Please get the vaccine to save lives

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Sara McKay writes: With only a few weeks to go before the vaccine expiry date deadline, I am hoping this article will persuade more people in the Cayman Islands community to come forward and get the COVID-19 vaccine. There is just simply no excuse not to get it and we should be grateful to have the vaccine in Cayman whilst other countries still go without and people are desperately waiting. I don’t want to lecture you all but from my own personal experience, it is essential that we all get the vaccine.

To put it bluntly, you can DIE from COVID-19, and for people that I know that survived it, they are now living with the after-effects, which are very painful, more painful than a sore arm and a few days with a headache after getting the second dose.  

My mother passed away in January from COVID-19. Granted, she was elderly and also very stubborn (like many of us) and said, “I am not going to get the coronavirus. If I do, I’ll be okay.” But she caught COVID. We have no idea where she contracted it; it is a complete mystery. It could have been the food delivery guy, carer, friend next door, anyone (she was in lockdown).

My last memory of Mum was on Zoom in her hospital bed and she was dying, which is a memory that will stay with me forever. An amazing hospital volunteer, who was dressed to the nines in full green PPE gear with a face shield (she should be commended, receive a medal for risking her life to help families like us connect with their loved ones in their final days – she was not paid to help but did this out of the kindness of her heart) used her personal phone so we could see and talk to Mum. There was a lot of coughing and wheezing I could hear in the background and it sounded like absolute hell, with the sound of monitors beeping and staff rushing around.  

I got to tell Mum I loved her, to be strong and hang in there and we would see her soon. We knew and were also informed by the doctors that these were her final days and there was nothing that could be done for her. I tried to stay positive for her and the family but I was crying inside and felt sick to the stomach. It was definitely one of the worst days of my life! She passed away the next morning.  

We had her funeral by Zoom. What we could see on a screen was a grim looking cemetery outside London, and as so many family members could not be there, my nephew was using his phone as a camera for us to watch on Zoom. Only 20 family members/close friends were allowed to attend. I so wanted to be there but could not make it due to COVID-19 restrictions and no flights to the UK. It was heart-breaking and it still hasn’t hit me yet.

I am writing this to please, please ask you to get the vaccine, not just for you but for your family and community. I have heard various people say, “I don’t know what I am putting in my body,” and “Bill Gates or Google are watching us,” which is mind boggling! If we want to go down that route, we put many bad things into our body on a daily basis, such as fast food, soda, we drive cars that pollute the atmosphere and we are breathing this in.

Some of us get the flu vaccine. We vaccinate our children for their safety from measles, chickenpox, etc. Why is this vaccine so different? COVID-19 is deadly. We have watched the news in India and other parts of the world.

The irony! My mother received a letter from the NHS to make an appointment to get her vaccine a week after her death and it was just a little too late.

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  1. Taura Ebanks says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the author’s elderly mother passed away. The loss of a loved one is difficult under any circumstance.

    As it relates to the COVID-19 Vaccine – No thank you. I do not intend to take this vaccine for someone who asks, for anyone who insists that what I put into my body is for the benefit of others. We all have different reasons for our personal positions on why we would or would not choose to take this vaccine.

    I fully appreciate that many may feel differently, and that’s important to respect our individual positions.

    Taking this vaccine is a personal health (choice) decision that each person should research carefully and consider the best way forward for their individual, best interests of their own health.

    To those who wish to take it, enjoy.

    I will continue to wash my hands with soap and water – Encouraging those around me to practice consistent hygiene and sanitation. I will ensure that if and when I feel unwell, I stay home. I will continue to encourage others to stay home from work/school/socializing when they feel unwell too.

    Wishing everyone good health and the maintained personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad that some people still have common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Taura Ebanks: be careful that you did actually research carefully. There is a lot of disinformation out there. This decision could make all the difference in a number of critical areas—not only for others but for you personally.

    • Anonymous says:

      Taura: here is some truncated information from Bloomberg News, which has been very good in providing objective reporting on the virus. Bloomberg on the web is an excellent source of sound, unvarnished information:

      “What are they saying?” (“They” are people who argue against the vaccine’s safety)

      “-That steps were skipped in developing and authorizing the vaccines: It’s true that the vaccines reached the market in record time, but that’s not because any testing steps were skipped. Companies sped up the process by performing some testing steps in parallel….

      “-The vaccines have never been approved by the FDA: … The FDA established in advance that l, to win authorization, Covid vaccines had to prove to be at least 50% effective in preventing illness in large-scale trials and had to demonstrate safety with two months’ of follow-up data on trial participants. Also, the vaccines were vetted by a panel of independent advisers….

      “-Critics have taken to labeling mRNA vaccines a form of gene therapy, insinuating that the shots might somehow alter DNA… “They do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains….

      “-That the lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines may contain antifreeze: That’s not true. Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which is toxic. The lipid nanoparticles instead include polyethylene glycol, an inert compound found in everyday products like toothpaste and shampoo and in many drugs including laxatives.

      “-That the vaccines can cause antibody-dependent enhancement, or a worse case of disease in those who become sick despite inoculation: …no indication of this emerged in human trials of mRNA vaccines for Covid, according to Stanley Perlman, a coronavirus researcher at the University of Iowa, who served on the FDA advisory panel that reviewed the vaccines.

      “-That we don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccines: That’s always the case with new vaccines. But vaccine side effects usually show up within the first couple of months after vaccination, which is why the FDA insisted on two months of safety data before authorizing them. Adverse event reports since then have not detected patterns of death that would indicate a problem with the vaccines, the CDC says.

      “-That there are more adverse event reports for Covid vaccines than there have been for influenza vaccines: …. In the U.S., these reports can be filed by anyone and don’t constitute confirmation that a vaccine caused an adverse event. Given the large numbers being inoculated, some unlucky people will get sick and even die shortly after getting shots, regardless of the vaccine.”

      Bloomberg’s sources:

      “The Reference Shelf

      -Related QuickTakes on vaccine reaction fears, post-vaccine malaise, comparing Covid vaccines, vaccines and virus transmission, and SARS-CoV-2 variants.

      -A briefing from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on what we know about the long-term effects of Covid vaccines.

      -A Bloomberg Businessweek article on the partnership between Moderna and BioNTech that produced one of the first authorized Covid vaccines.”

    • Philip Alexander says:

      My father, who admittedly was in the UK, looked after his health and behaved responsibly, only going out to supermarket or within his support bubble. However, he was unlucky and got COVID.

      I spent the first week of 2021 on Zoom, watching his health deteriorate. On the first day he was confident he was asymptomatic but by day 8 he was dead.

      Personal responsibility for your health can only go so far, if you catch COVID, it can kill.

      We are lucky to live in a COVID free environment. However, COVID will return and unless the general population takes advantage of the vaccination programme, the return will be worse than it need be.

      Please listen to the advice given by the health professionals and get yourself vaccinated.

      • Sara says:

        So sorry to hear about your father Philip. They also told my mum she was asymptomatic at first and then we were told she had developed full symptoms and a few days later she was gone.

        Thinking of you during this sad time and so pleased that CIG are trying to push out the vaccine programme.

        Take care

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t go running to hospital then.

    • Anonymous says:

      Taura: if you had researched proper sources you would have come to a different conclusion.

      There is no defensible argument to reject the vaccine that reliable sources show are safe and effective to a very high degree of confidence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thank god for creating the men and women who’ve developed the vaccine that is saving me from the virus He/She sent us

  3. Anonymous1 says:

    The way I look at it I may never get the virus or if I do, since I am in good health my chances of surviving statistically are very high. Since I am over 60 I am in the highest death rate for dying of the injection. Why would I risk the injection? Plus not knowing long term results of this gene therapy. And as others have mentioned, I don’t have a good gut feeling about this and I always pay attention to my suspicions. I think nobody has the right to intimidate or force anyone to take what they don’t want to take!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we can all agree that no vaccine is risk free and as individuals we do have a right to intelligent assessment of the pros and the cons.

