Alden accuses successor of hypocrisy

| 13/05/2021 | 133 Comments
Cayman News Service
Alden McLaughlin MP at the Progressives press briefing

(CNS): Former premier Alden McLaughlin has accused his successor, Premier Wayne Panton, of hypocrisy over his decision to form a government with McKeeva Bush. McLaughlin said Panton had taken the view that the “prize of the premiership was worth him going back on everything he had said and done previously, and lo and behold we have Mr Bush back as speaker of the House and part of the PACT administration”. Speaking at the opposition’s first press conference, McLaughlin said it was one of the greatest political ironies that Panton had resigned from the Progressives because he said they “were unprincipled” and had failed to fire Bush from his high office.

While the press conference was called by Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart to outline the Progressives’ shadow cabinet and who in his team will be holding which ministers to account, several of the PPM members and Dwayne Seymour spokes about the events in the wake of the election.

McLaughlin MP (RED), who will now be the shadow minister for financial services, international trade and agriculture, spoke about the days immediately after the election result and admitted that the Progressives had been “blindsided” by the early meeting that Panton held with the successful independent candidates.

McLaughlin denied that any pressure or intimidation during the negotiations had come from their side and said it was quite the reverse. But he also said that the PPM had made arrangements with four candidates who are now in the PACT Government that they believed were going to join them in the wake of the election.

McLaughlin said they had assisted these unnamed candidates financially, offered political advice and endorsed them. But he said something must have happened in the last week of the elections, as he did not believe “the plot that was hatched” with the independent group and Panton had happened overnight.

He said that the Unity government had called early elections because of the controversy stirred by Bush and his conviction for assault, as well as the private member’s motion filed by the opposition calling for him to be ousted. McLaughlin made it clear he did not want to deal with that.

“Rather than allow that process to play out with all the attendant controversy and bad feelings it would involve, after consultation with my caucus I took the decision to dissolve the government,” he stated.

McLaughlin said that after the election, the PPM had decided that they would not form an administration with the member for West Bay West. “We took a principled position in the aftermath of the election that we would not go back into government with Mr Bush,” he said. However, on the campaign trail the then premier had avoided indicating whether or not that would be the case.

While McLaughlin made much of the fact that some PACT members had been among the loudest critics of the situation with Bush, it was because Isaac Rankine had reneged on his initial deal with the independents and signed an agreement with the PPM that Bush was able to play ‘kingmaker’ in order to secure the independent-led government that the country had voted for.

During the press conference the opposition members said they would be focusing on rebuilding the Progressive party, and Joey Hew MP (GTN) stressed the need for the PPM to ensure that they were fielding their own party candidates in more constituencies at the next election.

Although he was disappointed by the departure of Juliana O’Connor-Connolly to the PACT Government, McTaggart said that she had not actually resigned from the Progressives and remained a member of the party.

McTaggart said he would welcome Dwayne Seymour becoming the next formal member of the party. Seymour, however, said that while had not ruled this out, it would be a matter for his constituents who had returned him as an independent allied with the Progressives.

See the full conference on the Progressives Facebook page.

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Comments (133)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Uh, no. Not going to let this slide.

    Roy = ventriloquist doll for Alden and DART, where his wife works. He ran in a constituency full of starter homes, no doubt the owners of which felt some gratitude for their circumstances, and he seemed nice enough. He also had no credible competition. I voted for him but only because he was nice enough to pretend to ask, and I would have voted for any credible competitor instead regardless if we had one here. Something like 220 people voted for a 27-year-old instead, with all the problems we have that require maturity, wisdom, and experience, and in spite of his acknowledged strong performance as Minister of Finance.

    Joey = again, right candidate, right constituency. Rich man with a pretty wife who owns a Camana Bay store – ‘nuff said. I’ll only add that his competitor came out too early (way before the election positioning himself as lead opponent of the Progressives’ least popular policy, probably trying to be an instant premier), and came on too strongly.

    Barbara = same thing again. GTS is probably the second-richest constituency, full of equally complacent people. Public anger directed at her during her term was muted and defused by this, hence she got back in. Still almost lost.

