COVID-19 positive traveller in hospital

| 26/07/2021 | 74 Comments

(CNS): Four more travellers tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend, according to the latest figures released by Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee. One person from quarantine is now in hospital suffering symptoms of COVID-19 but is stable and does not require ventilator support. There are now 15 active cases of the virus among those in isolation and quarantine with four people, in addition to the hospitalised patient, suffering symptoms. Officials have not said where these individuals travelled from or if they have been vaccinated.

The national vaccination rate increased marginally as just 198 people have received their first shot since Friday, while an additional 287 completed the two-dose course. So far, 66% of the population has now had both shots and 70% has had at least one dose.

Meanwhile, the government has expanded the list of countries from which secure evidence of vaccination is accepted as they enter the Cayman Islands. Those who have been vaccinated in certain areas of the United States via pharmacies and healthcare services as well as a number of European countries.

Officials said the Ministry of Health and Wellness in partnership with the CIG’s Computer Services Department has developed technological solutions which enable the scanning of QR codes to securely verify vaccination records from some issuers in North America, European Union, and others. QR codes are electronic data, similar to a barcode, which can be displayed on a smart phone or by presenting a physical paper copy.

This verification solution has been approved by the medical officer of health to ensure that all records can achieve the “secure verification” standard required for a reduced quarantine of five days when entering to the Cayman Islands. This process ensures the security of personal information, confirms the secure digital signature from a trusted authority, and minimises the risk of fraud.

The expanded list of systems and countries from which vaccination records can be securely verified now includes issuers who use SMART Health Cards and are a part of the CommonTrust Network. Walmart Pharmacy, Sam’s Club Pharmacy, State of California, State of Louisiana, UC San Diego Health, CVS Health, UC Health, are now among the North American issuers on the list. Vaccination records from the European Union Member States and other countries that meet the EU Digital COVID Certificate standard have also been added.

For the last month the government has been able to securely verify vaccination certificates issued only by the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) and vaccination records from the UK’s NHS app or an official National Health Service certificate of vaccination. However, it is anticipated that the approved list will continue to grow as other vaccination issuers develop ways to produce securely verifiable vaccination records. 

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

For more information on vaccines contact the HSA Communications team at

See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have not met any unvaccinated person who doesn’t want the border open, nor have i met any unvaccinated person who’s overly worried about covid. Granted, i don’t know anyone unvaccinated over the age of 80 nor do i know anyone obese (at all actually). (I do know a good few who have high BMI’s, but not obese level). And now the CDC are saying that the ‘viral load’ from vaccinated persons is the same as unvaccinated, lessening the benefits of being vax’d. This coming on top of the waning of the antibodies/immunity compared to those with naturally acquired antibodies (from the virus).

    For the life of me i can’t follow why borders are not opening. The 18 months+ of data from all over the world show all the answers you need – covid is not going to do you any harm at all UNLESS you’re a known vulnerable, and most of those are either shielding or vaccinated.

    Nothing makes any sense in how we’re handling this virus, its not even that bad in terms of raw numbers, and with all the new info coming out as to how at least 50% of covid hospitalizations in the UK were NOT for covid (but they either caught it in the hospital or tested positive after being admitted)…it further underscores just how wrong we are playing this pandemic.

    You’d all do well to calm down, get on with life. 200,000 people are born every day, about 90,000 die. Every single day. There are nearly 8Billion of us on the planet, and covid in 18 months hasn’t even killed (if you accept WITH not just FROM) 0.0005%…

    extraordinary overreaction globally (with a few exceptions). We are all obsessed and terrified of this thing for little reason. Its completely bizarre. And the medium/long term effects of what we’ve done and continue to do? Oh my gosh…

    • Female, 42 says:

      Good comment. I was never obsessed or terrified of Covid.
      Unvaccinated for I already have a chronic neurological condition + I am not a guinea pig+the jab is worse than catching covid

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can a screenshot (not doctored😉) of my vaccination card be accepted as my cat ate the hard copy?