      For that to work in our favour, however, we must each seek out the very best available information, while disavowing biases.

      For example, one poster comes close to giving the impression that these vaccines are not going through rigorous trials: “I wonder if any of these vaccines would have been approved if they had to pass the clinical trials first, just saying”.

      In fact, Pfizer’s vaccine has now passed its third phase of trials, meaning that the required three sets involving tens of thousands of people have been conducted with rigorous attention to public health standards for vaccine safety.

      Indeed, in the process, the FDA says, the Pfizer/Biontech companies, as others, have “not sacrificed scientific standards, integrity of the vaccine review process, or safety.”

      With the trials and the 50 million shots of the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine alone under our belt, and with nearly two billion more vaccines expected to be dispensed in 2021, we are close to, if not already in, the realm of a reasonably high degree of confidence that the benefits outweigh the risks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not gene therapy.
      Vaccination does not kill you.

      Covid might not either, but you’re better off vaccinated.


    • Anonymous says:

      Gene Therapy? Stop reading anti vax stuff. The Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy because they are not designed to alter or change your genes in any way. Over 60’s are more likely to get severe symptoms from Covid infection which will affect you longer term if you recover or statistically more likely to kill you. So if you are going to make life changing decisions make sure you have the right facts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cayman had it too easy. Under government guidelines we all made a major sacrifice and beat the virus.

    We sent some people home, those that stayed are doing ok.

    We have the chance to open safely, but the populace is preventing that.

    So its time to open, and some of the folks that chose to not get the jab will get very sick, and some will die, but my choice is let’s all get back to work one way or another.

  5. Donnie says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss and the painful circumstances Sara. May you find some peace in all that you did for your Mom while you could.
    You have been a blessing to this community as long as I have known you – about 30 years now.
    Thanks for taking the time to try to convey why common sense should be followed. Unfortunately, common sense is becoming less and less common. More and more people chose to be intoxicated by the misinformation that is so readily available and then stand on the soapbox of their individual right . Don’t be disappointed by the responses; you’ve done all that you could be expected to do, you’ve done your share.

    • Sara says:

      Thanks Donnie what a lovely message. I think you might have me mixed up with the other Sara MACKay there are actually 3 of us in Cayman. I have lived in Cayman for 21 years.

      • Donnie says:

        Sorry, my bad!
        Well at least you know the esteem with which I hold Sara MacKay. Great role model if you know anyone who needs one:).

  6. Wake up says:

    I don’t know if its me, but after getting vaccinated, we are seeing more and more self-righteous people, better-than-thou commenters promoting the roll out of this vaccine. Now, that they have been pricked, feel everybody must do so too. Maybe the mRNA is inflating their egos. I don’t know… But what’s very disappointing to me, is the INTOLERANCE from some of these folks I am seeing. And the many calls of making this vaccine mandatory on everyone, ignoring the INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of others! These same folk follow the Pope’s “Common Good” rhetoric it seems that brands everybody as “selfish” who refuse to take the Covid vaccine! That is just wrong! The day we force vaccinations, democracy is gone! Note, the world’s population is about 7 Billion, only 18 million caught Covid 19, and only about 200 thousand died from it. Less than 1% of the world is dying from this virus! Yet we see the news media and a global drive to vaccinate and reach the entire world, which to me, is not only rediculous but impossible to do against a naturally Gd ordained virus! And to hear now calls to start forcing or economically sanctioning people who don’t take the vaccine because somebody’s mum or paps died painfully from Covid ???!!! Really folks !! Is that where a Democracy should be heading??? 😡

    *CNS: Spend a little time on the John Hopkins University of Medicine COVID site here. The total number of global deaths so far from COVID is 3.2 million. I don’t know where you got 200,000 from. Sara very bravely offered her own experience as an example of what millions of people have gone through all over the world. Hang your head in shame for dismissing it so callously.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you CNS

      I am not sure what the answer is for people who choose to ignore facts but thank you for trying to educate one at a time.

    • Anonymous says:

      10:59 am: let me clarify that for you: “Yes, it is you.”

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      But still … less than 1% is dying from this virus. Think. More people are dying from other natural ailments. Why the big fuss? Those who are vaccinated can still catch the Covid and transmit it. The CDC VAER system has their fuzzy record of over 1800 deaths AFTER vaccination. And I can tell you that is not the true figure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are we not convinced and totally done with this whole lockdown and pandemic now!!!! Our country cannot stay locked down! Can’t we see the lives that are being saved by the vaccines? Are the risks far not outweighed by the GOOD/BENEFITS!
    We as a country deserve to not be held hostage by a few “know it all’s and persons that just find the negative in everything to be ***That person***”. Stop spreading fear and look at this as the answer the world needed to get out of this global pandemic! ITS NOT 100% NOTHING IN LIFE IS, BUTS ITS A CHANCE!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure it’s definitely a chance, but I’ll go with the other side of the equation that has my survival chances at greater than 99% and that’s if I get it and the chances of that are also slim. Combined chances will require a scientific calculator so excuse us if we don’t live day to day quaking in our boots. Your captors are your elected representatives. They have the power to eliminate the quarantine tomorrow and I hope they do. The vaccinated are protected from the unvaccinated. We pose no greater risk to you than a mosquito.

  8. Anonymous says:

    we have a vaccine that if you take it, doesn’t prevent you from getting covid or transmitting it.

    So what lives are you saving? Your own? should it not be up to the individual?

    So why do you care if someone dies that does not want to take the vaccine. is it not their choice? We are all adults, we know the risks.

    And funny…….covid….death…….I have seen announcements in this and other papers, of people coming on island covid positive. Probably about 200 by now. not one death. So……….take a vaccine to save lives. Who’s life?

    It’s alarming how many people are buying into this covid scare. Not saying people are not dying. But .3% is almost the same rate as pneumonia. Lets look at cancer deaths. Much higher than covid. Or car accidents, or murders by guns. enough with the fear mongering.

    • Anonymous says:

      there you all go, statistics from US.

      pneumonia 499k Deaths since 2019
      covid 561k.

      So, for any of you that think covid is this rampant disease going to kill everyone. I provided proof. Believe what you want.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you actually read what you posted, there is an overlap of 274k in each of those numbers. Only 225K were pneumonia only.

        No one thinks covid is going to kill everyone, but if it’s a close family member or friend I’ll bet it becomes much more significant to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah… you can look this up. Typically about 50K people die of pneumonia every year in the US. The reason there was 499K deaths since 2019 is BECAUSE COVID-19 CAUSED TEH PNEUMONIA!

      • Anonymous says:

        You provided proof that you’re not very smart.

        • Anonymous says:

          and no one looked at the statistical graph or if they didn’t have no clue how to read it. *shocking. But i guess it’s actually not that shocking. Let me break it down for you. The second graph starting from right to left, is covid with pneumonia, caused deaths. the middle is death from pneumonia. And the fourth is from covid only.
          and as ANYONE can see, it’s only 70k more or less, out a population of 320 million. Grasp that for a moment. Covid has basically the same death rate as pneumonia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please stay off Fox News..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Of the vaccine hesitant or denier crowd, I wonder how many have enjoyed a life free of rubella, measles, diphtheria, small pox, and the many other diseases vaccines have aided in controlling for?

