Over 30% of population now vaccinated

| 09/03/2021 | 43 Comments

(CNS): Public health officials have confirmed that 18,997, which is just over 30% of the estimated population of 65,000, have received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, while 9,447 have had both shots. Government is planning to hold a press conference Wednesday, where it is expected to reveal the percentage of the over 60s now vaccinated. Government is also expected to announce plans regarding the quarantine regime and the status of the border.

Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee reported that all of the 239 COVID-19 tests carried out over the last day were negative. The number of people in isolation, either at a government facility or in their homes, is now 650. There are currently 30 active cases of the coronavirus among those in quarantine, two of whom are suffering symptoms.

CNS note: If anyone noticed confusion over the percentage of people who have received the first dose, it stems from a GIS typo for the number, which is, in fact, 18,997 and not 28,997, as first reported, and the CNS editor being half asleep.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of the more than 92 million doses administered in the US to date, fewer than 1,700 deaths have been reported.
    (CNS 3/9/21 sub-comment): Read this whole article: Fact check: No links found between vaccination and deaths)

    “‘If you have a reaction to it, don’t ignore it. Don’t be stoic and just say: “Oh, I’ll be fine,” he said.

    ‘Pay attention. If it persists beyond a day, you might ought to go see a doctor. And make sure that you’re not another one in a million.'” said the father of deceased 39yo Utah woman

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got vaccinated and under the circumstances I think that place runs like a well oiled machine. The staff and nurses were friendly and did a great job.

    I do have one thought though, do people with last names starting with ‘Q’ really need their own day? Guessing that was a politician who thought that up and not the wonderful people administering the vaccines.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing about an estimated population. Given the numbers involved and sophistication of our systems, there is no legitimate basis that we do not know exactly how many people are here.

    • Anonymous says:

      We live in a place where govt issued IDs have addresses on them that don’t even exist. I’m looking at you, driving licenses.

      Seriously, whatever you think is happening, should be, but what is really the case is usually an eye opener.

      If they can estimate to the nearest 500 people, my jaw would hit the ground.

    • D. Truth says:

      Aw c’mon !…………… People are being born and people are dying every day. How can you be sure how many there are at any given time? Does it really matter?

      P.S. If you are still sick and tired, consider taking a couple of aspirin and a shot of Blackbeard rum. Or just skip the aspirin and double up on the rum. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a register of births. When someone is born – add one.

        There is a register of deaths. When someone dies – deduct one.

        There is a register of work permit holders, permanent residents, and dependents, and a list of Caymanians. Add them up.

        There are electronic border controls. When someone leaves – deduct one.

        When someone comes in – add one.

        With access to the data my iPhone could give an answer within a moment.

        Instead we pay large numbers of people millions of dollars to make guesstimates, that often are wildly different from reality.

        Consider a food security crisis. Do you not think accurate numbers would be needed? Or herd immunity and vaccines?

  4. Anonymous says:

    We are extremely fortunate to have weathered a proper lockdown last year, with suitably aggressive community testing, and had early access and world-leading vaccine rollout, but our optimism is months ahead of tourist market readiness. 30% might now have greater immune recognition against the strain that dates from the beginning of last year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those vaccinated are somehow bullet proof against the dominant strains making the rounds now in our tourism markets. Vaccinated can still get sick, and spread the virus to those without any protection, and those people can die. Our goal in Cayman has never been to have “stable/flat” hospital admissions. With perhaps a couple dozen emergency ICU beds, many of those served with oxygen-enriched HVAC, we would loose hard pretending we can play that game. Let’s be realistic, sympathetic, and patient…anyone here with wanderlust can feel free to go off and explore, but know that this isn’t over yet…third and fourth waves already seem to be projected as a mathematical certainties, as newly invincibled are prematurely removing their masks, and disregarding social distancing protocols.

  5. Angry says:

    Stop importing Covid!

  6. Anonymous says:

    A genetically modified ‘vaccine’ in trial format until 2023, only being allowed use under obscure ’emergency powers’ declaration.
    A pandemic that isn’t.
    a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t actually stop you getting it or spreading it.
    sure, go get jabbed, you’ll never be able to be unjabbed and they’re going to try to get you to get re-jabbed every 6 months to a year
    for a virus that will not kill you if you’re not morbidly obese or very old (yes, there are exceptions…but statistically effectively zero.zero)
    the willingness of people to be sheepled is astounding, no wonder there are very few billionaires in the world..we’re easy to be manipulated.

    • Anonymous says:

      – All vaccines are genetically modified in some way. GMO doesn’t mean “dangerous”. There are plenty off all natural things that can make you sick or die as well.

      – It is a pandemic as it is worldwide with millions infected with the virus. I know people personally who have had it.

      – New research shows that the vaccines do slow or prevent spread of the virus.

      – Needing more than 2 shots of the Pfizer vaccine is not currently recommended. This is some slippery slope thinking.

