Tourism minister to host ‘Jab Jamboree’

| 17/06/2021 | 96 Comments
Cayman News Service
Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan at Wednesday’s press briefing

(CNS): Over 150 prizes will be doled out on Friday to winners who entered a draw after getting their first dose in the Vaccine Challenge, created to ensure that Cayman used up all of the Pfizer COVID-19 shots it had before their expiry date. Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan, who came up with the idea, will be hosting the “Jab Jamboree” at the Camana Cabana tomorrow evening in front of a live audience. He will be drawing out the winners with help from Miss Cayman Islands Universe Mariah Tibbetts and Miss World Cayman Islands Rashana Hydes, as well as members of the Pact Government.

“The vaccine challenge was a huge success which encouraged 14,375 people to get vaccinated,” said Bryan. “I am extremely pleased with this result and I’m looking forward to giving away lots of great prizes, so I hope many of the people who got vaccinated will join me on Friday at the draw.”

Anyone vaccinated between 8 May and 9 June was eligible to enter the draw, which includes a fabulous variety of prizes, including a home solar system, jewellery, staycations, airline tickets, gift certificates, a property valuation and more. Prize winners do not need to be present on Friday to win but all winners will need to show a photo ID and their vaccination card showing they were vaccinated between the challenge period to claim their prize.  

The challenge has been lauded a success, as in less than one month after it was launched the entire stock of vaccines was used, well before the expiry date, with more than 14,300 jabs administered during that time.

“Everyone who has been vaccinated, whether during the Challenge or beforehand, has played a part in bringing us closer to achieving a figure that is acceptable by government to trigger a safe reopening of our borders,” Bryan said. “Although we are not there yet, it is important that we maintain the momentum to keep us heading in the right direction. I am therefore very pleased that so many people came forward during the Challenge, because being vaccinated is the best way to ensure that our population is protected from the effects of COVID-19.”

Bryan said there was an amazing selection of prizes valued at close to $56,000. “This overwhelming generosity is greatly appreciated because without prizes, the Vaccine Challenge would not have been so successful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bryan announced plans for a new inducement to all those not yet vaccinated with a cash prize draw that everyone who gets both doses can enter. Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday, Bryan said he wanted to raise $100,000 in cash from the business community to help spur Cayman to herd immunity as soon as possible, given the newly revised population estimate. Bryan said the money would be “divided up and given away… two weeks after we have achieved the 80% target.”

To pledge contributions, donors can email
or call the ministry on 244-1259.

Watch Bryan talk about the Vaccine Challenge at Wednesday’s press briefing below:

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Comments (96)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    50% of 1 month’s salary from every member of the government bench should provide adequate cash for these prizes. Also would signal the good intentions of those members.

  2. Anonymous says:

    McKeewa 2.0. What a fing joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      The now public video of MAC should be enough to even embarrass Mac’s savior Kenneth.. But I guess the gravy train too good to rock the boat.
      Wayne..? any shame there Wayne..?

      • Anonymous says:

        The public video is actually giving people more of an understanding for McKeeva’s side of the story.

        • Anonymous says:

          What, that he wasn’t staggering drunk at 7.20 pm having driven to the bar, and didn’t attack the woman..?

  3. says:

    What are the prizes going to be at Jab Jamboree 2?


    I’m holding out for Jab Jamboree 4!! The prizes will be epic!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I got 4 entries, one for each shot.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So we’re going to double the amount we pay people who supposedly can’t work because the border is closed and we’re expecting them to rush out and get the vaccine to get the border open? Yeah right.

    Announce a date that we’re opening to vaccinated tourists. Make the vaccine available to residents. Allow insurance companies to deny covid related claims for the unvaccinated.
    If people don’t take it that’s their problem. Open on the date announced to UK listed green countries.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wah wah wah I wanna gold star too. I got the shot I wanna prize.

    You folk will bleat about ANYTHING but NEVER about what really matters.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who put the guy who can’t travel in charge of opening up travel? LOL

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it, this independent government is a shambles and has no idea what it is doing. The borders are not opening this year. Once we get to this imaginary target of vaccination rates, the next excuse will be those that had their jabs in Q1 will need booster shots before opening!