    Dwayne = not willing to put the Progressives label on himself, actually. Folk hero to the inane. Had a weak has-been competitor who just gets bored of merely owning his gas station every other election, and became a joke about cow penises like a decade ago.

    Alden = almost lost and surely only got back in on a manipulated sense of pity and some misguided notion of a deserved reward. Hold the election again today and he’s gone – I’d bet my house on it.

    Moses = the clue is in the name (first and last), and again, the constituency.

    David = same as Roy and Barbara, complacent constituency with nothing happening and one landmark – his gas station. He was never attached to any controversy because he never did anything. Weak competitors. Also, what’s with the gas station owners?

    Julie = weather-vane whose established pattern is to do whatever is necessary to get into Cabinet so she can shower her constituents with Government largesse, hence, they vote her in every time waiting for the rewards.

    On the other side: EVERYONE ELSE!!!

    This is why they are not in power anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally, I would have voted for the 27-year-old. But the rest of your comment is spot on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roy needs to abandoned this group. Somebody sat down a wrote a speech for him to read that they believed everybody would like and then Alden turned everything bottom up making everything Roy had just read seem superficial and made up.

    I watched the pain on Roy’s face when he was listening to Alden spurt out his hatred and disingenuous statements and accusations.

    My thoughts were that the PPM would have come out with a more all inclusive approach rather than attacking the new government and hoping for them to fall within a year. This solidifies to me that the PPM is finished and as a past card carrying member, I have lost total faith in Alden to lead. Roy has good intentions he will always be controlled by Alden as he will never have the balls to stand up for himself or to Alden for that matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a narcissistic ass!

    Why can’t he just swallow his pride and stop making up lies when he knows damn well he doesn’t wish the government and success.

    He and that group of losers will do anything to bring down this government. I just hope that the PACT group sees the PPM intent from now and will ward of any of their ill contrived theories or financial advances.

    There is one thing I can agree on with him and that is that the PACT group outsmarted him, even if he is pissed off at them for getting one up on him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir , it is in your best interests, that is time for you to go abroad and live Sir for a while, to see and experience how the real world works without so much pettiness, envy and arrogance that you portray. Considering that you have not lived or even studied abroad. Vacations by themselves don’t cut it. Sir you need a good overseas immersion to open your mind.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alden, it is only because you avoided the discomfort of dealing with Mr. Bush that you put the independents in the position to take over government. It is your unwillingness to make the hard decisions that cost the PPM control. If you are going to sling mud you need to sling it in the direction of the mirror

  5. Anonymous says:

    PPM could have formed the government had they ran a candidate in more constituencies versus cutting deals with independents that they felt had the numbers to win. If they chose candidates wisely even if they felt the numbers weren’t there those candidates might have surprised everyone. People were confused as they voted some of those same independents in as they assumed they were joining PPM. Elections are over and many are not happy with the way government was formed and many are not happy with Ministers with no experience or education. We are in uncharted territory here. We all hope for the best but respectfully this is not the time to be learning on the job. Wayne and Chris will have their hands full and mistakes are inevitable. I do get a sense that they have a Caymanian first mentality and it will be difficult to balance the playing field to continue to drive inward investment without foreign direct investment. The newbies will get a dose of reality of just how precarious this is in a country that has no direct taxes. The PPM understand this and left the country with a surplus however that surplus was obtained. Some of the bright talents like Justin Ebanks, Johann Moxam and Raul Coe were not successful but the feedback on them is they spoke intelligent, passionate, knowledgeable and didn’t vote buy. I hope they run again as they will stand their ground against corruption but have the skills to understand and drive discussions to steer Cayman better for a more sustainable economic model to benefit all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Orrrr maybe they should have governed for the good of the people instead of the good of themselves

      • Anonymous says:

        12.13 Time to stop spouting that nonsense. You know it is simply not true. Absolutely no proof.

  6. Sheriff says:

    Put on your big boy pants and get over it. Stop acting like a spoiled brat. GROW UP!

