McTaggart taunts Panton over Mac

| 18/04/2021 | 160 Comments
Roy McTaggart and Wayne Panton

(CNS): The leader of the PPM-Alliance, Roy McTaggart, claimed to have nine candidates supporting his coalition in a statement issued today, in which he taunted Wayne Panton, the leader of the PACT group, about possibly forming a government with McKeeva Bush and accused his supporters of stirring up unrest. As the backroom horsetrading continued Sunday, with Panton still confident he will be able to form a government of Independents, McTaggart accused him of being “presumptuous” in his announcement yesterday that he will be revealing a Cabinet on Monday.

McTaggart said Panton could only form a majority if he chooses to include Bush. “If he does do so, then the irony of that choice will be obvious given that his reasons for leaving and campaigning against the Progressives was his not wanting to work with former Speaker Bush. Indeed prior to the election he indicated that he would not run with the Progressives because of Mr Bush. Time will tell how deeply his convictions run,” the PPM leader said.

However, Bush’s outsized role in the post-election horsetrading may well be a result of the early snap elections called by the outgoing premier, Alden McLaughlin, to avoid dealing with the public clamour to fire Bush from his position of speaker following his conviction for a violent, drunken assault on a woman. The surprise move to bring the election date forward by six weeks gave less time for challengers to campaign.

Bush won in West Bay West by just 27 votes and those additional weeks would have given his opponent, Mario Ebanks, more time to try to persuade 14 voters to support him instead of Bush or to get more people out to the polls, which could have made all the difference to the current situation.

Non-Alliance Independent candidates won in eleven of the 19 constituencies, indicating a broad desire by the voters for a government made up of Independents. The protests on Friday and Saturday demonstrated very strong opposition to another Progressive-led government and clear support for the PACT group forming the next administration, even if this means including some PPM members or even Bush.

Nevertheless, McTaggart accused PACT supporters of “a deliberate attempt… to destabilize the process by public protests, threats and abuse of lawfully elected candidates in the recent election” and said that this was not condoned by the Progressives.

“It is potentially harmful to the reputation of the Cayman Islands as a major international financial centre and I call on Mr Panton to join me in asking for calm and an end to this uncharacteristic aggressive behaviour by a loud minority of his supporters,” McTaggart said. “Following a general election, every elected member is free to decide who to support for government and their preference for Premier. That is the democratic process.”

He asked people to let the political process play out, even though significant allegations have been made against the PPM-Alliance. Accusations have been made that misinformation and pressure from special interest groups and major donors of the Alliance directed at Sabrina Turner, Jay Ebanks and Issac Rankine and their campaign teams undermined the deal that Panton had secured among the Independent team in the immediate wake of the election results.

Turner has now recommitted to the PACT and Ebanks, who did not sign an agreement with McTaggart, has also confirmed his commitment to the Independents and the only agreement he has in fact signed, bringing the total to nine.

McTaggart said that these new candidates were “getting their first real understanding and taste of the political process” and that it would play out.

“But I implore my people to ignore the online bullies who attempt to use you for their own purposes. This is not a style of politics that we practice here, and it is not a healthy style of politics to adopt. The Progressives will not adopt it. I hope that the RCIPS will take a dim view of yesterday’s events and ensure that all elected members receive the protection necessary to prevent this harassment and intimidation and frankly to prevent the attempt to hijack the democratic process,” he said.

CNS has contacted PACT for an update from their camp and for comment regarding the allegations being made by the PPM-Alliance and we are awaiting a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was so obviously going to happen. If PPM had put aside their pride and joined forces with Wayne we would have had the most experienced people as Ministers. What a mess with so many new inexperienced people as Ministers and no way can I support Sabrina Turner whose first act was to betray the people who voted for her as an independent. God help us all

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are fed up with the mudslinging and taunting between politicians – like a set of schoolyard bullies vying for attention. What we do need is for you guys to put aside your interests of position, power, authority and (lets face it) money, and WORK TOGETHER for the interest of Cayman and its people. Anyone who can’t do that shouldn’t be running for office.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Roy you have 9 seats, now go and get Mac and form the new Govt. Its ok, yhe people no longer hare Mac. They are now saying it is ok for him to return. Go Roy

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot imagine any rational Cayman loving person to think it’s OK to have a man like McKeeva Bush in a powerful parliamentary position , and to have a man like Kenneth Bryan as a minister of anything .
      Mr Panton, step back from personal gain for the good of your country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Talk for yourself!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If the latest story is true, that Wayne is going to accept McKeeva as Minister of Tourism in order for form a government, it’s gonna take a lot of lipstick to cover up this pig!

    Panton, however, confirmed his decision to part ways with the party after the events surrounding the speaker’s involvement in a violent assault on a manager at a beach bar last month. He said that it was clear that he and the Progressives no longer shared the same values.

  5. Anonymous says:

    McTaggart said. “Following a general election, every elected member is free to decide who to support for government and their preference for Premier. That is the democratic process.”

    ❗️The ultimate function of genuinely democratic elections have rightly argued that ‘if an election does not make it possible to evict incumbent policymakers and bring another set individuals to power, we would be reluctant to characterise the election as democratic’

    ❗️ It is in fact this more particular requirement that matters, not the act of being elected into office in the first place. ❗️ ❗️ ❗️

    • Anonymous says:

      Um….. Exclamation points and unattributed quotes do not make an irrational rant anything other than an irrational rant – just saying

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr McTgaart is dispointed because he may not be MR PREMIER!!!

  6. Jonathan Adam says:

    The overriding and underlying cause and effect factor which repeatedly causes these negative consequences,a form of perpetuated political instability which thankfully has yet to bear it’s most toxic of fruit, lack of valid identification of let alone true representation of the will of the electorate, lack of transparency, uncertainty, lack of valid and uncorrupted democratic process, greed induced malfeasance and maladministration, demagoguery and it’s ignoramus followers, divisiveness as per the Roman rule of war, the illegitimate influence of secretive uber funded special interest cabals and cartels (regardless of their agenda), the lunacy of power and influence hungry individuals devoid of integrity, discontent and discord, is the fact that our present day illusion of valid democratic process is just that, an illusion.

    Moreover, these goings on are reminiscent of the goings on in a damned whorehouse operated by a criminal syndicate of pseudo imperialist feudal lords from the dadgum medieval ages. Whether this institutionalized malfeasance which is repeatedly on display regardless of election cycle is deemed as legal or not via the meanderings of legal sleazeology, it remains wrong, unacceptable and destructive with long term fallout.

