Dart’s hotel to go before CPA with no DoE input

| 15/02/2021 | 122 Comments
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(CNS): Hotel Indigo, which will anchor Dart’s proposed ‘new town’, will be before the Central Planning Authority (CPA) on Tuesday as a separate application, but it will not have any input from the Department of Environment because no new National Conservation Council (NCC) members have been appointed. The project comes against the backdrop of public concern about the threat the planned area development (PAD) poses to parts of the last remaining area of mangrove wetland in West Bay.

It is not clear why Cabinet has allowed the NCC membership to lapse, given that it is required to direct the DoE to give the necessary advice to the CPA on all matters relating to the National Conservation Law.

While the DoE has prepared a screening opinion, it has no ability to submit that project without the NCC first clearing it. In correspondence to planning, the department said it has been lobbying government to appoint the new council since October. DoE Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie asked the project hearing to be delayed until the NCC is appointed and allow for the screening opinion and the review of the development application to be issued in accordance with the law.

The DoE stated that to grant planning permission for the project without taking into account the views of the National Conservation Council is contrary to the law. The government agency also raised concerns about what this tells the public.

“It also sends a clear message about the Central Planning Authority’s and Planning Department’s attitude towards the environment and the wider principles of sustainable development. Sustainable development seeks to ensure that development is considered in its widest context including assessing economic, social and environmental implications. Given the lack of environmental technical expertise on the Central Planning Authority, it is unclear on what basis a decision can be reached which takes into account environmental considerations,” Ebanks-Petrie stated in her memo to the authority.

While the hotel’s location is a man-modified site, its proximity to the Public Beach and concerns about turtle nests would be important considerations. While it is unlikely the screening would recommend an environmental impact assessment for this specific project, the DoE would have likely raised questions about the hotel’s position in the context of the PAD as well.

Dart has already started some work at the site, which it said Monday was not “foundation work” as reported here earlier but test pilings to inform “foundation design” should the project be approved. Nevertheless it demonstrates the confidence the developer has in receiving planning permission.

Activists are concerned that the proposal for the larger PAD will have a very negative impact on the environment while providing almost no benefit to the majority of residents of West Bay, where the worst of the mangrove destruction will be. Vandals have already protested these plans for more development by the islands’ biggest landowner by damaging a road sign on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

The ten-story Hotel Indigo, which will be constructed on the plot between the Kimpton hotel and the highway, will not be a beachfront property. Its guests will have access to the beach at the former Calico Jack Beach Bar between the Kimpton beachfront and Public Beach.

Part of the PAD which Dart has now submitted an application there are numerous environmental issues including the proposal to a cut a canal under the ETH to link the new town from the North Sound canal network to Seven Mile Beach.

According to the agenda, the CPA made the decision to hear the application this week without any input from the DoE on behalf of the NCC, which means it will give no consideration to the environment, as required by the law.

While the agenda states: “CPA determined the absence of comments from the Department of Environment/NCC should not prevent the application from being determined.” However, it does not state the reasons for that position.

Dart representatives are expected to present the project to the CPA at 11:30am, and while there are no lawful objectors (those living within the notification zone as required under the law), the developer is attending to discuss other issues relating to the project, such as parking

See the minutes in the CNS Library.

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  1. Kman says:

    Dart’s wicked wheel of manipulation, power and influence is showing its true face😖. Alden is getting as many “legacy deals done” before he leaves and hope the door slaps him good in the face on his way out, take Mac and the no good crew with you too. ALT is profiting from being on the Planning Board and the NCC board appointment timing is a sign of conflict of interest.

    The Governor is a stool pigeon and why Khan was forced out because he was not going to tolerate corruption.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My understanding is that the chief officer in planning ministry had written suggesting a short delay in hearing the matter so as to enable the NCC to be sorted and to give time to get its comments .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Be honest, the DOE can’t keep poaching, the Sandbar or some of their officers under control, how y’all expect them to get the big stuff right? Is that DOE conservation truck a permanent feature at ALT’s, is it the new poaching hot spot? Just asking as a tax payer.
    Clear the DOE swamp before Dart clears Caymans for good and builds more vanity projects for rich foreigners.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy the sign.
    If the NRA auctioned it for charity it would go fo a five figure sum

  5. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I genuinely LOVE the sign. Very well done. I am sorry that NRA has probably already removed it. It defo SHOULD be auctioned off as there are many thought agree that it is fabulous.

