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Gilbert Connolly writes: Premier Alden McLaughlin and the PPM have proven skillful at doing nothing to change the political and socioeconomic status quo that fundamentally puts the poor Caymanian family and young people in this country at a severe disadvantage. His politics is one that enriches wealthy expat professionals and big business, while ignoring the poor and disenfranchised Caymanian people. His Unity Government has displayed a disheartening inability to provide economic programmes and services to Cayman’s poor and neediest families. Further, they have shown an appalling lack of compassion and empathy towards their fellow Caymanians. 

Like a spider spinning its web, for seven years the PPM has spun a web of broken promises, propaganda and failed policies to suck Caymanians in a vicious cycle of economic disenfranchisement and dependency. Caught in this web of deception and broken promises are young Caymanians, who have lost interest in politics and the future. The silent majority, including civil servants and private sector workers, who can’t speak out because of the threat of losing their jobs, and retirees who can’t survive on their pensions, live each day in despair for their futures. For unemployed Caymanians, the road ahead is even more horrific.

Yet there is no grand vision, and no compressive plan that points to a commitment from the premier and his government to shift the balance of economic and social power to create a more equitable Cayman and to provide opportunities that will give young people something to aspire to, and something to work for.

Can a country effectively develop without a vision and a plan? That is exactly what this government has been doing. After seven years of governance, the PPM has failed to produce a national plan that regulates our growth and development. The PPM seems to be inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland”, in which he wrote, “If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there”. 

Instead of a strategic nation-building plan, what do we get from the premier? We get an announcement (4 October 2020) that he is appointing the Finance Minister Roy McTaggart to succeed him as premier. Why were the deputy premier and other senior PPM members bypassed for this appointment? This appointment appears to be nothing more than a “caretaker appointing” designed to satisfy the status quo until the premier can legally return to the post. While the premier maneuvers to keep his hand on the levers of power behind the scenes, every Caymanian voter must ask himself/herself the question: In seven years, what has the PPM government specifically delivered to better the lives of poor and suffering Caymanians?

Voters now have an opportunity to assess the PPM’s record over the past seven years and make a better choice for their future and that of their children in May 2021. I further argue that Cayman voters must consider the issues and evidence of the PPM’s actions and inactions in the context of international convention, that places responsibility on the government to protect the people and their property, as well as government’s responsibilities under the Cayman Islands Constitution and related laws.

I respectfully submit that this government has failed the people on so many counts that it is tantamount to a dereliction of duty.

In two terms PPM have failed to:

  • Propose a viable and affordable plan to construct a new cruise and cargo port
  • Provide full employment for Caymanians
  • Provide a first-class education and technical training for Caymanians 
  • Reduce regulations and red tape for small businesses 
  • Lower the cost of living and improve the quality of life for Caymanians
  • Reform the health insurance market
  • Appoint District Advisory Councils
  • Provide adequate affordable housing

During a global pandemic when the people are focused on their health and just staying alive, the PPM and its Unity government are engaged in questionable behavior. For example, the premier and the Unity government refusal to hold the speaker of the House accountable after he was convicted of egregious assault against a woman. How can we expect our young men to respect women when our politicians can abuse women and get away with it? Drunken politicians engaged in the abuse of women who are not held accountable undermine our democratic institutions, as well as our parliamentary standards and values.

They have shown a severe lack of moral character to lead the country and to set an example for those that would follow in their political footsteps. We are reminded, politicians are not above the law.

We know about the enormous increase in benefits that the PPM Unity government gave to MPs. What else have they done while the people are fighting the pandemic? One day they improve their parliamentary status by awarding themselves title of MPs, the next day they “raided the treasury” and awarded themselves an enormous increase in financial benefits.  The world is watching as the PPM drags the Cayman Islands reputation through the mud. The premier has shown that he is more interested in retaining his own position at the head of this government rather than doing what’s in the interest of good governance and the people. It is time for the people to condemn the PPM Unity government and remove them from office in the next elections. 

It is time for the people to step up to the plate and help themselves by voting for a different kind of political party. I suggest one based on participatory democracy. In this type of party politics, the people oversee the political process not the politicians.   

Finally, I submit that the PPM government does not merit a third term. Cayman deserves better than more of the same from the PPM Unity government. The people must find the PPM government guilty of dereliction of duty under our constitution and unfit to govern and remove them from office in May 2021 elections.  I rest my case.