    Unless and until it is the electorate themselves/ourselves, to the exclusion of any and all others, who directly make the decision of who is to be and who is not to be premier and/or any other position of highly consequential power and/or influence as it pertains to decision making processes on a national scale, then asinine and ludicrous debacles such as this will continue to remain a foregone conclusion. That is unless, and as a direct result of a population not learning or even being taught the lessons from history, Cayman falls down the same unenviable rabbit hole of outright dictatorship which places such as Cuba have become. The writing is on the wall which shows the similarities between the history of what happened in Cuba and what is happening and has happened right here in the Cayman of today.

    Those who blather on in their naked emperor’s conceit and illegitimate delusions of undeserved superiority complexes who call for direct British rule, to say nothing of those who prefer to wallow in the cowardice and stupidity of a lemming like blind and unquestioning loyalty, and other such repressive and regressive fallacies, are the same ones who refuse to acknowledge the incontrovertible fact that it is partially (particularly as it pertains to the Cayman context) the Westminster style of parliamentary,’representative’, democracy which creates/facilitates/exacerbates/promulgates this kind of tragic comedy which is wholly undemocratic and completely unrepresentative of the real and actual will of the people. I for one know enough about the reality of base human nature which calls for a system designed to protect the majority from the malfeasance of the few. Whilst there is no good reason to throw the baby out with the bath water, or to jump from frying pan to fire, the fact remains that if one can and should identify the problem then one and all should, SHALL, and must pursue the real and lasting solutions. If that means that part of our system has to evolve and be improved upon then so be it. Let the chips fall where they may.

    This is not real democracy, and the negative consequences which are the result are directly correlated to that inequities which are written into to the tenets of our constitution, which is itself an incomplete document. What we need is the decentralization of power and/or influence, regardless of who the ‘player in the game’ may be. This is not a game. This is people’s lives, people’s futures, people’s survival and the set of circumstances, parameters of framework, and to be completely forthright, the protections which are necessary for people to thrive and that does not exist today.

    Real participatory democracy is what is needed, and while nothing is going to produce either Utopia or provide for a perfect panacea of solutions, any genuine individual with their head screwed on right should at this point be able to see that, unless of course they themselves are content to use these injustices and skewed field of play to their own myopic and self interested benefit and advantage at the continued expense of and detriment to all and sundry.

    This is a system which treats the people to whom they are supposed to be working for and accountable to as subservient and subjugated chattel to be predated upon, used and abused and dispossessed of their own economy, and their real and unassailable human right to self determination (inclusive of not only the benefits but also the responsibilities which come with it). This is a system which creates and promulgates a nanny state, a welfare state and a police state mentality of overt inequity, disillusionment and unaccountability. This is a system which rewards malfeasance, governmental maladministration, disingenuity, self interested malarkey, the dysphoria of megalomania, dishonesty, profiteering, bribery, institutionalized corruption from the inside out and the outside in, illegitimate and subversive attacks upon the well being of and the manipulative underhanded deception of the population.

    It is time long overdue for the Cayman Islands and her people to evolve, adapt and overcome these constructs and constricts which do not serve the collective well being and the interests of the Cayman Islands, her people, and the goal of an equitable, collectively beneficial and sustainable future.

    If one sees a leader who seeks to empower his/her fellow countrymen/women, as opposed to simply becoming the next ‘player in the game’, then one has identified the true Caymanian patriot and the true leader. Leadership is not about taking. Leadership is about giving, and that giving has nothing to do with buying your vote or paying you under the table and/or vice versa or giving you some favour or favouritism (look up the literal definition of the word for clarity). Leadership is fighting tooth and nail, selflessly and with integrity, to achieve and retain the right of each and every member of the electorate, and their will, to count neither one iota more nor one iota less than any other, including the will of the elected leadership themselves and/or any other.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

      • Anonymous says:

        Grammarly rates it as unclear and the delivery as off.

        I think that’s what happens when your first sentence is a 148 word paragraph.

        • Jonathan Adam says:

          Well bless your precious heart choile. Do please be so kind as to identify yourself so that I may appropriately remunerate and/or recompense you for your most genuine of editorial services.

    • Anonymous says:

      The first draft was better, at least it was shorter!

    • Thomas Arthur Carter says:

      Mr Adams I must tend to agree with you for as far as I am aware we are suppose to be living in a democratic colony but as thing usually go there are those that are self seeking and are only in it for their own personal gain and are not in any way looking out for the well being of our people
      Anyway you take it we are still living under that colonization system of government and it will remain that way until our people are no longer blinded by the light , too many people of self interest and not enough seeking to bring peace and love and harmony to our country
      We all have an obligation to look out fir our fellow man be it he be white black brown or etc but it is said that what goes around will come around , and Karma is a bitch

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mean to rain on your false narrative but as I recall it was a PACT that prevented the Parliament from removing Mac as speaker not the PPM. That is not all that PACT member and Mac have in common.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was no “PACT” when it came to removing Mac from Parliament. PPM could and should have removed him as it was them in power.

      • Anonymous says:

        We can thank Kenneth for Mac still being around .
        What was in it for you Kenneth, the ruin of your country.?

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, I hear Mac is going to get Kenneth’s Tourism Ministry for helping PACT become the new government. Lots of tourist in Vegas baby!

      • Anonymous says:

        10.59am There was no PACT before the elections. Voters never voted for PACT.

    • Anonymous says:

      I , like the majority of honest citizens , really don’t care so long as we are not stuck with Mac and Kenneth (both have a criminal history) and Saunders , who wants us to be Jamaica.

  8. Don’t step on my blue suede shoes says:

    If Roy don’t pull this off what a friggin mess Joey and Alden going to be in? What a f#@%?! mess all that $$$$ down the drain . Joey for the love of money join the independents before it too late or Alden do it?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that no comments on what is going on in North Side. Jay is driving around with Mac. Jay’s grandmother Alex Johnson ran with UDP. That family has always been close to Mac. Kurt Tibbetts was seen a lot in North Side the last couple of months. Tony Powell who is best friends with Alden endorsed Jay as did Alva Suckoo and John John. Jay agreed to work with Independents to form the government then had a meeting after the fact to ask what North Side voters wanted. They denied any involvement with PPM and denied signing an agreement with Mr. Panton. Out of close to 400 voters less than 100 turned out to the meeting so not clear what the people want. Jay left us saying he was heading to meet again but we weren’t sure where and we have heard nothing since. It seems like he is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which is nothing new for him! Take EVERYTHING Jay says with 100,000 grains of salt.