  7. anon says:

    I wonder what all the Progressives detractors will be saying after 4 years of PACT?.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank God, we got rid of the PPM. That’s what we will be saying..

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m thinking “4 MORE!!! 4 MORE!!!”…while the PPM will say “dats not fair…they were acting for the people not themselves…sniff sniff”

  8. dave says:

    and PPM saved us from Covid while we all cooperated and obeyed the “Stay at home” rule. Pschhh give us some credit yall didn’t just simply save us lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alden’s got a point, but it’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This was a shot across the bow to the Pact group that Alden and the PPM will be doing everything to try to get them to fail.

    This should be a challenge to the PACT group to solidify themselves and stand firm against whatever the PPM does to try to derail their term in office.

    Alden and this group are schemers and crooked deal makers. Do not fall into their traps..They have already setting them. Don’t let Alden or the PPM get into your heads!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Who is the Puppet Leader Alden or Roy??

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wait? So Ju Ju crossed the floor , but is still a member of the PPM, the opposition party?

    I get that she doesn’t have the integrity to resign from the PPM – long track record of switching sides – but the PPM want to say they were betrayed by the independent candidates they supported and financed in the campaign, but overlook the fact that one of their own, a cabinet minister in the last government, who ran their campaign using PPM funds, brand and money, has jumped ship to get a cabinet seat? LOL.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The PACT government have had time to settle in and should begin to light up the stovetop burners and make things really interesting for that back bench. Like the SEC/DOJ, PACT could offer a 30% whistle-blower asset-recovery commission to anyone, including (and esp) gov’t workers, with credible information that leads to arrest, conviction, and recovery of public assets over the last 30 years. Millions have gone missing under the loose PPM/CDP watch. Let’s recover that money (our money) and put the public/private crooks that conspired to defraud us, into jail. I suspect we might need that money to build a bigger jailhouse to bunk them all. Just light the pilot light and watch how quiet these slicksters get.

    • Whatever says:

      What you yakking bout @8:44 speak now or forever be called a nuni.

      • Anonymous says:

        Counter-signed cheques in individual names…soft-dollar agreements in the tens of millions….light the stovetop and you’ll see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Start with a full and non bias investigation of misappropriation / misuse / abuse of Paloma Recovery Funds under the present Education Minister who was at that time Minister responsible for District Administration.

  14. Cayman Sanction says:

    This enormous and dangerous mess we now see where all these factions and non Caymanians control all aspects of our business and entire government branches and social society is who’s fault ??? One UDP two successive PPM back to back administrations I am sacred to even think what would have happen had they returned for the third one .For a party who started out fighting for the local people they have abandoned us to very a dangerous situation and a foreign displacement program so bad now we have to stand up now and those that would destroy and sever our ties to our own mother the UK’s . It’s bad when we have to align ourselves with our Colonial power just to survive the affray .Alden and Mckeewa are a absolute disgrace to our fore fathers that I know!

  15. Shane Mcdermot says:

    SHUT UP ALden. Your arrogance and know all attitude screwed you. Go Find a real job. LOSER

  16. Anonymous says:

    PPM = Narcissism personified..

  17. holier-than-thou says:

    Oh, Alden, stop with the holier-than-thou act. If you were so righteous about the McKeeva issue, why didn’t YOU and YOUR government censure him after he was convicted? Or better yet, before? You sat there and did nothing — because retaining your premiership was the most important thing to you. Now, you criticise Panton for doing much the same? Who’s the hypocrite here???

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually you are wrong. Two wrings don’t make a right. That shows Wayne has no credibility. None. Because he should stand by his word and let Alden look bad in this scenario.

    • Anonymous says:

      A thousand likes for this. So true!

  18. Anonymous says:

    As bad to me is PACT’s failure to replace Juliana as Minister for Education. Should’ve been a high priority. What is more important???

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm. I don’t know Roy said yesterday that she was best suited for that what’s your point?