    Would they have preferred their parents had chosen not to get to them vaccinated?

    How many of them make choices everyday without scrutinizing the science/engineering and feeling like a lab rat? Like the food and drink they eat, the helmet they wear, and the car they drive.

    How many are defiant for the sake of being defiant because they don’t ‘want’ someone/some entity telling them they have to do something… where else does that attitude show up in their life?

    They are free to choose for certain. Going forward I hope they are consistent in applying as much scrutiny to the everyday choices in their life as they are for a vaccine.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sara, thank you for sharing a powerful message that Covid is not to be trifled with. Please ignore the ignorant, the misguided and the trolls that have responded inappropriately. The vast majority of people appreciate what you have written and sensible governments around the planet I am sure would agree with what you have written.

    Singapore has recognised the seriousness of some of the new Coronavirus variants and the frequency of incubation periods longer than 14 days and has today decided to protect its population by moving to a 21 day quarantine period. Maybe we should do the same if the number of variant cases in places where travelers to Cayman are coming from.

    “Singapore will impose a 21-day quarantine on most inbound travellers and bring back tighter social-distancing controls including closing gyms and fitness centres, as authorities respond to a flare-up in Covid-19 cases…

    From Friday 11.59pm, all inbound travellers except those from Australia, Brunei, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kongand Macau will have to do a three-week quarantine at dedicated facilities”

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Sara.

    I am not anti-vax; however, due to my autoimmune disease, my doctor (based on the guidance from CDC) has stated that the recommendation is that I not take the jab right now. I rethink that recommendation every day. But, I will wait.

    Thank you for your concern for all of our well-being.

    • Anonymous says:

      8:39 am: I missed where the writer was targeting you specifically. The article was a general message for the general population. Those who feel that they need to be exempted should make that decision in consultation with their doctors.

      • Anonymous says:

        Q. What kind of doctor reads that link and tells their immune compromised patients NOT to get vaccinated?

        • Anonymous says:

          10:30 the kind that has the well being of their patient in mind. If you actually read the documents that you sign it specifically says that people with severe allergies and autoimmune diseases should not take the vaccine.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:10 Where did they say they felt targeted? They were clearly making a general statement and speaking from their personal experience they are not able to take the vaccine at this time, as many cannot.

        • Anonymous says:

          11:27 am: I am just clarifying that the writer’s appeal is not directed to persons who may have a medically sound exemption, and there is no implication that those persons are anti-vaxers.

          The message was intended for the general population, the vast majority of whom have no medically sound reason to resist the vaccine.

          The most that can be said about the reply that served no real purpose other than muddying the waters is “thanks for sharing”. There, I have said it: thanks for sharing.

      • Anonymous says:

        No need to be rude.
        8.39 was polite and I wish him/her all the best. It must be incredibly frustrating to want the vaccine but be unable to take it. A friend with allergies took the first dose after much thought and consultation with the doctor, and had to be carted off to the hospital, and has been told to not take the second dose for fear of a much more serious reaction. So don’t judge too harshly. Your reality is much different, be thankful for that.

        • Anonymous says:

          12:23 as someone who also has bad allergies this is something I am very afraid of. I have gone back and forth on whether I should take it or not. After much discussion with my doctor, I have been advised to hold off at this time. The risk is too great right now and I’ll just have to be extremely careful and continue to maintain proper hygiene protocols when our borders do open.

          People can be so cruel about not taking the vaccine, however there are those of us who would like to but just can’t. Please be kind, this isn’t easy for any of us.

        • Anonymous says:

          12:23 I had a family member carted off to the hospital for eating Peanut Butter!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, those with autoimmune diseases, and other compromised immune preconditions, were given early priority to get the vaccine doses, specifically because of their natural impairments to immune response. Who is this doctor, and did they read the link you provided? Best of luck.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Best way to jump start the vaccine drive again would be to re-open the field hospital, eliminate quarantine on arrival and get a nice little cluster of positive cases in GTC.

    • Anonymous says:

      The vaccine holdouts are skating on thin ice:

      – soon the vaccines in local stock will expire and I would not blame anyone for refusing to stock any more mass supplies.

      -the possibility of not being allowed to travel without a vaccine is looming. When and if that comes into effect, no amount of crying foul will stop it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hah,hah, hah…airlines would go bankrupt. I and my family have been traveling since mid of last year. All over the globe. From 84 to 3 years olds. No one got sick or even positive.

        • Anonymous says:

          8:48 am: the laugh is on you. You should know by this that in the face of national emergencies what the government decides overrules economic considerations:

          Travel ban on unvaccinated travellers already in effect in the EU. You can Google it.

          Heard the expression “He who llaughs last laughs best.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, travel restrictions on unvaccinated travellers are already in effect in EU countries:

        “How new EU travel restrictions will work

        “The new parameters would replace a year-long blanket ban for non-essential travel to the EU for residents of all but a handful of countries.

        “Under the proposals, member states would be obliged to accept proof for all shots approved in the EU, including those produced by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

        “National governments would have the discretion to accept shots that have cleared the WHO emergency use listing process, but they can’t recognise other vaccines on their own. “

        Read the full article here:

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sara, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for having the courage to write about it. Hopefully someone reading it will reconsider and get themselves and their family vaccinated as a result of your experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry for your devastating experience Sara and thanks for sharing.

      For those misguided Covid deniers;

      From Science Magazine on current upsurge in India:

      “The current COVID-19 surge, which first overwhelmed Maharashtra state and now is rolling through the rest of India, has humbled those who thought the country had bested the disease. In early February, with cases dropping below 10,000 per day, restrictions were dropped, political leaders staged massive rallies, and masks became a rare sight in many crowded locales. Some researchers even suggested that, because nearly half of people in several places had antibodies indicating previous infection, India might be approaching herd immunity.

      But the devastating surge starting in late March gave the lie to that idea, with 10,000 cases alone in hard-hit Pune the day the KEM team visited Karandi. A few weeks later, India topped 350,000 cases in 1 day, setting a new world record. By then, many hospitals had become overwhelmed.“

      Read the full article here:

      • Anonymous says:

        Apologies —unfortunate typo: “dirty for loss” was intended to be “sorry for your loss”

        CNS: I’ve edited.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is a group of people who sincerely believe that the earth is flat. There is a group of people who sincerely believe that the planet is controlled by lizards from outer space who can disguise themselves as people. There is also a group of people who think that not taking the available vaccines is safer than getting Covid.

    I suspect that these 3 groups have quite a few members in common.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, wow, wow! A third grader would present better arguments.
      What you and like you don’t get is that no matter what you say, how much you insult us or what names do you call us, we are still not going to subject themselves to the vaccine trials. Not because we are fearful, ignorant, idiots, uneducated or hesitant. We simply trust our innate immune system will take good care of our bodies as it did since we were born. And if it fails, so be it. Who wants to live forever in this crazy world anyway. It is you who believe we need to get vaccinated to save your grandma. Your grandma is already vaccinated and we are not walking around spreading viruses to infect her.

      • Anonymous says:

        In essence you are arguing that people refusing to get vaccinated have a right to pursue a Darwin Award. You may be right. I just don’t want you to take others with you or to inflict unnecessary costs on our society that would be better spent on other things.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does that mean you think the earth is flat?

  15. Don't bother with it says:

    It appears someone is eager for the border to open back up.

    Since the shutdown our little Island has been slowly returning to life minus the crooked developments still taking place

    If not taking the vaccine means a longer period staying closed then so be it, this Caymanian won’t be taking any vaccine for a virus bred across the world to which we can shut our borders to the infected countries and get by under self isolation just fine.