    Secondly, why does Cayman not have term limits?????? How is this possible that this handful of trough feeders has been allowed to be despots of this island for 30 YEARS!!!

    You people really need to get your head out of the sand. These ‘men’ are not making decisions for the best of your children. They are lining their pockets and if you can’t see that by now and do NOTHING to stop it, then there is no hope for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS – why you always hattin on the dart. what planning been doing the last few months while NCC had no members? why just say this now that its an application from daddy

      no dart = no work

      CNS: We cover planning applications for all major developments, which are the ones where the DoE/NCC offers input. This is the first time the NCC issue has come up.

      • Oh you’re so dissillusioned says:

        Dart provides jobs only for jaded brown nosers, mouth breathers and bottom feeders. You might manage to land a job which you think is secure only to be replaced by a work permit holder if you don’t enthusiastically adopt their culture. And this culture extends to your personal life too! All construction jobs are temporary, if Dart thought he could get away with hiring 300+ Indian Nationals again for construction work he would in a heartbeat. People here need a reality check and should have realised that local workers are as dispensable as a dish rag 15 years ago. The irreversible damage is done.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Somehow, when everyone was busy yelping about unauthorized beach chairs in West Bay, DART pile-drived a gazebo into the sand below high water mark on SMB in front of his villa. It’s been there years now. Why is that still there? The wall? Chainsaw the submerged gazebo, pick up your tree carnage, and tear down all of that destructive wall. Can we please FOI who signed-off on all of that code-violating crap, and then remove them from whatever station they currently hold? Honestly.

    • I. B. Hurlstone says:

      Why do the Members of Parliament not do what they were elected to do? They weren’t elected to enrich themselves at the expense of Caymanian citizens. How much lagniappe do our politicians think they can take before someone decides that enough is enough! Am I the only Caymanian that can see how our “Representatives” are selling us out?

    • Anonymous says:

      These things complied with setback requirements at the time they were applied for, approved and built.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can Dart please run for office? Think of Cayman in five or ten years from now. A great place to live and work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Err – who exactly is going to stay in this hotel?

  9. Anonymous says:

    3:22 Why are y’all leaving out the Premixed Concrete and Block makers, no complaints!

  10. Anonymous says:

    9:11 So what is your Sensible Point!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Kenny boy first showed up here, his chosen retreat following global vulture hatred. Kenny boy was $hit scared for his life, routinely having restaurants secured by his security before arriving to dine and even having someone suspiciously dressed as a double as he selectively engaged in some R&R activities in his new found Isle Cayman and some say residing occasional to battle ready luxury yacht.

    Guess what Kenny, – I showed up a good few years before you and I respected what Cayman was and lived the place, culture and environment that welcomed me. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t have engaged or even considered turning the soil to creating a land ton reap a personal vision. I like to think I brought something far more valuable instead, respect, understanding, humility and humbly privileged to be immersed in a way of life sought the world over.

    I suppose the difference is Kenny, I had options, I didn’t need a secluded safe Island retreat, somewhere where pissed Argentinians couldn’t get me, somewhere with stability for transactions and global trading, and somewhere that I didn’t have to pay the income tax you so despised. I choose this place for what it was, not what I needed or how I wanted it created. With that said I wouldn’t be too sad if you packed your ****, took your overweening investment, and got right the **** out of here before you absolutely desecrate the place removing the magic from the Island that time forgot and then realise your perspective might have been just a tad off when obliviously fixated with not much more than ‘keeping an eye on that eight ball’, – just saying Ken, other people live here to and appreciate very much more than simply cosmopolitan development & concrete, that wasn’t or is Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      Brilliant comment, but 10 years too late.
      His money has bought the souls of many.

    • Anonymous says:

      He actually caused the USA to change their tax laws regarding giving up your passport to avoid taxes. HE alone caused this. SO now, if you wanted to give up your passport to avoid taxes, it takes 10 years. So, you must continue to pay taxes for 10 years before you are no longer liable.
      He also tried to build a consulate in Sarasota when he somehow got appointed as the liaison or ambassador for Belize so that he could see his family. Up until then he was not able to step foot in his home country.