    • Sad but true says:

      4.51pm Feed your cat!.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cat didn’t want you to leave, smart 🐱

      • Anonymous says:

        My cat ALWAYS knew when I was going away because he associated my open suitcase (being packed) with me leaving.
        He taught me about his displeasure of me going away and taught me a valuable lesson on one occasion.
        That used to be a nice suitcase. I hated having to give it to the landfill…

  3. Anonymous says:

    How many people without COVID are admitted?

  4. Not Welcome says:

    I want to comment on the new verification of vaccination that will be accepted by CIG. My family and I live in Texas, Cayman is our second home, I was on one of the last flights out in March 2020 before the border was closed. We are not in a position to quarantine for 14 days or even 10 days; we are all fully vaccinated but because two of us were vaccinated at a vaccine hub in Texas there will never be an option to have a QR code to securely verify the vaccination. I was vaccinated in the Moderna Covid vaccine study. Initially, I received the placebo in August 2020 but in February 2021 the study was “unblinded” and I was provided the vaccine. I have been fully vaccinated since March 2021. All of us have a CDC Vaccine card which is accepted in multiple countries but of course, it is not accepted in Cayman. The Moderna study is not going to spend time adding study volunteer’s vaccine information into a QR system; they have more important things to do. So this leaves my family and me looking at the reality that we will likely not be allowed back in Cayman without a 10+ day quarantine until….who knows when??? Unfortunately, we are not in a position to quarantine for 10+ days. I also find it a bit amusing that the state of Louisiana’s vaccine proof is accepted by CIG but Louisiana has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

    For the life of me, I can’t figure a way to get a securely verifiable vaccine card without getting vaccinated AGAIN. And would that be a good choice? Maybe get the J&J vaccine? Maybe give up on ever returning to Cayman and sell our properties? Clearly, CIG has no intention of ever accepting the US CDC vaccine card and since we live in Texas we will never have a state-wide vaccine registry. I guess Cayman is not going to be part of our future for a very long time…..IF EVER. And you know what it stinks to be fully vaccinated but not welcome in the CI.

    • Anonymous says:

      With you 100%. I was vaccinated in the Pfizer trial in Florida and doubt I will be able to access a QR code either. I am participating in Pfizer’s booster trial, too – appointment is later this week – and yet at this point I have to quarantine for 10+ days when I return home to Cayman (I’m Caymanian) despite my vaccine data having been taken by the Cayman authorities from my CDC card earlier this year before the quarantine period was reduced.

      I’m hoping at some stage there is an alternative method – eg provision of a letter from the research centre/notarised copy of the vaccine contract and/or an affidavit – but who knows. It’s frustrating in the extreme.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you ready for this? The reality is that nobody cares that you can’t access your properties. Go ahead and sell them. You will get a good price right now!

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice. #Caymankind.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not true. Anyone with any intelligence does not want people to be so frustrated that they start selling property. I’m sure that CIG would agree. They need to come up with solutions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe the US should only accept vaccination cards from Caymanians who got the shot in the East end, but not from camana bay, the airport or any other site. You do know, vaccination cards can only be trusted that come from the East end.
        5 day quarantine if you get the shot at East end, 10 day quarantine from anywhere else. Who cares if it’s all phizer.
        See how crazy it is?

      • Sheriff says:

        No wonder US property owners think Caymanians hate them. 4:52 do you have any friends? Because if this is how you treat strangers then I’d hate to see how you treat your friends.

        “Not Ready,” most of us are sick of how this government is handling the so called reopening. We are sick of being held hostage by limited flights that cost a small fortune and we are ready for a realistic plan to bring people back. I hope you will be able to return soon.

