing to this continuous problem snd keeping us all hostage here. We need to help ourselves. I think the government, on the whole, has done an amazing job of eradicating the community spread however we vaccinated Caymanians and ex-pats who want to travel but cant because of a few selfish people. I don’t care about having to quarantine for 5 days still. That is really not a long time. But I am getting sick of being stuck here because of the selfish minority.. This isn’t a criticism of people who genuinely cant get it (like the immune deficient) but those who are able to have the vaccine and are actively refusing to.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should at least require people to either be vaccinated or get weekly or twice weekly covid tests. Businesses should be able to give that option to their employees as well.

  28. John says:

    Great way to keep dividing this country… expats vs locals… Same rhetoric of “Cayman is not being develop you Caymanians”

  29. Anonymous says:

    If vaccine worked and was proven safe, you wouldn’t need to mandate, force, deceive or threaten those who question it.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no way to convince everyone that the lizard people aren’t implanting chips with the vaccine in order to turn us into zombies or Democrats

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually if the vaccine hadn’t been politicized and there wasn’t so much misinformation on FB and YouTube, we wouldn’t need to convince people.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Good Call!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Breaking news: CDC: Vaccine does not prevent or even reduce Covid infection rates.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really boring troll

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a bit behind on the latest CDC statements.

        Breaking news: CDC FINALLY releases data behind new mask guidance: Study claims vaccinated people who get COVID have same viral levels of Indian ‘Delta’ variant as the unvaccinated.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Once the fine details of the Biden global corporate tax of 15% that Cayman has signed on to gets rolled out in October the population of Cayman will gradually decline as expats move on. Vaccinations of expats will not be a big issue.

  33. Anonymous says:

    We’re at 0% of the third shot. So how, exactly is PACT’s plan to work?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Of course Government can mandate vaccination for civil servants, as can any employer IN APPROPRIATE CIRCUMSTANCES. Perhaps the Deputy Premier should ask someone who is not a civil servant, what civil servants can and cannot be required to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      1:31 Please don’t tar all civil servants with the same brush.. everyone in my department is fully vaccinated myself included.

      • Anonymous says:

        No tarring of the civil service intended. My issue is with the nonsense statement by a Minister that Civil Servants (including expatriate civil servants) cannot be mandated to have the vaccine. The person that told him that was probably a civil servant.

      • Anonymous says:

        And how do you know that? Have you thought that some people might just lie about it? I was asked if I had the vaccine. I said yes even though I have not. I don’t wish to enter a discussion about it so it is easy just to say yes.

  35. Anonymous says:

    About time

  36. Anonymous says:

    “the addition of a vaccine is not *believed* to present any legal issues.”

    Law firms are rubbing hands and grinning right now…

  37. Anonymous says:

    Cayman will be in violation of so many international rights and rules, one of which is Health Information Privacy Rule that protects all “individually identifiable health information” held or transmitted by a covered entity or its business associate, in any form or media, whether electronic, paper or oral.

    You cannot make anyone take this shot. You can TRY and limit their access to facilities, but The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal as the highest court on the Islands will side with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is just wrong on all kinds of levels. Even if there was such a thing as an enforceable international Health Information Privacy Rule (which there isn’t) Employers can clearly require the provision of medical information on employees, like they do every time they ask for a sick note. Government can clearly ask for medical information on residents, as they do when they require a work permit medical, or information on a notifiable communicable disease.

      And I think the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal would be as surprised to learn that they have sudden overtaken the Privy Council as the highest court of the Islands as they would to learn that they ought to take account of a principle derived from the US Declaration of Independence.

  38. Anonymous says:

    No need for legislative change. Cabinet could probably just issue directions.

    What about dependents (on work permits AND government contracts).

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see Cayman on its knees begging expats to return. It is coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do us a favor and go back to wherever you came from with that anti-Caymanian rhetoric. there’s a million more expats lining up to do whatever it is you do here.

      • Anonymous says:

        No idea what they do but you are sure there are millions lining up. lol. You confidence will be your greatest downfall in life

      • Anonymous says:

        don’t be so sure. Thousands had to spend their last penny to repatriate. They won’t return and they would spread the word: avoid Cayman at all cost.