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Comments (52)

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  1. We complicate matters says:

    Any party is nothing but a network of like-minded individuals whose common agenda is to improve their lot in life; if the country benefits along the way, then fine, but the country is not the #1 goal. We need independents who will sit together ahead of the campaign, agree on the most needed projects that were promised but have yet to be delivered, and forge ahead as a unit to get elected to get those done. The cohesion needs to be around the goals that the country wants accomplished, not around the interests of political parties! If each voting citizen is willing to work at the ground level in support of the independent they voted for, that will naturally lead to district councils.

    • Angus says:

      Totally rubbish…who ever wrote this is stuck somewhere in the 1990’s.

      The PPM has been the most successful government in the history of our islands.

  2. Caymanian says:

    We have had a young, college educated candidate in the past election who possess both a Bachelors and Masters degree(s) from a very credited USA University AND was was very much qualified to change help Cayman for the betterment. However because of his threat to certain individuals in power at that time, he was derailed through ‘loop holes’ in his Caymanian heritage and took to court to have no choice but to stand down. These ‘loop holes’have now changed and he is able to run for election. I am anxious for him to run for election again as he had my vote then and he will have it again. We need our young qualified, educated people to lead this country. Dinosaurs out as all they do is collect salary, retire and continue to sit on their seats in Parliament.
    I would like…….no implore….our people of the Cayman Islands and Government to implement that all candidates running for election have or have had University degrees and do not place individuals as Ministers ( no full moon and donkey rides or homophobic “Christian” persons whose own family members are very much in the LBGT group).
    We need to take a stand in May 2021.
    I may add that I am very pleased as to how Alden handled our COVID lockdown stipulations but then again he is an educated leader who has more than a High School Diploma. I still do not agree with him opening our borders in March…..but time and COVID will tell if that is/was a wise move.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s be clear that the Emergency Powers under the Public Health Law stemmed solely from the Governor. Governor Roper, with consultation with an astute CMO, John Lee, and limited interference from the Premier, and his truly embarrassing Health Minister, designed policy to support our bubble plan. Let’s be thankful for Mr Roper and Mr Lee’s leadership on that, and for the refreshing restrain applied to counter those who habitually pervert sound policy, and governance. We know some of that perversion and obstruction happened anyway at the hands of these very same Cabinet members, because they truly can’t be trusted. Let’s please not dishonour those that actually thought up our plan, and steered it in motion, by misapportioning that credit to the slithering cretins still itching to tear it apart. Not only do they not deserve an ounce of credit, but we need to continue to hold them in check, with both our eyes, and hands if necessary. There is also a rubbish heap 4 years in the making that we will need to sift through when they are gone.

  3. Anon says:

    I do not see this new group as any better than any other groups before them. Gilbert just like so many others just love to criticize, but are short on an attractive career of noble altruistic accomplishments.

    I still maintain that until we get term limits for Members of Parliament, we will not attract the best candidates for MP’s. As the old system is now, the best candidates do not want to fight the same corrupt electioneering process that these career politicians just seems to love and enjoy and dominate with their corrupt politics and favours.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I trust that the youths of cayman USED THAT PENCEL in may of this year.If not Dog eats our supper again because we caymanians are the most worthless voters in the world we vote for the same poltians and still expects to see changes.

    • Kaya Now says:

      Load of rubbish wit no substance. A “party” that has no membership, a failed launch and who is afraid to go into the neighbourhood and engage the people is an absolute failure. If we got to come to you to hear your bull Crap you can kiss lkitti and s…,,,,, d….,,y , you know the rest or are you that far removed from ya people. Y’all Don’t get I and I started ya hear!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please correct your post to ensure it is in our language. “Pencel”” is spelt pencil. “cayman” has a capital C. Capital. I will not elaborate on the rest of the comment, with lack of commas, use of plurals and spelling. We live in a Global world. Then you ask why local people do not get/advance in their jobs?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please give us more credit. The voters rejected a PPM or CDP/UDP administration at last polling. It’s actually the alternates that couldn’t agree a course and hierarchy that failed us. So bad in fact, that arch-rival parties saddled up together for another ride into the Wild West.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People liek Gilbert and Roy Bodden always seem able to point out what’s wrong but light on concrete steps to address the situation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    only one thing worse than the government and thats the opposition.
    cayman deserves what it gets when it prevents the best in society from running for office.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are not these wieners sick of listening to themselves when they know they have done nothing and wont. Just listening to themselves talk and we need to tell them they are all antiques and we know all they do is talk and talk, go talk to yourself maybe you will believe yourself.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The disenfranchised also include over half of the new total electorate, freshly added since 2004, that are not considered to be Caymanian-enough to have consultative democratic representation. Most of the LA continue to miscalculate the composition, principles, and ideals of their district constituents – the people that are now voting. That is why neither CDP/UDP nor PPM were returned by the people in 2017. We chose that outcome, and watched with hopeless dismay as the two rival parties banded together to form a government. The old guard does not understand the tectonic shifts that have occurred in what it means to be Caymanian, over the last 20 years, and what our collective expectations are for good governance. They want to go back to some other time and place. Nobody is canvasing to find out who we are as a people, and what we stand for, today. We need a new party willing to ask and consult. It needs to be led by accountable states-folk, with an actionable mantra to stamp out corruption, reverse enabling legislation, and take difficult stands against intolerable status quos. We’re not hearing anything close from those who did not speak out against the Legislative Assembly Management Law 2020, or in the last 4 years, propose Bills to amend the Elections Law. Even now, there are no new ideas being proposed with just 131 days left to the next election.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brilliant comment.