        And thanks for volunteering for the Moderna Covid vaccine study. Without volunteers for the studies we would not have access to any Covid vaccines!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are exactly the type of person that everybody on island wants to have back on island, immediately. Believe me, it’s not the vast majority of Caymanians and residents that thinks this decision by government is a wise one, the vast majority of us think they are stark raving mad! And for just one moment can you imagine what would become of us if the USA flipped the script and said, cool cool… you won’t let us in that’s fine, right back atcha, we won’t let you in either. Can you just imagine?! Ask the Canadians how they liked having the US border closed to them in reciprocity for when they banned US travelers. Ask anybody trying to come back from the UK right now that doesn’t have a US passport how they like having the border closed to them. It’s insane. This island, without freedom of travel to and through the US would be a disaster. I’m Caymanian and happily willing to admit that we’ve completely lost the plot!

    • Anonymous says:

      If this is your second home, why can’t you quarantine for 10 days? Is it a Texas thing?

      • Not Welcome says:

        I qualify for a 10 day quarantine but unfortunately I have not and will not be in a position to be on-island for more than 2 weeks. Because the 10 day quarantine is in reality 11 days and the flight home (would take up most of one day I would end up with only 2-3 days before I had to leave. Which is not enough time to justify spending an entire vacation inside the condo. If CIG would accept my vaccine card for a 5/6 day quarantine…alas this is not going to happen 😢

        • Anonymous says:

          As another tourist, my husband has 12 days to travel during the summer. Do you think we want to spend 11 or even 5 of them in a hotel room instead of swimming, in restaurants, dancing, etc. NO thank you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Then Cayman is NOT your second ‘home’, it is your vacation home.
          Like, seriously, 2 weeks per year (and I do not believe that one bit) does not make this your 2nd home.
          I go to my place in Florida 2x per year for 10+ days at a time but I do not call my place there my 2nd home… ( I love the way people are pompous about having a 2nd home – your friends probably love it too)

          It’s not that we don’t want people with property here to come.. I mean we even want tourists to come and spend $$ at a hotel and restaurants.
          But stop yanking the chain about how many properties you own here. Caymanians can’t even afford one home in their own country so you will not find a lot of sympathy with that.
          Rich people problems…

          • Anonymous says:

            11:38 you jumped to many conclusions.
            Most US do not get a lot of vacation time. If you took the time to read, 8:22 said her husband has 12 days to travel in the summer. In the summer being the key words. 8:22 did not mention of a 2nd home or being rich.

            • Anonymous says:

              Uh, I kind of agree here… The Texan said properties (plural). So, yeah. Rich people problems.
              I also do not believe that someone with several properties in a place like Cayman gets only a mere 2 weeks holiday per year. Because after working somewhere for more than several years you get more holiday days. I know that for a fact!

              We all know 2 weeks is the average BUT, you are a fool if you work somewhere for 5+ years do not negotiate more than 2 weeks holiday. Idiot

          • NotWelcome says:

            11:38 I believe you are replying to me regarding my second home comment. Cayman is actually our second home but in the last few years, we have not been able to spend extended time on-island because we have a teenage son and we are not going to leave him home alone while we spend months on-island. When he was younger and his grandparents were alive we could spend 3-4 weeks on-island because he would hang out with them. This gave him a chance to have a close relationship with Granny and Grampy and allowed us some time to enjoy being in GC. When he was younger we typically spent at least 2 months on-island in the summer. We used to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break there with the entire family, but as our son grew and got involved in school sports those trips were not possible because of school sports commitments. Once he is in college we will be in a position to return to Cayman for longer periods of time and enjoy our second home.

            Not that I owe you are anyone else an explanation but the fact is we worked very, very hard to be able to afford to buy property in Cayman. We purchased our properties years ago when prices were not as inflated. They are not luxury condos, they are in smaller complexes, ones that have not been renovated, or redeveloped a couple of them on the beach, and one nowhere near the beach. We are not “rich” by any means, but if having property in Cayman that was purchased when it didn’t cost over a million dollars to own something makes us have “rich people problems” then so be it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because not everyone gets more than 2 weeks vacation a year in the USA. You want to spend the majority of it stuck inside? NOPE.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CNS Can you ask Dr Lee or the Ministry of Health whether our vaccine cards from HSA will be accepted for entry in Europe?