    • Anonymous says:

      He has made it clear that he is with PACT and has met with his constituents more than once. Furthermore, many have been in contact with him since. He knows the will of his people and that of the country. He may not be my favorite person, however, I give respect where it is due. At least he hasn’t been a flip flopper like others…*cough* Isaac and Sabrina.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a ridiculous choice to be elected for North Side….SMH

      During the Chamber debate forum he came across as having no sense whatsoever!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The overriding and underlying cause and effect factor which repeatedly causes these negative consequences, political instability, lack of transparency, uncertainty, lack of valid democracy, greed induced asshattery, divisiveness, the illegitimate influence of uber funded special interest cabals (regardless of their agenda), the lunacy of power and influence hungry twerps devoid of integrity, discontent and discord, is the fact that our present day illusion of valid democratic process is just that, an illusion. Moreover, these goings on are akin to the goings on in a damned whorehouse operated by a criminal syndicate. Whether this malfeasance is deemed as legal or not via the meanderings of legal sleazeology, it remains unacceptable and destructive with long term fallout.

    Unless and until it is the electorate themselves/ourselves and to the exclusion of any and all others, who directly make the decision of who is to be and who is not to be premier and/or any other position of highly consequential power and/or influence then asinine and ludicrous debacles such as this will remain a foregone conclusion.

    Those who blabber on in their naked emperor’s conceit and illegitimate delusions of undeserved superiority complexes who call for direct British rule are the same ones who refuse to acknowledge the fact that it is the Westminster style of parliamentary/’representative’ democracy which creates/facilitates/exacerbates/promulgates this kind of wholly undemocratic and completely unrepresentative of the real and actual will of the people shit show.

    This is not real democracy, and the negative consequences which are the result are directly correlated to that inequity which is written into to the tenets of our supposed constitution, which is itself an incomplete document.

    Real participatory democracy is what is needed, and while nothing is going to produce either Utopia or provide for a panacea of solutions, any genuine individual with their head screwed on right should at this point be able to see that, unless they themselves are content to use these injustices and skewed field of play to their own myopic and self interested benefit at the continued expense of all and sundry.

    This is a system which treats the people to whom they are supposed to be working for as subservient and subjugated chattel to be predated upon, used and abused and dispossessed of their own economy, real and unassailable human right to self determination and not only the benefits but also the responsibilities which come with it. This is a system which creates and promulgates a nanny state, welfare state and police state mentality of overt inequity and unaccountability. This is a system which rewards malfeasance,governmental maladministration, disingenuity, self interested malarkey, the dysphoria of megalomania,dishonesty, profiteering, bribery, institutionalized corruption from the inside out and the outside in, illegitimate and subversive attacks upon and the manipulative underhanded deception of the population.

    It is time long overdue for the Cayman Islands and her people to evolve, adapt and overcome these constructs and constricts which do not serve the collective well being and the interests of the Cayman Islands, her people, and the goal of an equitable, collectively beneficial and sustainable future.

    • Anonymous says:

      I counted 38 uses of ‘and’… You find as many descriptive words and string them together with ‘and’… you’ve lost the readers interest.
      This was difficult to read so I stopped.

      Not sure who you are writing this for. Give it up Jonathan Adam. Your own people can hardly decipher what your trying to say.
      Seriously, you do not need so many words to get a point across.

      And lastly, you need a space after all those comma’s. But at least you used punctuation. If you call it that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Roy you puppet your desperation is showing even your own family don’t want you so why should we. Be gone already!!!!

    Kent McTaggart you make a Caymanian proud!!!

  12. Concerned Caymanian says:

    As an auditor, isn’t it a major RED flag that someone in a finance function refuses to rotate jobs, take vacation, etc?

    Just saying… He seems to be clinging to power very tightly.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says:
    18/04/2021 at 9:40 pm
    You do realize that the PPM has been in bed with McKeeva for 8 years and the whole reason behind them calling for an early election. They had many chances to kick him out but for political expediency and to hold on to power they kept him until their hands were forced and then it was either let him go or call an early election and since they didn’t have the ball s to let him go, they called an early election.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is so disgusting to see Mr. McTaggart stoop to this level. When he had to opportunity to speak out and do something about Mac he refused to do so. His true nature is on display and I think he has lost a lot of credibility by his own actions.

  15. Orrie Merren says:

    It is unfortunate to watch the PPM propaganda machine continuing to divide the Cayman Islands. The Caymanian People want a change, but the PPM’s actions show how power drunk and power hungry they truly are.

    Mr. McTaggart’s assertion that improper conduct is destabilizing the Cayman Islands is ridiculous. Freedom of expression is a constitutional right, which is enshrined in our Bill of Rights (under s.11, Constitution). It is a fundamental human right and freedom to express our respective views. That is a hallmark of a democratic society and exemplifies the rule of law in action.

    I do, however, encourage everyone to exercise responsibility and maturity when expressing their views, but not to be pressured into silence, which is what Mr. McTaggart appears to attempting to do. It seems that the PPM can dish out deceptive and misleading propaganda, but cannot take when the people have had enough and will not back down or be intimidated. It is a fact that the raw truth can really hurt, especially when it is not in one’s favor, which is what is the case here: the Progressives have lost, and the truth hurts.

    It is the poor leadership of the Progressives that has caused the Caymanian People to vote for a change: that change is for Independents to form the Government. We (the Caymanian People) have had enough of the PPM’s mistreatment and we are demanding change (via an Independent government, the PACT).

    The PPM-led Unity government gave far too much favoritism to the special interest groups and the wealthy, greedy elite. Now it’s time for the majority of the Caymanian People to choose who we want to govern and lead us, and that is certainly not the PPM. This has now come to a boiling point and is merely the byproduct of the Progressive’s own actions and bad governance.

    Generally speaking, the Caymanian People have been neglected. And now it’s time for Independents to take back the reigns from the PPM, which is a runaway freight train derailing the stability of the Cayman Islands.

    There has been more judicial review and constitutional claims overloading the courts over the last four years than ever before. This certainly would not have happened with such frequency, at least, if the PPM-led Unity Government was doing the will of the People and exhibiting good governance and upholding “the rule of law” (as obligated pursuant to ss.19, 24, 107 of our Constitution). The truth hurts, Mr. McTaggart.

