Cops disable car and seize loaded gun on GT street

| 10/06/2021
Armed police office make an arrest

(CNS): Police used some form of “special munitions” to blow out a tyre of a car being driven by a man who was trying to evade arrest in George Town on Thursday. An unlicensed firearm loaded with ammunition was recovered from the car and a 39-year-old man from West Bay was arrested on suspicion of possession of the gun. He remains in custody. Police said they had “cause to stop the vehicle” that was travelling along Sound Way in George Town at around noon today, and when the driver tried to evade them, the officers deployed some type of weapon to deflate a tyre and disable it to protect the public and the police officers.

CNS asked for more details regarding the deployment and what weapon or “special munition” was used to deflate the tyre. A spokesperson said they were unable to give more specific details but added that “the police have a number of tactics they use to de-escalate situations in the safest way possible. In this case the tactic used deflates tyres and was used to disable the vehicle.”

The police have been criticized in the past for using their firearms to shoot out tyres of escaping suspects because of the dangers posed to passers by.

No injuries occurred as a result of this incident. Sound Way, between North Sound Road and Shedden Road, was temporarily closed while the officers were on scene but it has since been re-opened to the public. 

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