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| 26/01/2021 | 60 Comments

(CNS): With just 119 days to go before the Cayman Islands goes to the polls in May, Cayman News Service has launched its 2021 Election Section. A focal point pf the website will be detailing who’s running where, as well as credible coverage of the 2021 race to Parliament. Analysis, viewpoints and technical information will support news and political reports on who is doing what, where and why, as we count down the days to the next government.

While expectations are high on the streets and in social media for a whole new swathe of faces to go with the new Parliament, that may not be the most likely outcome. But CNS will be drilling down on the reasons why voters may well be disappointed and find themselves once again with a government no one voted for.

To get a look at the facts beyond the gossip and speculation on social media, CNS will talk to candidates about how they plan to fulfill election promises. We will be asking who they would and would not be willing to work with, if elected, and what they think of the horse trading that they might find themselves in the middle of when Cayman wakes up on 27 May facing another coalition government.

How the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the 2021 race will also be important. The government relaxed the 500 limit on outside public gatherings and increased the outside limit to to a 1,000 people, paving the way for political public meetings. But the effects of managing the virus will go beyond curtailing large meetings and will see more people trapped overseas using postal ballots.

In the 2017 elections, 21,226 people were registered to vote and turnout fell just short of 75%. On 4 January the latest register stood at 22,241, but as the Elections Office works on the list that will be used on Election Day, the final tally is expected to increase by several hundred more voters.

In May there will be well over 1,500 new voters since 2017, and if turnout is high, the 25% of the voters in 2017 who did not turn out last time could significantly boost the final count. Party loyalty runs deep but there could also be hundreds of disgruntled voters with no particular allegiance, who could produce surprising results, even with a disorganized opposition and and only minor cracks in the coalition.

Visit the CNS 2021 Election Section

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Comments (60)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why should we vote out the old, when the young so called professionals are simply running on their coattails or simply have no guts to fight for anything.

    The young professionals, most married to Jamaicans or are Jamaicans, only want to replace the British in law and accounting professions; secure employment for their friends and family and think by liking local posts on FB, joining charitable groups make them qualified… not in my books bobo and teetee

  2. Anonymous says:

    When voting in the next election, it is important to remember the minimal benchmark for performance by our MPs.

    Section 107 of our Constitution states, inter alia, that the “Legislature and the Cabinet shall uphold the rule of law”.

    It is unfortunate, however, that the PPM Unity government’s MPs (without doubt) have failed to uphold the “rule of law”.

    The duty of public officials is to make decisions and carry out acts that are “lawful, rational, proportionate and procedurally fair” (in accordance with section 19(1) of our Constitution) — this has not occurred to present date.

    And, where an individual’s interests have been adversely affected, we have a constitutional right to request and be given written reasons (pursuant to section 19(2) of our Constitution) — this PPM Unity government has an almost perfect track record at non-responsiveness to pertain issues, where such persons have written and requested written reasons.

    Furthermore, politicians seem to not be in touch with the people, who vote them into power in a democratic society. It seems that the PPM Unity government seem to think that hiding behind COVID-19 issues is an acceptable strategy to float themselves by until the next election.

    The truth is that people are hurting, but their voices fall on deaf ears. People want jobs, but are unable to get work to support themselves and their families.

    It appears (most of all) that the PPM Unity government does not care about ALL the Caymanian people (only some, but not all). We need to hold our elected MPs to the minimal threshold that is required in our Constitution, rather than the easy political life that they have had in the past.

    The amount of people hurting, but the PPM Unity government is not listening to recommended solutions from everyone — it seems that, if you do not support their government, there is no time for such people.

    All people require a level of human dignity, equality and freedom required by our Constitution, but it seems that this government operates under misconception that parliamentary supremacy obtains in the Cayman Islands (like it does in England), when (in fact) it is constitutional supremacy that obtains locally (in accordance with section 59(2) of Constitution).

    It’s time for a change for the better. And, God willing, when the dust settles and votes are all finally rallied in May, we will have men and women that are worthy of serving the Cayman Islands and our people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My prediction for May? Not a single thing will change. Not the candidates. Not the voting intentions of the sheeple. Not the policies (ha ha ha…policies). Not the conduct of the candidates. Not the nonsense that they spout. Not the corruption. Not the cronyism. Not the nepotism. Nothing. Nowt. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Bugger all. Because there isn’t the will or the want. Too many people benefit by having the same low grade, low intellect, low morality figures in power. Groundhog Day in May 2021. Prove me wrong Caymanians with a brain.

    • Anonymous says:

      The following candidates have already loss their seats.

      Loss seats

      Close to losing
      Capt Eugene

      Don’t bother to run against

      Moses (if he runs)
      Kenneth ( as horrible as that sounds)

      Sit back and watch.

      McTaggart will become our new Premier with a PPM UDP Independent coalition government.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Some muppet characters are meant to be role models for kids. Our muppets are more like role models for budding gang bangers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The most important thing to do is NOT vote for the PPM nor any candidates that support the PPM (such as Tara Rivers, Jon Jon Seymour and Juliana).