    • anonymous says:

      Amen! Dart has been the downfall of our beloved Cayman. Government has welcomed his enterprise, but it has been of too high of cost. His overdevelopment of this island will be the ruin of us all. The best thing wpuld be to send him packing to honduras.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just ask the cheating Argies, Brazilians & Greeks what they think

      Dart owns Dart Management, “one of the best known of the so-called vulture funds.
      “The strategy of vulture funds is to buy government debts at sharply reduced prices when weak governments are in crisis, and eventually force these governments to pay the full amount of the debt. Dart employed this strategy in 1994 by acquiring Brazilian debt instruments and eventually generating a profit of about $600 million.
      In the Greek financial crisis Dart was a winner by forcing the Greek government to pay €436 million in 2012, 90% of which went to his fund.
      In the prolonged attempts to resolve the Argentinian financial crisis of 2001, Dart and Paul Singer rejected Argentina’s restructuring offer in contrast to most other investors and brought their claim to the US court system.In response to Dart’s holdout strategy, the then Argentinian ambassador in the US, Jorge Argüello, rebuked Dart’s activities, while in the Argentinian press Dart was named “Enemy Number One of Argentina”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Proud to say I was against the whole seven-mile beach con road fiasco!!

    Are you guys happy now that a 10 story building will forever take that magnificent view of the beach away? You at least can drive along the beach on South Beach and see the ocean!!

    Shame on us all. Heartbreaking that this has gone so far.

    I WILL not support DART establishments.

    He is the number one contributor to crimes against the environment just by the styrofoam products that his family pioneered.

    • Anonymous says:

      And this push back will only get worse as the social and economic divide grows. This sad situation may have come without Dart but he has certainly hastened its development. The turning point will soon come, average people will not stand for further disenfranchisement.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dart almost single handedly kept Cayman out of recession in 2008/9 and probably will again in 2021/22. He employs more Caymanians than anyone else bar CiG both directly and indirectly. If there is a worsening social and economic divide I suggest you look at our schools. Sure blaming Dart is easy but it won’t solve a dąmn thing. Disenfranchisement means losing your right to vote… that’s not happening but if you don’t fix the schools it might as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m getting out of here….. The cause of the divide will be cheap labour from far away lands married with foreign investment driving up inflation. That’s been the problem here for a long time. The early 1980 s was magnificent for Caymanian labour and then the mass import started. Thumbs down because it’s the truth and it doesn’t favour your pocket.

  13. alex says:

    The government should stop the sales of all lands that close to the beach and buy it for public use. Pay a fair price and keep it. Dart was smarter than the whole Cayman Island historical Government. He has bought all good land for years. Now, nationalize it or shut up. That is what we get for electing idiots for so long.

    • Anonymous says:

      8:19 I think some of our GRAND PARENTS were Dancing, to the

    • Anonymous says:

      Idiots is right. Once upon a time, and not long ago, the Cayman Islands were just a few days free of being bust. The CIG did not have sufficient civil service payroll cash to meet the FCO’s Public Management and Finance Law buffer minimums. Financial peril, combined with a corrupt government, made us ripe territory for a vulture capitalist bearing phantom promises. Longterm debt was maxed out. Pension and healthcare liabilities were unacknowledged (and remain that way). Short term debt was concealed via a carnival ride of semi-regular opaque inter-government budget reshuffles (still is). CIG simultaneously needed to advance developmental priorities, long-stalled post-Ivan, and the way they saw to do that was via a series of very private arrangements with DART. Some of those details included modest cash injections, land-swaps, re-zonings, in-kind public-private project oversight, new laws, failed deadlines, financial commitment and project rescinding passages, many of which were predictably triggered. Those four deals are contained in the NRA Agreement versions, later published with reluctance. Check the CNS Library, and pull up a chair and read how little of what was promised was actually delivered on time, or in good faith. Much of it still ongoing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Who cares about turtle nests! So sick of hearing about impact on sea turtles.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You what riles my ass? If I go pick up a bucket of sand of the beach to put in my yard I could get arrested but these people aided and abetted by the governor and Premier can come her and have free reign and no consequences for what they do.

    I am so fed up with these politicians now, it’s sickening..