  19. Cayman Biting Ants says:

    Alden Caymanian people were so sick and tired of you and your clowns they would rather cut a deal with criminal. Does not say much bout you Alden or your foreign feigns!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Alden, you knew we the people wanted McBeater fired as Speaker and you ignored us. People would have applauded and voted your group back in with minimal disruption – but you took the coward’s way out. Face it: you 🤬 up. That slip was the hair that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Add WORC, the Piers, the run-away development, OfReg. We had enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed. That ONE decision to keep Mac after he was found guilty was history changing. Imagine how the voting would have gone had those buffoons had done the right thing.
      No mater what you think about the decision to put Mac as Speaker, (which was extremely hard to swallow), at least it shook the PPM out of their stronghold. Let’s hope this continues now that the people are waking up to what is going on.

      However, I still believe that it is VITAL that we hold that referendum and put the idea of the new Cruise pier to bed once and for all. The only thing Alden did when he stopped it was to hold off until the tide came back around.
      Trust me here, they will STILL be pushing for it. And with all of the $$$ behind it (including the pockets already lined), it very well could still win to get it built. My Caymanian people are weak when money is on the table and will always win with them. I hate saying that but from what I have seen over the past 30 years, it is writing on the wall. Sell outs.

    • Anonymous says:

      MORE than enough, 6:23am!

  21. TopaZ says:

    Ppm handing our 2 million to foreign nationals whilst Caymanians struggled is a crime Alden and trying to cover it by saying Caymanians got 2.1 million 100K more is disgrace eh Austin you one hit wonder!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hubris at its best. Austin should have stuck with his originals and he would be a minister today. Instead he threw rocks at the sun and let the wrong people in his ear instead of his constituents how voted for him. Alden only got back in because he always runs against no-names, which is why he still thinks people voted for him. they are laughable the both of them only difference is soon one will be broke and returned to the ground level with us. Ahhhh the bittersweet!

  22. PPM nuisance detector says:

    Alden calling people a hypocrite! Coming from the master of hypocrites it’s a compliment Wayne ignore his ignorance Wayne please get on with saving our environment. Please give our ppm parrot one Cracker so he can hush please!

  23. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    Dearest Alden I hope this finds you well in your ppm utopia now crying or bawling bout being double crossed! First of all how narcissistic can one be?? Your new premier ring looks really nice. How thoughtful of you, but it does lack originality but they will never ever accuse you of ever having any original ideas because of your Clown status! I would like to share with you a couple of words of wisdom whilst you sitting in our parliament with the rest of your insane posse of Clowns.Special shout out to Jon Jon aka BoZo sacred vessel of Bodden town. Now back to my job at hand I cannot for the world understand why you would hold a briefing or press conference to 1 complain 2 divulge or disclose how you conspired to undermine Caymanians voters yet again in an election. But you are so vain, I cannot say I am at all surprised! Yet I can understand the money for vote scheme and your election expenditures and unfulfilled promises to your ppm flock of cronies and disciples and dummies must have been excruciatingly painful and come as a great surprise to you and yours truly insane clown posse. Finally anyone who would sell out their own island would not hesitate to sellout one man! You can get away with lies, you can double cross your own people you can get away with anything.But Karma Alden will take care of everything! It was our Environment big ole dummy Alden but you still don’t get it !

  24. Anonymous says:

    You lost Aldart and Mo$e$, get over it, PACT outplayed you plain and simple.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Let me first start by saying I am not opposed to change of the government because change can bring about some good things and fresh ideas.

    Now we got that out of the way, we are one of the most coveted Caribbean countries in terms of our economic prosperity, safety, general kindness of our people etc.

    Having said that, it is the first time in all my life here that I have witnessed that type of hostility to grab power. I mean we have witnessed a particular media company, intimidate and warned candidates in an aggressive manner and in some cases those Independents fearing for their lives. Organizing so called protests etc. It was truly a gaslighted operation because of that media’s disdain for the then government. And off course they benefited from it. The particular individual has a track record in more than one establishment prior to this latest gig which should answer it all. It was truly disgusting. And off course it was allowed by the “right” people.