    I’m tired of seeing my Island ruined from rich pigs and if takes corona to keep those bastards away then so be it let it roam the Earth while we keep to ourselves.

    This is democratic nation right? I got the right to vote and i’m sure I got the right to refuse to as well.

    I have to right to refuse the vaccine.

    You rape, pillage and destroy my precious Island and now that the boogeyman is out of the closet you want the people to bite the bullet and get a vaccine so the ball can start rolling again?

    Nope! I’m kicking that ball into the ocean and watching it drift away.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Simply No excuse TO get it!
    Can you not catch a new variant of covid that is still evolving? Yes. Out of the 3 vaccines, do they support covids evolution in some way? No. Nope it doesnt.

    Concluding, should we get vaccines every month for our entire lives?
    Well, why vacc at all if we can even catch the same exact covid variant plus newer strains than we are being vacced for?

    Only insane or ignorant people do certain things without question, frankly you dont have to follow.

    Vaccines wont save your unhealthy lives folks…Youll see.

  17. ANON says:

    No-one can say they have Christian values and then be so selfish as to refuse the jab.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear Hear. Our Church leaders are to blame for this sad ignorance. If you love thy Neighbor, then get the jab and protect them. Anything less is selfish very unChristian.

      To obtain a work permit require an HIV test, syphilis test and a chest X-ray to exclude pulmonary TB- because our infrastructure cannot handle outbreaks and health care for 50% of the population being foreign workers and the insurance cost and sadly the cost of repatriation by death.

      I do not want our borders opened again either. It has been quite nice without Tourists and when you get down the born locals, very few worked in hotels or drove taxis. A few wealthy Caymanians “owned” businesses and imported low-wage workers to fill their pockets, but I’m against any Cruise Ship ever landing here again.
      (Let’s go back to Holiday Inn Days with Hotels and local Dive companies only please.) We can re-invent our Tourism to bring smaller numbers, safer numbers (**those only allowed with vaccines) and in doing so, change our “Product” to be better, eco friendly, and unique.

      However, your lack of taking the jab only delays brining death to our door and back to masks and fear.

      A Shame a few pig-headed selfish people won’t our masses:
      including our children who are too young to get vaccinated.

    • Get a grip says:

      I believe in a the Gracious One Creator G-d, and I’m proud not to be a Christian or a Jesus-is-Lord follower … My body, my choice!

      • Anonymous says:

        Same with abortion. My body my choice.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nice one lol

        • Anonymous says:

          10:30 am: false analogy: choosing an abortion is not the same as refusing a vaccine.

          Refusing a vaccine that is safe and effect in the face of a pandemic and that has wide public ramifications is just plain dumb.

          Terminating a pregnant where it is legal is no one’s business except the woman concerned.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here here! 100%, you’re body your choice.

        Make a sign!

        Hold that sign at the next pro life rally when people are trying to take away peoples right to a choice.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Florida Governor lifts all COVID restrictions statewide.

  19. Manu says:

    I had both shots almost three months ago and I feel great, there’s no need to be afraid. A date for reopening should be set asap.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am truly happy for you. Three months later and I am still hoping to recover from the first dose.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The vaccine is to 1. reduce the symptoms of full blown Covid, 2. Speed up herd immunity and 3. Help hospitals cope with an influx of cases. When are we going to hear about the governments arrangements to deal with an influx of cases which are inevitable with more travellers? More equipment, confined beds, skilled staff, oxygen supplies, etc?
    For a “highly contagious” airborne virus, the emergency beds that were set up in an open plan arrangement seemed absurd.
    Relying solely on vaccines to curb Covid is not the most robust solution for a pandemic that hits weaker people mostly in the lungs and heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’ve already contracted the virus, being in an open plan hospital ward doesn’t put you more at risk of catching the virus…

      This is why doctors with specialized skill and knowledge should be the ones advise on medical matters.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Bermuda has a population size and vaccination uptake similar to ours. Sadly they did not ensure strict quarantine rules and as a result more and more Bermudians have been dying over the past 3 weeks. If more of them had been vaccinated this would not be happening.

    From this evening’s press release from the Bermuda Minister of Health.

    “I am sorry to report that another Bermudian has died from a Covid-related illness,” said Minister of Health, Kim Wilson, JP, MP. “I extend my heartfelt condolences to their family and loved ones.”

    That could happen here as well. Please heed Sara’s plea and make sure that you and your family get vaccinated.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am very sorry for your loss. I also want to say thank you for sharing your story. It touches the way statistics can not. Hopefully someone reading your message will be moved to take the simple step to keep themselves and the rest of the community safer by getting vaccinated.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sara,well written and sorry for your loss. I lost my father a month ago and had to do a remote over video burial as it was too complicated to travel to Canada.

    Ignore all any any trolling comments. This was a comforting article.

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, quite hurtful to read some of the comments that I wrote this article to guilt trip he community into getting the vaccine. I wrote it just to show that the virus is no joke and it was for their welfare. They are adults can do what they wish I was just stating its serious stuff out there. Just look at India today 20 million people have the virus, the hospitals are bursting at the seams and they are begging for the vaccine. We are very lucky here to have it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Sarah,

        Your article was honest and brave. We all pray for you and your family. No one wants to go through that and we are thinking of you.

        Indeed India is so sad today (20 million cases of sorrow) but just next store in Bermuda is way too close to home for Cayman?? A similar island of our size and financial businesses with expensive and no cruise ships either….yet, they relaxed their borders and now locals are dying this week.

        Please take the vaccine to protect the ones you love.

  24. Anonymous says:

    All deaths are sad but they don’t give you the right to ignore facts unfortunately. Sorry for yours and everyone’s loss. But your urging for all to be vax’d is a consequence of brain washing from 15 months imedia narrative.

    Covid is seasonal and hardly damaging to many at all.

    There’s this weird thing going on where all the mRNA champions are ignoring the fact that non-vaxxed countries are seeing the same results as vaxxed countries with the same seasonal dynamics.

    This is happening everywhere. You can also just look at what was happening at this time last year. Israel credited lockdowns last year, and vaccines this year. How handy for them.

    Seasonality is obvious, and completely ignored, because ‘Da Scyunce’! (Science)

    In South Africa less than 0.5% of the population has been vaccinated and their cases are way down and in Israel, cases were already heading down before they started vaccinating.

    It’s seems that natural immunity has more of an effect than vaccines. 80% of us can’t even get it. Of the remaining 20%, statistically nearly irrelevant increase in global deaths year on year.

    Hard to believe but true. Taking a vax for something you don’t need protection from isnt virtuous, it’s simply evidence of misplaced faith in your understanding of the true risks

    There is nothing stopping the borders opening except government officials the non vax’d want them open too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seasonal? Like your intelligence that seems to be stuck in the dormant winter season? You are indeed a very sad person. I hope you didn’t pass your genes on to any unfortunate children!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please post your sources.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sara, I am so very sorry for your loss and the circumstances in which your mother passed away.

    I share your frustration at people turning down the vaccine, not just because I don’t understand the decision in the face of what seems to me to be overwhelming evidence that it’s better to take it than not, but for the impact their decision may have on the rest of us, both locally in Cayman in terms of opening up and also globally in terms of variants/absence of herd immunity/returning to normal etc. I would likely feel differently about those resisting the vaccine if their decision impacted them alone.

    However, as you can see from the comments (38 at the time I type this) people seem to be entrenched in their respective silos and I am not sure your well intentioned and heartfelt experience will make a difference. Let’s hope it does.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is beyond frustrating that at this stage when there is so much information available on the impacts of this virus, the effectiveness of vaccines, and evidence of safety that we still have people trying to justify why they are refusing to do the only sensible thing barring any real medical impediments.

