No confidence motion a necessary vote

| 02/02/2021 | 26 Comments

Len Layman writes: If government manages to dodge a vote on the no confidence motion on the speaker, they will be doing themselves and the people of Cayman a grave injustice. In life, the most difficult decisions to make are usually major decisions that involve choosing right over wrong. The effects of doing right are often much more difficult to deal with than taking the easy way out or simply choosing to avoid dealing with the situation. It is as if doing right is a destination at the end of a long corridor, one that is difficult and uncomfortable to navigate.    

There are hardships to face in reaching the goal and along the way there are many available exits that are much more attractive and easier to take than sticking to the task of doing the right thing. These options can be very tempting to take and often excuses justifying them are easily reached. The fact that it is easier does not make it right or a substitute for doing right. It takes courage and strength to accept that doing right can be difficult and uncomfortable. That is why the weak tend to take the convenient exits, never realising the rewards of toughing it out and making the right choices.

This is the situation we find our government in now. Because the speaker has been convicted on three counts of violence, many question his maintaining that prestigious position. Yet the premier says it is “not in the best interest of the country” to have him removed from that chair. I would have agreed with him if he had honestly stated that it was not in the best interest of his government to remove him. This decision is taking the “easy exit”. I believe that his motivation is, in fact, that it is not politically expedient for him and his government to do so.

We, the people of Cayman, have the right know how each of our elected officials feels about this serious issue. To date, most have remained silent on the matter making no comments at all. We need the motion to be voted on and for all MPs to be forced to take a public stand on this issue. They must be given the right to vote their conscience and not be constrained by party or collective responsibility. We need to know, as we look forward to upcoming elections, exactly where our representatives stand on the issue so that we can use that information in deciding whether to return them to office or not. If they continue to remain silent, that, in itself, should be reason for us to believe they are only looking out for themselves rather than doing what is right for the people of Cayman.

Our government has spent millions of dollars of our money in fighting against violence and abuse in our county. But now they are forcing us to ask if they do so because they are serious about their belief that all violence is evil and should not be tolerated or are there other motivations. They do not seem to be acting as if it is evil in this instance.

The Unity Government needs to stop avoiding the issue and have the courage to face it head on, regardless of the consequences, even if it is necessary to call a special meeting of the Parliament. That is the right thing to do, both for the Cayman people and for themselves. It is not the easiest decision for them, but it is the right thing and no excuse they make will change what is right in this case. Bringing this issue to vote is necessary to restore our confidence in our government; if they avoid doing so, they are avoiding doing what is right. 

For them to avoid a vote would speak volumes about the moral foundation of our current government.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for setting it out in layman’s terms.

    • Kaya Now says:

      I wish ona would all stop talking for the sake a talking, nothing more is gonna happen, that’s all folks.

      You all need to understand that they: The Graduating /Outgoing Politicos of Class 2021, ain’t give a damn, as to what Layman, the Candy Man and Her Majesty May think about their beloved Kiki. Ona can’t see they now have 6 months salary for doing absolutely nothing which includes their severance. You all really expecting blood from stone.

      Don’t Waste ya time people just vote all a dem outa the Parliament, chase dem outa de.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Produce that video. NOW

    • Anonymous says:

      so when you see Mac beating the woman up, what will you say then? Will you be satisfied enough to demand his removal of his post?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I only have a question: who is “the presiding officer” in this case?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Both Parliament and the Cabinet are under constitutional responsibilities to “uphold the rule of law” (in accordance with section 107 of our Constitution). Additionally, our Bill of Rights “affirms the rule of law” (under section 1(2)(a) of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shame on the premier! Shame shame shame!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course every single member in there stands against violence of any kind (maybe not McKeeva, but the rest do). However, if McKeeva is ousted and the unity government falls, who will lead us through the end of this pandemic? It is one of the most important times in Cayman’s history and we cannot let the government fall into uncertainty as we try to navigate through the final stretch of arguably the most important crisis in our history.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s been so long since we had one, we forget that the Speaker is in charge of impartially officiating the rules of the House, and keeping order. That’s it. They only thing they lead is the Burger King lunch order. Bernie, or Barbara can very aptly take over those duties for the handful of sessions left. Unity Cabinet will have to either make sense in it’s floor arguments for Bill Amendments, or horse trade for votes with back bench members as normal governments do. Imagine the horror of democracy actually working the way it’s supposed to?!

    • Da-wa-u-get says:

      That is not a valid argument at all.
      We all know that combating Covid has been handled by the experts both in the medical establishment as well as Civil Service.
      This would continue to be the case after the Government is dissolved in anticipation of the election which will produce another Premier in any case.
      So, let them show us what they are: Lemmings or Leaders? we are waiting!

    • Anonymous says:

      So there are 19 seats,
      12 in Unity
      Speaker doesn’t count in government so they have 11 in power
      Opposition have 7.

      So if Speaker is removed as speaker he can join the government and the numbers will be the same.

      If he crosses the floor and takes whoguene with him then opposition is 9 , government is 9. Speaker has deciding vote. As the speaker is part of unity government wont collapse.

      Pure math my friend.

      They could also do a stand-in like Mary was.

      This is pure politicks as someone knows where the bodies are buried.

    • JTB says:

      This is moral relativism. You’re saying violence against women can be tolerated in pursuit of other priorities.

      I disagree. Some things demand a response, not equivocation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing TRUMPS ethics, morals and downright decency

      No fall of government


      Shyte, try so be on the right side of history, won’t you?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Corruption running wild in these islands, Lodge in charge doing their own things

  8. B. Anley says:

    Spot on!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Morality went out the window the day they got elected. They sold their souls, and their country.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Releasing the video would leave no questions unanswered.
    Laid bare for all to make their own opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now the court case is over there’s nothing to stop the video being posted on sites like YouTube. I don’t know how RCIPS works but now it’s no longer required as evidence that footage is legally still the property of whoever owns the CCTV equipment. Someone must have a copy of it – let’s see it posted.

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t Bush’s boy the landlord of the Coral Beach? If so then he would be handed the cctv equipment back. And is he going to release a video of his old man leathering a defenceless woman? Highly unlikely mate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep. Only amazed that the police actually acquired it, and didn’t give Coral Beach a few days notice, following which it would have been found to be defective.

      • Pastor Alfredo says:

        The CCTV footage is the legal property of the bar operator. Which is either directly or indirectly the man who is the star of the footage – the West Bay barmaid basher.

        Best of luck if you think the footage will ever see light of day. Not unless it’s leaked from either RCIPS, Dart (who owns the land) or the legal firm representing said West Bay barmaid basher.

        As has already been mentioned several times on here, the footage no doubt shows this buffoon in such a bad light that it will never be made public. His public position would be totally untenable. As it is now, people are only slightly up in arms. And it’ll all blow over in a few weeks when he’s unfortunately returned as MLA for west bay – as sure as night follows day. I hold the voters of his district in even lower contempt than I do the man himself.

        Pastor Alfredo

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘I hold the voters of his district in even lower contempt than I do the man himself’

          Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him? Obi Wan Kenobi ©

        • Anonymous says:

          As a voter in his district who would rather vote for the gum stuck under a table, I find your comment about us voters offensive!!! If only we knew who was running against him, because as of right now, it’s nobody! So we all have to spoil our ballots so everyone knows that we do NOT want him representing us!

          • Anonymous says:

            It would be nice if someone would challenge him in WBW. I don’t care who. Otherwise there is no need to go to the poll.

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