    Say what we all want, but as a Caribbean country which is envied by many, we should not allow any media to interfere with the elections in the hostile manner that occurred in these past elections. We are bigger than that. We are better than that. Let us all be proud for what we stand for and what we believe. I would challenge the new government to pass the necessary legislation to stamp out that behavior and preventing this from happening again.

    No matter which political affiliation that you belong, we should all agree that this does not represent us and how we have been looked up to by our Caribbean neighbors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, I disagree with you completely, and I doubt the sincerity of your comment. For how long have we bemoaned our lack of courage? How adamant were most people that the Progressives had lost all touch with reality and the electorate, and whatever else happened they should not form the next Government? All people did was fight back against their slimy attempts to be an elite minority ruling over us by buying the competition out. You advocate a far too deferential approach trying to disguise it as propriety. This business about Cayman being respected amongst the region for its urbane politics is laughable nonsense. You must not read the UK news where reporters and protestors wait outside the homes of leading/news-making politicians every day and start shouting pointed questions like “are you going to resign today?” the instant the person appears. Sure, Cayman is a little intimate to go as far as they do in the UK, but to stop a third power grab by a minority, proportionate pressure was applied. Voting wasn’t enough. If you think this was not pretty, be grateful the Progressives’ schemes did not work. They would have needed the Regiment posted outside Parliament for the opening.

      • Whatever says:

        8:24 it’s a real thin line between effective journalism I.e one which is critical and points out inefficiencies, corruption etc; as opposed to one which is scandalous, non objective, vulgar etc. Sir/Madame do you get It. The former represents true professional journalism while the other is nothing but.

        • Anonymous says:

          All Sandra does is let others speak through her using a megaphone. These energies always find a channel. Look at Trump.

  26. Pot Calling You Know Who says:

    Alden don’t tell me you only just figured out what hypocrisy is because you have been full of it. It started out with your pledge for transparency in government and ended when you struck a deal to form Unity with McBeater.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The only thing missing from this press briefing was a bowl of sour grapes..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Alden so blinded by his own arrogance that he can’t fathom that the people were sick of the way he was running the country.

    Probably is embarrassed that the ‘common folks’ ruined the gravy train.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I heard Premier Panton say on the radio before the elections when asked whether he would work with Mr. Bush that he would “preferably not work” with him. It should be obvious from that statement that he would not rule it out completely but it would not be his first choice. He obviously did not have another choice but to work with Mr. Bush. How can Alden now say that is hypocritical.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because he left the PPM over not removing Bush from his role? Can we please all take off our selective memory blinders from time to time?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Here are a few simple quotes that sum up this whining message from Alden.

    1. “The pot calling the kettle black.”

    2. “Only people who are not happy with themselves are mean to others. Remember that.”

    3. “No one can throw a bigger tantrum than a narcissist who is losing control of someone else’s mind.”

    4. “You reap what you sow.”

    5. “You eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions.”

    Now pull up your pants and work with this new government for the betterment of ALL PERSONS who call the Cayman Islands home and not just those who you deemed fit for purpose.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Alden, the epitome of a Narcissist.

    Narcissist defined…

    *grandiose sense of self-importance

    *preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    *belief they’re special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions

    *need for excessive admiration.

    *sense of entitlement

    *interpersonal exploitative behavior

    *lack of empathy

    *envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them.

    *demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes

  32. Anonymous says:

    What gets me is that Mac is still there. The public was outraged and the politicians ignored us. All of them ignored and continue to ignore the public’s disgust.

    When are we going to have a march or do something to get that poor excuse for a human being out of there? It is clear that none of our politicians have any moral fiber. They will tell any lie and make any deal for power. Will we the people just accept it? Personally just the thought of him in our Parliament dressed up in that get up makes me want to throw up.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m confused by your comment, While Alden did have an opportunity to get rid of Mckeeva – he didn’t.

      but if the voters elected Mckeeva to represent them, then, how can you blame the PACT for working with him? He was elected and someone will HAVE TO WORK with Mckeeva!

