Store boss demands staff reveal vaccine status

| 27/07/2021 | 499 Comments
Cayman News Service
A.L. Thompson’s

(CNS): Al Thompson, the president and owner of Cayman’s largest retail hardware store, is pressing all of his staff to get vaccinated and has told them to “stop reading nonsense on social media” and “stop listening to stupid people” with no medical knowledge spreading propaganda. Falling short of mandating the vaccine in order for people to keep their jobs, he is asking staff to demonstrate that they have either been vaccinated or have a letter from a doctor confirming a health reason that prevents them from getting the shots.

Al Thompson’s letter to staff
(click to enlarge)

The internal letter to staff says that this will allow the store to assess its vaccination level, but Thompson also makes it clear that annual bonuses for 2021 are going to be reserved for those who have been vaccinated.

The letter, which has been circulated on social media, warned of complacency over the virus and pointed to the vaccine as the best hope for saving lives. Writing in capital letters for emphasis, the boss told his staff to “GO AND GET VACCINATED”, as he said those who are vaccinated will stand a better chance of surviving a future outbreak here.

Cayman’s national vaccination rate remains stalled again at 67%, as the clinic was closed Monday. There is now just over six weeks before government intends to open the borders to those with verifiable vaccination papers, increasing the risk of spread into the Cayman Islands community as a result of breakthrough infections.

Mandating vaccination for work permit holders is currently on the cards but amendments to the immigration law or changes in regulations have not yet been made. The Health Services Authority has, however, now made vaccination a condition for its staff on new and renewed permits. While the labour laws and Bill of Rights will make mandatory vaccination for local staff legally challenging, there appears to be no impediment to introducing it as a condition for work permit holders, given that there are existing medical requirements for overseas staff.

The vaccination clinic re-opened Tuesday at the Owen Roberts Airport and will also be open tomorrow. On Thursday there will be a district clinic on Marina Drive in Prospect and at Camana Bay on Friday.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

For more information on vaccines contact the HSA Communications team at

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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Comments (499)

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  1. truth says:

    Now if he can stop the greed and lower the prices that would be so great.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Vaccine” is false hope, and nearly ineffective against several newer variants.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes…very dangerous

  4. Anonymous says:

    7:19, stop spreading lies and false information.
    Less than 100 deaths of fully vaccinated people, compared to 4,500,000 unvaccinated.
    In a few months this won’t even be controversial, ALT was just first out the gate in Cayman. Trend setters always take the hits for the rest of us. Other employers here will follow his lead.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Plenty comments on this subject positive and negative. The issue of rights of smokers was a big subject when no smoking in public places was introduced in Cayman. Same here.The chances of unvaccinated getting higher viral load if exposed compared to vaccinated thus more vulnerable for sickness and death vs vaccinated and more capable of spreading compared to exposed vaccinated as he may have low viral load. Exceptions r always there as some one vaccinated can still be sick and die. Same is true with smoking. All smokers dont get lung cancer. Some nonsmokers also get lung cancer. That doesnt make a reason to smoke or for secondhand smoke.
    If some one doesnt want to wear seat belt or drink and drive at 10p miles it is a choice on his private rd as he is prepared to die ut he cant have that right on public rd as he is dangerous to others. Again all drunk and drive case dont end up in accident. That cant be a reason to allow drunk and drive.
    Let us be practical. Let us keep our politics and egos aside. Let us protect ourselves.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care right now but when we open up we’re going to get community transmission then we’ll be back to, hopefully just, targeted isolation, wfh, masks, home schooling etc… I don’t want to do that again so I’ll increase my chances and only shop in shops like ALT that require staff (and preferably customers too) to get vaxxed, likewise I’ll only eat and drink in restaurants, hotels and bars that do the same. The likes of pool patrol, andros, polarbear etc… better do the same if they want to get in my house too. If employers don’t demand vax from customer facing employees they will lose business. Probably a good way to get rid of your lowest IQ employees anyway.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you ALT. From now on I will only buy hardware etc from your stores. Now if only one of the grocery stores, and gas stations would do the same my purchasing decisions would be made.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am old enough to recall people screaming about infringement of individual rights and how unfair it was for government to introduce legislation to prohibit drunk driving and smoking in indoor public spaces. Now we have the same vocal minority complaining that prudent business decisions and potential legislation to minimize the spread of a highly communicable disease infringes their rights to infect others. I guess there is an element that is beyond any hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well unfortunately drink driving is the national sport here. It used to be shopping in Miami but that is really hard to do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    More evidence of common sense prevailing – this time in the US

  10. Anonymous says:

    Finally the UK is developing plans to follow sensible countries like Ireland, France, Italy and others in implementing a vaccine passport system that will limit the risks posed by the unvaccinated among us –

    • Anonymous says:

      To be fair if it wasn’t for the likes of the UK those “sensible countries” wouldn’t have any vaccines to issue a passport for!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Some perspective for those opposed to businesses seeking to protect their employees and customers as well as the rest of us – Today’s Guardian –

    “Facebook and Google are mandating that all employees returning to their offices must be fully vaccinated against Covid, while Netflix is doing similarly for all actors in their own productions – the first studio to do so.

    A CNN anchor says these moves, among others, show that even as evidence grows of the flaws of the vaccines, corporate America is sending a stark message: “Get vaccinated or get out”.”

    • Anonymous says:

      “…seeking to protect their employees and customers…”

      Employees and customers are not kindergarteners and know how to protect themselves.

      Get lost with your daily scanning of “sky is falling” sites!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is hilarious that people who get their ‘scientific’ information from Facebook don’t like the fact that Facebook is doing what ought to be obvious to all entities – require vaccinations to limit disease spread.

  12. Slacker says:

    Those who refuse to get vaccinated need to accept two realities.

    1. When you get COVID and are hospitalized, do you think that the directors and shareholders will simply accept the costs out of the kindness of their hearts, or increase all of our insurance premiums? Or do the rest of us have to pay for you?

    2. You are also walking variant/mutant factories.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those who get the vaccine need to except Three realities.
      1. You can still get it and spread it to others vaccinated or not.
      2. You are also still walking variant/mutant factories with a possible side effect coming into effect at any time in the future.
      3.The vaccine does not give you the right to oppress those who make a different choice than you but obviously it also won’t stop you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolute nonsense. The vaccination suppresses mutation, unless it is rendered ineffective because of the mutations the unvaccinated breed.

        That’s how vaccinations work. But because of the selfishness of the unvaccinated who don’t have a good reason to get the jab (i.e. autoimmune disease etc), you are now offering your body as a host for the virus variants to further mutate, impacting those of us who chose to get vaccinated because you are increasing the potential for the current vaccine to become powerless against the mutations YOU chose to permit.