    CNS: I can’t remember if this has come up already so I’ll leave the question here in case any readers know the answer. You might find help here.

    • Anonymous says:

      See July 21 press release. HSA contracted with Cerner to develop verification of Cayman vaccines. Certification letters can also be ordered – see press release today for details.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is CNS able to confirm how many more shots we need to reach 80%? If we are only averaging significantly less than 100 shots per day, it seems very unlikely the government will reach 80% by end of September, but would love to be proven wrong!

    CNS: That number, based on current estimates of the population, is often included in articles. I, too, hope you’re wrong but government needs to radically change something they are doing or not doing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Could someone ask Travel Time why a CAYMANIAN abroad needs to a medical or education reason to RETURN HOME?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunate for a quarantine traveller to Hosp. We should expect many more of these when we open up
    So get vaccinated and protect yourself. May get mild disesease only in case exposed

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good development of QR code. Does US accept our vaccination card

    • Trav says:

      US doesn’t require vaccine cards for anything at this point. No requirement to enter the country, no quarantine anywhere upon entering.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman needs to be able to verify the CDC vaccination cards from more places than Walmart, CVS, and Sam’s Club. The majority of people went to state/local vaccination centers. Vaccinations for the police, fire, etc. were given out at their individual stations in many states. Vaccinations were also given out at many hospitals, clinics, schools and buildings that would be able to handle large groups of people (stadiums, concert halls).

      For tourism to resume, the quarantine must not be factored in for vaccinated folks. Those vaccinated will just travel elsewhere (as they have been doing) instead of spending their money and time in a quarantine facility.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right.

        Also, the latest research is proving vaccination doesn’t stop transmission or infection and in fact in a study from Israel where the majority of people have been vaccinated (Pfizer) a higher proportion of people in hospital have been vaccinated.

        *CNS: I don’t know where you are getting your info but it might have stemmed from this: Israeli study of breakthrough infections following full BNT-Pfizer vaccination, 40% immunocompromised. It’s worth your time reading it.

        The study in Israel is finding the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in preventing serious illness and deaths, which is what it was designed for, is very high. They also found that it is less effective at preventing transmission but still helps (in contrast to the UK study). The overwhelming message is, get vaccinated.

        Here’s the Times of Israel – Vaccine effectiveness in preventing serious illness falls to 80% – Israeli study
        “The study suggested that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing serious illness has dropped to 80 percent (compared to over 90% before the appearance of the ultra-infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus). It indicated the shots are 90% effective in preventing deaths.”
        Also, Israeli, UK data offer mixed signals on vaccine’s potency against Delta strain

        I really hope Dr Lee is following this latest science as I’m failing to understand the reason for wanting people to be vaccinated as it is playing out that they are more susceptible to infection (CNS: Completely wrong)

        …and have higher levels of hospitalization (CNS: Completely wrong)

        …(why are they not releasing that information about symptomatic individuals in Cayman?). That’s on top of the documented dangers of the vaccines (short and potentially long term) Don’t get caught refusing to reassess because you backed the wrong horse. Is the CIG immune from lawsuits for failing to do its due diligence and protecting it’s people?

        *CNS: See Healthline – Vaccine Side Effects vs. COVID-19 Damage? There’s No Comparison

      • Anonymous says:

        And those who are not vaccinated are NOT trying to make counterfeit vaccine cards to come to the most expensive island in the world when they can go to hundreds of other places without needing to be vaccinated at all! It’s nonsense. I thought Wayne would come to his senses and tell the unvaccinated public to either get the jab or stock up on high quality masks because with or without the elusive 80% of an unknown denominator we are still following the plan and getting back to a state of normalcy… but instead he continues to double down. And we still don’t know what we’re trying to get to 80% of!!!! Just really sit back and think about how ridiculous this is! The people have made their decisions on whether or not to get vaccinated and it’s their right to make the decision to take the vaccine or accept the risk. They have CHOSEN to accept the risk, why does that bother this govt so much? They accept the risk to drive in cars and cross streets and all sorts of other things, time to move on.

