Tourism workers and civil servants need to out Alden and his selfish crew

| 13/04/2021

Shameless writes: When I was growing up, we used to sing a chorus in Sunday school that said: J – O – Y / J – O – Y / That must surely mean / Jesus first / Yourself last / Others in between. That little chorus engraved basic principles that have served many well over the years, particularly those with a genuine commitment to serving the people. It seems, however, that Alden learned a different chorus and has now taught it to his enablers: Y – O – U / Y – O – U / That must surely mean / Yourself first / Unnah last and / Others in between. We’ve all seen the reports of Alden promising persons in the tourism sector that IF he and his Alliance buddies are elected, he’ll give them an additional $500 per month. Someone has seemingly complained to the Elections Office about his statement.

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