      • Slacker says:

        I totally agree with you that we need to “except” your three realities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just stop this sort of BS. MYOB!

    • Kmancrabs says:

      You do realise most people who get COVID have no symptoms?! Nah sure who you trying scare with your emotional list.

  13. Anonymous says:

    350+ comments must be a new records lol!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Parents have to show proof that their children have been vaccinated in order for them to attend school, or valid medical exemption if they are not medically able to take vaccines. I don’t see how this is any different.
    Millions of people have now been vaccinated without incident.
    Every person who does not get the vaccine is putting at risk those that can’t yet get vaccinated ie children under 12

  15. Al Catraz says:

    Man o man. Judging by the comments, the only thing that could get more action at CNS is if he required them all to marry someone of the same sex.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Because we need some common sense and truth serum on this feed, I am borrowing this comment from the “To those who refuse to take COVID-19 vaccine” article:

    ‘Within a democratic society, there is a space carved out for “laws”. Laws such as vaccination laws, which you will find the world over.

    This is a public health issue, not a private health one. And so a decision to not get vaccinated is one that affects the public.

    The Bill of Rights states: “You are free to hold particular beliefs, and to practice your religion. However, this right is not absolute. The Government can interfere with this right if it is absolutely necessary in the interest of defence, public morality, public order, public health and public safety.”


    The law can mandate that to enter a school or certain workplaces, one must be vaccinated as required. This is the case within our school system, where children have to present vaccination cards in order to be enrolled/attend.

    As the commenter wrote, this is not a new vaccine in the fight against COVID-19. It is two-decades old, certainly around longer than the polio vaccine that our parents received and subsequently saved us from the ravaging effects of that disease.

    I remember as a child being vaccinated for yellow fever in a neighbouring Caribbean country. We were lined up in the school yard and administered our jab. There was no question about it, I am not even sure if my parents had to give consent. The anopheles mosquito was carrying the terrible virus and the vaccine was our best protection. It was a public health issue and it had to be addressed. Through that swift action, the yellow fever virus was snuffed out. There’s your democracy.

    COVID-19 is a disease. Make no mistake about what it is. And unfortunately, some do not live through it.’

    Another comment with some needed truth:

    Facts from the CDC:
    – Two doses of the chickenpox vaccine are over 90% effective at preventing it.
    – One dose of MMR vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella. Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumps.
    – Two doses of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) are 90% effective or more against polio; three doses are 99% to 100% effective (hence why we give four DTP vaccines to our babies).
    – Clinical trials of mRNA vaccines have consistently demonstrated high effectiveness against COVID-19, but now a large, real-world study confirms that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are more than 95% effective in preventing confirmed infection

    As for the FDA approval: to get full FDA approval, you need six months of consecutive data. Pfizer and Moderna have both applied with the requisite information and data (May and June respectively). The FDA is now undergoing its rigorous clinical trials and says the answer should come before the new year, and word is it could be by September. In the meantime, as much as it can without being sued or compromising its processes, the FDA has give the go ahead given the international public health situation at hand.

    And some definitions for those that need it:

    Public Health (as defined by the Oxford Dictionary): The health of the population as a whole, especially as the subject of government regulation and support.

    Cayman Islands Constitution (2009) Bill of Rights (which came into force in 2012):
    “You are free to hold particular beliefs, and to practice your religion. However, this right is not absolute. The Government can interfere with this right if it is absolutely necessary in the interest of defence, public morality, public order, public health and public safety.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, an absolute rubbish! You ave no idea what you are talking about!

      #1 Government exists to serve the People — Not the other way around.

      Here are THE definitions for you if you can read and comprehend large sentences:

      • Human rights law recognizes that in the context of serious public health threats and public emergencies threatening the life of the nation, restrictions on some rights can be justified when they have a LEGAL basis, are STRICTLY necessary, based on scientific evidence and neither arbitrary nor discriminatory in application, of LIMITED duration, RESPECTFUL OF HUMAN DIGNITY, SUBJECT TO REVIEW, and PROPORTIONAL to achieve the objective.

      Lawful, Necessary, and Proportionate, memorize these 3 words.

      Imposition of overly broad measures that do not meet the above criteria.

      The principle of PROPORTIONALITY envisages that a public authority ought to maintain a sense of proportion between its particular goals and the means it employs to achieve those goals, so that its action impinges on the individual rights to the MINIMUM EXTENT to preserve public interest.

      • Freedom of movement under international human rights law protects, in principle, the right of everyone to leave any country, to enter their own country of nationality, and the right of everyone lawfully in a country to move freely in the whole territory of the country. Restrictions on these rights can only be imposed when LAWFUL, for a legitimate purpose, and when the restrictions are PROPORTIONAL, including in considering their impact. Travel bans and restrictions on freedom of movement may NOT BE DISCRIMINATORY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except you have failed to mention the all important ‘experimental’ status’. You also need to understand the difference between the bill of rights and law making. While you are in the dictionary look up vaccine. MRNA is not a weakened or killed pathogen.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am no fan of AL T but applaud him for this stand. We cannot go on with a vocal minority stopping us opening up again to the outside world.
    Today the UK opened up inward travel to vaccinated people from the USA and Europe. The UK has also seen a significant reduction in cases even after the relaxation of Covid restrictions.
    The vaccines are working and creating a level of herd immunity which is being supplemented by those that have had the virus.
    As Cayman has had no significant community transmission it is essential that all those elligble get vaccinated and this is what Al T is trying to encourage.
    It’s time to set a hard opening date and then everyone can decide whether they want to get vaccinated or wish to take their chances with Covid.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have decided, it is GOVERNMENT who wont listen and it is GOVERNMENT preventing the borders being open, not the unvaccinated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but this isn’t true. No vaccine is effective until a significant majority take it or carry antibodies after being infected. This is as true for measles, polio, etc as it is for Covid.
        I didn’t get vaccinated just for me but for our community, to help stop the spread of the disease when you have no idea you have come into contact with an infected person.
        All those refusing to be vaccinated are ignoring this reality and pretending this is about only personal choice. It is not and never has been.

    • Anonymous says:

      the only ones stopping you doing anything is the government.
      it has absolutely NOTHING to do with unvaccinated people.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are just being plain stupid. That’s like saying it’s not the fault of drunk drivers that they are clogging up the courts, but of government for passing legislation outlawing drunk driving.