  10. Elvis says:

    You all better get used to this when the borders open.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LOL. I hope there is a reason for the comment being deleted.

    I accept that I probably should have led with source of the information. Fair enough. But to call my comment a pile of horse shit does not speak well to the management of this site. To have such a public, immature response to something someone who is frequenting your site because you don’t like it, shows your professionalism is deteriorating.

    If you are going to let your emotions and bias get in the way of the your journalism, you have already failed. We have enough manipulation of the facts by all the other media pretending to be journalists, but you seem to be no different. I’m disappointed at this. Your bias always shone through but I applauded you for continuing to put through even the most ridiculous of comments. Guess, my respect was misplaced.

    Good luck in your efforts to grow your brand.

    CNS: OK, I’ll take this one on the chin. I couldn’t find what you were talking about because I was searching for the health minister (as cited in the comment) Sajid Javid, whereas it is actually the Nadhim Zahawi, Minister for Covid Vaccine Deployment. The link is here, scroll down to Rupa Haq.

    The trial vaccine in question is Novavax, which is not on the list of vaccines that are accepted by the Cayman Islands for entry, as of 23rd July 2021: Those accepted are J&J, Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer. See here. Countries still have the right to control their own policies and I don’t think any yet allow Novavax. Meaning that this is a headache for the UK government – how to keep people on very important trials happy – but it doesn’t affect us.

    This is what the NHS says about their pass card (see here):

    Residents in England who have taken part in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials

    If you have taken part, or are taking part, in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials in England you should have received a letter from your clinical trial site. The letter ensures that anyone vaccinated as part of a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial can prove they were in a clinical trial and therefore should be recognised as fully vaccinated.

    In addition, if you have participated in a clinical trial within England you should also be able to use the NHS App or NHS.UK to obtain an NHS COVID Pass for domestic use in England (CNS emphasis).

    The letter and NHS COVID Pass can be used when demonstrating your COVID-19 status in England. If you wish to travel abroad, then you will need to continue to seek guidance on COVID-19 status requirements for the destination country you intend to travel to.

    You may not be able to use the letter for international travel (CNS emphasis), but for most countries, there are alternatives such as additional testing.

    • Anonymous says:

      So contacted the pharmacy in miami where I was vaccinated and they laughed at our procedure to verify us COVID shots. There is no bar code on any cards and all places use the same card so how is government choosing where the accept a card from. It is hand written that it is from Walgreens or CVS. Did Govt do research!

      • Anonymous says:

        I was vaccinated in March at a clinic in the Northeast US and there is no bar code on my card either. Just hand written numbers for dose 1 and 2 on the CDC card. My friend was vaccinated at a senior center (although she is not a senior- just where her location was giving out vaccines) and she has labels, but no bar code on the CDC card. She lives one state over.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can Panton tell us what their plan is when Cayman gets community spread, which is inevitable. Can CNS please ask them? Are we looking at another lockdown? If so, will this lockdown go on for the foreseeable future? How will they respond? People need to know this and the Government need to be completely transparent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with this! Kids need to be in school. What’s the plan when kids test positive? Overreact and close every school on island or more sensibly quarantine those in the impacted classroom? Parents and teachers deserve to be prepared for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great comment! These is the most pressing questions for which we need answers.
      What happens when Cayman gets community spread? Families need to know to be able to make a plan and not get stuck here if they are planning endless lockdowns.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would there be a need for a lockdown if covid got into the community? Just put the person in quarantine (like you have been doing) and the rest of the people, carry on.

