Premier dodges McLean’s demands over speaker

| 07/01/2021 | 73 Comments
Leader of the Opposition Arden McLean

(CNS): Premier Alden McLaughlin and Leader of the Opposition Arden McLean are embroiled in a new political row after the LOO wrote to McLaughlin asking him to remove McKeeva Bush from the speaker’s chair now that he had been convicted of assault against the female Coral Beach bar manager. But instead of addressing the content of the letter, McLaughlin questioned whether McLean was still opposition leader following recent events suggesting his deputy, Alva Suckoo, was no longer part of the official group.

McLaughlin made it very clear at a press briefing last month, when questioned by CNS about the speaker’s conviction, that he, as premier, was not prepared to bring the government down by forcing Bush out of the speaker’s chair

But several days later, on Christmas Eve, McLean, who has been silent on the matter since his no-confidence motion was voted down in the wake of Bush’s arrest, asked the premier to act.

McLean pointed out that the longer Bush remained in his prestigious post, the longer his conduct would shame Parliament itself. He also said Bush’s removal would send a signal that violence, especially against women, was not tolerated by the political establishment.

“Respecting that the premier, bound by collective responsibility and beholden to his electoral caucus, would need time to discuss Speaker Bush’s recent convictions, I deliberately delayed writing to him on the matter,” McLean said.

But the opposition leader said when he did, the response from the premier displayed “a breath-taking level of contempt for the thousands of decent, hard-working Caymanians rightly offended and appalled that Speaker Bush continues to hold not only the highest post in Parliament but also the full support of the premier and his Unity Government”.

But McLaughlin dodged McLean’s question over the speaker and asked him, “before I respond substantively”, to confirm if he was writing in his capacity of opposition leader and was, in fact, still in the job, and if not, which members of the opposition supported Bush’s removal.

McLean said that the premier’s letter, in which he dismissed the LOO and made a dig at the disunity that has plagued the opposition benches since the May 2017 election, was an “act of cowardice”.

“The premier’s willingness to sacrifice his integrity and principles on the altar of political expediency should worry him,” McLean warned. “In four months we will have a General Election, and it is quite clear that current members of this Unity Government are only united in their desire to protect their self-interests. No Member of Parliament should be allowed to remain in a publicly funded position following a guilty conviction, much less one involving violence against women.”

However, while McLean may have a number of points about the Unity government, the fact is that few members have stepped up during the Bush scandal, with the notable exception of Ezzard Miller. Following Bush’s arrest, the opposition members initially seemed united in their call for him to be removed: Bernie Bush resigned from the job as deputy speaker in protest over the issue and McLean partnered with Miller on the no-confidence motion.

However, Kenneth Bryan, who is not a member of the formal opposition, prevented the motion from going forward and from then on the rest of the opposition MPs have remained silent.

When Bush was charged, when he returned to the House from his so-called leave of absence, after he pleaded guilty to the charges, and even as public demands for politicians to act grew, McLean and his colleagues remained silent. Time and again CNS sent questions to all MLAs (now MPs) and asked them directly about the matter. All of them declined to answer.

See correspondence between McLean and McLaughlin in the CNS Library.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alden please just answer MP Arden McLean’s letter to remove Mac as speaker.

    We, the people are the Judges in the Court of Public Opinion, now answer the question or we will convict you for Contempt of Court, the sentence will be to vote for someone else in Red Bay on May 26, 2021.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a friggin dinosaur 🦕 in the background. Time to take out the trash BT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need the likes of Wayne Panton, Sophia Harris, Winston Connolly, Daniel Scott. I am tired of having to vote for the “it’s was better than” option.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where are the protests and marches from:

    The church Ministers Association?

    The Silent Marchers that bring awareness of voilence against women?

    The Business and Professional Womens Club?

    The Domestic Violence Intervention group?

    Female MLAs Juliana, Tara, and Barbara?

    The PPM’s 2021 Premier-choice Roy McTaggart?

    Why are all of these people keeping quiet?

    If the Speaker was gay, would it make a difference?