    The PPM only has 9 (with Jon Jon and Issac), and will not get anymore elected members. The PACT has 10 (including Mac). So, Mr. McTaggart, it’s now time for the PPM to quite trying to justify its political loss and step aside: it is now best to salvage what dignity that is possible now. The writing is on the wall for all to see, but being power drunk seems to cloud the PPM’s vision and judgment. As I recall Mr. McLaughlin adamantly emphasize many times: it’s all about the numbers and, whoever has the majority, has the power act and lead.

    If Mac stays with the PACT, which he will, this is the logic that holds firm, as follows:

    (1) All West Bay MPs unite under the PACT government, which is comprised of all Independents (and not tainted by PPM MPs).

    (2) West Bay will have the opportunity for representation in the Cabinet.

    (3) Given that Mac has recent issues that the public is very upset about and has reflected bad on the Cayman Islands reputation, it’s now Mac’s opportunity to exhibit Caymanian patriotism and allow the will of the Caymanian People to be fulfilled by ensuring that Independents form the Government (on 21 April 2021).

    (4) With the public outrage that has been caused by Isaac’s recent decisions and actions, Mac going over to the PPM would put him in a similar category that Issac has now put himself in (i.e. out on a limb and isolated). Mac does not need that type of public pressure on him, which would definitely outrage the good people of West Bay (as well as the majority of the Caymanian people).

    At this point, it’s interesting that Mr. McTaggart seems to point to the PACT working with Mac as hypocrisy. However, I can recall that (in 2015) Mr. McTaggart and Winston both promised that they would not join the PPM. Winston kept his word (and is a true Caymanian patriot), but Mr. McTaggart did not. In fact, the irony is that Mr. McTaggart is now the leader of the PPM. For example, please see following link as a reminder:

    This nonsense needs to stop. The PACT will form the Government and the Progressives will sit on the Opposition side of the aisle.

    Mr. Panton offered the Progressives an opportunity to have participation, but the PPM was not mature enough to make that happen. So, these are the facts.

    I do agree, however, that the current climate is different from the regular political climate that the Cayman Islands has experienced. Reason being, the PPM’s style of forceful governing seemed to bring us closer to feeling like this jurisdiction’s government is totalitarian, authoritarian and/or a dictatorship. This is why the scrutiny is now so heavy, because the Caymanian People want change and will not be silenced.

    Despite the views, which I have expressed above, the Cayman Islands is democratic society. We are founded upon Christian values. In fact, our Bill of Rights “recognises the distinct history, culture, Christian values…of the Cayman Islands” (s1(2)(a), Constitution).

    I remind everyone that the “Legislature and the Cabinet shall uphold the rule of law and judicial independence” (s.107, Constitution) and that “[a]ll decisions and acts of public officials must be lawful, rational, proportionate and procedurally fair” (s.19(1), Constitution).

    In addition, it “is unlawful for a public official to make a decision or to act in a way that is incompatible with the Bill of Rights” (s.24, Constitution). And, upon MPs being duly sworn in (on 21 April 2021), they will all be public officials, who should all be held accountable by the public. That is a hallmark of a democratic society and a function of upholding the rule of law.

    I want to emphasize that, at times, us Caymanians attempt to be so polite that we disadvantage ourselves. That epiphany hit me (in 2016), when I was one of the attorneys that opposed the Legal Services Bill 2016, which was brought by Mr. Panton (when he was the former Minister of Financial Services).

    Although my views and Mr. Panton’s views were not the same, as relates (for example) to the previous Legal Practitioners Bill 2016, we expressed our differing views respectfully. I also provided remedies and solutions (in draft written form) and sought to help (not hurt) that situation, and Mr. Panton thanked me for my views. Ultimately, the Legal Practitioners Bill 2016 was withdrawn by Mr. Panton. I can personally say that, out of that scenario, Mr. Panton exhibited the qualities of a leader by listening to the Caymanian People. Mr. Panton is a true gentleman and a respecter of Caymanians.

    I say all that, to say this: I have always found Mr. Panton to be a true gentleman, reasonable and courteous, even when he and I held differing opinions. I have full faith and confidence that, when Mr. Panton is Premier and Mr. Saunders is Deputy Premier, the PACT (comprised of Independents) is the what the Caymanian People have chosen as the way forward. I fully support this formation of the PACT government.

    It is true that, at times, politics makes for strange bedfellows. And, in a democratic society, the blessing and the burden is that the an honest genius or a devious fool can get elected. You just never know what you going to get, until the ballots are counted. However, after the Caymanian People have exercised their democratic right to vote for their elected MPs, it’s important to put pettiness behind us, be mature, and for the elected MPs listen to what the People want (not just special interests).

    No one likes to loose or not get their way. However, since we are a democratic society, we have to fac the consequences that are extant and do our best to uphold the rule of law.

    I encourage everyone to voice their opinions and not let up, because it is our democratic right to do so. However, please remember that, at the end of the day, we are all Caymanians and God’s people. We can agree to disagree, but let’s do our best to uphold the rule of law and remember that all our entitled to a minimum level of respect (no matter who their are or what you think of them).

    God bless the Cayman Islands and, most of all, our precious Caymanian People. And, may God give a decision-makers in this process of forming the new Government the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment to do what is in the best interest of the Caymanian People.

    One love. One Cayman. (As Chris would say.)

    • Caymanian says:

      PPM ran the following candidates…

      1. Roy McTaggart – WON
      2. Alden McLaughlin – WON
      3. Joey Hew – WON
      4. David Wight – WON
      5. Barbara Connolly – WON
      6. Juliana Oconnor-Connolly – WON
      7. Moses Kirkconnell – WON
      8. Frank Cornwall – Loss
      9. Austin Harris – Loss

      That’s 7 of 9 wins

      Alliance Memeber
      1. John John Seymour – WON

      So either 7 of 9 or 8 of 10.

      Let’s keep in min Austin was not PPM in 2017 and had his little “issue”. Then Frank Cornwall is new and went against a powerhouse in Kenneth Bryan.

      How can you knock PPM in a sector if they ran no one??

      Now on to the attacks on protesting…

      What Roy is speaking about is not the freedom of expression BUT HOW it is being done with online bullying and name calling.

      If you want to talk about Isaac jumping ship then look no further than Wayne sitting with McKeeva. He left PPM and jumped ship to Independent because of McKeeva only to wine and dine him??

      I say create a unity Government. Split up the ministries more to have more ministerial seats and spread the work load.