      If covid gets into the school- the person or the classroom goes into quarantine and the rest carries on.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let’s hope this is the case but the government need to confirm their plan and tell us how they will manage community spread exactly. This allows parents to make informed decisions for their families. Does this therefore mean we will be having quarantine for the rest of our lives? What is their plan?

    • Sheriff says:

      Good question 9:01 – My concern is there is no plan for how CIG will handle things when there is community spread of Covid. With that said I don’t believe there is much to worry about because we are not going to hit the 80% mark anytime soon, IF EVER. Should we reopen, it is my gut feeling that CIG will flip out when community cases of covid are detected and throw us directly back to where we were in March 2020. The lack of communicating a plan for what happens if 80% vaccination is not achieved and the lack of sharing any details of what they will do IF the border opens and there is community transmission shows how little thought has gone into the reopening process.

      I do not support continuing to keep the border closed. But I believe it will continue to be closed until sometime in 2022. The lack of vaccination uptake speaks loudly but CIG is not listening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sometimes I feel like screenshotting all the hard headed comments on Marl Road saying “I’m not taking the jab”to repost when the news of their hospitalisation or worse comes in six months down the line.

    • Anonymous says:

      That isn’t what it says… Your link explicitly states: “CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.” This simply means they want labs to use a new test that will also detect Influenza. It does not state that the PCR test we are using now is inaccurate.

      • Anonymous says:

        PCR Testing was only granted EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) for COVID and has never been fully approved by the FDA. Prior to COVID, PCR testing was not used as the standard. If read properly it also states that the “CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.”

        Read that last part twice. FDA-authorized alternatives.

        CNS: Fact check – Viral Posts Misrepresent CDC Announcement on COVID-19 PCR Test

      • Anonymous says:

        A more important question is, why did the Who give guidance for laboratories to use PCR testing as it’s not approved even though there were other fully FDA approved testing methods?

      • Anonymous says:

        You have just highlighted the issue perfectly. The PCR tests can not distinguish between Covid and the Flu. This speaks volumes and should make anyone think.

        CNS: Fact checked and found to be false over and over. Here’s one example – FALSE: PCR tests cannot distinguish COVID-19 from other diseases

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder why they were allowed in the first place? If this is not a red flag I don’t know what is. The world has been using sub-standard/inaccurate testing procedures for almost two years. People have been saying this including independent medical professionals only to be shot down as conspiracy theorists. What’s in the dark must come to light. Now that the CDC is saying it, let’s hear from the fact checkers.

      CNS: Fact check – Viral Posts Misrepresent CDC Announcement on COVID-19 PCR Test

    • Anonymous says:

      Great information @8.59

      Now this also.

      Innova Medical Group Recalls Unauthorized SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test with Risk of False Test Results

      “The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.”

      • Anonymous says:

        8:59’s information was nothing consequential and your information is not even relevant either.

        First, this recall is of a lateral flow test and not an RT-PCR test. Second of all, there a many different manufacturers of SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests of which none have ever been recalled. Third, this recall has no effect on anything in Cayman as we are not using or accepting lateral flow Covid tests at this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why we have been using the inaccurate PCR test has never made sense.
      The Inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis and Nobel Prize winner himself said, “PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in the diagnosis of infectious diseases”.

      CNS: – Viral Posts Misrepresent CDC Announcement on COVID-19 PCR Test

      Reuters Fact check: Inventor of method used to test for COVID-19 didn’t say it can’t be used in virus detection

      • Anonymous says:


        CNS will you post this? Please stop sticking to Reuters for “Fact checking”.

        CNS: OK, here’s a different one – FactCheck: Did the creator of PCR tests say they don’t work for Covid-19?
        The reason I often use Reuters is that it is a huge organisation with resources for fact checking. In an age of rampant social media disinformation, this is important.