      A lot of what we are seeing is the effect of the evilness of Trump and his sycophantic media and evangelical morons.

      For those still holding on to this brainwashing, you apparently are not aware that Trump and Melanie quietly had the vaccine administered before they left the White House.

      • Anonymous says:

        Once one resorts to insults and names calling, your opinion goes to trash. Don’t they teach in Cayman schools how to debate civilly?

        • Anonymous says:

          8:19 am: I know I hit a nerve, but Trump’s evil nature has been widely acknowledged. It is in fact the word that truly puts into perspective how a supposed world leader could inflect so much damage to the moral fabric of our times

          Fox News: singlehandedly responsible for most of the misinformation about Covid. “Sycophantic” is describing in mild terms the harm they have done. History will judge them harshly.

          Evangelicals: very sad representation of Christianity. They too will be held up as a sorry spectacle of our era by future generations. Moronic is a perfect description.

          I have no apologies. The unfortunate truth is that the ignorant comments on this site are clear indications of the damage Trump, his sycophantic media and moronic evangelicals have wrought.

          Finally, Sara, pay no attention to the ignorant comments. We mourn with you the loss of your mother under such painful circumstances. I thank you for helping those of us who were spared your experience to understand the painful realities. God bless.

      • Anonymous says:

        Remind us again which administration was responsible for making it possible to get the vaccine out in record time? Here’s a hint. It sure as hell wasn’t Biden. And remember CNN ridiculing them saying a vaccine wasn’t possible for at least 3-5 years. Wrong again as usual. But hey don’t let that impact your Trump Derangement Syndrome. Maybe there will be a vaccine for that soon too.

        • Anonymous says:

          Chancellor Merkel? BioNTech SA is a German company, but thanks for trying to play World History.

          • Anonymous says:

            So it was Germany that directed the CDC and NIH to get it done, provided a guarantee of $2 billion in purchases regardless of outcome, provided immunity along with a TUE so it could be fast tracked. Didn’t realize the EU had that much influence on US agencies. Thanks for clarifying. 😂

        • Anonymous says:

          10:01 am: just for the record, it was not Trump who “got the vaccine out in record time.”

          While Trump deserves some credit for the vaccine, he deserves no credit for the massive drive to get shots in arms.

          In fact, he left no real plan and had he stayed in office, I don’t see how the US would have achieved what they have today. He wouldn’t even make public that he had been vaccinated.

          He is, for God sake, a Covid denier who wouldn’t even Wear a mask.

          I shudder to think where the US would be today had he remained in office.

          “Trump derangement syndrome” indeed. I think that is a good description for anyone who can defend a so-called leader of the free world who continues to push the Big Lie about the US presidential election, to whitewash the January 6 attack on the US capitol, to spread disinformation about the pandemic, and to embrace ugly racist narratives.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, name calling lowers your intelligence. Grow up.

        (But feel free to call woman beaters by the name they deserve, because we know that to be a true statement)

        • Anonymous says:

          Shut up, moron.
          Oh my God, what’s 2 + 2. I used to know this, but now I can’t figure it out. Oh why, or why did I call you a name????

  26. Anonymous says:

    The only thing that will make the vaccine holdouts pay attention is when the situation in Cayman mirrors Bermuda. A similar sized population. 50% with one vaccine shot (just behind our 55%). Currently 28 dead, 25 in hospital and most lockdown restrictions back in effect.

    • Anonymous says:

      30 dead

    • Anonymous says:

      And yet they’ve had demonstrations AGAINST the vaccine….

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      Maybe the holdouts as you call them don’t want to be test subjects and are waiting for the conclusion of the clinical trails in 2023. I wonder if any of these vaccines would have been approved if they had to pass the clinical trails first, just saying.

      Maybe 60k+ reported cases of blood clothing and 1000’s of deaths as result of the vaccine have people second guessing getting the vaccine. The icing on the cake is high numbers of fully vaccinated folks are now getting reinfected, aren’t these holdouts justified in their position?

      • Anonymous says:

        McCarron – please provide the evidence behind your statements of adverse effects of the vaccines. Otherwise most of us will dismiss what you are writing as FB nonsense.

        • Anonymous says:

          We don’t have social media accounts
          We don’t even own a TV set, let alone watch news on TV
          People who demand evidence to believe in something crack me up.
          Do you believe for example, that we, foremost, are electrical and photonic beings or you need an evidence? We are far more electrical and light body than we are chemical.

          • Anonymous says:

            WTF are you on about?? – are you advocating a fact free belief system as the basis for all decision making or is this a new spin on trolling.

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          7:48am I’m not making comments to prove anything or anybody right or wrong, I suggest you do your own research,it’s just observations and conclusions! A good place to start is the Center for Disease Control CDC own website under “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)”

          I’d bet all I have that you didn’t know this registry existed?

          *CNS: It’s important that you understand what it is you are looking at though.
          Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines

      • Anonymous says:

        McCarron MCLaughlin:

        Your information is incorrect. See the Pfizer press release in November 2020 announcing conclusion of third clinical trials. Do your research before you spread disinformation.

        And btw, please note in particular :

        “The companies expect to produce globally up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021”.

        With numbers like that from only one vaccine producer, if there were any side effects to really worry about, don’t you think they would have shown up by this?

        Here is a synopsis of the Pfizer release on last year’s third clinical trial:


        Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – 06:59am
        -Primary efficacy analysis demonstrates BNT162b2 to be 95% effective against COVID-19 beginning 28 days after the first dose;170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were evaluated, with 162 observed in the placebo group versus 8 in the vaccine group

        – Efficacy was consistent across age, gender, race and ethnicity demographics; observed efficacy in adults over 65 years of age was over 94%

        – Safety data milestone required by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) has been achieve

        -Data demonstrate vaccine was well tolerated across all populations with over 43,000 participants enrolled; no serious safety concerns observed; the only Grade 3 adverse event greater than 2% in frequency was fatigue at 3.8% and headache at 2.0%

        -Companies plan to submit within days to the FDA for EUA and share data with other regulatory agencies around the globe

        -The companies expect to produce globally up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021

        -Pfizer is confident in its vast experience, expertise and existing cold-chain infrastructure to distribute the vaccine around the world.

        You can Google the whole article.

        • HIJINX says:

          I think you may have missed a very important part of the Pfizer release that you are quoting. I think you should “do your research” and not quote selectively as it undermines your whole posting. The Pfizer release also stated:
          “The trial will continue to collect efficacy and safety data in participants for an additional two years.”
          in case you have trouble understanding that simple phrase, it means the trial is not concluded for another two years i.e. end of 2022.
          Have a nice day.

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          8:29pm Do you even know what 95% effective against COVID-19 means? I’m sure you believe this means you have a 5% chance of contracting the virus? Nope you have a 100% chance of being reinfected after being fully vaccinated because the jab doesn’t protect you from getting reinfected or transmitting, now prove me wrong?

      • Anonymous says:

        The one we are using doesn’t have blood clotting issues and I’m certain even the other vaccine didn’t have that many. Please quote your source.

      • Anonymous says:

        McCarron you do have the Right, to Choose one to die from

      • Anonymous says:

        She’s a trumper so the news she reads is Qanon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems government don’t know the real population size so for all we know 75% of the population may have been vaccinated. Note how they always say “around xxx people left island at start of Covid” , “approx xxxx work permits”. They don’t even know where PR people that owe PR fees are, so how do they know what population size is to determine exact vaccine population status?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hardly anyone dies in Alaska, Florida for example. Why do they die in Bermuda?

