Election for the environment

| 14/04/2021 | 6 Comments

Candy Whicker writes: Cayman truly is a jewel: our beaches, our wetlands, our mangroves, our undisturbed green spaces, our coral reefs, underwater world and our wildlife on land and in the sea – all valuable beyond measure. All of these are perfectly balanced by nature and together they keep our air clean, filter our waters, protect us from flooding and storm surge, provide a habitat for our wildlife and pollinate our plants. This very necessary biodiversity allows us all to live healthy lives on this island. But all of this is under threat.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As one of the 40,000+ not entitled to vote, it’s once again very depressing to see the choices made by the minority on this island. Approximately 500 people have voted for McKeeva to sit in parliament. 99% of the population think he should be nowhere near parliament, but 1% do and so he is back in again. Well Cayman you certainly get the MPs you deserve.

  2. DM says:

    Development isn’t the issue. The problem is the corruption created by a few notorious developers. The unanswered petition from over 800 residents that asked Michael Ryan to stop damaging the marine park was a glaring example of a developer acting with impunity. There was no need for Ryan to dump the building materials or the slurry from the rock pool into the marine park. It was down to laziness and cutting corners. A responsible developer could have kept to the normal set back from the ocean and prevented any material entering the marine park. The Department of Environment should be able to levy significant fines that deter this type of irresponsible behaviour that damages Cayman’s environment.

    Cayman needs a planning process that has teeth and the willingness to fight the corruption linked to large developments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So please vote out PPM! We saw how quick Barbara was to almost destroy Smith Cove. We see how Joseph cares so little for the environment that he’ll dig up mangroves to build roads, when there are alternatives to deal with traffic. We see how the dump, after years of promises to cap it, has caught fire on many occasions and only recently have they decided to do something about it (they always do something close to the election). We see how our environment is at risk because of overdevelopment and mangrove forests being filled in to build expensive hotels that most of us couldn’t even afford to stay in. Aside from the environment, we see how they deal with social issues; with Julianna telling the public to raid a same-sex couple’s wedding. McKeeva (although he’s not part of PPM but still needs to go!) beating up a woman and the whole government stays silent. Anthony Eden standing on the Parliament floor, bashing a group in our society. Jon Jon, OUR HEALTH MINISTER, saying a full moon has a connection with a woman’s hormonal system, I mean it’s complete nonsense! And Caymanians struggling to afford the high cost of living, which is why many young Caymanians want to move away. We can’t stand for this! These people have no integrity, class, or sense of responsibility to their country. GET THEM OUT.

    • Rasputin says:

      There have been a lot of positive developments from the present Govt., get them out and it will certainly get a lot worse, a bunch of independents most of them out for the money and the glory. Doubtless Bush would be in the middle of sharing out the spoils so we would get what we asked for.

    • Anonymous says:

      The new government should demonstrate its commitment to protecting the environment by prosecuting Michael Ryan for the damage to the marine park.

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