        Just shut up and go get vaccinated like a grown-up.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is way past the time to make the hard decision….If you wish to be unvaccinated you do so at your own risk (and your family’s risk fyi)

      CIG There can be no more stalling this decision, the vaccination rate is never going to be 80%, but it may increase when the holdouts realize the border is actually opening.

      Lets go

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey ALT do a special promotion.
    5-10% off on proof of vaccination and a valid picture ID.
    I will be there!

  19. Anonymous says:

    So, if we are to stop listening to the stupid people are we instead to listen to Biden who has now changed his mind about whether vaccinated people can transmit this virus and also told us a few days ago vaccinated people can’t get covid, which we all know isn’t true, those words actually came from his mouth!

    • Anonymous says:

      Science evolved…. And so does the message

    • Anonymous says:

      Irrelevant to Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      28/07@ 3:20pm – No, let’s listen to Trump and inject bleach!

      Those words actually came from his mouth!

    • Gray Matter says:

      Watch out, CNS Will ban you for criticism of their dear CNN News (Fake News) . as you know CNS is no fan of the real truth on FOX News.

    • Anonymous says:

      Biden has no power in Cayman..Stay in your USA lane with your Patriots, Insurrectionists and Conspiracy Theorists..

      USA is fast becoming a shit hole country..Can’t believe that the one country in the world that considers itself first world can’t even get control over the virus..$600K dead in one year from idiots following an orange idiot who took the vaccine and tells his followers to not get and worse not even as much to wear a mask..What the hell has the USA come to?

  20. Anonymous says:

    To those that are unvaccinated and working for ALT or any other business that tries to institute this type of strong arm approach.

    The remedy is simple.

    None of this sh!t ALT is proposing is enforceable. I can pretty much guarantee you that your employment contracts do not have the Covid vaccine (or any other vaccine) as a condition for employment.

    Do not quit, and do not take the vaccine. Force the issue with ALT. If he means business (and this is not just a head fake – which it more than likely is) he’ll have to provide you with notice of termination, in which he will cite termination for cause (i.e. not taking the vaccine).

    At that point you join together, file a joint complaint with the labor board, then contact James Austin Smith and start a class action suit for wrongful termination. More info here:

    Subsequent to this, you collect your checks for wrongful termination, get re-instated into your positions and laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reinstatement is not a thing in the private sector. Nice being a civil servant, job for life and all that….?

      • Anonymous says:

        it is in the real world if you are found to have been wrongfully terminated.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope. Afraid not a thing. No one can be forced to employ anyone in the private sector just as no one can be forced to work anywhere. This has been the case around here since 1834, but the concept seems to be a little slow in catching on with some.

    • Anonymous says:

      True, but ALTs isn’t required to provide discretionary bonuses to all employees either.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, but just include that as part of the claim if need…

        Terminated without cause and discriminated against at bonus time as well. Will return a nice settlement i think.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t say that people will be fired if they have not been vaccinated. It says that they want to know the percentage of staff that’s been vaccinated and suggests bonuses may be contingent on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        People can read between the lines, unlike you apparently

        • Anonymous says:

          No, reply was in suggestion to the idea that you can sue ALT if he doesn’t pay you a bonus – and you think it’s because you are not vaccinated but he doesn’t say so. Good luck with that.

        • Anonymous says:

          The labour board and/or Human Rights Commission are more likely to read what is actually written on the termination letter, and what is actually written on ALT’s email, than what is not actually written “between the lines”.

          Whether or not you take any vaccine is entirely an individual’s choice, as it should be. Whether or not your employer continues to hire you is subject to contract and law, and other commenters here rightly point out that you cannot legally be fired for not being vaccinated unless your contract requires that you be vaccinated. If your termination letter says you are fired for not being vaccinated, then you may have a claim.

          But whether or not a voluntary bonus is paid an is is entirely…well…voluntary, and the basis on which it is paid is also discretionary. Effectively, ALT appears to be doing exactly the same as all the other businesses that have offered free incentives to those that have been vaccinated. Everyone is free to choose whether they wish to participate.

          I caution against following the anonymous “simple remedy” above. You will not be laughing. And you will not be on the way to the bank.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is so blessed to have experts in so many fields.

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment is so trite. Even if I were against the COVID-19 vaccine, you have said nothing here that supports the case.

      Again, facts. He didn’t threaten to fire anyone. He discussed bonuses. And the fact is, if you refuse to get vaccinated and as a result you impact the man’s business whether the borders don’t open because of the 80% unicorn figure or because when the borders do open you are now a host for virus harboring/mutation and therefore become more of a vehicle for easier transmission and affect the man’s bottom line and employee productivity, no bonus for you!

      • Anonymous says:

        Still not in the employment contracts.

        Also please enlighten us how anyone not revealing their vaccine status will affect his bottom line?

        Cayman is covid free… and last i checked, it was actually residents that bought stuff from his store… or do you think the cruise shippers quickly made a pit stop at ALT to get some PVC before stopping at the next port?! LOL!

        You and ALT can whinge as much as you want, it doesn’t change the facts.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have no understanding of the actual cost of closed or mostly closed borders. The ‘tourism’ industry is an awful lot more than cruise ships. The population is 70,000 ish, yet there are 250,000 ish in the winter months, and all these visitors spend money on groceries, hardware, gas, cars, etc. That equates to jobs, duties paid, and business profits. The clock is ticking, if the borders don’t open soon you are going to see the construction industry fizzle, and then the unemployment rate is going to jump to 20% and its going to be a recession like 2004 to 2012.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jobs for imported poor people, with overcrowding and diminished quality of life for everyone here? No thanks.

        • Anonymous says:

          It does not have to be expressly in contracts to be reasonably required.

      • Anonymous says:

        “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said recent studies had shown that those vaccinated individuals who do become infected with Covid have just as much viral load as the unvaccinated, making it possible for them to spread the virus to others. Based on that finding, Walensky said the CDC is also recommending that all school children wear masks in the fall.”

        So there you have it. The vaccinated are spreading the virus too.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep. There is the small fact that there are a hell of let less of them going to catch it in the first place, but don’t let that effect your calculation of the odds.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re not getting it are you. Once again, the vaccine prevents death and hospitalisation. It does not reduce you catching covid any less than the next person.

            • Anonymous says:

              This is not true. You are far less likely to catch and spread covid if you are vaccinated. Not impossible but less likely. Stop using this as an excuse to justify your selfishness.

              • Anonymous says:

                NOT true. Educate yourself. It just minimises your own personal symptoms. Vaccinated can spread it the same as unvaccinated.

              • Anonymous says:

                What part of this do you not understand. “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said recent studies had shown that those vaccinated individuals who do become infected with Covid have just as much viral load as the unvaccinated, making it possible for them to spread the virus to others.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah genius – tell you how this goes in the real world.