      And stop twisting numbers to suit your narrative. The people did not reject PPM, in fact they reaffirmed them. Past that they picked who they thought would be best for Cayman period.

      • Anonymous says:

        9:03 It is you who needs to stop twisting number to suit YOUR narrative honey. Take several seats.

    • ThomS Arthur Carter says:

      Mr Meereen it appears that the people spoken and they have made their choice given for what it maybe worth it is most likely a done deal and you must give the people what they want which brings us to it being a democratic process that has taken place. The formation of the pact seems to have been the only alternative
      , there comes a time in life when change is to be welcome, sine I can remember Frim the days of miss Anna hilda the Cayman Islands and our people were based on Christian values and on integrity but somewhere along the course of time all of that seems to have taken a back seat
      Now we are faced with a Great War a great political war and the pact has won so be it , let the pact take the reigns and let us see where it leads us and in four years if it’s nit what the people want then we go about it in the same democratic process of voting them out but for now it seems that they Sre the people’s choice so be it
      I wish the pact and the new premier congrat and hopefully they will lead our country in the right direction hopefully they will not allow greed to get in the way and be blinded by it
      Uncle bill use to say that wat do um is greed that’s way do Um and I do believe that is what was occurring in the past govt whatever is done by the pact let it be the will of God and may they let their conscious be their guide
      I wish one in all the best b blessed and stay safe.

  16. Kent McTaggart says:

    The irony is Roy faked being and independent to get elected, said he had to join the PPM because “you can’t get anything done from the outside” now that he has an opportunity to do something and be independent he throws dirt at Wayne.

    He is my family and I respect and love him as such, but he is nothing but a puppet for Alden and the powers he serves.

    Roy disowned me when I told him what I thought, he is a incredible technocrat but a weak leader. I equate Roy to a jellyfish, ho backbone without the support of other stronger individuals around him.

    This may sound harsh but I have never been accused of being over filtered. Family doesn’t trump country in my book

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your honesty….I am not family but he does seem to have quickly lost his country priorities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said Kent. All true. Pity how they can remember what everyone else says but can’t remember their antics. Love Roy like cook food but he is so wrong this time. A good sheeple though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Repect for truth!!!

    • Jonathan Adam says:

      Agreed Kent, you are to be commended. It shows integrity and courage that you are willing to speak the truth regardless of familial connection.

    • I’m so thankful for those who put their names to their comments. There is really no point in debating with someone who cannot stand up for what he says he believes in. Let us remember that the first time we will have a definite grouping of Government will be when the House meeting on Wednesday this week elects a Premier. As electors of the House we expect the MPs to do their duty in a manner that displays their integrity. We do not expect that meeting of the House to end before they have elected our Premier. After that the Premier will form the Cabinet that will be approved by the Governor. Then the other MPs will align themselves as government or opposition supporters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Easy Sykes…everyone knows backroom repercussions to public comments are common in Cayman….the CIG employees are a great example.

      • Anonymous says:

        We expect religious members to stand up and speak out against abuse but that didn’t happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Danish political drama (Borgen) is unfolding in Cayman. Roy Mctaggart should watch.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could not agree more Kent. Thank you for your honesty! Roy has allowed himself to be manipulated by Alden and others for far too long. He is simply a yes man for Alden, Kurt and Dart’s bidding. PPM needs to accept the will of the people. The majority do not want a PPM lead government. We want and need change!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Here is an opportunity for Mac to help make things right. He should join the independents but not have any Cabinet position. In a strange turn of events he can play a role and help make things right and bring the independents into power.

    Do the right thing Mac..

  18. Anonymous says:

    4:53, ALT will do just fine even if we have a new government made up of proud Caymanians standing up for Caymanians and the environment first against all the developers blah blah blah.. Then they get in to office and find, that without the likes of Dart…yes him…the bogey man who has been spending money here and employing Caymanians since and after the financial crisis of 2008….without him and others like him, Cayman does not have a pot to piss in. So, like Kurt and Alden, who used to be anti Dart in opposition, they will quietly start doing business and ALT and all the other construction related people on the Central Planning Committee will do just fine as they always do no matter what government gets elected. One thing might change my mind a little: if Wayne and his Cabinet totally change up the chairmanship and members of the Central Planning Committee…no more ALT and the builders etc….and appoint a balanced group that contains environment and other persons ALONG with the builders but without the owner of the local hardware store most benefiting from approving atrocities like FIN. We shall see. We shall see. ALT has been there a long long time, despite the criticism of successive Auditor Generals commenting on the obvious conflict of interest.

  19. Anonymous says:

    OCayman remember this is the seem MCKEEVA that ALDEN (PPM) forced MARRIAGE to avoid an INDEPENDENCE GOVERNMENT 4 years ago. Mr. Panton make no mistake PPM is negotiating with McKeeva right now, however if they could avoid him they would, but they need him as much as you do!! The boat is sailing, please don’t let us miss it again because of EGO, and Personal Hatred. WE NEED MCKEEVA or by by INDEPENDENCE see you again in 4 years.

  20. Silent Majority. says:

    Mr. Bush went to the polls. Was judged by his peers. Won. I say include him in the PACT team. For good of Country. Perhaps Mac might redeem himself if given this ultimate opportunity!

    • Anonymous says:

      Watching this game playing out, I think Wayne should go with Mac. Might as well. But no ministry for him. When you are between a rock and a hard place you might have to make Hobson’s choice.

      Isaac will then no longer be that important. That is what is facing him if he does not make a quick decision.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s a liar and woman beater…he seems content with that so I can’t see any redemption…..he’s our ugly cousin that shouldn’t be invited to parties (or alliances).

      • Edgar Poe says:

        Do you really believe he is the only one or is he possibly the only one who was caught ????

        • Anonymous says:

          Well when any of the rest are caught beating a young woman or caught lying about almost everything including security expenses at casinos, CHEC, Ryan, Cohen, beating a young woman at her work, etc etc etc etc then they too should be removed from government and incarcerated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you notice that the Righteous was voted out of power than was against the so called abuser? Ez and Arden should spend their severance wisely their careers as politicians are over.

    • Caymanian says:

      That goes against everything he supposedly stands for

    • Bob In West Bay says:

      Doesn’t get any best or brighter in Cayman than McKeeva. Best we got that is why West Bay always sends him back. A near God in West Bay. The Silent Majority in West Bay love him.

      The majority of West Bayers always look the other way though most call themselves Christians.