  9. Dexter l Ebanks says:

    Why should the Government have to give anything to get people to do the right thing ” Get Vacinated ”

    There are many persons putting the Government down for not giving a time line when the Island will be open to International Traveler – how can they do that without first making sure that it’s safe to do so and if it means that giving bribes or a Raffle then so be it

    If the Island was Now open to Travelers Just think God give us all a BRAIN please use it

    All it takes is ONE INFECTED Traveler to have the Covid 19 and then All Hell would break loose

    Oh! by the way I am 73 years of age and Yes I am vacinated with both shots

    When I am talking to especially MEN about getting vacinated
    their reply is the same ” I am afraid and I don’t know what is in it ” My reply to them are ” Have you taking Viagra and they say “Yes ” and my next question to them are Do you know what’s in Viagra and for your Info Viagra and the Covid 19 vacination is manufactured by the same company

    To the PACT Government do what is Right for the People of this Country and not special interest Groups and don’t Open up the Boarder until it’s safe to do so

    I would prefer to eat One Meal a day and be healthy than eat Three meals a day with Covid 19

    I am a Caymanian who isn’t afraid to Sign my Name

    DEXTER L EBANKS 916 / 0754

    • Anonymous says:

      #boarders 🙄

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone has the chance to get vaccinated, which is 100% effective from death. If they don’t want to, then they have to live with the consequences. Why should I have to suffer because of their (ignorant) decision?!

      • Robert Mugabe IV says:

        The ignorance is coming from uneducated people like you who believe these vaccinations give 100% protection from dying of Covid19.

        The science and facts proves you’re talking through where the sun don’t shine.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s safe to open up now

    • Anonymous says:

      Go Dexter, what you said is true. Bracker

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why is Kenneth allowed to speak? We expected Premier Panton and Minister Ebanks (not Jay) would run the Government. I assume Kenneth is good at organizing small projects and initiatives for the good people of GTC. I am not sure he can transition to that of developing a sustainable policy and strategy to drive tourism.

  11. Jotnar says:

    Washington States incentive – “Joints for Jabs” – state-licensed dispensaries can give customers, 21 and older, a pre-rolled joint when they receive their first or second dose.

    Now that’s the way to get 10000 more.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Always a clown

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here is my thoughts on those that don’t want to take the vaccine. Simply have them sign a waiver that the Government cannot be held liable if they become covid infected after the borders open and that any health care expenses will be solely at their expense..

    I know that everyone wants the Government to take care of them but if you being offered something that will give you a very good probability of not catching the virus or if you do that catch it, the likelihood of hospitalization or serious symptoms will be minimized then you should be held responsible for payment for your hospitalization and any subsequent long haul side effects. It just makes sense.

    The problem is that these people know that the government has a moral obligation to take care of it’s people vaccinated or not. They really don’t care because they know either way they will be taken care of at the People’s expense.

    • Anonymous says:

      You stated “Simply have them sign a waiver that the Government cannot be held liable if they become covid infected after the borders open and that any health care expenses will be solely at their expense..”

      So if you are vaccinated and you still experience difficulties will the government ever be responsible? or your insurance cover ? Not understanding this line

    • With Much Love :) says:

      I haven’t taken the vaccine. If you want me to pay for my own expenses, so be it. God knows His children.

    • Anonymous says:

      And what about all the young children that aren’t allowed to take it?

      I hope that your household is full of lil ones who aren’t protected when we open up, and you are first in line to sign waivers agreeing that if anything happens to your children, the Cayman Government is not responsible.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you drive with your children? Your children are way more likely to be injured on these roads than from covid. People have lost their minds here.

    • Robert Mugabe IV says:

      Oh FFS
      So why shouldn’t people who smoke cover any and all costs of their health problems. They are willfully putting carcinogenic smoke into their lungs everyday if the week.
      Those who don’t take a vaccine are basically confident that they are healthy enough to survive Covid just the way they are, and don’t need any of the emergency non FDA approved vaccines to do so.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What an idiot

  15. Gray Matter says:

    Mr. Jamboree man ran in any other district , he would not have made it. It’s the IQ mentality of his district he is there. Simple Foolish childish ideas.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the UK government (and tax payers!) have the first idea how this vaccination programme is being run? Vaccinating rich foreign visitors, offering financial bribes, apparently planning to jab children against UK policy; as someone once said it would shame a banana republic …

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem very bitter about this. They are running the vaccination program in accordance to the UKs guidelines. That’s why they didn’t offer the jab to 12-15s until it was approved. I don’t agree with CIG’s lack of a plan to reopen but they are doing everything they can to get people vaccinated. Even with the “revised” population, Cayman still has a very high vaccination rate.

