Ombudsman seeks footage of police at killing

| 04/01/2021 | 6 Comments
Cayman News Service
The Strand Entertainment Complex, where the fight took place

(CNS): The Office of the Ombudsman is asking for information to assist its independent investigation into allegations of a delayed response and lack of action by police at the scene of Michael Aaron Bush’s fatal stabbing on Christmas Eve. The office is asking anyone who was at the scene or who has footage of the incident to pass it on to its staff. The killing happened outside the Strand Plaza nightclub complex at around 2:00am on 24 December.

Following complaints about how the police had handled the report of the fight that led to Bush’s murder, the RCIPS said it had referred the case to the ombudsman’s office, which is responsible for investigating police misconduct.

“The Ombudsman asks members of the public who were at the scene that morning to provide any information that would assist in the investigation, including any video footage of the police action at the scene,” officials said in a release asking the public for information, with assurances that it will be kept confidential.

Relevant footage, pictures or other information can be sent to Senior Investigator Peter Mcloughlin at or call 244-6162.

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  1. culo says:

    Every Police office I met is a complete piece of racism, and they like to treat you as they please, calling you your language istead of been respecful these pieces of shit need to have a complete investigation on the whole police department, they are crooks.

  2. culo says:

    The police in Cayman is a complete group of corrupted association, but heeeeyyy shhhh no one knows.

  3. culo says:

    Tthis is a cover up, these people are sick…

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS the last name in the contact is spelt Peter Mclaughlin but in the email peter.mcloughlin if it’s just the name is spelt wrong but email address is fine no problem otherwise someone will be wondering why persons are emailing video of a murder scene

    CNS: Many thanks! Fortunately, it’s the name that was wrong (now corrected) and the email was and is correct.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Most of these officers dont like caymanians already. This is no surprise. We know where they are from and a lot of them are corrupt. They look out for thier own people good or bad it doesn’t matter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone knows the infamous Jamaican traffic cop nicknamed Batman who only seems to be concerned with hiding off in the bush alongside highways where 90% of people do 52 mph.

      The idiot actually drove a police car into my friend’s yard and tried to enforce the traffic law on private property to no avail. Power go to their head when they come here.

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