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, being fed up is one thing but voting them out is the best thing we all can do. The jackasses have sold us to the lowest bidder. Talk about useless, they have worked against us and made every law against us.
      Anyone who is too blind to see and cannot understand that Alden is a snake, will be worse than he is, if they cast a vote for him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most people don’t realise or comprehend the level of deception and corruption that has taken place here in the last 40 years. Thankfully young inquiring people are asking hard and taboo questions and others are waking up to this travesty. Now only if we could elect politicians who refuse to suck off Kenny Boy’s tit…

    • Concerned caymanian says:

      Dis is Dart callin in its favour they expected to be returned after donating a million or so to the “r3 foundation”

    • Anonymous says:

      And “Last remaining mangroves” Ignorance

    • Really getting down says:

      Really getting down, ya give the man the land by selling it to him, you don’t advocate for a national development plan, you ball about this and about that. Why you complain so cayman people, Dart didn’t steal the land, cabinet didn’t steal it for him. Now after buying the land you want to tell the man wa he can or can’t build on it and how he must build on it; and you never had no plan for that land.

      You know Activism without common sense I’dare say is utter nonsense. Activists you should be picketing govt for the appointment of the Council if you really are so caring. It is because of your lack of awareness until last minute that these confrontations tend to exist. Ona need to stop this piece meal bs and if you want to be activists really and truly demonstrate by any means neccesary, but before you do remember who is responsible for selling the man the land. Idjuts.

    • Anonymous says:

      For what it’s worth, as a Caymanian you are in fact allowed to take up to one cubic yard of beach sand per calendar month. (roughly 40x 5gal bucket loads)

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually- under law every Caymanian has the right to take ( I think the quantum is correct from memory) a bucket of sand from the beach every day….
      Originates from when all Caymanian houses had a sand covered yard…

      • Anonymous says:

        Not quite. If that exists (and likely does) it would have originated after the Cadastral Survey and the laws to protect SMB (laugh) around 1970 – decades after the “sand yard” was usual. I’m in my mid 60s and I grew up in a house with a lawn!

      • Anonymous says:

        Your memory is not correct.

        Section 28 of the Development and Planning Law (2017 Revision) states that you can’t take sand etc. from the beach or it’s an offence and then states.

        “Provided that nothing in this subsection shall apply to the taking or removal for domestic purposes by any person of any of the substances hereinbefore referred to in a quantity not exceeding one cubic yard in any one month.”

        One cubic yard per month. And it’s not just for Caymanians.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Our “Cayman Banksy” just created a piece of priceless artwork, but NRA/Dart aint buying it, instead they misappropriated it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If they try and drain this swamp the will smeared like Trump was. You go up against the establishment you better be independently wealth to take the beating.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Great “Welcome back to third world” sign. Is that heading out to West Bay?

  20. Saltcreek Rocky Lizard says:

    Well joey it looks like Big $$$ money is back on the table for the CON Stitchuents! What is the capital of West Bay Road JoeyVille !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey just had Marbel Drive paved. The road to his house. Maybe he is thinking about taking the retirement package they just approved for themselves..

  21. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me how our governor and Alden can just do as they please in the name of “good governance.”

    The governor can get involved in the things that make no sense to the majority of the population but things like this he just looks over.

    I don’t care what Choudry did or didn’t do but this one is just terrible and needs to go.. preferably on April 14 along with Alden.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is happening here is technically legal.

      Denying rights to minorities isn’t.

      • Anonymous says:

        How is it legal? Pray tell.

        The law says these committees must be staffed. Someone is contravening the law..

      • Anonymous says:

        Who said anything about minority rights? How is this “technically” legal..Are you a current MP? Because only one of those Alden Trumpsters could believe that…

        Tell me again how it’s “good governance?

      • Benjie says:

        Denying rights to anyone is illegal. Let’s not let American culture infect ours please.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Keep taking those free microwaves..

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is there no limit to how low this Government and the CPA will go?
    Time to boycott ALL of their businesses and vote out the corrup politicians. If we dont act now there will be nothing left for us.!!

    • Anonymous says:

      100% Start with ALT. There is no way the chairman of the board in planning should be the owner of the store that supplies the building materials.

      • Anonymous says:

        Far more than the building materials. Once you own property here you are going there at least monthly, and you have a big outlay at the start for appliances, fixtures, fittings etc. $300 in door handles for example, that was one shopping trip I had to make last year. Every single new unit of residential accommodation in Cayman is worth thousands to them.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s simple and cheap to buy all the hardware and appliances in Miami and ship them down. It’s after you’ve built that you end up buying a light switch for 3x the US price.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gotta laugh at the map with the blue arrow …. yeah right , all the hotel guests will follow that line and not go on the public beach.