      • Anonymous says:

        The vaccine has not been approved in the U.K. for this age group

        • Anonymous says:

          The MHRA has approved it but they are not currently offering it to that age group in the UK because they are at a different stage in their vaccine rollout than we are.

          • Anonymous says:

            The UK is not going to be sending extra doses for children who aren’t supposed to be having the vaccine!
            Nothing to do with the stage they are at – it’s because children generally aren’t vulnerable to covid and not enough is known about the side effects.

            • Anonymous says:

              Except they just did.

            • Anonymous says:

              All that they’ve said is that it is unlikely to be recommended imminently even though it is approved. They haven’t ruled it out. Also I believe that 8.5% of 12-15s were already vaccinated before the vaccines ran out.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’d be bitter if you were paying for people in a hugely wealthy tax haven to have free vaccines.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s funny because most people that I know from the UK seemed to have moved here so they didn’t have to pay taxes. They didn’t seem that concerned about taxes then.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s $10 a shot. Get over yourself

  17. Guido Marsupio says:

    Will the Cayman Islands participate in the European Digital Vaccination Passport program (EUDCC), or the UK one if they ever come up with one?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sure, I’ll donate, right after I lay off my 4 Caymanian staff members.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe now all cabinet members will step forward and get vaccinated?

  20. Anonymous says:

    So damn annoyed that those of us who complied for the good of the island get NADA. That’s disgraceful like this ministry.

    • Anonymous says:

      I got my 2 shots, first in last part February an second shot early March, where is my prise for being a good guy ?

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Completely agree. Anyone vaccinated should be part of the lottery/giveaways. ALL of them.

      Else, we are penalising those that first stepped up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with you. Also, those 60+ who were first up and surviving on only 1,000 pension should be given 500 to meet standard of stipend, have received nothing from Government but again civil service will be given more money near year end. So much for all citizens treated equally!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth is enjoying the limelight and the power of being a minister but has no proven expertise in anything except when it comes to promoting himself. His fall will be hard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pop show government! and we the people will be the ones having to pay for all this self entitled show boating arrogance!

    • Anonymous says:

      Try so leave Kenneth alone and give him a chance..

      Caymanians are nothing but crabs in a bucket. ugh!

      • Anonymous says:

        If we all leave Kenneth alone, the country won’t hear from him until approximately March 2025!

  22. SSM345 says:

    Good to know those who didn’t need to be bribed or promised something can hold their heads up high because it was the right thing to do for Cayman’s population unlike the losers being rewarded tomorrow because they got it done for a prize.

    Next up, those who still refuse to be vaccinated (by choice) will have all their medical expenses paid for by us when the border opens and then end up in hospital with basic insurance plans. Then we will be told to pray and feel sorry for them.

    Effing disgraceful.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I stood in line to receive my vaccine months ago. Will I be entered in the raffle for taking the initiative on my own? The same goes for everyone else who believes in science and understands the importance of vaccines in our global fight against this pandemic. Are we going to start paying the general population to receive other medical attention? Despite the outcome of using the inventory of vaccines, it sets an unsustainable precedent. While I am on the subject, I thought games of chance, which this is, were illegal in the Cayman Islands.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sadly the vast majority of our Cabinet members are so far out of their depths that all that they understand is what they have seen on game shows.

    • Trans Parent says:

      Let’s see how many Ministers win a prize, and I’m still waiting to hear from “Mr Transparency Panton”, how many of his Ministers were vaccinated before the draw was announced, and how many of his M.P.’s are vaccinated now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every photo of the Agriculture minister shows he has zero clue nor the understanding of his role. Yet he cancels farmers stipend but blows up social media with a custom made ring. That shows right away he is in there all for himself.

      You are so right 11:11- out their depths, out of their league and out of touch.

    • Anonymous says:

      11″11 am, remember they didn’t get in Parliament by only voting for themselves, it was the foolish voters. So can be said the foolish/idiots rules these Islands for they are the one that causes who gets in Parliament

  25. Anonymous says:

    Private sector, you need to hand over $100K so I can bribe enough Caymanians into getting vaccinated that we can reopen the tourism industry and stop paying people $5m a month of tax payers money not to work (well, last bit not strictly true since apparently we haven’t even asked them if they are working, and although we are about to do that, to encourage them to be honest we’ll keep paying them their $1500 a month even if they say they are). You couldn’t make this up.