      No doubt McKeeva will be our next Premier or Speaker again.

      We really do need direct rule.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t know what is the holdup. We need McKeeva!!! He is a duly elected member of parliament!!! Come on Independence or PPM. Stop all this back and forth, Make the man an offer, we need to get on with the business of the day. McKeeva was charged for his crime, convicted and paid his dues and truly how many of you can look yourself in the mirror and say ‘am not guilty of abuse’ physically or verbally’. We cannot hold this over this man head forever – We need to FORGIVE. PACT please don’t make PPM Captain of this ship as Cayman because I believe it will rock bottom.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ 9:17pm… “how many of you can look yourself in the mirror and say ‘am not guilty of abuse’ physically or verbally’

        Omg – I wish we were allowed to use emojis in this comment section 😮 :/ !!!

        What a disappointing, dangerous and harmful comment that you’ve made – to normalize abuse in this way.

        Many of us are certainly not guilty of the despicable behaviour of Mr. Bush. And those of us who are, will have had the chance to learn from our mistakes. Similarly, Mr. Bush has had many of these chances and has repeatedly acted in manners that should not be acceptable in his position of power. He has never been honorable enough to take full responsibility for his actions.

        Many of us are not elected members of parliament, meant to be held to the highest standard. Sure, we must forgive, but there are MANY of us NOT willing to forget.

        Nonetheless, he has managed (this year by a THREAD) to retain his seat and a decision must be made. Rightfully so with the utmost discretion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop it PPM we don’t want you

    • JTB says:

      Mr Bush went to a bar. Was judged by the courts. Lost. I say bar him from all public life. For good of country. Perhaps our spineless, unprincipled politicians might redeem themselves?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Stock. Laughing. Are. We. A.

    Rearrange these words into a well known Caymanian phrase or saying.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Look, this is a country where we re-elected a man that poorly paraphrased a donkey parable and cried on tv XXXX….we get what we deserve

  23. Anonymous says:

    Don’t listen to Roy McDesperate belittle the value of this or any other non-biased public venue…this is where the Caymanians that have been screwed for 8 years, by what at best could be called near sighted and destructive policies off the PPM, to voice their disgust….if we were all in their ridings not one of them would have been re-elected.
    We need change before the PPM gives it all away.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Roy/PPM you Fa draw bad card- Issac Rankin

  25. Caymanian says:

    Here are statistics that is relevant.

    PPM faced off 9 members vs 15 Independents. In that fight PPM won 7 of 9 seats but loss the overall votes by just 84. Each PPM candidate averaged 408 votes versus each independent 250.

    You can not count non head to head. It’s like saying Usain Bolt won 17 races but he lost 500 because he did not race in them.

    Also who is to say every independent was for Wayne and his team. I seem to see a few that are not.

    The people did not choose Independents, they chose the best candidate that was in front of them. If no PPM ran in an area it surely would be hard for them to win.

    Numbers are funny things. You can make them out to be anything you want if you mess with them enough.These numbers above reflect the truth. The people return most of their people and won the majority of their battles so it was not a PPM rejection as much as it was an old guard independent rejection.

    • Anonymous says:

      What numbers are you using? In George Town where the majority of PPM ran – 2 ministers(Roy is one of them)& 2 councilors = 2138 total votes out of 4772 votes cast. 2634 ppl did not vote PPM in George Town.
      The six PPM ministers collectively only garnered 3008 votes out of the 17000+ votes cast.
      Ranking the top 10 highest votes gained by individuals PPM only have 4 people – at place # 4, 6, 9 & 10. Six independents garnered more votes.
      In RB 960 total votes cast but he won by a mere 110. Not sounding like the majority.
      That’s not playing or twisting the numbers, that’s facts!

      • Caymanian says:

        I used the numbers

      • Anonymous says:

        Because someone voted for an Independent candidate does not mean that they did not support the Progressives. The Progressives fielded 8 candidates and won 7 constituencies. 11 other constituencies were Independents (including Ezzard CIPP). So automatically more independents had to win. However, those Independents that won did not win as a team, there were many groups. There were many Independents that also loss. Could It have been because they did not support the Progressives why they loss? Arden, Ezzard, Ozzie, Mario. If they had run as PACT before the election I would understand but if they ran in small groups originally and then combined the groups after the election then you should look at it differently.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re not very bright are you?

  26. Anonymous says:

    No honour among thieves.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The PPM reminds me of Madoff…desperately trying to keep something going or risk it’s discovery

  28. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost like omov doesn’t work….. no shhhh Sherlock.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is not a statement of a wise political leader. Nearly every paragraph uses wrong language further dividing already deeply divided Cayman community. It shows Zero respect for the people of the Cayman Islands. Accusations against the PACT team are new low.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Isaac don’t listen to this desperate little fella…he’s pathetically grasping at straws to keep a conflicted and unfinished mandate active…listen to your people and your own conscious. Your people want and elected change!

  31. Anonymous says:

    PPM are the biggest bullies in our political history ever. “Pot calling the kettle black.” Your policies over the years have disenfranchised many Caymanians and when Cayman becomes the wealthy Utopia, for a certain class of people, for which PPM is so bent over in establishing, the rest of Cayman society will be left to suffer your consequences.

    You and many in the PPM pack have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth. I do not believe you really care what the average Caymanian want, desire, or need right now to secure a little piece of the CI for their children and grand children onward.

    If in power, you will keep selling us out for your own personal greed and self serving interests.

    As a little person, I wish to remind you that you, that we ALL will carry zilch to the afterlife. I think it would be better to spend time, effort and money on develping everyone in the CI and not just your special interest groups, family and friends.

    In doing so, you would then truly be representatives of the Caymanian people to whom ALL MPs are employees of. The people are the company. You All are Employees. Less you NOT forget.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Trying to play Bush’ card? What a shame!

    According to this statement “abuse” of lawfully elected candidates is not condoned by Mr. McTaggard and his team, only physical violent attacks of a female.

    “Government leaders were all smiles and handshakes as they were greeted by House Speaker McKeeva Bush on Friday at the official naming of Parliament, just 24 hours after he appeared in court and admitted assaulting a female bar manager in a drunken frenzy earlier this year.”

    “With the exception of Ezzard Miller, NO members of Parliament, including the three female members, have responded to requests from CNS for comment on Bush’s guilty pleas last week, the admissions about his drunken behaviour and the expletive laden message he had sent about his victim.”