    • Anonymous says:

      7:49 There are People call Diehards, Google the meaning!

  27. JTB says:

    Nobody should be compelled to take the vaccine against their will.

    But economic and personal restrictions cannot be continued to protect those who do not choose to protect themselves.

    Everyone who wants the vaccine has now had it. Enough. Open the borders, no more quarantine.

    We cannot pretend Covid isn’t there or that we can hide from it forever. It’s with us, forever. We are as well placed as we could be to deal with it.


    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t need to hide from it for ever, just long enough to achieve 80% vaccination rates in Cayman and in the places travel to Cayman from. Then we can probably let fully vaccinated people in with fewer restrictions.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is quite clear that neither Cayman nor the US will reach that for some time, if ever. What then? The current situation is not sustainable.

        It is beyond disappointing that there have been no statements yet from the new government as to their policy on the border, other than a brief reference by Mr Panton in his first speech in charge.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually in the first speech our new Premier gave he clearly indicated that the borders would not open until it was safe to do so.

          It will not be safe to open our borders fir months. Sensible governments like that in Singapore are now increasing quarantine to 21 days to fight the variants.

    • Anonymous says:

      From a tourism standpoint, it hardly seems worth the risk to open up without quarantine now, at the beginning of the summer slow season. You’d get the bargain hunter tourists, who are probably likely to be less diligent about Covid-19 precautions. Why not wait until Nov. 15? I supposed we could impose strict guidelines (fully vaccinated, pre-boarding test, test at the airport upon arrival, etc) but that increases risk. Is it worth it right now, with the summer here? Or maybe we can do it for fully vaccinated residents only (with pre-testing and testing on arrival) so they can get off the island, The absolute worst thing that could happen to Cayman is for an outbreak to cause another lockdown, like we are seeing in other places

  28. Fully Vaccinated! says:

    I feel that those who are refusing to get the vaccine are holding the rest of the country hostage (as well any visitors from around the world). I also venture to guess that if the same people holding out were unemployed due to the pandemic and their people were dying around them they would think differently. I also know people who have died and almost died because they were not yet eligible for the vaccine where they live. Have we really worked so hard to get to this point and now we are going to blow it because of the holdouts? I ask the holdouts: do you deserve to be treated for Covid if you refused the vaccine (and did not have an existing medical condition that may cause a problem)? If we open our borders and Covid spreads through the community should anyone needing hospitalization get priority over someone with Covid who refused the vaccine? Please just look around the world and any of those countries could be us next! Honestly, anyone who refused the vaccine is in an alternate universe. Very sorry for your loss, Sara.

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      7:17pm you really enjoy being a test subject? The clinical trails are ongoing for the Pfizer vaccine and are scheduled to be completed in 2023. 👏 Thank you for doing your part but dont spout crap because you being fully vaccinated can contract the virus just like any unvaccinated persons. Catch22

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you really enjoy being provocative for the sake of it or do you simply not understand what is real?

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          7:50am it’s true they are test subjects for an illness that has a lethality rate of less than 1%, don’t hate on me because I decided to to continue taking a daily intake of Vitamin C,D and Zinc over the Jab.

      • Anonymous says:


        What about the Children? The risks of taking the vaccine to protect our children is far better than letting innocent children suffer.
        See the lingering effects of Covid survivors that are CHILDREN.
        By not taking the vaccine, you are being selfish, period.

      • Anonymous says:

        11:00 Smart Guy you want to make sure trails are not yours!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I too have lost friends to covid, but I still do not want to take the vaccine, it has not been proven safe in the long term. The pharmaceutical companies have indemnified themselves against law suits. Why would they do that? It has been approved for emergency use only. It has been politicised as safe with public figures declaring it safe, yet they have no evidence of this. It can be contained in isolation but economies are cited as threatening to collapse, but they have not to date. I have no desire to be part of a worldwide clinical study.

    • Anonymous says:

      The sought after Pfizer vax is literally safer than the annual flu shot or birth control medication. Billion plus served. Good luck to you.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        You seem to lack the ability to read and comprehend. Still does not change the unknown of long term effects, essential for nearly all medications and vaccines.

      • McCarron McLaughlin says:

        7:09pm How is it safer when clinical trials are ongoing, observations before conclusions please.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:47 pm; you know what else has serious side effects? COVID.

      Btw, your comment on the implications of the FDA’s emergency approval of the vaccine is misleading.

      Here is how the FDA explains it:

      “Are the COVID-19 vaccines rigorously tested?

      Yes. Clinical trials are evaluating investigational COVID-19 vaccines in tens of thousands of study participants to generate the scientific data and other information needed by FDA to determine safety and effectiveness. These clinical trials are being conducted according to the rigorous standards set forth by the FDA.“

      You can read the rest of the article here:

      And by the way, if that misinterpret terminology “emergence approval” is bothering you even after millions have been vaccinated with no serious side effects, Pfizer has announced that it is now applying for full FDA approval:

      “The new efficacy data, plus a safety analysis comprising data from more than 12,000 people who were fully immunized for at least six months, allow the companies to file a drug application with the FDA to turn the shot’s emergency use authorization into a full approval, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Ph.D., said in a statement.”

      Read the full report here:

      • Anonymous says:

        Still doesn’t change the fact that it approved for emergency use only. Long term effects are unknown. ( 6 months is not long term). Please now address why the pharmaceutical sought indemnity. By the way government training is also almost always reported as ‘rigorous’ seems almost everything is ‘rigorous’ these days. Agencies have to meet ‘standards’ and ‘standards’ are the minimum. Emergency use is not bothering me, what is bothering me is the bigoted views of the press and people standing on soapboxes demanding people give up their human right to choose.

      • Anonymous says:

        These “vaccines” are unlike any vaccines ever produced. The LONG-TERM effects are unknown. Those who have received the Covid vaccine are now told that they are STILL NOT immune from the disease and that they will likely have to continue being vaccinated on a semi-annual or annual basis. Biden has been immunized and still wears two masks. Why? What’s the point of risking death by vaccine if it apparently does nothing?

        • Anonymous says:

          Risking death by vaccine? Really??

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          You are 100% wrong because previously all vaccines approved by the FDA, had to receive an Institutional Review Board IRB consent certificate before rolling out to the public, the opposite has happened for the vaccines that are being mass produced and tested on the public, furthermore there are many medical/therapeutic treatments for the COVID-19, absent of alternative treatments is the only reason according to the FDA own rules should an emergency request be approved and we now know this was and is not the case.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you still expect your health insurance to cover you when you catch it and need hospital treatment, despite turning down a vaccine?

      • Anonymous says:

        Health insurance doesn’t cover sh*t anyways and my question to all of you if you and your “family and friends” have taken the vaccine why are you so worried about the people who refuse to take it aren’t you and your family protected now from those “idiots” this makes no sense if the vaccine is so effective then you should not worry at all it’s like Biden still wearing a mask even though he has been fully vaccinated what’s the point of the vaccine if you still have to wear a mask

      • Anonymous says:

        Will health insurance cover blood clots or any long term side effects?

        Didn’t think so

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you expect your health insurance to cover those who are overweight, smokers or drink alcohol?

      • McCarron McLaughlin says:

        8:24pm will your Insurance cover you ig contract the Influenza A or B? Your comment take the prize…

    • Anonymous says:

      6:47 BY the time you lose a few more Friends it should be PROVEN SAFE!

    • Anonymous says:

      When a shipping company gets insurance for their cargo and are indemnified if the contents are damaged, do you assume they’re plotting something nefarious?

