Last week ‘left a stain’ on Cayman, says Hew

| 23/04/2021 | 163 Comments
Cayman News Service
Joey Hew MP (GTN) addresses Parliament

(CNS): The member for George Town North appeared reluctant to put the election behind him when he stood to make his debut address as a member of the opposition on Friday. Joey Hew said he had been “characterized as the villain” in the recent campaign, as he pointed the finger at, but did not name, his opponent, Johann Moxam, and what he described as the “keyboard warriors jacked up on caffeine in coffee shops”. Most MPs, as they addressed Parliament either for the first time or in new jobs, spoke about unity and working together and their willingness to get past the bitterness of the campaign. However, Hew made it clear he wasn’t ready to forgive.

He said the last few months was one of the most arduous periods of his political career, as he blamed the influence of the “unregulated” world of social media for confusing the people.

“The final days of the campaign and the six days following the results exposed the ugliest side of politics and our people. The hatred and aggression towards each other… left a stain on our country,” he said. “I endured relentless attacks on my character, my family life and my integrity,” Hew said, adding that his constituents had not been fooled and had reelected him.

Hew outlined what he saw as the achievements that he and the previous government had left behind. He said he would continue to support them, even though several are not supported by the current PACT Government, especially the relentless road programme, the way that the review of the planning law has been going, and the direction of the National Energy Policy.

Barbara Conolly was also short on forgiveness when she accused her opponents of attacking her and her supporters, describing the things said as “almost unbearable”. She also aimed to score some early points against PACT when she made a jibe at the four women sitting on the government benches, asking them, “Is she supported?” — a reference to the reemergence of McKeeva Bush in the speaker’s chair, despite the trouble his conviction for assault on a woman had caused.

Conolly was, however, part of the government that created the dilemma that Wayne Panton, the new premier, had found himself in as he tried to put together a government that reflected the election result.

Panton responded directly in his own speech, which rounded up the adjournment debate Friday. “Yes, of course she is still supported,” he told Conolly, referring to Bush’s victim. He outlined the obligations he faced and what had to be done. He pointed out that Bush has acknowledged what he did and apologised for the transgressions, and said that going forward his government will be trying to set the best possible standards as a serious aspiration.

Check back to CNS next week for more details of the first speeches of the new Parliament, which has now been adjourned. The date of the next sitting has not yet been set.

See the proceedings on CIGTV below. Officials have acknowledged the sound issues and if a better quality video is made available, CNS will replace it as soon as possible.

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Comments (163)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the people were just sick and tired of watching Hew et al sell off the country piece by piece and make the lives of ordinary folk a misery by doing absolutely nothing to address the big issues like traffic congestion coming east to west.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 10.29. Did nothing? Aren’t you the same people complained that he was doing do much roadworks. Plus we had those environment warriors who said we didn’t need new road to eastern districts and suggested riding bicycles to work as an alternate solution. I would like to see Jay, Isaac and Chris sell that idea to the voters in North Side, East End and Bodden Town when they complain about PACT not building the East West artéial. If we dont see funds in their first budget for this then we can start buying bicycles because that will be what the pact is supporting.

      • Anonymous says:

        It takes more than adding 2 extra lanes here and there. 2,000 cars on 4 lanes is still 2,000 cars trying to get onto 2 lanes.

    • Anonymous says:

      And how soon do you think it will take PACT to fix the problem? Or are you satisfied now that it is being “addressed”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he could make a list of his achievements while in office. I’ll bet its a short list.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Added a stain to the many that are already there…

  4. Anonymous says:

    if it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stop whining! You have sold out Cayman enough! Your self interest is a disgrace!

  6. Arthur Yoke says:

    It’s like monopoly world
    Like a village pretending to be a country.
    With the amount of MPs to constituentcy/ constituents , you would think that they should be doing a lot better…. and the salary… and expenses.
    Vehicle examiners writing off cars
    Police crashing cars
    Driving licenses in cereal boxes.
    Airport firefighters trashed trucks
    Stolen huge quantities of drugs from police evidence GT main police station
    Give British nationals here the right to vote.
    Wa gwarnin cayman

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody please help Joey Who find his Big Boy pants? He seems to have lost them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not just Joey complained but he is the only one being called out. At least 3 Ministers complained about the nasty tone of the campaign; these were Chris, Bernie, and Julie. And yes Johan was rude and crude in his debate with Home. However Joey resisted the temptation to retaliate and GTN voters rewarded him the first prize while Mr Blowhard is out of the race, fired, sent home.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This guy is delusional. Maybe the majority of voter’s in his constituency were confused and in their confusion voted to return him as an MP. His immature behavior is unbecoming and I can only hope that he takes some time to get himself and his emotions under control.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey was not talking about the electìon or the horse trading that followed. What he was talking about was the organising of protests and the tone and language used on CMR. It was nasty indeed .