    • Anonymous says:

      So you excuse the behavior of Mr. Sanders and Mr. Bryan and Mr. Bush who were included in the ‘NO members of Parliament mentioned’? Kind of makes the point that none of them deserve to be part of any government.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This is going to come down to Mac it looks like to break the tie….

    • Anonymous says:

      Neither side has to woo him.

      He holds the golden key in Wednesday’s vote.

      Bush will be the last to vote and decide who will be the better Priemier.

      He could even play a wild card, and vote for himself.

      Then it will be 9 votes for Panton, 9 votes for McTaggart and 1 vote for Bush.

      Not sure what the next step will be once the deadlock is reached!!!!!!

      Mr. McKeeva Bush you hold the golden key sir. He who laughs last, laughs best!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Since when does the PPM care about our reputation?? No one has done more damage to our reputation than Alden, McTaggart and the rest of the disgusting party. Your obvious conflicted dealings in pushing an unnecessary port against your peoples wishes and your inactivity and silence effectively supporting the beating of women by the speaker has made us look like a banana republic……… your party should fold and all of you should take your old boy secrets and retire.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please check your facts. McKeeva Bush did the biggest harm to Caymanians.

      Sold us to Dart and locked us in for 25 years! PPM did not do that.

      Gave away concessions to Health City, half of the deal has not materialised. But we locked in for 100 years! PPM did not do that.

      Michael Ryan and Ritz deals were McKeeva’s doing too. PPM did not do that.

      McKeeva used Government money to pay for expensive personal spending and treating of female staff. PPM did not do that.

      The list goes on.

      I am not a PPM supporter, nor Indepenemt. I jsut want the facts to be clear. CMR has become digsuting they way Sandra is bashing them without showing us evidence. Whats App conversations is not evidence , that’s called hearsay.

      All I want is what’s best for my country and my future. Let’s not be hasty to believe everything we hear and read online people. Get the facts and evidence, then make your own decisions based on that alone please not someone with a loud mouth.

      I would love to wake up tomorrow, and hear that everyone agreed to work for the country and people who got them their seats. Let’s have a cohesive Government and work for the betterment of the country we live in and that for the future generations of Caymanians!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous @ 18/04/2021 at 5:53 pm

        “CMR has become disgusting the way Sandra is bashing them without showing us evidence”

        I totally agree!

        1.Raul Nicholson-Coe IND
        2.Renard Johann Moxam IND
        3.Alric Lindsay IND
        4.James Samuel “Sammy” Jackson IND
        5.Denison Ezzard Miller CIPP
        6.V. Arden McLean IND
        7.Elvis Jeffery McKeever IND

        Question: What do all above listed 2021 candidates have in common?

        Answer: They all were unsuccessful in the recent General Elections.

        Question: Why? Name one main reason those 7 candidates lost elections.

        Answer: Because by supporting the CMR outlet, they’re supporting the crime.

        That’s what happens when you’re trying to get brownie points to get those CMR uneducated low-life followers to vote them in.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you. I was going to state that in my reply but really don’t want people to feel that I am biased just as she is.

          Facts are facts. The proof is in the pudding. CMR had a significant smear campaign against PPM and it was classless and unbecoming. I stopped reading and unliked CMR because of this. Be fair. That’s what professional journalist strive to do.

          Can’t expect any better from someone like her though………

        • Lol. says:

          If you think that “uneducated”, “low-life” people didn’t vote for PPM, then think again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is that same McKeeva bush that PPM partnered with for the last 8 years and supported him in beating a woman? PPM with Mac just carried on more conflicted developer dealings at an exponential level. They also continued his port negotiations but actually fought the people on it.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can the Uk please step in and take all these fools out of office. Please. We need proper government, not this childishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK has historically been a thorn in the side of a prosperous Cayman. We’re good, thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      All of you ignorant people that continually call for the UK to “step in” at any event in the Cayman Islands have no clue what you are asking for. Ask our TCI cousins about the effects of such a decision politically and economically.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m gonna guess effects included an end to unfettered political corruption….God forbid that should happen here….how could we possibly overpay for a totally unnecessary port or continue the unreserved destruction of mangroves for mansions.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m gonna guess effects included an end to unfettered political corruption….God forbid that should happen here….how would we possibly be able to overpay for a totally unnecessary port or be able to continue the unreserved destruction of mangroves for mansions.

  36. Anonymous says:

    …protests, threats and abuse of lawfully elected candidates in the recent election” and said that this was not condoned by the Progressives.

    Hah,hah,hah… Progressives only condone abuse of women! Hypocrites!

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy says they don’t condone an alleged abuse forgetting that none of them condemned the violent physical attack of a woman. They didn’t even expressed sympathy or apology to the woman.

      • Anonymous says:

        So is he effectively saying they don’t care about it one way or the other….do it don’t do it…it’s all the same to the PPM

    • TP says:

      Exactly!!! Where did the PPM stand when ol Juju was telling people to fly to the Brac to protest a same sex wedding??!
      They’ve had 8 years, and we have 1/3 of our Caymanian population depending on hand outs from the already overwhelmed, over worked and under staffed NAU, PPM has given themselves raises because of the stresses of Covid, but the police officers, nurses, doctors and frontline workers got zero. We have school children than during the lockdown had to wait for charitable organizations run by private citizens to provide them with meals. This fat cats have too damn much and too many Caymanians do without!!
      PPM is like an infected boil… it needs to be lanced and drained!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes and I truly hope the first thing these Independents do is take a huge salary cut, change the law and ensure that something like this never happens again. I’m just waiting to see how genuine and concerned the Independent government will be or if that big fat pay cheque is what they all truly after!

        • Anonymous says:

          I note PPM found it unnecessary to take an austerity pay cut to feel the hurt of their people during the pandemic but actually instead enacted a loser severance for themselves. Pretty people alright

  37. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has a right to protest peacefully and that is what the Independent supporters are doing – it’s all on video. Caymanians are not going to keep our mouths shut anymore and watch our beautiful islands going down the drain.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Roy, you disgust me. I once respected you. This lastedt statement of yours if full of condescension and derision for the will of the people. You cannot truly believe that this horse-trading is democratic – it is corrupt. The Progressives have nothing close to a mandate with less that forty percent of the total vote.

    • Angus says:

      What a great Cabinet would look like

      Premier Panton
      Deputy Premier McTaggart
      Minister Kirkconnel
      Minister Hew
      Minister Andre Ebanks
      Minister Saunders
      Minister Bryan
      Minister Turner

      Speaker Alden

      PS Bernie

      • Anonymous says:

        …in a nightmare.