      First, if you are an expat ALT employee, he just fires you, tells immigration he has done so and cancels your work permit, and you are outta here. You won’t be around to file a complaint with the labor board, let alone wait for it to be heard – hint; it isn’t something they treat as an emergency. Then even in the unicorn and rainbows world where you manage all that and he has to re employ you, you won’t be granted a new WO unless you are vaccinated.

      Second, if you are a Caymanian employee you better be prepared to be unemployed for a while. Even assuming you can find an attorney who will act for you in contingency, it’s going to be forever before this comes to trial, and ALTs lawyers are going to make the process as time consuming and expensive as possible. In the meantime no other Caymanian employer is going to touch you with a barge pole. Not only are you a “troublemaker” what are they going to do with the possibility that you may win or get asked back by ALT? And as for winning, ALT is going to say that he decided as a business that engages with the public it was appropriate that his employee s were vaccinated ( or got tested every week or similar). You think in a Covid era any court is going to think that unreasonable or insist that unvaccinated people be hired in public facing roles?

      Your remedy isn’t simple – it’s employment suicide for those that follow it. You can pay yourself in your back for having someone else take a stand for first world standards in a labour market, whilst taking no risk or responsibility yourself.

  21. B2 says:

    I got my vaccine , because I am not a moron.

    • Anonymous says:

      People who have not taken it are not morons either. Many people have various reasons as to why they have and haven’t. All are valid and should be respected, stop the hatred.

      • Anonymous says:

        The ones that can’t take for medical reasons are not the one we are worried about..It is idiots that follow Trump, (who by the way if fully vaccinated) believe in conspiracy theories and just don’t even bother to use their common sense that we are talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one likes ugly, settle down

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well there’s another company in Grand Cayman where I no longer need to spend my money.
    I’m sure he won’t go out of business because of me though. Dart hasn’t and I stopped spending $$ at his establishments 7 years ago now..

  23. Anonymous says:

    If I were his employee I would be asking myself:

    -Is he paying me enough to risk my health?
    -If I get injured by the Pfizer jab and won’t be able to work: would I get paid sick leave, short-term disability? Long term disability? Do I even have a chance to proof that my disability is caused by the jab?
    -What if I am the unlucky one and die from the jab? Would he pay for my funeral and support my family with the death benefits?
    -For whose sake do I have to make such potentially life altering decision? Everyone is replaceable. And if I get the vaccine injury I would be the first kicked out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh FFS you will NOT die from taking the vaccine. Yes, you may have a sore arm for a few days and based on your post you’ll likely need a month off to recover from that…SMH…

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell that to all these people that have proof to show.

        They didn’t die, but they’re pretty $&!€#^@ up nonetheless:

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously..don’t you realize that these websites are nothing more than a crock of shit used to sway the anti-vaxxers. Are you or this website able to verify anything on that site or for that matter do you know who is publishing it?

          If you want more of this crap let me know my spam mail is full and I can forward it to you and you can pick and choose which ones you want to share on CNS.

        • Anonymous says:

          And the ones that didn’t take it and are dead? You know, the 4 million Covid stories you sort of overlook?

    • Anonymous says:

      With the thousands who have received the Pfizer vaccine in Cayman (67% of the purported 71k population), has anyone fallen mysteriously, terribly ill or died from the jab?!?! If yes, then the CMO or the Public Health Department needs to release this information now.

      Otherwise, stop spreading lies.

      Facts people, facts!!! Stick to them and stop twisting stories to make yourself feel better about your selfish decisions!!!

      Unless your doctor has told you that you have a serious autoimmune disease or underlying health issues and has advised to not get the vaccine, you have no good reason for putting others in potential jeopardy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Talk to people, you will actually hear of many people being sick. Government is covering it up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow. Respectfully, you need more than a vaccine……

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously, how do you cover this up in Cayman. How does Government cover up if you or someone else gets sick?

          Boy, you can hear some foolishness..

        • Anonymous says:

          I want the people to come forward who have gotten gravely ill from the vaccine. If this is true, they should speak out. Let’s hear from them. It’s their civic duty to let their brethren know the truth.

          And out of the thousands who received the jab since its rollout, if ONE SINGLE person died, government please release that info now.

          Unless one of those two materialise on the public airwaves, sit down and keep quiet.

        • Anonymous says:

          Talk, talk, talk. Show us proof.
          A sore arm/fever/lethargy for 24 hours after a shot isn’t getting dick, it’s a normal response,
          Have you had a flu shot? Same side effects. Much, much better than getting flu. Sorry people, but those of you who sneeze & claim they have flu have no idea.
          Same with the Covid19 vaccination. Nothing compared with getting sick with the virus.

        • Anonymous says:

          you are full of shit! some mild side affects after the second jab. people like you are the problem spreading misinformation

        • Anonymous says:

          Whilst it’s tempting to laugh at the paranoia, maybe the poster has inadvertently uncovered another vaccination promotion idea. Government mandates that you get a day off work to rest your sore arm – provided you show your employer your vaccination certificate. Hell, they already do it for elections. Costs government nothing, just like the lotteries, and if a burger will tempt some people a paid day off surely would.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about is he paying you enough to risk your health by coming into contact daily with hundreds of people who may be infected and you are completely unprotected? Thing is, that’s your choice.

  24. Get to 80% Save lives!! says:

    Can we please ask the Minister of Health what she is doing to promote the vaccine and try to get to 80%???? I see other Ministers (Kenneth) and even leader of the opposition trying but she is very quiet…get your finger out lady start working for your people like you said you would… who’s side are you on? Vaccines fall under your responsibility, do you even have a plan? What is your position?? Stop reading speeches and speak. Encourage people to vaccinate like you encouraged them to vote for you. Don’t make them regret voting for you twice in 3 months.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Still not getting my shot!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The world has gone mad. You cannot require vaccination with an already outdated vaccine because some time down the road, a few mutations away, that vaccine might make you more susceptible to the coronavirus. It’s called ADE.

    A further problem with the current vaccine is the original antigenic sin, which means any repeater vaccine to fix this problem will work less well because the body will react most strongly to the first vaccine that it was introduced to, not the repeater.

    Right now, as of this very moment, the Pfizer vaccine is worth it. But 6 months or 12 months from now it might be a liability. So how can you mandate vaccination with something that might hurt you long term? It has to be a choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh thank you scientist bob. Where would we all be without your baseless opinions?