      The public pharmaceutical companies are ultimately supposed to give returns to their shareholders. If they have the opportunity to take a 0.01% risk down to 0% for free, they are going to do it. Most shareholders (which includes many pension funds held by “real” people like us) would be ticked off at them for not taking the opportunity to derisk for free.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your comparing insured cargo to human life? Here is a real case for you, a car arrives at the dock for shipping, the car is found damaged, the shipping company informs the shipper the damaged areas are not covered by insurance. That is how it works, it is not the same as full indemnity.

        Returns on investment includes protecting that investment. You are right. Even to the point where if the product causes death, injury or side effects the investment is protected against law suits. Money overrides human life.

        • Anonymous says:

          Off topic but that is is exactly what happened to my car! Was in pristine condition and a dock hand put a big ol’ dent in the rear quarter panel. No cover from the shipping company (Thompsons)
          I think they gave me about $150 for the $600+ damages.

      • McCarron McLaughlin says:

        9:02pm is that code for participating for free in a medical experiment, you are counting your eggs before credible data is produced on the efficacy of the vaccines, clinical trials conclude in 2 years!

    • Anonymous says:

      if people don’t believe in science or statistics…. there is not much more you can do. you can’t reason with that level ignorance.
      why cig has let the solution to this pandemic be optional is beyond belief…

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps they are respecting human rights which appears to be more than you are doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:47 You are call a Diehard!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Of all the comments I have read over the years on cns, the people saying ‘give us a border opening date and then we will consider the vaccine as we are currently safe’ is probably the most ridiculous, uneducated, illogical comment I have ever read. truly astonishing how brain dead some people are.

    • Anonymous says:

      My guess is the logic is sailing right over your highly educated head. Perhaps it’s your fear, desperation or arrogance getting in the way of critically analyzing the full scope of the circumstances and understanding that it’s the government that holds the keys, not those who are holding out. If you agree that we cannot stay locked down forever then there is a glimmer of hope that you will come to understand the logic. If you think we can stay locked down indefinitely then perhaps you should reassess your high horse intellect.

    • Anonymous says:

      Serious question, why don’t we give them a date?

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    It really is a disgrace some people aren’t getting vaccinated, if they then request one later, as the current stock expire on June 9 and the vaccine will be approved for 12-15 year olds in the next few days, so we need to use up these valuable jabs we have in the next few weeks on adults, so the next ones we are lucky enough to get can go on 12-15 yr olds. Do people refusing a jab realise they won’t ever be able to travel off island and will likely be banned from shops/restaurants etc when we open up?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but the dollar overrides all else. Shops and restaurants would never bar the unvaccinated, pure nonsense. Not everyone can the vaccine which you conveniently forget.

      • Anonymous says:

        Having a customer die or become seriously ill after visiting your shop or restaurant is terrible PR.

        Doesn’t matter if it was caught from another customer, people are still going to look down on the owner.

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      6:26pm I guess you haven’t heard FULLY VACCINATED person are getting reinfected by COVID-19, if your assumptions are correct none one will be able to leave the Island again. Wake up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds good to me. I like less traffic, no tourists, empty beaches, and our food/fuel seems to still be coming in.

        I did not like the low-wage population growing nor the high-rises popping up. I am ALL for opening the borders when we are 88% vaccinated and beg Dr. John Lee and our New Premier NOT TO WAIVER….

        Yup, you keep being a turtle (no vax) and we will go back to being “the island that time forgot” which is just fine by me…I can do a few more years of this.

        • Anonymous says:

          Me too. I’m loving it as it is and don’t want things to change. Having been stuck overseas when covid struck and unable to get home, it was a truly frightening situation to have it all around, and the constant wail of the ambulances. I was constantly so anxious. Here back in Cayman with no covid, it’s such a relief. I don’t want us to open up and bring covid into the island and have to go through that anxiety again.

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          8:45am you won’t be loving it if the global economy doesn’t recover and food shortages hit our shores.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you and your family have experienced due to your loss.

    However, I must I disagree with your opinion “here is just simply no excuse not to get it”. Everyone is entitled to do what they feel is best for them. No one should try to force their opinions on anyone as you never know someone’s circumstances. As an individual who has severe allergies, I am not a candidate for this vaccine as I have had horrific outbreaks in the past from other shots. Before anyone rags on me, I am not antivax either. I have encouraged those who are comfortable and capable of taking it to do so, I just have an extremely sensitive system and cannot be ignorant of that. However, those who as hesitant about taking a vaccine that they are unsure about should not be bullied, pressured, or talked down to. There have been people worldwide who had negative reactions, strokes, heart attacks, hives, died, etc after taking the vaccines. It is okay if someone does not want to put something they do not know much about into their bodies. We all need to do our research to determine what is the best course of action for ourselves. I know people who experienced more than just a sore arm or headache after both doses of their vaccine. Some were very ill for more than just a few days and had symptoms longer than a week.

    Fear mongering people into taking the vaccine isn’t okay either. COVID is horrific and a true threat, but you everyone must decided for themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I know people who experienced more than just a sore arm or headache after both doses of their vaccine. Some were very ill for more than just a few days and had symptoms longer than a week.”

      Right. Versus being dead. Got it.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:24 pm: “Everyone must decide for themselves”, sorry, but some people never had a chance to make that choice.

      If you wanted to be helpful you would just not have bothered to comment—if your best medical advice is to abstain, no one is forcing you.

      The concern of the writer of this moving piece is about anti-Vaxers who have no medical reason to abstain.

      Sadly, we have people who chose to remain ignorant and abstain for no medically sound reason, putting the test of the population at risk.

      Very annoying.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:24 Are you sure you can take Aspirin!

    • Anonymous says:

      I respect your stance as it applies to your allergies.

      The point I do not support is: it is okay for the individuals not to want to put something they do not know much about…

      These are likely the same people who eat every type of processed food, soda, and other junk food that they have no idea what it does to their overall health. But they do it every single day without thought.

      But of course, they feel the vaccine is the one to be concerned about?!?!

      I’m happy to see the EU announced today that vaccination will be required for entry. I expect the US will follow soon. People may rethink their decision to not be vaccinated when their lifestyle is impacted.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Condolences. No vaccine. My choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      6:21 pm: how can you be so thoughtlessly glib in the face of all of the implications of contracting Covid against having a fully protected population?

      But you can console tiredly you would not be the first to reject the vaccine, deny the seriousness of Covid, and subsequently face the consequences of your own foolishness.

      Unfortunately, people like you are mot making the decision in isolation.

  35. Jean says:

    So sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing. I have had cancer and was afraid to have it at first but am so glad to say i had both my shots with very few side effects

  36. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sara
    Many thanks your powerful words.
    My heart breaks reading your story.
    I am so upset at the low take up of the vaccine here..It seems people have forgotten what the real world looks like out there!and the devastation of the virus.
    The virus will be with us for a long time to come and we won’t be able to stay shut forever.
    A lot of people have a false sense of security and can’t see outside this little bubble we find ourselves in.
    So many countries are desperate for the vaccine and we have some that are about to is nothing short of criminal.
    I have not seen my parents and close family for almost 2 years and what happened to you has been my worst fear the last few months..thankfully my parents have just had their first dose and it has been such a HUGE relief..hence why I can not fathom the low take up here..

    • Anonymous says:

      5:49 exactly what does “heart breaks” mean? I really don’t think that is true.

      Sara my deepest condolences. I really hope your story saves at least one life.

      Thank you sharing your story with us.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Heart breaks” means I feel the emotions she is going through in a vivid way as it is what I feared might happen to my loved ones abroad.
        I am unsure why you should question the meaning of it?
        I am a mother,a daughter and a wife and yes my heart breaks when I read such harrowing stories.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sara,

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother passing. I know the pain of losing a loved one, but cannot imagine the pain of not being able to visit or see them in person during the final days. Again I’m sorry for your loss.

