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Public Servant writes: After various telephone calls and in-person meetings, there are only one or two people who are willing to deal with the consequences of a political fallout within the Progressives that would be caused by a move to the Independent-led government. This is unfortunate as one would have thought that it was important to place the country first in the decision-making process rather than the will of special interests.

What special interests want:

Special interest groups want to maintain everything “as is”. This includes any continuing influence they may have over the previous Parliamentary membership, benefiting from multi-million-dollar concessions and having a blind eye turned to projects which would otherwise be questioned (as to environmental impacts and the like). Ultimately, the impression given is that it is about the money at stake, not the lives at stake.

What the people want

Caymanians want their long-term plight to be considered by policy makers. That is, taking steps to improve the public education system (Caymanians want success, not failure), implementing better approaches for sustainable development, enhancing healthcare coverage, enriching their culture and heritage, resolving the worsening traffic situation and establishing a level playing field in all sectors so that Caymanians can at least “visualize” opportunity.


On or before Wednesday, 21 April, voters and other residents will know the result of the hard-fought efforts of the Independents to form an inclusive government which desirable members of the Progressives were invited to establish (but vehemently refused). Instead of working with the Independents for the greater good of the Cayman Islands, certain incumbent Progressives are likely to maintain a holding position of non-cooperation with the Independents.

Holding this position is theoretically necessary for political supporters of the incumbent Progressives to continue to derive personal gains from the maintenance of the status quo and satisfying the wishes of special interests.

It is hoped that voters will see through this game, the psychology and the accompanying anti-independents propaganda which seeks to establish a narrative that the Independents did not try to avoid undesirable outcomes when the Independents did, in fact, seek the best outcome for the people through efforts to establish an inclusive government.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians want their long-term plight to be considered by policy makers. That is, taking steps to improve the public education system…….

    During an election cycle the people seeking power always talk about the need to educate ‘their’ people. Unfortunately, the majority of the people we have elected this election cycle, the last election cycle, and every election that I can recall, could easily have been source of the original Dunning-Kruger study.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PACT policies are not well thought through and the team is not up to leading this Country.

    • We need Sanity says:

      I agree. Only fools would advocate banning work permit holders from driving cars, this is laughable.

  3. Theophrastus, Characters says:

    An oligarch is the sort who:

    When the people are debating who should be selected to assist leading a parade, steps right up and declares that absolute control is required. If others propose ten people to do a job, he declares that “one is enough, provided he is a real man”. He can recall only that one Homeric verse—“the rule of many is not good, there should be one ruler’—and he understands nothing of the rest.

    Don’t miss out that he uses these kinds of statements:
    “We should get together and deliberate about this on our own and avoid the democrat mob and the assembly. Stop being insulted or honored by them when we hold public offices”
    “Thanks to all these whistleblowers, this country is unlivable!”
    “We are being treated the worst in the courts because of their corruption!”
    “I can’t imagine what these people pursuing politics even want!”
    “The people are completely ungrateful—all they want is a handout!”

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