        • Anonymous says:

          I laugh, the ones that had to scrape together their last few dollars to repatriate will be the first ones back. The hotel I work at are already bringing back many of those that left..India, Philippines, Jamaica and Honduras are struggling to even keep their economies alive whilst Cayman continues to boom.

          The ones that could afford to leave left and are back now because they know it’s safer here particularly for them and their families. Real Estate is on fire and many expats are buying homes and settling and appreciating Cayman as a haven in this pandemic.

          It’s just people like you that think that you are God’s gift to earth and irreplaceable that believe that all expats will leave because a small minority like you spurts off your foolishness about expats leaving here. Go get vaccinated and do something good for the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to break it to you but most expats got vaccinated as soon as they were able because they want to be able to return home to visit family. They welcome this because they are hoping that it will lead to the borders opening sooner and regular flights. Some might consider leaving if the borders don’t open soon but the majority do not care about this requirement. Just look at the vaccination rate. It’s just one more thing to add to your WP renewal or application.

      I’ve seen comments on here alluding to expats in more labour related jobs not getting vaccinated and if that’s what you’re referring to, businesses will just recruit new people. There are plenty of people living in countries with few opportunities that would jump at the chance. It’s sad but true.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Make sure repatriation planes lined up timely.
    Expect existing work permit holders request for repatriation cost reimbursement.

  41. Anonymous says:

    can you tell us how many work in your office?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Requiring vaccination of expatriates in the private sector, but not requiring it of expatriates in government service, would be a clear example of irrational and disproportionate discrimination. It would likely be unconstitutional, and accordingly unlawful. Expatriate Doctors coming in from overseas to the HSA are no different from Expatriate Doctors coming in from overseas to Shetty. There is no legitimate basis to require vaccinations of one group, but not the other. Can we please see government act under the same rules it imposed on everyone else. That would make it more palatable (and lawful).

  43. Vax ALL says:

    So what happens if it is discovered that a majority of the unvaccinated are Caymanian and that without them we will not meet that magic 80%? ALL eligible unvaxxed MUST be vaxxed.

  44. Anonymous says:

    So will there be a mandate for members of the government bench as well?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Pfizer claims a third shot will significantly protect one from Delta. Before I get called a conspiracy theorist, listen to Pfizer’s annual meeting. There will be shots and Covid for the foreseeable future. So how will PACT open up based on 80%? Being shut down, why didn’t they start the census right away?

    • Anonymous says:

      How about we all go and get additional shots?

      The Government have no clue as to who has received the vaccine. I am sure we can get the rate up to 120% in a few weeks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Scientists have already confirmed that booster shots will likely be needed. This is not new and we already do this with various other afflictions (the annual flu jab for example – although COVID-19 isn’t influenza). Having a booster just helps to kick your body into protection mode thus you are more likely to be able to fend off variants. Or at least be less negatively affected by them. If 80% get their two doses we will be able to open up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then the Sigma variant will arrive and the booster shot is again, necessary for the re-opening of the country. Meanwhile, Pfizer increases they revenue from their already $33 billion to another astronomic number.

        In all cases, just follow the money.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is an annual influenza shot because the primary influenzas which are spread around the globe mutate, thus necessitating mixing up a new flu cocktail based upon the best guesses of the CDC et al as to which viruses will be prevalent.

        It is NOT a booster. It is an entirely new vaccination, based upon the new strain of the year.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Glad to learn that this is finally going to happen. Can’t happen soon enough IMHO.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “ Government has already taken advice regarding the human rights issues, and given that there are already certain mandated health requirements for work permit holders, the addition of a vaccine is not believed to present any legal issues.”

    Just a suggestion: WAIT AND SEE.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Considering the virus doesn’t discriminate against ex-pats or Caymanians, I’d suggest everyone get the jabs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree! However, there is a known group of holdouts, on work permits, that believe it’s a conspiracy/targeting black people/causes sterility or impotence/implanting a chip/etc. I see them posting frequently on other sites.

      Work permit holders in professional settings aren’t the holdouts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends what generation Caymanian you talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its tough to require mandatory vaccinations for Caymanians, but you could easily limit access to non-essential services to people who are vaccinated. They are already doing that with parades. Why not extend that to dining in a restaurant or going to a bar? If you are going to make an extremely high bar to meet, then extreme measures are appropriate. Personally, I would prefer opening on Sept 9 and let people decide if they want to protect themselves.