    • Anonymous says:

      “If the Speaker was gay, would it make a difference?”

      Yes, in answer to th last question in the above comment.

      In addition to the position statements that need to be made by the organizations, MPs and persons named above, in the name of “Good Government” and the principles of “Rule of Law”, the UK Government (by instructing the Governor), the Deputy Governor (as head of the Civil Service), the Civil Service Association, the Chamber of Commerce, other business and professional organisations.

      Failure of all identified entities and persons to make a statement is an indication of complicity and condonement of the Speaker’s repeated reprehensible despicable conduct.

      No MP who remains silent and does not take a position on this matter should be re-elected on May 26, 2021.

      Our Cayman Islands people need accountable government, not complicit very highly paid wimps.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Arden only wants to be of significance when he feels like. Where was he during the pandemic? Dwayne Seymour did a better job than him, atleast he showed up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    It behooves me in this regard to be upset by this dodging. My goodness, it is in pungent to press for answers XXXX. People need to be held accountable for their actions just like the senior citizen lady in Goonies being arrested for chase them kids. The law should be equal

    • Anonymous says:

      “In four months we will have a General Election, and it is quite clear that current members of this Unity Government are only united in their desire to protect their self-interests.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Alden McLaughlin???? just look at his tattoo whilst receiving his vaccine. If that doesn’t speak volume for the Cayman people…nothing will.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I too vote in George Town Central and will not be voting for Kenneth Bryan… when he could have done something about McKeeva
    he did nothing but embarrass his people

    Shame on him- Don’t come knocking on my door looking votes

    • Anonymous says:

      Kenneth has also lost the 37 votes I control in GTC.

      • Anonymous says:

        I keep seeing comments like these. Pardon my ignorance but how does one “control” so many votes?

        • Anonymous says:

          How do they know who the 37 actually voted for? Saying who you are voting for is not actually doing it. I suspect his “control” is less than he thinks.

        • Anonymous says:

          Probably a grand-dad who thinks they control the entire family’s decision making, but wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Anonymous says:

        7:07 pm, thank you very much, that was music to me, I hope no one votes for him ever again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Collateral damage. Should not your result be pointed to those that did the act?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good to hear u not voting for Bryan, for i am not voting for him, with his past he should never been voted for in the first place

    • Anonymous says:

      Kenneth should have thought about that before he got consumed by his own ego!
      One thing is certain, he cannot fool all the people. He is too slippery and has proven that time and time again. I believe he will always owe an allegiance to papa bush.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alden McLaughlin is a XXXX and his response to Arden McLean confirms it. He really thinks this is a game. His attitude and actions to date are beyond disgraceful

  10. Alden’s Got No Spine says:

    But it was only battering a woman and he was drunk after all. Give the guy a break.

  11. Alden, stop pussyfooting says:

    Mac is a disgrace to the Office he holds and you are being a coward by not grabbing the bull by the horns. The government will NOT collapse and voters will respect you more if you grab your golf balls and remove him once and for all. And I hope the Elections Office does not accept his intention to run again, because the law is clear: convicted criminals are not eligible to hold public office!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac wants a few more months of pay, plus the $30 K BS, banana republic third world nonsense. Then the defendants of democracy went crazy yesterday. Power seems to corrupt. WTF is happening in the world?

  12. Anonymous says:

    As Deputy leader of the Opposition Suckoo has no shame or ethics.
    To go back to Alden and the ppm after all of says everything about his character and integrity. Good luck collecting your 30k you loser

    • Anonymous says:

      Certainly has a lot of people fooled. He is no different now than he was before he was elected. Never been trustworthy, ask Mac.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What more will it have to take to remove McKeeva??? This is totally disgraceful and embarrassing!!! Why can’t the governor remove him if the others are afraid to???!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how the Premier and Speaker practically own these MLA’s including their newest toy Alva Suckoo.

    I guess there is no room at the PPM inn for Wayne Panton in 2021.