    That being said, I’m not sure why you think a guilt trip will change the minds of those who do not want to take the vaccine. I myself will refuse the vaccine until I feel comfortable with the risks. The reasons I myself wont take it is:

    1. The death rate from Covid does not warrant me taking a vaccine that was pushed through that does not have any analysis on long term effects. The US death rate from COVID according to the latest figures is 0.0178% and most countries are under 1%. This is not high enough for me, to make me take a vaccine that we don’t know the long term side effects of.

    2. I cannot hold anyone responsible for the vaccine having negative effects, if it happens. Should something happen in 2-3 years or even longer, when all is said and done, who do we hold responsible for any effects that are negative coming from these vaccines? Can I point back to this article and say that you influence my decision so you hold some responsibility? I wouldn’t ask that of anyone because the resposibility for my health is in my own hands.

    From your article, you are aware that we all takes risks on a daily basis. We drive to work when we risk death from getting into an accident. We eat foods that might cause illnesses in the later in life, yet here we are at a point where one side is telling the other side to do something they do not want to do. The tactics used by your side such as the guilt tripping and the brow beating is absolutely ridiculous at this point and it only fuels my desire to fight you on taking the vaccine.

    As an adult you should have enough real world experience to know that you can’t tell someone their reasons are wrong and guilt trip them. As mind boggling as it is, you are the one wanting to impose your will on other people so you will need to change your tatcis and approach. You will need to address the reasons with logic and reasoning and if you aren’t willing to take on that task then I don’t see the point in this article or even complaining about it. You can say we are selfish, but try to remember we aren’t trying to stop you from taking the vaccine. You and others are begging for everyone to take this vaccine because you don’t want to experience loss. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is operating from a selfish point of view because we are all doing things for our benefit so I wouldn’t be implying that other people are selfish because they don’t want to take the vaccine. The same can be said about you, you just want everyone to take the vaccine so you or your family doesn’t get sick.

    After all is said and done, just stop this nonsense and take care of yourself and your family for whom you are responsible for because thats all each person can do in their life. We cannot control the actions of others, we can only plan and adapt for it. This constant whining and guilt tripping is juvenile and needs to stop because you achieving the very opposite of what you are aiming to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you planning to hold responsible if you get COVID-19?

      • Anonymous says:

        These people hope that the borders stay closed so they don’t have to deal with it.

      • / says:

        I’m not the original commenter.

        As of this day, none of the vaccines prevent COVID-19. They only reduce the severity of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

        If I contract the virus and get severely ill then so be it. Why would I need to hold anyone but myself responsible for contracting it?

        • HeHimHis says:

          Most vaccines don’t prevent anything – they give your immune system the ability to fight the disease and thereafter pass it on.

          If you contract the virus and pass it on to your co-workers/neighbours, they will blame you for it no doubt.

    • Anonymous says:

      5:02 pm: what a load of rubbish. The technology of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinee was in development for more than ten years. It was not “pushed through.”

      And no body would care what you do—what we care about is how your decision could impact the rest of us.

      By the way, have you taken note of what is happening in India? 4000,000 died in one day this week due to Covid.

      YOU really need to stop YOUR nonsense. We cannot just be solely focused on ourselves when it comes to a viral contagion.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your loss. I too have lost a half dozen this last year to the virus and probably quite a few more in the acquaintance category overseas. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the planet’s herd immunity goal will fall short. That means that sooner or later, there will either be a great coordinated lockdown, or we will all have our own firsthand experience (some for the second or third time), and that’s how humanity will get past this. I hope that those that are waiting, will grasp the pro’s and con’s data and quickly come to realize how decidedly one-sided it’s becoming: that getting vaccinated is an extremely wise choice,,especially while they are available.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about your loss.

    But please stop guilt-tripping people into getting vaccinated!

    No one is obligated or should be pressured into saving someone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      4:36 I could not agree more, so tired of people bullying, guilt tripping, and trying to manipulate people into taking the vaccine. People have the right to decide what is best for them and their bodies. You want the vaccine? Take it, Tom, Dick and Harry don’t want it, leave them alone. It is their decision and their right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe they care enough not to want to see hundreds of residents buried? Sorry if that preference comes across as bullying. Millions dead and more expected.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think this about guilt tripping.
      It’s called a reality check.

      • McCarron McLaughlin says:

        6:29pm your reality check is the COVID-19 vaccine is not going to prevent you from contracting or transmitting the virus, do some research? So what makes you any different from an unvaccinated person? Your symptoms will simply be suppressed, I’m astonished at the level of misinformation the CI government allows to go around on the Covid-19 virus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually people should be shamed into saving someone else. A society in which every individual is only required to act in his or her own selfish personal interest is a pretty poor place. Vaccines have been used successfully for hundreds of years. The science is clear that the personal risk of taking this vaccine is de minimis. Presumably if you had been of fighting age in World War I or World War II you would have been advocating for everyone else but you to be doing the fighting because you shouldn’t be pressured into paticiapting because there was a risk you might be killed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely right. So lets open the borders instead of crippling our tourism industry just to save your unvaccinated ass.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing Sara. I hope it makes a difference to some Caymanians that are resisting for various strange, stubborn reasons. Condolences.

    • Fully Vaccinated! says:

      It is not just Caymanians refusing the vaccine!! Plenty of status holders, residents, work permit holders also! People of all nationalities and religions!

      • Anonymous says:

        A) status holders are Caymanian.
        B) the rest of your comment is spot on
        C) religion is playing an oversize role in those not getting the vaccine.

    • Anonymous says:

      A) status holders are Caymanian.
      B) the rest of your comment is spot on
      C) religion is playing an oversize role in those not getting the vaccine.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I will shut regarding anything else.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Please set a firm border opening date first.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does a border opening date impact someone’s decision to get the jab or not now? What a ridiculous thought process….?

    • Anonymous says:

      3:47 Borders are not opening anytime soon, get over it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why you need a date before you will be vaccinated. What is the relevance? What if the date was 5th May? What if the date was 1st June, 30th June, 1 November? What difference does it make what the date is? The vaccines are about to expire and we cannot guarantee there will be more if you choose to carelessly waste this incredibly precious resource that people are literally dying to get.

  43. anon says:

    The Premier has claimed that transparency will be one of the pillars of his administration.He and his government members must lead by example and show the public proof that they have all been vaccinated. There is no point in trying to persuade the non-vaxers if any of the Pact in Parliament are holding out.

    • Anonymous says:

      3:43 It is not anyone’s business whether or not they have taken the vaccine. What is with you people, talk about a sense of entitlement. Maybe some of them have medical conditions preventing them from taking it. Must they disclose that to you as well busybody?

      • Anonymous says:

        No they don’t have to disclose the medical condition. But it’s no big deal for them to simply state that they have “a” medical condition that prevented them having the vaccine. Governments need to lead by example.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. As leaders of the country and supporting public health issues, they absolutely should provide their vaccination status and explicitly the medical condition preventing them from vaccinating. Par for the course for that kind of public position.

        • McCarron McLaughlin says:

          8:11pm If any of our leaders choose not the take the jab, its their prerogative! Forcing people to take part in this giant medical experiment against their free will goes against basic Human Rights.

      • alaw says:

        6:29 Whether Some may have Medical Conditions is not my
        What is the acronym {PACT} stand for again!
        The Election is over, is there not one that have Something to say of this SERIOUS World PANDEMIC, to the
        People of these Cayman Islands, that is my Concern.

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