        • Anonymous says:

          Can you guys just give it a rest with your ridiculous conspiracy theories that are always proven to be either completely false or misleading? If you don’t want to vaccine because Bill Gates’ microchip is going to make you magnetic, keep it to yourself. Thanks.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m afraid you’re discounting the fact that people are smarter than you think and know how to research. The point is made by the original poster providing you with an interview from the inventor of the test itself. A Nobel Prize winner. Where on earth do you think the conspiracy is here. It’s simple research and fact checking from a multitude of sources. When people take their health into their own hands – research doesn’t end with CNS comments and Reuters fact checks.

            *CNS: However, for the sake of CNS readers, it’s worth reading the whole fact check (not Reuters) on this here.

            Because we all know that the source of information regarding health should not be centralised. There are real Experts used for fact checking – not just Reuters because it’s quick and easy. Context is very important – PCR is not a diagnostic tool for infections disease yet it is relied upon due to the ’emergency authorisation’ which expires on 31st Dec. So a new test needs to approved – Bill Gates and George Soros bought Mologic which is a UK diagnostic technologies firm – a testing company. So excellent timing and simply coincidental.

            CNS: Two charitable, non-profit foundations invested $41 million to help combat tropical diseases and COVID-19 in poorer countries. The insinuation that Gates and Soros bought it to get richer is just flat out wrong. See here.

            People have spent months and months researching published papers, interviews with world renowned immunologists/vaccine developers/doctors/WHO publications/public health legislation/human rights legislation, CDC datasets, Yellow Card datasets. People look at why why some big tech/media platforms (including CNS) censor certain people and investigate what they consider misinformation. People have witnessed retractions, reposting of articles, revised guidance, you name it.

            Your comment is offensive to everyone who has spent the best part of 18 months fact checking the government instead of relying on single sources. People are more informed than you are giving them credit for.

            I just implore everyone to apply critical thinking in a manner that is agnostic of the fear and pressure that Cayman society is currently under.

            CNS: It’s worth considering that public health experts all over the world have access to exactly the same information and a lot more and have based their advise on this and entire careers preparing for this. This advisory by the US Surgeon General is worth reading in full.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is it true, as reported on Cayman Marl Road, that the NHS system is treating 15,000 unvaccinated people (who took part in trials) as vaccinated when it knows they are not? Will they be given proof of vaccination? If so, would that not betray the whole system. Can we in fact tell who is vaccinated from who is not?

    CNS: The trial vaccine in question is Novavax, which is not on the list of vaccines that are accepted by the Cayman Islands for entry, as of 23rd July 2021: Those accepted are J&J, Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer. See here. Countries still have the right to control their own policies and I don’t think any yet allow Novavax. Meaning that this is a headache for the UK government – how to keep people on very important trials happy – but it doesn’t affect us.

    This is what the NHS says about their pass card (see here):

    Residents in England who have taken part in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials

    If you have taken part, or are taking part, in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials in England you should have received a letter from your clinical trial site. The letter ensures that anyone vaccinated as part of a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial can prove they were in a clinical trial and therefore should be recognised as fully vaccinated.

    In addition, if you have participated in a clinical trial within England you should also be able to use the NHS App or NHS.UK to obtain an NHS COVID Pass for domestic use in England (CNS emphasis).

    The letter and NHS COVID Pass can be used when demonstrating your COVID-19 status in England. If you wish to travel abroad, then you will need to continue to seek guidance on COVID-19 status requirements for the destination country you intend to travel to.

    You may not be able to use the letter for international travel (CNS emphasis), but for most countries, there are alternatives such as additional testing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Novavax is quite interesting. It’s different than the current vaccines and may be attractive to people who distrust or afraid of the side effects of the mRNA vaccines. It’s a completely different technology called subunit vaccine.

      Subunit vaccines do not include any live components, containing only the specific parts of a viral or bacterial pathogen. These parts—subunits—are what the immune system needs to be exposed to so it can recognize them and develop a protective response. It’s also interesting to note that the side effects of this vaccine are milder and still provides 90% efficacy according to the phase 3 trial data.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS. I hope that our authorities fully take this into account.

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