  15. Time to Drain the Swamp says:

    Alva Suckoo is playing a silly game and showing us he has loyalty to nothing, no principles, no policies, no standards of decency. He is self serving just like his new friends in the unity government and ppm which he will join and has committed to work with if re-elected in 2021. That is why Alden McLaughlin is so smug. He knows people like Alva, Joey, David, Barbara, Austin, Kenneth, Eugene will never get such a high paying job in Cayman outside of politics.
    Time has come to drain the Cayman Swamp

  16. Anonymous says:

    Everything out of this government just gives me the image of a shriveled sow with CAYMAN written on it’s side being sucked dry by a bunch of greedy little snorting piglets (“honorable” piglets of course).

  17. Anonymous says:

    Whilst I am not a fan of Bush and never will be I applaud the opposition for not jumping on the bandwagon for him to go without having the opportunity to have his day in court. Our democracy relies on the rules being applied consistently even if you don’t like the person.

    However, now that he had his day in court and is convicted criminal he is deserves to go along with all those other cowards supporting him!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s be honest, the PM, and most of the house believe that the Speaker’s criminal conviction is simply unfortunate, which reflects their position in regards to violence against women, being wholly acceptable, otherwise they would have kicked his butt out, the moment he was convicted….
      Lady voters, please do something to stop this abuse.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We had a serving Grand Court Judge crash, DUI, into a hardscape concrete sign across the street from the entrance to the Governor’s home, over the curb and across a lawn. She only stayed in her position, adjudicating serious matters of right and wrong, because it was deemed a civil Traffic Court offense. McKeeva’s was a criminal Summary Court battery case and hate crime. There should be a retrial.

  19. JTB says:

    None of the above.

    Vote out the whole disgraceful crowd.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I voted for Alden last time and feel he’s done a great job in handling the pandemic. But his lack of action ousting Bush has now made me angry and I won’t view for him again. Shame, he could have been redeemed for all he did during Covid especially since he messed up with the port deal but now had messed things up with Bush as well. SHAME!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please explain what has actually happened in “handling the pandemic” on this island?

      • Anonymous says:

        They brought in a suspect case from the ship without taking precaution.

        They also had soft opening of the border without stipulating negative tests before entry.
        So the on island cases keeps increasing.
        Of course they had to do that to help justify vaccine.

        They also brought in new pandemic laws but fails to enforce old laws and elements of the constitution.

        • Anonymous says:

          A comment which lacks any form of depth or reasoning. Just say you hate the politicians in charge. It sounds better

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Arden.
    You and Mr Ezzard are the only hope we have of ridding ourselves of the shameless Speaker.

  22. ACaymanian says:

    The LOO, how apt in terms of the bearer.

    Between now and May so many hands will have been washed that it will not be a surprise if The Bush again plays a pivotal role in forming a government. Not wishing for it, but that’s how screeeewed and skewered our políticians and voters are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor Alva is like a spoilt child trying to find a home. All for self and cannot be trusted. How can anyone trust the former UDP member. Former PPM member and former Deputy Leader of Opposition with no spine or stickability?

  23. Anonymous says:

    My ass he “deliberately delayed” his letter. He was planning on doing nothing but the relentless pressure from the protesters, the voters and CNS have forced him to act like a real leader of the opposition for once. However the main thing is that something is actually happening! Hooray for that.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am ashamed that I voted for Kenneth Bryan. He did NOT represent his people when he stopped Mac from getting the boot. NO way did his area petition him to vote against his oust.

    Kenneth Bryan you have some splaining to do. Grow up! Man up! Find the COURAGE to do what is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s too late. Talk about consequences for your actions. One time wonder is how I’m going his political career will go.

      • Anonymous says:

        He knows it. Trust me there was a quid pro quo for saving Bush- either a threat or a promise. Let’s see whether he lands a cushy unelected gig after he gets booted from the LA. Maybe London consulate?

      • Anonymous says:

        2:00 pm, I really hope he is a one time wonder, but remember there is a lot of stupid voters, so voters prove to us that you all are not stupid.

  25. Anonymous says:

    shame shame shame

  26. Anonymous says:

    Next power grabber.

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