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for McKeeva but personally I’m not convinced that the other candidate would have been a better fit for the people of these Islands… better stick to the evil that you know… just my personal opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        You just don’t know Mario then. He’s everything McKeeva isn’t. His field is HR so if he wasn’t a kind person with strong ability and a good heart how could he possibly be popular enough to even try politics? People don’t tend to like HR managers, unless they’re different – exceptional – which he is.

  33. Anonymous says:

    So Roy starts off saying he wants to help the Government succeed and Alden turns that on it’s head and started his normal shit show…What a narcissist and sore loser!

  34. EASTSYDE says:

    Broke da cycle yess when dun wit dem catering to dart sell out our country

  35. Apolitico says:

    With all due respect to each of us, regardless of our political affiliation, we would react the same way Alden did, because he was pressured as being unethical by the very same individuals in power, because he did nothing about Mckeeva Bush. That was one of the main reasons why Wayne left PPM. Those same individuals turned around and swallowed vomit and reinstated Mckeeva in the very same position they were upset about. Now common, fair us fair, it doesn’t matter our political affiliation, we would be vocal about it, if it happened to us. It is politics after all. 🤷‍♂️

    Arden Mcklean, where you at? Why don’t you call out Wayne like you called out Alden in regards to Mcveeka? You were so passionate about booting Mcveeka.

    Power is corruptive and corrosive. And it can poison our very ideals and principles. That’s on full display. So Alden is no sore loser in that regard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apolitico you’re delusional. If Alden thought he had a chance to get back in with getting McBeater on board he would have done it. The truth is he screwed the whole fiasco up so badly not having the cojones to dismiss him when he should have that he didn’t have any other option than to play the charade of taking the high ground. Keep in mind this was a Leader who squandered millions fighting against the wishes of the electorate with that other fiasco of his the port referendum.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding..You are worst than Alden..Alden had many opportunities to remove McKeeva long before his last instance but choose not to do so, why? Because of power, party, self preservation? I’m almost certain they all played a part.

      The reason the PACT group had to “swallow vomit” as you said was because Alden and the PPM did not do their job. They also tried to hijack the Independents and it backfired on them. They know need to move on, swallow their pride and start acting like adults rather than spoiled children.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mostly he wasn’t removed because of secrets old and like the proposed port deal.

      • Apolitico says:

        My friend, you can’t look at the actions of others to justify yours. I am referring to the officials in power. The fact is we can’t ignore, either way you put it, that those same members could not stand Mckeeva Bush, regardless of the actions of Alden or PPM. So in Politics don’t expect it to go quietly. I am sure we can both agree on that.

        FYI, I can tell you that certain Independents got funding and political advice from PPM and switched at the last minute because of an incentive. If it happened to you, I am sure you would not be pleased. So I don’t agree with your saying that they tried to hijack.

        Now having these discussions won’t change the price of coffee, because that’s water gone downstream. We can just give the new government an opportunity to demonstrate their effectiveness. However I agree with Alden calling foul. It’s reasonable.

    • Anonymous says:

      He took the coward’s way out, and got a coward’s reward. The Premier is not even supposed to be able to dissolve Parliament here – a term is four years. The Governor set a bad precedent accepting Alden’s plea to dissolve Parliament early for purely political reasons.

      Alden: I couldn’t remove McKeeva because it would have brought down my government, so I brought down my government, but he can’t be part of any other government. I had no problem with him opening Parliament and inscribing his name on yet another plaque just after his conviction though.

      You cannot make this stuff up. Kindly go to your farm and stay there. I know it isn’t jet-setting around as Minister for Overseas Trips and Special Interests – that’s too bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        @11.28pm “The Premier is not even supposed to be able to dissolve Parliament?” Really? The Constitution says he can: see Section 84.2 ’84.—(1) The Governor, acting after consultation with the Premier, and by proclamation, may prorogue the Legislative Assembly, and shall do so annually.
        (2) The Governor, acting after consultation with the Premier, may at any time, by proclamation, dissolve the Legislative Assembly.’ So , he could and he did. Read the Constitution and stop making up stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      The difference is that Mac was reelected by his constituents. Alden should have done something but was clearly too worried about himself and fallout. That Mac was reelected is disappointing but, the people spoke and wanted him there. Wayne is simply working with what he has. There are way bigger problems to deal with than this. Alden, the PPM lost, get over it and move on. Mudslinging doesn’t help and it only tarnishes your own success.