      A multi-generational Caymanian on both sides, I agree wholeheartedly with this point of view. You speak for me and my extended family.

      The sad part is this: they are not listening to middle class, entrepreneurial or professional multi-generational Caymanians either.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, blah blah blah, anyone with eyes can see what’s unfolded since 2017, Gilbert. What are you proposing? What would you do better – and let’s please be specific. Where are your original ideas? What do you stand for? What kind of man are you? So tired of these similarly-inept and self-interested career backbenchers, with no action points, hurling schoolyard wisecracks on radio and around election time, pandering to so-called disenfranchised, but then offering voters no alternate script, principles, or substantive detail. I would submit that you (and anyone like you), unless you can prove otherwise, are equally useless as substitutes.

    • Anonymous says:

      True, what has Mr. Gilbert and others like him done? I’m certain no one would object to Mr. Gilbert and friends creating youth empowerment activities or whatever else he listed that PPM isn’t doing.

    • Anymous` says:

      @ 10:18am. It is not Gilbert’s job to come up with those ideas but rather the job of the Government. It is not his place to speak on the specific ideas that could better the country; that is the Government’s job. If you were to understand his article, you would understand that he is trying to get people thinking and asking questions about the way the Government does things. He is a simple citizen like you. It is also called freedom of speech. So what about you? what are you proposing? What would you do better?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where i agree with what is seems just like another political “sales pitch”…the only persons that i have faith in to correct the outstanding issues that we encounter, is Mr. Wayne Panton and Mr. Marco Archer.

    A Caymanian

    • ACaymanian says:

      10:01 Panton is a wealthy man in his own right. And doesn’t need any largesse from those owls who Urey on our politicos. Archer is a good man indeed but politics does not suit him he gets troubled easily with personal attacks or comments that’s why he lost the last time. He can be a serious and great influencer outside of Parliament while maintaining his very lucrative present position. The ring not fir him unless you want him to become like the rest.

      • Anonymous says:

        There’s valid reasons why those two jokers lost in 2017. Both lack humility, are extremely arrogant and completely disingenuous.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mr. Archer lost the election because Alden put him in Kennetth’s district the repeatedly attacked Kenneth.

          This made Kenneth look like a “victim” of Alden / PPM. Then because Mr. Archer was a PPM Member and associate of Alden, the voters favoured Kenneth.

          Alden manipulated the minds of voters and was happy because he stood up for Caymanians and good financial management – Roy on the other hand always does as Alden orders.

          Vote Alden out!

          • Kaya now says:

            @6:41 ya wrong he lost because he went berserk on radio when Mr. Bryan to you, was asking him questions .

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree but the people voted them out. What does that mean.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Propose a viable and affordable plan to construct a new cruise and cargo port 🛑 NEW CRUISE PORT?❌


    Provide a first-class education and technical training for Caymanians ⛔️IT WILL NEVER BE DONE, UNFORTUNATELY.

    ✅Reduce regulations and red tape for small businesses

    Lower the cost of living and improve the quality of life for Caymanians ⛔️ THIS IS UTOPIA

    Reform the health insurance market ❌ MUST FOCUS ON SALUBRIOUS ENVIRONMENT INSTEAD

    Appoint District Advisory Councils


    CNS: Can you avoid leaving the caps lock on for part of the comment, please. They can be deleted for this reason.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You forgot about the Dump. And it is the Dump that will determine Cayman’ future. Yes, just like that-cancer rates in Cayman are growing and sooner than later people would avoid Cayman as a plague, selling their properties and leaving the rock. I am not even talking about the Dump as a potential brewing ground for new viruses and bacterias. Dead animals, medical waste and everything else mixed together under hot sun and humidity should terrify everyone who has brain (and children).

