Mac still in denial over assault conviction

| 26/02/2021
McKeeva Bush speaks at Rolston Anglin’s election campaign launch

(CNS): Despite pleading guilty, agreeing to the crown’s case against him in a written basis of the plea and telling a magistrate he was remorseful about the assault, Speaker McKeeva Bush still denies being violent towards Livia Kwong last February. Appearing at Rolston Anglin’s West Bay North campaign launch Thursday evening, Bush denied culpability when he was heckled by a constituent about the violent incident.

As Bush was discussing from the podium who he would and would not support in a future government, local activist and WBN constituent Eden Hurlston asked, “But do you support ending violence against women, sir?”

Bush immediately began denying that he had committed any violence against anyone, despite the now well documented case.

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