      • Anonymous says:

        To 11.28 Stop making excuses for Wayne he chose to work with that group. Even when he had 12 members on swearing in day he chose Mac over Julie, Alric or Irma. Even if Mac left the PACT group Wayne still had 11, more than enough to form the Govt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arden was not re elected – why would he involve himself ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden was re-elected in his constituency. He is not premier as his party did not have enough elected members (or friendly independents) to form a government.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Alden is on point if we like it or not. I hope the ppl see the real side of these independents.

    • Anonymous says:

      The people do and we love the PACT government.

      PPM is dying a slow death and today they were gasping for breath..

  37. Anonymous says:

    Everything that happened was from the PPM coalition spending their whole last term XXXX with a XXXX port deal….they were blindsided by Cayman showing their disgust and their strength and honorability…Bush should have been removed or even renounced when the coalition were in power…instead he was embraced with PPM fat smiles. Your slimy after the election poaching and buying support caused the need to incorporate Bush into the PACT government people wanted. You disgust us all and need to stfu you loser pigs!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Alden should have dealt with Mr. Bush when the problem first surfaced instead of calling early election and avoiding the issue. He ran the orchestra in a coward manner so accept the results and move on.

    • Harry bush says:

      When exactly do you think the problem first surfaced with bush was?
      Someone fancy doing a quick list?

      • Anonymous says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Okay true but…

        Seriously. This comment… Because the very FIRST slippery slope I am aware of (but I only arrived in ’91) was the First Cayman Bank failure of which Mac was on the board and never declared..tried to say he wasn’t.. Like, did he not realize that was written ‘in stone’?? Shows you how ignorant he is.

        Definition of ignorant;

        adj. Lacking education or knowledge.
        adj. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge.
        adj. Unaware or uninformed.

        But would love to see a comprehensive list for those with a short memory.

  39. Anonymous says:

    One thing this press conference proved, it’s Alden still running the show. Poor Roy, he sat there and read his prepared speech and Alden ran the show..Sickening!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep and Barbara looked like she was ready to tear into anyone that spoke to her. What a sour puss!

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy not built for that type battle

    • Anonymous says:

      Another reason they lost. People were sick of Alden and his smugness (and totally ill-fitting shows of piety – he compromised his ‘principles’ long ago). Serving two full terms including chumming around with royalty, then extracting the promise of a plum, personally designed ministerial portfolio, made up of his favourite things and his personal creations (like Eric Bush and his Ministry), was giving people Putin vibes. The Premiership pays 300k in salary and executive allowance and allows the holder to live a life no one else in Cayman gets. That privilege should be capped at two lifetime terms. We will never have a leader with the integrity to serve longer than that without becoming corrupted by the power and prestige of the position, as obviously happened to Alden. His head was already huge, by the end he thought he was a king. He has been cut down to size and he hates it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    PPM version of the Big Lie.

    Breathtaking hypocrisy is essential to being successful in politics.

  41. SMH says:

    Mr. McLaughlin and PPM are crying like spoilt kids who lost their lollipops. The hypocrisy on all sides is shocking. SMH

  42. QAnon says:

    Alden got beat at his own games of telling lies and making promises they cannot keep unless people were rewarded for their loyalty. The deep state is in control of the established politicians as they finance all sides so control the agenda.
    Both Alden and Wayne are now beholden to McKeeva so it looks like we may have traded for the same dog puppy. Nothing will change until there are investigations and charges filed against all parties and political players.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Says the fella who called a snap election to leapfrog his chances of getting in and avoid dealing with the Honourable McBeater himself 🤦🏻‍♀️