      • TP says:

        …. during Horror Movie week maybe….. 🤢

      • Anonymous says:

        Here – fixed it for you:

        What a great Cabinet would look like:

        Premier W Panton
        Deputy R McTaggart
        Minister M Kirkconnell
        Minister D Wight
        Minister K Wilks
        Minister C Saunders
        Minister K Bryan
        Minister B Bush

        Speaker A Lindsay

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you all keep putting Kenneth into positions of responsibility?

        I just don’t get it.

        Even if he wasn’t a convicted drug dealer he isn’t suited to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy should not even mention the name McKeeva. You was the big hearted one, who publicly stated you would not form government with him. Is the shoe on the wrong foot and burning the hell out of you? Or the pig in the pen who got squeezed? Take your licks, you can’t take back the spoken word

      • Joe says:

        For the East Enders the 348 voters, what a shame. He can’t manage his own business how can he manage Mp. Well unna wanted change Action Man is gone no coming back so unna deal with unna dirty stinking Man unna fools was warned he wasnt paying pension and insurance and his workers can’t get paid on pay day. So what unna getting now good, Uk should step in and tell him he has no option here we’re putting you out and no more running for Election and East End will have no MP until the next 4years. Unna fools voted for a JACKASS.

        From East End….born and still living in East End.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Action” man didn’t do shit for EE.

          • Anonymous says:

            So When Issac doesn’t do anything and shows his true colors even more than he is doing right now, and y’all starving up there, you gonna revert back to unna favorite economic activity and create more chaos and destruction in Cayman Society right?

    • Anonymous says:

      And what percentage of the total vote did the PACK get?

      • Anonymous says:

        Over 60%

        • Anonymous says:

          Only if you pretend there was a PACT when people voted, not two teams under Chris and Wayne, plus 5 utterly unaffiliated individuals (at least publicly, which is the basis people voted on). So either it’s an underhanded manipulation of voters from a secret group, or pretending this group existed when people voted. Neither is likely true, so let’s not pretend that’s the case in counting votes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in same place…now he’s just a grotty little disgusting man…fits in well with the PPM

  39. Anonymous says:

    All this is a result of voting for people who care more about money than about morals. But what choice did we have? Aren’t all politicians the same? Tempted into the role because of the massive package of salary, benefits, backhanders and bribes, and side-payments.
    Sadly, from what I can see of the people around me, most of my fellow Caymanians are the same. When did we all become such a greedy and unprincipled bunch of corrupt, lawbreaking, racists?
    The problem is that our politicians set their own pay rates and the huge financial rewards are an incentive to become one, rather than a desire to do good. This needs to change.
    The reward for being elected should be 1.5 times minimum wage paid only for certified hours worked, and the SHIC minimum healthcare cover. That would put them in a better position financially than most Caymanians and would deter those who are only in it for the money. These positions should be for those who truly want to serve their country and people, not serve themselves a huge plate of stinking, dirty cash.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think they are all the same, this time we appear to have some that will stand for something worth believing in, they are not being bought, which is very refreshing.

      Kenneth I believe you were the first to stand for this type of movement. You fought in a corner on your own standing for something that you believed in, and now look, your steadfastness, your loyalty to your people and your integrity have been realized and you now have people like you who I’m sure found some courage to run in this election, from you. Wayne and kenneth will make an awesome team with some strong people like Kathy and Andre, the future is bright if this can be achieved.

      Stick to your guns Independents, you’re making our children proud.

      I hope you don’t have to include Mac but if you do I know it’s because Alden’s puppets wouldn’t meet you half way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with most of what you write but note that a lot of politicians, including those that promise ‘change’ run for office not because of the salary but because they can sell favors, get free condos, etc. Until we have strict and strictly applied anti-corruption laws nothing will change.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Policiations in Cayman are the highest payed in the entire world. The Premier wages are like the President of U S A. The leader and most powerful country in the world , his wages are 400,000 U S, minus Taxes, so after taxes and exchange rates,Cayman Premier and U S President wages are pretty close. Also Check the Prime Minister of U K wages.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like them both, but foolish comments from the PPM (unsurprisingly).

  41. Anonymous says:

    The backlash that Turner faced was because she failed to ask Prospect whether she should stay independent (PACT) or join PPM. I suspect the same principle applies in EE. I suspect PACT supporters would be comfortable if Roy and Moses join PACT and retain their Ministries.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’m so upset I voted for Roy! He’s a disgrace. Mr. Panton was put in an awful situation by believing the best in others. He HAD his government formed! The ONLY mistake he made was trusting others to have the same integrity he has. No one saw the true spult child Isaac turned out to be!!! Signing two agreements!! Sick piece of work and put the country in a mess with his greed! Rabid pit bull better to team up with. Isaac put himself in that situation! I’d rather see PACT sign with Mac because at least everybody knows what he is!!! Unlike Roy and Isaac! Two biggest disgraces make Mac look good! Grow up kids. You obviously aren’t cut out to work with real men and women of integrity. SHAME on you!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is such revisionist history. The idea that Isaac and Sabrina “changed” alliances fails to recognize that they had spoken positively about working with the former government in the first instance. The same holds true for others. Everyone acting like it wasn’t the same kind of behavior on their part to agree to join PACT in a late night, behind closed doors meeting. And now being shocked that some might have regretted doing so and returned to their original inclination. (You know, the one they more publicly spoke to and the one that many of their voters choose them for over clear members of the previous opposition – looking at you, NS and EE.)

    • Anonymous says:

      4:01 pm
      The bottle has the upper hand. Can I have some coffee please

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please stop it you didn’t vote for Roy

  43. Anonymous says:

    You know, I used to think that Roy was one of the nicer PPM members, but I guess anyone who kisses up to Alden is automatically just as much of an asshole.
    Also, you’re one to talk about bullying. The nasty, disparaging, untruthful mudslinging that came out of your leader’s mouth on the campaign trail was on par with McKeeva’s behaviour. For condoning it, you all disgust me.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Someone please call ALT. We need more buckets for all these scrabbling crabs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you know ALT gotta make his profits from this somehow. What a bunch of self interested PPM money people… disgusting.

      If these big money people cared about cayman, they’d be sponsoring schools or lobbying government to protect the environment or creating trade schools themselves. What is all the money for?? To put in a bank and to leave it to your kids who won’t appreciate it and believe they too have the right to plunder Cayman.

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