      • Anonymous says:

        You would keep getting the jabs…

      • Anonymous says:

        And thank you for the scientifically sound rebuttal. If you have nothing factual to add, please go read some more comic books instead of commenting on grown up stuff.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not baseless; it’s based on YouTube videos and Faux News.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m up for the challenge.

        Scientist Bob Wrote: “You cannot require vaccination with an already outdated vaccine because some time down the road, a few mutations away, that vaccine might make you more susceptible to the coronavirus. It’s called ADE.”

        This was already thought about during the development of the Pfizer vaccine. To date, no signs of ADE has shown up either in animal or human vaccine trials or in the population.
        “What seems to be beyond doubt is that the vaccinated subjects, over and over, show up with no severe coronavirus cases and no hospitalizations. That is the opposite of what you would expect if ADE were happening,”

        Scientist Bob Wrote: “A further problem with the current vaccine is the original antigenic sin, which means any repeater vaccine to fix this problem will work less well because the body will react most strongly to the first vaccine that it was introduced to, not the repeater.”

        Could be an issue and definitely something that will need monitoring but does not appear like it will be an issue.
        “Some researchers have worried that a booster shot aimed at one of the variants might amplify the immune response against the original virus instead. This phenomenon, known as original antigenic sin, sometimes occurs when the body is exposed to a virus that is similar, but not identical, to one it has already encountered. This can happen with repeated influenza exposures. It can also occur in response to vaccination. So the fact that the Moderna booster worked better than a third shot of the original formula provides some grounds for optimism that antigenic sin won’t be as much of a hurdle in fighting SARS-CoV-2.”

        Scientist Bob Wrote: “Right now, as of this very moment, the Pfizer vaccine is worth it. But 6 months or 12 months from now it might be a liability. So how can you mandate vaccination with something that might hurt you long term? It has to be a choice.”

        It’s unlikely because of slowly this virus is mutating. There is no evidence the vaccines will be harmful even a year from now. If they were, we would have seen issues with phase 3 trial participants by now.
        “At this point, it does not seem the virus has mutated enough to elude the current vaccines, which typically are training the immune system to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s spike S protein, which is viewed to be fairly stable. Some of the vaccines also focus on multiple parts of the S protein, in hopes of minimizing the risk of mutation that would result in vaccine resistance.”


        • Anonymous says:

          It’s obviously not happening yet, and might never happen. But there is a large tail risk and if there is one you can’t force people to take the vaccine.

          • Anonymous says:

            The benefits far outweigh any risks of the vaccine. Based on what we know now, not taking the vaccine is a high risk activity. As explained in the previous post. The variants can not only infect the unvaccinated with negative outcomes, the virus can also infect those with “natural” immunity. Give your immune system a fighting chance and get the vaccine. All science everywhere is pointing to getting vaccinated to stop the mutations.

            • Anonymous says:

              “science everywhere” is not pointing to vaccinations stopping mutations. In fact the variants have only emerged after we started vaccinating populations and lots of scientists point to the very real possibility that the vaccines are exerting pressure on COVID to mutate to more infectious and vaccine escaping variants.

              This is a very complex and fast changing situation. And the vaccine effectiveness is decreasing, period.

              And the advice to a 18 year old would be VERY different vs a 70 year old.

              CNS: John Hopkins University – Decoding delta: How viruses mutate and what can be done about it
              Virus variants themselves are not unexpected—viruses mutate frequently, and occasionally a new form provides enough viral advantages that it can take hold and spread throughout a community. But the rapidity with which new viral strains of SARS-CoV-2 are emerging suggests that the greatest tool in the public health arsenal now is vaccination, which would prevent infections—and further viral mutations—from occurring in the first place.

              “Say, for example, it’s a one in a million chance that a mutation will be advantageous to the virus. If you let the virus replicate itself 900,000 times, odds are that the advantageous mutation will occur,” says Johns Hopkins virologist Andrew Pekosz. “But if you limit the overall replication of the virus to 1,000 times, then it’s much less likely that the random advantageous mutation is going to occur. And that’s where public health interventions really help us a lot during this pandemic—by reducing the total amount of virus replication and therefore reducing the chances that the virus can improve or adapt.”

              • Bias news says:

                “But if you limit the overall replication of the virus to 1,000 times, then it’s much less likely that the random advantageous mutation is going to occur”

                You should post the CDC’s recent update on the viral load being detected in the fully vaccinated compared to unvaccinate.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are called boosters. Like the annual influenza vaccine. Like your childhood vaccines that you have to take at different increments throughout your life. Like the Tetanus shot that you have take at least every 10 years, if not sooner.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Covid vaccines are NEW. Eh!!?!!

        Tetanus antiserum was developed in 1890, with its protective effects lasting a few weeks.
        The tetanus toxoid vaccine was developed in 1924, and came into common use for soldiers in World War II. Its use resulted in a 95% decrease in the rate of tetanus.

        Just saying

    • Anonymous says:

      No sources, wild claims, just another day on CNS…

      • Anonymous says:

        CDC: The coronavirus could be ‘just a few mutations’ away from evading vaccines

        • As they say in Vermont ah yep! says:

          Which is very different to Bob’s you will be more susceptible to a future mutation because you were protected from the current virus forms in circulation.

          • Anonymous says:

            That can happen later, but doesn’t have to. Every pharma company that is producing these vaccines is aware of this risk. But governments have decided it’s a risk worth taking. Coronaviruses, like dengue, are prone to ADE.

  27. Foster says:

    THANK YOU ALT!!!! Will now more than ever patronize this CAYMAN company as it has the CAYMAN ISLANDS at whole, at full consideration! Not just the employees and owners! Stop listening to the loud mouth propaganda of some people! Praying that when the country eventually opens up all the anti-vaxers WILL AVOID getting seriously ill. Yes Vaccinated person CAN still get the Virus but more likely to avoid serious illness!. We can’t hide in a bubble forever.. I want to make it clear.. If persons have legitimate reasons for not taking the Vaccine then I for one fully respect that, just pray in the same breath that they FULLY consider that most likely, because of the legitimate reason, it will make them even MORE at risk and should fear COVID even more!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Next will be customers… mark these works.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m ok with that

    • Anonymous says:

      Who cares

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t understand the basic thing: it is CUSTOMERs, consumers who drive a business either into success or into a bankruptcy.

      Consumers vote with their hard earned dollars. And if they decide to sink a business, for whatever reasons, they would. Solidarity is a powerful thing.

    • Anonymous says:


      Coming to Cayman soon:

      “Massive labor shortage in the exclusive Hamptons, leaving the rich to mow their own lawns.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Solution. Leave natural vegetation in place. No need to import poverty to maintain it.