      • Anonymous says:

        They will only go one time once they see the s**t show Public Beach has become.

      • Anonymous says:

        Public beach is a garbage dump. No hotel is going to want their guests going anywhere near it!

        • Anonymous says:

          9:11 So what is your Sensible Point!

          • Jah Dread says:

            Really sorry to bust ya little weenie @3:28pm and all ya bredren. The row are required to consult and connive under the present constitution. You want that changed well all 66 a you go fight Hengland.

      • Anonymous says:

        I feel so sad for my Fellow Caymanians who don’t have the
        sense to realize that the PAST mean, Yesterday is Dead and GONE and Tomorrow….

    • Anonymous says:

      You have made this comments several times with NO explanation.
      If you want the pitchforks out to join you you’re gonna need to splain us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would be amazing if someone had the time to compile the list with the respective MLA that is behind it…

      But one of you would cry fowl so that’s never going to happen.

      CNS – Isn’t there something where the MLA must declare this when they throw their hat in to run or to try for reelection? Genuine question…

      CNS: That would be a very sensible system. However, it is not until after they are elected that MPs have to declare their interests. As a candidate, they just have to be qualified to run. See here.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Poor governance. Will we hold our politicians accountable?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Lunacy and/or desperation!

    Drain the swamp.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Recall when the ETH was being built and people pointed out that the bridge over nothing at the Yacht Club roundabout looked awfully like it was going to bridge a canal like at the Ritz they were poo pooed by government which said that linking the North Sound and Seven Mile beach by water was dangerous and never going to happen. And here we are. That Dart – master frog boiler. Bit like the foundations for his 50 story towers – pedestrian walkways from Camana Bay to Seven Mile. Right. Must be damned heavy pedestrians.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was obvious that the bridge was built for Darts purpose. The CPA must have known this when they approved it as there was no other reason for it. It’s not a coincidence that there is no NCC at this particular time. We used to be leaders and now we’re being ruled by a bunch of followers. Followers being the kindest word I would put in print.

      • Anonymous says:

        My guess is that he built that “bridge” right in front of his driveway fr privacy because they would not allow him to build an 8-10Ft wall in front of it. (remember he started with a hump in the road to block the view)
        THAT is the ONLY reason it was built. I am sure they will find good use for it but the intention is misleading…

        I miss seeing that long stately row of Royal Palms leading to the West Indian Club Hotel.

        I am happy to say that I arrived ‘back in the day’ before Dart. You folk that arrived from 2005+ really missed out.

        • Anonymous says:

          I would love to believe you, but a simple wall in front of your property doesn’t explain the engineering that has gone into that tunnel. You don’t need that thickness in side walls or the size of the cross beams for the roof just to block out a view of the road.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL. He built a massive tunnel because they wouldn’t let him build a wall? But they would let him build a massive tunnel? On what planet does that make any sense at all? In any event the plan for the 2 tunnels and for Caymana Bay to extend from its current location over the 2 bridges to a hotel on the site of Royal palms was well publicised and as far as I know still the plan.

          • Anonymous says:

            Did you think it should be obvious??? LOL
            Don’t look over here. Nothing happening here.

            Do you think Dart would explain everything to your wee little mind?

            This is exactly why I call people that hang out at Camana Bay zombies. Just keep drinking that Dart Kool-aide will ya!

            • Anonymous says:

              that’s why air parcels were legalised, to sell the properties above the tunnel which will be built

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about? The plan was originally to have the 4 Seasons hotel on the Kaaboo ground and canal access under the bridge to Governors Harbour. This was all in the plan, no great secret, even I saw it and I have no connection with Dart or CIG, there was even a huge model kicking around of it all about 10 years ago.

  27. Anonymous says:

    CNS – you need to be clearer in your reporting. The Hotel Indigo application is a completely separate application from the Planned Area Development (PAD). In other words, there is no requirement that they be considered at the same time.

    CNS: This was literally noted in the first sentence and explained further down.

    As you correctly note, the hotel’s location is a man-modified site, so therefore NOT in original God-made condition.

