Police investigate quarantine bus mix-up

| 28/06/2021 | 3 Comments

(CNS): Police say there was no intentional breach of COVID-19 isolation rules surrounding a mix-up over the transport to take a group of people at the end of their quarantine for their PCR exit test. It appears that the group, who were isolating at a home and not in a government facility, got into the wrong bus because something went awry with the strict protocols that surround the movement of those in quarantine. Public Health said that contact tracing had been completed and there was no cause for health concerns.

Travel Cayman Director Casandra Morris said action was being taken to ensure that this did not happen again. Transportation to the exit quarantine PCR test site is done under strict controlled protocols. This was an unfortunate incident and measures are being taken to further enhance these protocols to avoid future occurrences of this nature,” she said.

Anyone found to be in breach of the mandatory quarantine provisions will be warned for intended prosecution and is liable on conviction to a fine of up to ten thousand dollars and imprisonment for up to two years. So far three people have been jailed as a result of breaching these regulations.

Thomas Michael, a Canadian screen writer was given 30 days jail time in May, while Caymanian Jet Ski-racer Vanjae “VJ” Ramgeet and his American girlfriend, Skylar Mack got two months in December.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We have had thousands who have managed to do this procedure correctly. Some will try to take shortcuts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if they were given clear instructions and they misunderstood or perhaps….no one told them otherwise. Was special transport arranged for them?

    “Transportation to exit PCR test site is done under strict protocols”?? Yeah, right! My friend from the USA had to drive herself to the test location on her last day of quarantine.

    If one does not have own transportation what does Travel Cayman expect one to do if no travel is arranged for quarantine persons? Yes, they will hop a public bus!!

  3. Anonymous says:


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