        • Anonymous says:

          what about your pool and HVAC system?

          • Anonymous says:

            The sea! It is beautiful.

            Traditional architecture with eaves, porches and high ceilings, positioned to capture the prevailing breezes.


            You will find that there are traditional local solutions to most of your problems.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try again. It will read…foolish caymanians lose their jobs over vaccine. Replaced immediately with vaccinated work permit holders…pushes overall vaccinated rate closer to 80%. Borders reopen… Caymanians get sick and die because they’re unvaccinated but still manage to blame everyone else for their problems.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m good. I installed that very expensive artificial stuff

    • Anonymous says:

      Good. At that point I will return to shopping there

  29. Anonymous says:

    My company just demanded that I NOT be vaccinated. They sent a memo stating that I will not be getting my bonus unless I can prove that I’m NOT Vaccinated. I guess if it is OK for ALT to demand all staff be vaccinated it is equally OK for PWK to demand that their staff remain vax-free….Any thoughts?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ok, how is going to present a lawyer against Mr. Thompson ?

    • Anonymous says:

      No one. Any lawyer will confirm ALT is entitled to take the position he has. Many lawyers will also commend him for doing so. It helps protect the health and welfare of his staff, and customers. It protects his business and his country. He is a man showing leadership in doing what he believes to be right. That is deserving of praise. Not derision.

      • Anonymous says:

        “He is a man showing leadership in doing what he believes to be right. ”


        Wait and see how he will end up stocking the shelves and unloading trucks by himself. Can’t run a hardware store without employees.

        • Anonymous says:

          He’s done it before, and can do it again. And if push came to shove, it is perfectly possible to automate a hardware store. Amazon robots have been doing much of that work for years.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This disgusting behavior is to be expected more will follow

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I love your store…….and now even more so. Making Cayman safe through common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha hahahaha.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please, watch when you alll get it with your break through cases. You vaccinated are the problem, spreading it without knowing you have it. Smh, fools.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you seriously this stupid?

      • Anonymous says:

        As if unvaccinated weren’t already doing just this as well… Vaccinated also are less transmissible buddy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, look up what’s happening in Gibraltar, they were all vaccinated!! This will be Cayman shortly. By the way, all you actually need is ivermectin and to stop and think….

        • Anonymous says:

          3;18 people don’t want to admit that they were stupid and ran off to get a shot that wasn’t necessary

  33. Anonymous says:

    When your human rights infringe mine, your argument is no longer valid…

    CNS: The rest of this comment is posted here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear. This is so illogical. You’re vaccinated yet still you spout off. Jog on with this pompous nonsensical stance.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Send in the Ombudsman!

    “Two men enter, one man leaves.” Or gnome as the case maybe.

  35. CAYGIRL says:





  36. Anonymous says:

    I will never shop at ALT again. I am fully vaccinated but stand by the right for those to chose what they do with their own bodies. This has crossed a line, this is an incredibly dangerous mindset as history tells us.

    • Anonymous says:

      What history are you referring to? Eradication of Polio?

    • Anonymous says:

      Complete tyranny. Next step is we are going to create re-education camps for people who do not want to take the vaccin like they do in Xinjang with muslims. Vaccinations are not stopping the spread of Covid, they only reduce the symptoms. Vaccins are not a silver bullet, they are just one or the tools in the toolbox. Removing people’s right to work or to receive a bonus based on their vaccination status? The vaccins are not even properly tested yet and the manufacturers have zero liability. This is really crazy…

      • Al Catraz says:

        No. Tyranny is people like you telling Mr. Thompson how to run his business.

        You are free to run your business by your rules.

        Now, run along.

        • Anonymous says:

          Soooo you are OK with Mr. Thompson requiring all his staff to exercise 1 hour a day and not have a BMI in excess of a certain level because it is his store and he can decide if he wants to only hire people who are exercising and health? Can’t be overweight or you are OUT! Can’t smoke – even on your own time – that is a health risk. Is that truly what you think? Because you are backing his decision here and that is of the same type. If he is just trying to be sure people are healthy and survive… well there you have it.

          • Anonymous says:

            I wish my company would require the obese to exercise & the smokers to quit. My health insurance rates keep going up because of their health problems. I don’t want them to go up because my unvaccinated colleague took a jolly to Miami & caught covid, requiring hospital treatment.

            • Not perfect says:

              And I wish that you would not drive or ever cross a road so you don’t get hit by a car or truck and I have to pay for your recovery.

          • Anonymous says:

            But…if his staff smoke, it doesn’t put me at increased risk of lung cancer. If his staff are fatties, I don’t carry their risk of a heart attack.

            People, if you have no medical reason not to get jabbed, just go get jabbed. Particularly if you’re black, as you’re in a higher risk group already.

          • Joe Masepoes says:

            Do you know how much unproductive time employers have to suffer because of staff smoke breaks. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to adapt a no smoking during work hours policy. Staff can always vote with their feet if they so choose.

          • Anonymous says:

            Airlines literally already do this for their flight attendants, from waist size to the very hairstyle and makeup they use.

            Try again.

            • Anonymous says:

              It looks like you only have eyes for some attendants … Working Uniforms is one thing, measuring waist sizes or asking certain questions can result in a federal offence in many places.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well if AL’T was running a gym, I would assume just like most gyms around the island he wouldn’t be hiring overweight smokers as his employees..Would be bad for business too..I know I wouldn’t hire them.

    • Anonymous says:

      “stand by the right for those to chose” bruh..

      Everyone has the right to not use their body to work for ALT. This is such a dumb argument.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great! Maybe I can find a parking spot on a Saturday if more of you non-vaccinated dolts stop going there.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “Really” – bonuses are not “earned”, they are not a right! They are exactly what they’re named – a bonus, at the discretion of the person paying them. Mr. Thompson can quite legally withhold them per his discretion.

    • Frustrated says:

      You said that below already. Do you not have anything new or worthwhile to add?

    • Really... says:

      In every real sense of the word bonuses are earned by hard workers. Would any employer give a bonus to a lazy employee? What ALT is doing is discriminatory and based on his own personal/political bias. Hopefully there will be a legal challenge to this type of behaviour. Employers are subject to the Labour Laws just as much as employees are.

      • Not really... says:

        CNS said this:

        “The internal letter to staff says that this will allow the store to assess its vaccination level, but Thompson also makes it clear that annual bonuses for 2021 are going to be reserved for those who have been vaccinated.”

        But the letter doesn’t specifically say that. It says they are waiting another week until they have the details on who is vaccinated. Maybe that will form part of the decision making process, maybe it won’t.

