ACC makes arrest in another mystery probe

| 02/03/2021

(CNS): The Anti-Corruption Commission reported Tuesday that a 27-year-old public servant from East End was arrested Tuesday for various corruption offences but gave no details about the case. The unidentified man is suspected of committing fraud on the government, bribery and breach of trust, contrary to the Anti-Corruption Law. The ACC said he had been detained for questioning and it would not provide any more information.

The commission, which is charged with rooting out public corruption, continues to be extremely tight lipped about all of its investigations, most of which have focused on corruption allegations against less senior public officials.

The first person ever convicted under the law was a woman who paid a bribe to an official in desperation to get a passport application turned around quickly so she could take her husband to Miami for emergency medical care.

Since then, the officers working for the commission have conducted a variety of investigations that have taken a long time to come before the courts. The case against a group of immigration officers for taking bribes to assist native Spanish speaking work permit applicants to pass their English Language Tests took some four years to finally jail the main players.

This week an ACC case against the former CIFA treasurer, Canover Watson, relating to money laundering allegations is expected to open in court.

There are also a number of cases currently inching their way through the courts, while others remain firmly under wraps. One case relating to allegations of corruption over driving tests at the DVDL is expected to go to trial later this year. A case of misappropriation of funds and procurement issues at the Cayman Turtle Centre has not yet reached the courts.

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