  44. Anonymous says:

    Alden stop being a spoiled child you won but you LOST so just Suck it Up Buttercup 🤬if you had been a man and not a mouse and dealt with Mr Bush we ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY TODAY So guess what deal with it now sit your butt on that backbench and look at the new government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sour grapes

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes. A better topic is why only the new Leader of the Opposition attended the recent Parliamentary Breakfast. Very childish and petty for the rest of them PPM I say. Suck it up bredren, and grow a pair. Those of us who voted for you this time will remember your pettiness the next time you want our vote.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Still acting like sore losers who don’t understand they would all have been thrown out on their asses, with extreme prejudice, if not for COVID, which any competent government anywhere in the world could handle, and where they had the UK providing the good majority of what made for the success. They even cut the campaign short and couldn’t do it. They couldn’t even field candidates in enough districts to TRY for a majority – and their own polling will have driven those decisions. They are lucky to have any seats at all. They had zero trust with the community – most people felt like we were on a train going 100,000 mph to a destination of their and DART’s choosing, with them even admitting ‘no buttons to push to slow down our economy of which we know’. Alden said that – ‘I wish we could just turn off some tap but it doesn’t exist’. Really? How are we surviving without almost any tourism then – the most resource-intensive way of making small amounts of money for Cayman and Caymanians, but the fastest way of making foreigners rich? Well, the people pushed their own buttons. Now learn from your mistakes or you will spend another term in opposition, at best. I will never vote this crowd in again because they will promise ALL of Cayman, every piece of it, to special interests to get back in, and they’ll bring back every proposal people hated, as well as their callous and arrogant attitude towards ordinary people and structural problems in society (just because they’re all rich or stupid or both). Saw Roy’s apology tour in action at Business After Hours the other day – he was walking around looking for people to talk to him. It’s honestly pathetic. If I was any of them, I would just shut up completely, and stay home. You are not wanted or needed or missed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well summarized…they seem surprised Caymanians spoke out against this…the whing of a obsolete dinosaur.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Alden suggesting that he has principles makes me sick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where Alden is correct about Wayne leaving because of McKeever and its disgraceful Wayne allowed him back with a seat Alden ahould have had the balls to get rid of McKeever instead of holding early elections like a coward. he may still b in office if he had

    • Anonymous says:

      But he is big on arrogance , not sure what is worse .

  47. Anonymous says:

    Referring to this sentence “ However, on the campaign trail the then premier had avoided indicating whether or not that would be the case.”…..

    Alden may not have addressed that but Roy, who was the party leader on the campaign trail, did very clearly say MB would not have a place in his government.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy, Progressives still don’t get it – the country no longer wanted them in government! The PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands are sick of their shady leadership!

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally correct!! Why don’t they stfu?

    • Anonymous says:

      So JuJu is now a spy for Unity/Progressives? How can you be a Minister in newly elected government and still a member of previous voted out government party?

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously don’t speak for the People who elected Roy, Joey, Barbara, Dwayne, Alden, Moses, David and yes, Julie was elected under the Progressives Alliance banner as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Brackers are more Moses/Juliana fans than they are PPM fans. But yes, (most of) George Town re-elected the PPM. Not surprising that the least Caymanian district voted for the most anti-Caymanian party.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for explaining this to us Captain Obvious…

    • Anonymous says:

      So called shady. Clear as mud. Just like CMR posting that Isaac wanted to be Premier, not one iota of proof surfaced. Or CMR stating that PPM was getting sworn in early while they had Sabrina and Isaac on board. The Governor quickly shot that down and explained that the work at the LA was for the swearing in ceremony taking place on the 21st April.What these two examples show is that believing something is or saying that something is true doesn’t make it so. Proof is needed. Saying that PPM was shady may be popular and maybe you want it to be true but without proof it amounts to nothing but gossip.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Alden is one to talk. A man who has sold his soul for the prize of power countless times before. Lick your wounds old man.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Sore loser, grow up.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only thing that could grow any longer would be his nose. The progressives, what little memory is left of them, are history fodder. The Pact has packed the house.

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