        It could be that this will take time to compile so bonuses will be late or maybe bonuses will only be paid out after staff provide the required infromation.

        Private sector employer so he can do what he wants in many areas.

  38. Anonymous says:

    My company is renewing its medical insurance and I have asked for a discount as all of our staff have been vaccinated. Good to see someone has the balls to tackle this head on.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mark my words: when Cayman will finally fully open its borders, it will have huge shortage of workforce.

    For almost two years expats of all sorts were treated so badly, I doubt they will return.

    Expect hotels ready to roll but unable to do so for no cleaning ladies could be recruited.

    Expect available for hire people demanding higher wages, perks, better insurance and guaranteed repatriation cost paid by the employer.

    Expect less qualified and experienced staff in all industries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians do not need repatriation costs. Damn you and your ilk. You actually believe Cayman is entirely built on the backs of expats. God I miss the eighties and nineties. Hire Caymanians and train them to the standards the market requires, or close. That is your new reality. We have had enough of your mass importation of poverty and destruction of our society. Involve the people of your host nation in a meaningful way, or !(?/& Off!

      • Anonymous says:

        “You actually believe Cayman is entirely built on the backs of expats.”

        Simple math would tell you this is correct.

        A. Caymaninas of all ages minus children, minus students, minus retired, minus already employed…leaves exactly how many available for hire????

        B. If half of 24,200 work-permit holders walks out, that would leave shortage of 12,100, and that is without additional staff that would need to be recruited after the borders open. Let assume at least 5,000. (2021: WORC confirms over 24,200 current permit holders)

        C. Now subtract B from A and see for yourself. Is it in red?

        • Anonymous says:

          It was built well before large numbers of expats arrived. You stand and piss on a foundation built by Caymanians, working in conjunction with a small number of incredible expats, in the 50’s through the 80’s. Then the original poster’s ilk came, and think they created this wonderful home.

          • You don't know the real history of then says:

            Population of the Cayman Islands:

            1950 – 6,417
            1960 – 7,865
            1970 – 9,144
            1980 – 16,212
            1990 – 25,312
            2000 – 42,303

            Draw your own conclusion from this but the improvement in GDP (standard of living) through the development of financial services and tourism did not happen on a “foundation built by Caymanians” and “a small number of incredible expats”

            That population growth doesn’t happen by births alone and without a massive importation of outside labour these are very much still the islands that time forgot.

            The horse is out of the barn and an excessive number of Caymanians are employed by CIG. The Islands can’t survive at the current standard of living or anything close to it without large numbers of expats/guest workers and continued property development.

            Maybe this wasn’t the best path but it is the current path and the “generational”/”ingenious” Caymanians or whatever name you choose to call them need the Driftwood, Expats and tourists.

            Ask yourself how many Caymanians work for CIG or a SAGC, why is that and what are they all doing…

            Being Caymanian is a characteristic it is not a qualification that adds any economic value.

            Only Caymanians have been able to vote and successive Gov’ts have perpetuated the current economic model. If you exclude Caymanians working for Gov’t and factor in the 1st generation Caymanians there is a very small % of the productive workforce that isn’t from somewhere else.

            This is just a fact, you can vote for whoever you want but it doesn’t seem as if anyone, PAC included is wanting to move away from the current model.

            I’m old grumpy Driftwood and I preferred Cayman in the 1990s, Camana Bay etc could fall into the Sea and I would be fine. But no one cares what I think and we are not going back to that.

            • Anonymous says:

              Great comment! Thank you!

            • Anonymous says:

              You remember the Holiday Inn? 90% Caymanian staff, excellent occupancy rates, and a place where the whole community gathered. That was a functioning society, very much built on a Caymanian foundation.

              • Anonymous says:

                Lol Nice try.
                My favorite hotel was torn down HOW MANY YEARS AGO???
                Can’t really use that anymore.
                We now call that “The olden days”.
                Hotels/businesses like the old Holiday Inn are LOOOOONG gone Bobo.

              • Anonymous says:

                The whole community really did gather together there. Something fundamentally changed here when the Holiday Inn was torn down, and not for the better.

                • Anonymous says:

                  150 Caymanian tourism workers lost their jobs. A bunch of expats with little connection to Cayman got status. A senior government official got a couple of condos. It was for the better for some.

        • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Very good comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        !(?/& Off! ? Well, its a variation on the old “don’t let the aircraft door hit you..”. Perhaps you could have pointed out the original posters arrogance and provided some rationale as to why he was wrong rather than descending to, and then below, their level.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do not underestimate the anger and frustration that is building. CaymanKind is perfectly capable of snapping, especially when locals are the subject of unlawful treatment and uncalled for disdain in their own home. The answers are actually simple. They are set out in existing laws. We just need to follow them, including in the rare instances where a plane door intersecting with a backside, is an appropriate solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      we will just import a whole new set of ex-pats and Caymanians will be back to suffering like before. We are so short-sighted and gullible. Do we really believe there is going to be a shift and we are going to suddenly become valued?

    • Anonymous says:

      hmm, that’s not what I’m hearing. All are so thankful to be here and their friends are asking how they can work here too.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t your medical records private information? Is it okay for employers to require access to your private medical information? I’m happy employers are getting tough and doing what they can to get the majority of their staff vaccinated, but aren’t we a bit worried about this becoming a slippery slope? People on this forum always think Americans are crazy, but like it or not, Caymanians aren’t that different and value their privacy and their ability to disagree with the govt.

    • Anonymous says:

      We get tested for HIV and tuberculosis which we have to share with everyone so your point?

    • GT East says:

      Well done ALT now it’s time for the rest of the big employers to ask the same question . We will now start to hear about rights this and rights that .the bottom line is if your on a work permit and don’t want to take the vaccine then you are basically ready to leave the island over the years there have been many mandatory blood test etc for work permits AIDS test was one …if your caymanian and don’t want the vaccine just be made fully aware of the the real chances of hospitalization of un vaccinated persons who catch Covid and be prepared for the inevitable outcome. When community transmission is back with us …this Covid is not going anywhere we have to learn to live with it and this is just the start

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, your medical records are your private information. Where does it say ALT is accessing those records? He is asking employees to confirm they are vaccinated. Their choice whether to share the information. And if he dismisses them because they don’t, then they can take him to the labour board or court.

      • Concerned says:

        He is asking for a doctor’s note to say why they are unable to take the vaccine. That is privileged medical information.

    • Al Catraz says:

      Yes, they are private. You are entitled to keep them private. You are also entitled not to work for ALT. You see how that works?

      • Anonymous says:

        You are missing the part that says: They are not entitled to ask for those records;

        I very much doubt they even know how to use and store that information safely according to the Data Protection Law (2017).