      • Anonymous says:

        To 7.47. It is 11am on 26th and already 11 persons are proud to say that they agree/like the nasty tone of CMR. Shame.

      • Anonymous says:

        It didn’t have to be nasty if the PPM didn’t try once again to seize power at any cost if it meant trying to drive a wedge between the independents whom the people had voted for in the majority.

        These nasty tactics worked in the last election as well. The only difference this time is that the people stood up and said, no more! The PPM was not expecting this and now Joey and the remaining outcasts are whining and complaining about the people standing. What he and the PPM need to understand now is they will no longer have their own way. The Cayman people have found their voice, they got on their feet and they shouted loud that they no longer wanted the PPM. There was no violence and none of the independents were leading any of these protests.

        The PPM has again lost one member and are now on the backbench..This should be a sign to them that they either have to change their ways or disband their party.

        • Anonymous says:

          The independents wete just that..independent with no party loyalty that is why there were negotiations. Incidentally they quickly gave up on that an independent can get so much done and realized that they had to join a team or group or alliance or party or something to be able to get anything done. So now they are part of PACT. Btw the poaching attempts wete being made from both sides, so if PPM doing it was nasty then it was also nasty when PACT was doing it. Funny how you celebrate PACT poaching of from PPM but called it nasty for PPM to try. None so blind as you who refuses to see the truth. Blinded by hate. Both sides had nine members at one stage over the weekend and so each tried to get the extra votes needed. Nothing wrong with that but don’t try to make it look like one side was more entitled than the other to form the Govt.

      • Anonymous says:

        The horse trading was worse last election, when Alden made the deal with the devil. The people have a right to protest, happens all over the world. But I understand why the people having a voice wouldn’t sit well with him, as we have never had a government that disrespected the people like the unity government. He spoke of his reality, the fact that he needs to awaken to, is that, he is a mere servant and not the lord of the manor and moving forward all elected members will be held accountable by their employer, we the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey is a delusional joker I hope he enjoys his last term as a MLA

  10. Big Poppa says:

    Methinks the only stain is that in the underwear of those who thought that they would be part of government… and then found out that was not going to be the case. Sit down Jr. And quit your cryin’

  11. Ed says:

    Watching all this unfold from the UK, I am in despair for the island I came to love in the 12 years I lived there.
    What on earth has gone on? The country is being run along the lines of a youth club with decisions being made by the children.
    How Bush can even show his face in respectable circles is beyond me.
    There was such promise – once.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t take the hot criticism then shouldn’t be in the kitchen. The weak aren’t adequate to lead the wild and, we’re becoming more untame by the standard of politics that has been allowed to fester. How much longer till all the minds in cages are set free?

  13. Dalvik says:

    Love and bless all people and the planet, help them both. Luke 14 Forsake all, everybody, yourlife to become a Christian
    Luke 12 and Matthew 6, Sell out, give all to poor people, and keep all alms in secret
    Matthew 5-7, Work for J, not €, then J will give you and your family as well in case they follow too the food and clothing needed
    Help the poor, sick, needy, and imprisoned to make J happy Matthew 25
    Mark 16 Share Love & Truth to all, to everyone everywhere
    John 17 Work with others in love + peace
    Don’t take the Mark of the Beast right hand or forehead, the only way to buy or sell (It’s not the covid mask or vaccine, but could be quantum implantable or quantum-tattoo) the Revelation 13+14
    USA is most likely the Babylon, to be destroyed with fire in 1 hour, the Revelation 17+18 He loves all, and we need to love Him back

  14. Anonymous says:

    You just watch all the Caymanian protectionist laws on the books are going to turn on like a light switch. If you’ve been here less than 15 years youre in for a ride. These laws haven’t been enforced since Ivan.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wake up my fellow Caymanians! Give Aldin and his administration their flowers while each of them are still alive. They did a magnificent job keeping us safe. We never had to go back in lockdown. Sadly I think Caymanians have forgotten that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. God help us all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Pandemic? What Pandemic? What exactly did they do? I mean exactly! Issued orders to close borders? Purchased testing kits? Purchased or whatever, Pfizer boosters? Not much if you ask me.

    • Anonymous says:


      Alden and crew closed the borders and issued lock down orders and that’s about it! Private citizens located and arranged the purchase of the testing kids. The UK sent us the vaccines.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yet again, a few civil servants received tremendous accolades for ‘doing their jobs’, too bad management can’t find same courage to do the same for all employees.

      • Anonymous says:

        hold the phone…at least one that forced the test cases was an old but really committed Caymanian Ms Olde…then ppm sold a bunch and tried to make money.

        • Anonymous says:

          To 8.34. They sold to other countries in need. That is Caymankind.

          • Anonymous says:

            You shouldn’t sell what you got for free..that ain’t Caymankind, that’s greed and a slap in the face of Mrs. Olde and other that organized and paid for them.

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