    And NO, capping the Dump would solve nothing. WtE would further poison the rock. It would be worse than leaving the Dump as it is.

    Short term vacationers would be fine, but living permanently would expose people to extra poison of unknown content in already heavily poisoned world.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your case was well presented! The Pirates must be expelled.
    Excellent job!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    But Mr Gilbert what has your party leader done to better the lives of Caymanians ? Mr Miller supported the changes to the MPs salaries and he was part of the negotiations to create the Parliament. Seems you guys are part of the problem when you put it the way you have. Or are you disagreeing with Mr Miller’s actions as well?

  14. SSM345 says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Gilbert well written and timely

  16. Anonymous says:

    They ALL needs to go in 2021. Caymanians must change this crew of pirates if Caymanians are to survive

  17. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Gilbert understands Juju is a big part of the problems along with Alden, McKeeva, Moses, Joey and Jon Jon?

  18. PhenomAnon says:

    Jeez. Spot on Gilbert.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Roy McTaggart is the best of a bad bunch.
    Did the author expect Juliana to be offered the leadership role? As bad as she is she is far better and more educated than Joey Who that is a puppet for developers and his masters dart

    • Anonymous says:

      What we need in the next government is not found in any of the current Ministers.

      Sweep them all out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Alden is a horrible leader and all about himself and keeping power

  21. A. Caymanian says:

    No need to like Gilbert Connolly but he hit the nail on the head about the the leadership of Premier Alden McLaughlin plus his ppm group of yes men. They have made life for difficult for the poor, working class and the shrinking middle class of Cayman. The PPM have focused on their friends, wealthy developers and those entities that pay the kickbacks thru contracts to the interests of political allies, cabinet members interests, former ppm leadership and consultants. Look at the members or attendees of the Saturday domino club. Caymanians need to ask themselves one key question:

    Are you and the country better today considering the state of education, employment opportunities and costs of living after 8 years of Premier McLaughlin’s leadership and the ppm at the helm?

    Answer: For the many multi-generational Caymanians that continue to struggle while the Premier and his government give themselves raises and lucrative severance packages the answer for many is simply NO

    • Kaya now says:

      A. Caymanian ya tief somebody else moniker and now ya sounding jealous. No government is or has been perfect in these islands,simply because they don’t have the educational background nor have they the world experience to be able to govern effectively and create policies that are strategic, long term and beneficial to growth for all and provides for a better and sustained quality of life.

      Let’s shop talking ahiiite and recognize the reasons for the failings. Because if the lack mentioned previously we find that they are easily led by developers who don’t come here because they love us they come here to make money , they know the politicos weaknesses and prey in them and obviously they throw corn and our fowls cluck it up.

      So the d so ikurriña us the oriole of these Islands need to handpick their representatives and go and go delays to raise funds for them to run, to avoid these monsters done of which are disguised as chamber of commerce, developers etc. they hold and direct policies around here, they tell Alden and the lot of them when and his high to jump.

      The people have no control over them after they are elected and that’s why we have the problems we have. Find honest and self made patriots who don’t need to be paid off, hold them to achount before and after they get elected by being in their face through district committees and people created movements that hound them when they slip up or before they Slio. That’s the only way these islands will change for the better . It will be a tough road, but remember Government is for the people and by the people nit the chamber and rich developers. It’s time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    And Ezzard is supposed to be our saviour? Try again.

  23. Yes, but are we ready? says:

    Participatory democracy requires the citizen to be active in the process 365 days a year; I wonder if Cayman’s average voter is ready for that. Young people are busy living la vida loca and the older ones prefer to just *itch and complain. Suffice it to say that getting qualified and suitable Caymanians to run for office is like pulling teeth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes we are long past ready for Participatory Democracy.

      Vote out Alden’s PPM and Mac’s UDP.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “His politics is one that enriches wealthy expat professionals and big business, while ignoring the poor and disenfranchised Caymanian people.”

    Like allowing foreign doctors to monopolize Cannabis extracts for $115/0.5gram but want to lock up Caymanian farmers like Elvis for growing the god given seed in the ground?

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