  41. Anonymous says:

    Content, ‘May be God, sent the virus to cull ignorance?
    Are we being culled?
    We are living in strange times.

  42. Really... says:

    Go ahead ALT, use your bullying tactics on your staff. In the meantime will someone tech-savvy set-up a “Go Fund Me” page for all those employees who do not succumb to this abhorrent show of force to cover the bonuses that unvaccinated employees have rightfully earned but who are now being blackmailed into receiving?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you dont want to be vaccinated it is your right to find another job.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Really” – bonuses are not “earned”, they are not a right! They are exactly what they’re named – a bonus, at the discretion of the person paying them. Mr. Thompson can quite legally withhold them per his discretion.

    • Al Catraz says:

      They are “blackmailed” to show up on time too! Tell me who is being forced to work for ALT? Name the one person who is kept in chains there.

      • Anonymous says:

        And they are told to smile a people for God’s sake. And don’t get me started on the terrible uniform they’re forced to wear. I’ll never got to a place that treats it staff so badly as to make them do physical labour in order to get paid. This is Communism at work!

  43. Anonymous says:

    We are entering the very dangerous territory. People won’t tolerate attempts to mandate by authorities or the “bosses” what one should do with their own body.

    Anyone is seeing an upcoming collapse of the Cayman economy for the abcense of available employees of all sorts?

    Florida looks better and better with each passing day…

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry but the rest of the world is already doing this….
      you don’t have a choice when it comes to public health…

      • Islanddreams says:

        Not true! I work in London and often travel through Europe- no one is mandating this.”This” is specific to Cayman and its ability to muzzle and control gullable citizens. Over here you would be in breach of human and employee rights! Something Cayman knows nothing of …………but please, continue flushing your rights down the toilet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Geesh Florida? that all you could come up with..I’m staying right here.. De Santis and his Patriots can keep that…

      • Anonymous says:

        Not tired of living online? Absolute number of Cases mean nothing. All is well in FL. Nobody even talks about covid.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are on too, are you not?

          • Anonymous says:

            Arguing with Desantis lovers is like arguing with a toilet.

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s all you got?

              • Anonymous says:

                Yeah, no use in arguing with waste.

                • Anonymous says:

                  or idiots..That man is Trump incarnated..why do people continue to follow these idiots?

                  At least both of them are in Florida with the highest cases of covid..too bad they are both vaccinated..

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Your brain is infected with COVID madness. Come to FL and see for yourself-life is absolutely normal. It is media that is “experiencing” covid surges, 22M residents doing just fine.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Sounds like your brain is infected with something worse than covid. Hopefully, they can develop some vaccines specifically for Trump followers only..and hopefully there is at least one ounce of good old common sense amongst the ingredients used..

            • Anonymous says:

              For the life of me, I cannot understand why these people still hold Trump and De-Santis up as their idols. Both Trump and De-Santis have been vaccinated. They couldn’t care less if you got vaccinated or not, they are about political expediency.. These fools don’t understand that these guys are only saying the things to keep them politically relevant.

        • Anonymous says:


          And that there my friend is the problem…

    • Anonymous says:

      I am looking at means to leave Cayman as is. At least Florida and a lot of other state’s are protecting the rights of ALL citizens, unlike here where the premier is encouraging divide and “bosses” are bullying their staff. I am 10 generations Caymanian but these islands have changed for the worse. I thought PPM was bad, but they have nothing on PACT.

      • Anonymous says:

        @9:08am You know you might be on to something there..Maybe we could get all you anti-vaxxers together and charter a couple of Cayman Airways planes to drop you of in Florida, the state of DeSantis, 20% of all covid cases in the USA and guess what they don’t even have to wear masks..I’m sure you will enjoy it there. Think about it, talk to your friends and let’s get you to Florida in style.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have fun, stay away from buildings by the ocean.

    • Al Catraz says:

      “The boss” already tells you what to do with your body. The boss tells you to get your body to work on time. The boss tells you to use your body to move that stock onto the shelves. The boss tells you to get your body behind the cash register. What do you think work IS?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I dont see it as a loss of freedom.

    You are still free to find another job that doesnt require vaccination.

    You are still free to start up your own small biznez.

    You are still free to stay at home if you wish.

    Mr. ALT is also free to try and keep his staff and customers safe and healthy.

    Why should ALT put his biznez at financial risk by increased sick leave and days off for sick employees, or having to close due to many employees being sick and/or having Covid?

    • Anonymous says:

      @8:41am…..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 AMEN! Try so tell um how it go.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is putting his business at risk of existence if many employees quit. It is not like they have much to lose anyway
      Don’t underestimate the will of the workforce on min wages – they will choose freedom.
      Besides, job market has shrunk significantly, soon employers will have to come up with significant perks to recruit staff.

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolute rubbish..let’s see how many people are going to leave because of this..There are literally hundreds of people looking for jobs. And you do realize just like any other company he can bring in expats if he is unable to find Caymanians

    • Anonymous says:


      I’ve decided not to post a comment after reading
      yours. I couldn’t have said it any better!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yup. So sad. Unfortunately you are missing the real point though, it’s not Al T responsible for this one

  46. Anonymous says:

    Yes you’re right, we are – because a small minority of people that can get vaccinated (and are not prevented for health reasons) are choosing not to, which is severely impacting the freedoms of the majority.

    • Anonymous says:


      Amen..The anti-vaxxers complain about their rights but what about us that have been responsible and want our rights..Can’t they see that they are the one infringing on our rights?

  47. Can we talk ... says:

    In November 2019
    I went out and caught a bug. I went home and it got worse. Was it COVID?
    Many others also got very sick.
    We didn’t know of COVID then, we had no fear.

    Now, Can anyone survive the virus, should they catch it?
    Do we all have to be vaccinated?
    What are the side effects?
    Are there any long term risk?
    Why Is the USA keeping its borders closed to the UK?
    Are the vaccinated countries keeping the virus at bay?
    Is traveling spreading the virus?
    Can we keep the borders closed?
    Can any country keep their border closed and survived?
    Are we healthy?

    The vaccinated are loosing the right to travel, to have open borders and to continue living. We s this ok?
    Is getting vaccinated a civic duty?

    Are we still living in s democratic society and whose rights are being taken away?

    Can we at least talk?

    • Anonymous says:

      Same!! I very rarely get sick but November 2019, I was extremely sick for 3 days, then progressively got better.

      Left for travel mid-Feb for 2 weeks then was required (by employer) to work from home 2 weeks because I skimmed in the week before lockdown.

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