  49. Anonymous says:

    It is a scientific fact that Moderna and Pfizer both contain graphene oxide.
    My question is why?
    Why is graphene oxide left off the ingredients on the patent?

    CNS: Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines do not contain graphene oxide

    • Anonymous says:

      It a scientific fact by now the anti-vax squad are grasping at straws. They have literally no evidence of anything to back up any of their wild and unsubstantiated claims.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS for your tireless efforts to educate – Sadly the best that can be said for some idiot posters is that they are relentless.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a scientific fact that you’re a gullible fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Graphene Oxide was in the vaccine, it would not stay as transparent as it is. That stuff is black as night.

  50. Anonymous says:

    In our office we have segregated the unvaccinated. They have been given 30 days notice, after which time they will be let go. They are all Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck with that!

    • Anonymous says:

      So ridiculous people will go so far as to LOSE THEIR JOB over this harmless injection. I can guarantee the junk food they will be eating sitting in front of the idiot box watching Fox News will be more harmful to them…

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent. Glad that you are allowing time for people to come to their senses. That is the type of thinking we need more of.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which office is this?

      Since you are very open with stating nationalities who are unvaccinated vs vaccinated, surely you must be open to letting us know which establishment this is that is about to fire people for not taking the vaccine?

    • Anonymous says:

      Be ready for multiple law suits!

      • Anonymous says:

        Good luck with that. Free to leave the job.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sue for what? Don’t be an ass? Nobody is firing you..You will be free to stay here “unvaccinated” until your permit is up for renewal. It will not be be renewed at that time and you can find a job in another country that wants an unvaccinated person. Work permits are not automatically renewed even though some seem to believe they are..

        By the way, there are lots of people wanting to come and work here. You are not irreplaceable.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, the unvaccinated are just that.

        • Anonymous says:

          What a vile thing to say.

        • Anonymous says:

          I mentioned this in another post, but be careful with your thinking.

          Its easy to lose yourself when you divide the population into groups and you think another group is sub par, disgusting, vile. You will easily fall into thinking the actions of the other group are against you and you might find your self justifying ANY measure to remove them from society.

          We fought wars over that line of thinking and its a much more common way of thinking than you think. Looking at human nature and how we operate in mobs, you will see the pattern.

          History doesn’t always repeat but it does rhyme.

    • Name the office .absolutely no chance of getting away with that here. So you must be ,and trying to stir up hatred.

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly are you trying to say besides starting a resurgence of racism and xenophobia? Regardless of being Caymanian or being an expatriate, I know many in both categories who are not vaccinated because they are very uncomfortable over serious personal medical concerns. Everyone should be encouraged to get vaccinated, but each individual has the right to wait until they are comfortable to do so.

      Segregation, public shunning, and childish school yard bullying tactics solve nothing. Some people never grow up and understand the world does not revolve around them or whatever they think, even if it is a good idea.

      If you cannot fathom having any level of respect for others in this or any community, you are just as deporable as the dictators and racists you often condemn for the same hypocritical behaviour. Go home, please.

      • Anonymous says:

        So people who put others at mortal risk deserve our respect…. but people who post comments you disagree with on the other hand….!

        • Anonymous says:

          And it begins. First you segregate, then you see the other side as against you. You believe yourself to be the majority and sooner or later you will find yourself calling for any measure to ‘protect’ yourself

    • Anonymous says:

      Good for you. I suspect your remaining staff and customers will feel safer.

    • Anonymous says:

      which office is thisssss? this is very interesting actually.

    • Um... says:

      Expect lawsuits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best laugh I had today. To bad CNS readers can’t take a joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea. Stipends for everyone!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done. We are simply packing up our office and moving elsewhere. The Caymanian staff will be left behind of course, I do feel for them to a certain extent but at the end of the day it’s their government’s fault.

    • Anonymous says:


      Man you are grasping for straws..seriously if this was happening it would be all over the Marl Road within seconds of it happening..Stop trying to stir shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any excuse is good enough when you are looking for one. Smh.

      Seems to be motivated more by anti-Caymanian discrimination, racism, and xenophobic behaviour rather than any rational thinking of COVID safety.

      Behaviour like this would serve jail time (and possibly repatriation) anywhere else in the world.

      Opportunist, racist and narcissist rhyme so well here. Go home, please.

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