  26. #25 Sea Egg Drive, Booby Cay says:

    This Minister is out of his damn senses. I own and operate a business that has barely made a profit since March 2020 and he has the gall and intestinal fortitude to ask businesses to contribute to his ego as doing something. What he needs to understand is that I have a company with 23 employees, 19 of those are Caymanian and if things don’t greatly improve in 45-60 days, I will have to take the drastic decision to close my operation or at the very least, reduce cost by 60-70%. I understand the need to get people vaccinated and support it, but to ask businesses that are struggling to contribute is far-fetched.

    BUT I have an idea, why don’t ALL Ministers donate $5,000 from their salary in June and start the pledging of funds. Nine of them would give him $45K for the fund. I bet that you will never see this happen- no never as their salary is guaranteed every month- unlike many employees who are not sure if today will be their last day of employment.

    I was somewhat optimistic about this government, but the more I see and hear, the more I am convinced that duppies are real.

  27. Paymenow says:

    If we are going to pay people to get vaccinated then every name of every person that has been vaccinated since January 2021 should be in this draw and eligible to win cash.

  28. Gray Matter says:

    This is what we have come to. We are in trouble . Prizes for Losers . So why come forward and get the vaccine. Just sit back and wait on the jamboree.
    This is crap.

  29. Anonymous says:

    And people thought John John was a joke…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t a draw be open to anyone that is vaccinated.

    • Guido Marsupio says:

      What happened to the $10,000 prize offered by R3 and CIMA? That news story said it was open to anyone vaccinated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly anonymous @9:00. i got my vaccinations in February- where is my prize? But then again what else should we expect? Everything they have said and done so far is so juvenile. They really need to stop playing house and act professional.

      • Anonymous says:

        Every thing in Cayman is for the bad guys, then we wonder why is so much crime here. Sad, very sad indeed.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Why would I as a business owner donate to a fund to pay people that are not capable of understanding the benefits of taking the vaccine. I am sending money home where my family is still waiting for their second dose and you want me to part with my money for people that have no idea how fortunate they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love is love

    • Anonymous says:

      BS You do NOT know the reason some have yet to get vaccinated.

      All you judgmental people calling names and being rude and derogatory when you know NOTHING.

      Name calling like a school child is indicative to this island but it will NOT force people to get it for ANY reason.

      Stop judging!!!

      • SSM345 says:

        If you and others are doing by choice and not medical reason then you are part of the problem with the borders taking to so long to open but then when it does, clogging up the hospitals on your basic insurance plans (if that), which we all then have to pay.

        So yes, selfish eejits comes to mind.

        The only legit reason is a medical one, anything else is an excuse and idiotic selfish move i.e. people who think about themselves whilst the rest of us come together and try to get moving again whilst you all complain.

        • STX says:

          Everyone does realize this is exactly what the CIG wants. Everyone fighting with one another as a distraction for their indecision. Take a look. There are sporting events in the USA with 70k people crammed in a stadium – younger folks, no masks, no social distancing, and most likely a vaccination rate way, way lower than the Cayman Islands. Hospitals are not swamped – cases are still dropping. But arguing about who has or hasn’t had the vaccine is gumming up the works. The problem is the CIG won’t open up and they point to a made up milestones again and again.

    • Anonymous says:

      yep, prehaps we should start firing people who don’t have the vaccine, oh you can’t do that unless they are on a work permit! that sound really fair.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s my business, I can fire you whenever I want. There is not a law in the world that says I can’t.. I may have to give you a severance package but don’t tell me I have to keep you on because you decide that because of your stupid conspiracy theories that you will infect me and the rest of my staff….ain’t going to happen in my permit or not..get it straight!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, I have family members and friends overseas that are literally afraid for their life because they cannot get vaccinated and these numskulls here are being so cavalier and now have to be bribed into taking the vaccine. This is the kind of crap that creates desperation and will have a long lasting negative effect on our beloved Cayman isles. When getting eelcted is more important than The deliveries , then foolishness and nonsensical acts will prevail . This is not the PTA- we have a homeland that needs management.

      • Anonymous says:

        Guess your family members didn’t get the memo, being vaccinated doesnt stop one from contracting or spreading Covid-19. So what exactly are they “fearing” ? Guess the real “numskulls” are those that volunteer for things they don’t understand.

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