      -The virus may not kill you, but it can definitely leave you with permanent damage. Some people have lingering issues of Covid infection months after they caught it, even if they were asymptomatic.

      – If being “sheepled” means getting a vaccination that will protect you from Covid-19 sign me up all day long. It’s now clinically and real world tested to show great efficacy against this pandemic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you suffering from the boiling frog syndrome after digesting too much GM food?

        Those past reproductive age could continue getting all kind of shots, but those who plan to have children must avoid experimental “vaccines” for it is not known how it is going to affect genetic makeup of future generations.

        • Anonymous says:

          You like haas avocados? Those are GM. Get over it and get educated.

          • D. Truth says:

            There are many, many genetically modified foods available for human and animal consumption…………. but that doesn’t mean it is all 100% safe to eat.

            • Anonymous says:

              But it mostly does. Nothing is 100% safe. You could trip and fall taking a piss at night too.

          • Anonymous says:

            Corn is GM as well, bet he loves his corn on the cob.

        • Anonymous says:

          The vaccine does not change your genetic makeup or DNA. For the millionth time…

      • Anonymous says:

        OMG, you just won’t even consider that you’re wrong. Its not surprising after 1 year+ of constant news cycles. But take a look globally –
        the lifespan of the ‘pandemic’ spreads are mirroring exactly what a flu does
        there is effectively little difference between countries and states that have locked down and that have not
        there’s a massive global class action lawsuit filed by prominent lawyers
        Germany, ireland, Denmark, etc are seeing rising protests
        The goalposts keep getting moved regarding what we’re doing this for (first it was the vulnerable, now its your mommy, next it’ll be the children)
        there is no pandemic. there’s a dreadful virus for sure, but its naturally going away and your vaccine won’t actually stop it anyhow
        but sure, go get jabbed…and again, and again
        the real culprit here is the PCR testing and how it was ever allowed to be the reasoning for a pandemic. The only thing you’ve got is a global case-demic. Nobody asymptomatic spreads it, you may as well test everyone for nipples.
        in 12 months time you’ll wonder why you couldnt see it sooner yourself.

        • Dr. Strangelove says:

          I don’t know about the other stuff, but checking nipples sounds interesting. I will help if you need more checkers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you talking about yourself?

        • Anonymous says:

          You can be stupid and beautiful simultaneously.

          Sort of like walking and chewing gum.

          But anti-vaxers do have a problem with persons holding opposing views.

          Sort of like the fascists.

          • Anonymous says:

            The post is absolutely not true. Equating anti-vaxxers to fascists is blatant projection.
            Anti-vaxxers have no problem with whatever you want to do with your body. I will do what I want with mine.
            You are entitled to your opinion as is your right. I don’t really care what view you hold and as far as my view, well that’s my business. Your argument is baseless and frankly puerile.

    • Anonymous says:

      thank you genius billionaire.

    • WOW, STILL? SMH🤦‍♀️🤦🏻 says:

      Wow still?

  7. Anonymous says:

    they will reopen only when more than 30% of the chickens in cayman are vaccinated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Basically! I was not surprised to see the goal posts move AGAIN. Now, they’re counting children in the numbers that must be vaccinated and basing that on a vaccine that *might* be available to kids by summer. Oh well.

      At least there was progress in reducing quarantine for those already fully vaccinated! 👍👍

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope Alden doesn’t think about opening the borders until more of us get the chance to get vaccinated.

    My last name starts with W so I have to wait all the way until next Saturday to get mine and won’t be able to get my second on for 3 weeks after that..

    30% of the population is nowhere near herd immunity.

    Why can’t we organize to get more shots in arms by opening up the airport for longer hours and bring in retired nurses and ask for help from private doctors to help with vaccinations? There are many people that want to get the shot but the HSA has made the system so onerous that it with is very difficult to get this done. We should be close to running out of the vaccine every time BA lands but instead we are hoarding them in freezers at the HSA and not expediting getting them into arms of people which should be the main objective.

    It would be terrible to get this far and have some breach quarantine and we get community spread or lord forbid, a superspreader event.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! In other countries they are educating laypeople to supplement nurses giving the vaccine.
      Keep the airport clinic open 24/7 and get as many people vaccinated as possible now. Instead, our clinic is closed on weekends which is when most people can come!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      In terms of virus response and vaccine international rollout, Cayman has been among the most privileged, and months ahead of our tourism markets. As if to underscore how disproportionately fortunate we are, His Holiness the Dali Lama, aged 85, only got his first injection four days ago. We need to enjoy that we are alive, and recognize that we are not contending with the scale of pandemic health crisis that exists elsewhere, especially knowing that there is a dose with your name on it going into your arm in the next week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

      And extend the hours if not doing 24 hours. Start at 7 am and run until 8 pm! At least then people can go before or after work as well.

    • Dorothy Hislop says:

      Your lucky to get both of your vaccines so quickly. We have to wait up to 12 weeks to get our second dose in the U.K

  9. Anonymous says:

    Open the borders!!

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