    While the site is “proximate to Public Beach”, it is NOT waterfront property and lies at least 500 feet from the sea. Poor sea turtles, if they were so inclined, would have to crawl up on to the sand, crawl past/over the short stone walls that line the new playing/playground areas, as well as navigate over a few hundred feet of asphalt paving which is the Public Beach parking area, then cross a public road (access road to Public Beach) before ending up at the Indigo Hotel. How the DOE could be concerned with turtles nesting at Hotel Indigo escapes me. If DOE is concerned about turtle nesting at sites “near” the Hotel Indigo, then it should take up those concerns directly with those properties, not imbed it into the “proximate” Hotel Indigo site.
    its proximity to the Public Beach and concerns about turtle nests would be important considerations. While it is unlikely the screening would recommend an environmental impact assessment for this specific project, the DoE would have likely raised questions about the hotel’s position in the context of the PAD as well.

    CNS – you state that “Dart has already started the foundation work at the site, indicating its confidence in receiving planning permission”. This is factually incorrect. Anyone with half an interest in this can tell that they are only conducting soils/bore hole testing….hardly preparing foundations. The work they are conducting now is minor, non-invasive, not development and certainly in keeping with accepted practices ie you can do test bores on your potential development site when an application has been submitted to Planning.

    Unless the CPA is directed by Government to hold off on considering this application, neither the CPA or the developer should be held accountable for the fact that the NCC has not yet been reappointed. I’m also certain that if Ms. Gina would stop her grand-standing and get off her eco-friendly soap-box for a minute, I’m quite sure if she requested a meeting with the Dart team to discuss the application, Dart would surely oblige and therefore be afforded the opportunity to hear DOE’s comments and concerns (understanding of course that they couldn’t be made “official” until the NCC was appointed).

    I also note that there are no objections to the hotel application – I guess Ms. Gina read the CPA’s agenda online and figured she needed to initiate another tirade via CNS. Seriously? Pick up the phone and ask to meet with Dart to discuss your concerns. They’ve done an excellent job of outreach so far, so I doubt they’d have any reason to avoid a meeting with stakeholder DOE.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This just gets more heartbreaking. Cayman, what are you doing?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

  30. Anonymous says:

    To the graffiti artist, you should be spraying the MLA building as they sold the island to DART

  31. Hypocrites in paradise says:

    Only those who hold true power can relinquish it Caymanians bear witness to its presence. Unfortunately for some who’s very own siblings were the first to sell large tracts of this very land to this Entity . They cannot now complain about its behavior influence or destruction of our fragile environment after the fact that their lavish lifestyles and arrogant and entitled social status was built on this very Blood Money! Like Dep Lepard says Too Late Too late, as for the CPA the immune to corruption virus vaccine their members have could stop every single variant Covid 19 has to offer. Their links to ACC is a virtual Six Love to Caymans environment . And where is Blind see no evil Bartimus you may ask Holding Alden nurse bottle from Harrods no doubt ?

  32. Anonymous says:

    yawn…dart doing nothing wrong again. he does everything to a high standard and within the law…

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure thats the point. There are those of us who want to see the Islands remain the Cayman Islands and not become Miami. Dart alone cannot dictate what the Islands should become. But thats exactly what’s happening. So unless Government starts to retain Caymans charm and some balance for its own people’s sake if for no one else’s (believe it or not Caymanians and most of the older expats here dont want Cayman to become over developed) then our Government would have ultimately failed us. Thats not a political statement by the way. It’s true for any Government in Cayman. Dart is now Caymanian. So a proper development plan with real vision that sets a policy that we ALL buy into, would be welcomed and then even Dart will have to abide by it!

      • Anonymous says:

        3:14 What is a sensible reason a RICH MAN should not spend his money!

        • Anonymous says:

          History has proved that monopolies are a horrible idea, much less allowing one private individual to own so much of an entire territory.

          Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg owned 55% of the land in the USA. You couldn’t imagine it.

      • Anonymous says:

        3:14 Why did so many Caymanians END UP in Miami, Tampa,
        Texas, Louisiana, New York, Philadelphia …

        ps sensible reply only

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t the DoE seek a court injection if CPA and Cabinet are flouting the law? Shouldn’t a judge be telling the Cabinet to follow the law or be held in contempt?

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch where the PPM will be putting on their Campaign meetings…A.L Thompsons..

      I don’t care who the next government is but someone needs to take that rubber stamp out of Al’Ts hand..

      Alden did say more development is his plan…AL T is smiling from ear to ear..

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean a Court Injunction?

    • Anonymous says:

      They have to do what the Ministry will allow them to do. Unfortunately we don’t have a competent Minister. Please vote back in Wayne Panton!

  34. Anonymous says:


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