    The Cayman Islands cannot take another oppressive reign of terror — especially as we have seen with this PPM Unity government lead by Alden the Terrible.

    The people are the most precious resource that the Cayman Islands has, but yet the PPM Unity government does not care about the average man or woman on the street.

    The wealthiest are given favorable treatment and the general Caymanian population is oppressed and persecuted.

    Remember to do the democratic thing in May and vote out all PPM Unity government MPs. Vote for who will be honest, hardworking and use applied intelligence.

    The PPM Unity government is power drunk and out-of-touch with the people — Alden’s disdainful pride and arrogance are nauseating, and Alden’s hairstyle is a joke!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      11:30. What a Croc. You really don’t believe what you wrote.

      The PPM has also been accused of running the west Government in region if not the world.

      Good luck trying the convince the Caymanian people otherwise.

      BTW are you wearing a mask? How ungrateful.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can we get someone to fact check the candidates on what they say? It would be nice to remind people for example if a candidate comes out and says he\she is against violence against women but has a history or has shown otherwise in the past.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, most current MPs and even prospective candidates, don’t even have any respect to say where they stand on more than 3-4 issues (same sex marriage being the most popular).

      They recite the issues but none offer any solutions…. want to impress me?

      Show me the laws you intend to change, the exact proposed change and drafts of the motions to be brought to Parliament.

      Do that and I will accept you might not simply be a paid ‘yes’ man/woman.

  7. Anonymous says:

    4:08 A little change from the last hundred years!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    I say vote for Malcolm Eden in Savannah, he is a great young man who is honest and have a lot of integrity

    Cayman its time for a change… Vote for Malcolm Eden

    • JTB says:

      This is a joke, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      “Cayman its time for a change”

      Yea, like stopping the nepotism and cronyism.

      You want change? Don’t vote in v2 of the current fossil to continue quoting Leviticus in parliament. Separate church from state!

      • Anonymous says:

        Same with Jeanna Williams, another one. God apparently sent her a message to run for election. Did he also direct her activities on Twitter? Boi we got some real self righteous people among the incumbents.

    • Anonymous says:

      No thanks. If Anthony Eden can’t stand up to McKeeva then why should we expect his son to do the same? Not to mention that his views on gays and atheists would be outdated in the 1800s. I don’t normally judge people by their parents but just by running in the same district as his father he’s clearly trying to continue the legacy.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is an excellent comment. As a bible-, believing Christian, I have no faith in Eden, Suckoo or any of these fakers.
        Whatever happened to reproving the unrighteous works of darkness?
        What is wrong with you, Anthony Eden? You have not earned your money, for sure.

  10. BeaumontZodecloun says:

    I am happy to see that Mr. Wayne is back in the running, and happy to see that Anthony Eden is not running.

    I hope to see more new candidates in virtually every district.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. With bated breath says:

    Just so the politically deficient, that go for this sort of thing can get prepared it might be good to list all the good/bad deeds prospective MPs, Muppet Players are doing.

    Especially those MPs who are dishing out goodies like:
    ▪️New appliances
    ▪️New furniture
    ▪️Free liquor/beer
    ▪️Breadkind from their grounds
    ▪️Fill (shot rock, pea gravel, topsoil)
    ▪️New mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop)
    ▪️New ride (secondhand smog maker from Asia)
    ▪️Paving driveways (Barber-Greene)
    ▪️House fix ups
    ▪️Bagged groceries with bonus $ bills at the bottom
    ▪️Gift vouchers

    And any other new innovative vote bait strategies not listed above.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Any vote for Ezzard is a vote for the status quo

    • JTB says:

      Maybe, but it’s also a vote against misogynist violence.

      I wouldn’t want Ezzard running the country, but he has more integrity in one finger than the rest of them put together

  14. We need quality candidates says:

    I encourage professional Caymanians in their early 40s who are eligible and qualified and have a track record for integrity, to run for office (some of the aspiring people I see already leave much to be desired!)

  15. Anonymous says:

    The association is an insult to muppets!

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanian please only vote for honourable educated peoples, do NOT vote for ex women beaters. Ex drugs users/pushers,over run projects for kick backs,etc, etc. Let’s all vote for honourable, educated Common sense persons that can hold jobs in the Private sections,

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree but those type don’t want to be tainted by Cayman’s political “system”…i.e. hand-outs, gifts, cover-ups, etc. “It’s all about ‘me’ and not about ‘us’ (except my buddies or Lodge brothers)” mentality has corrupted the same political system for which heroes were unveiled yesterday for creating and defending sixty years ago. So what’s the point?! The masses get what they deserve, sad that some get dragged along for the ride.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have filed a complaint with OfReg

  16. Anonymous says:

    CNS – it would be useful in the bio profiles of the announced candidates if you can include the educational background.

    CNS: That’s a good point. I can ask, though that doesn’t mean that they will tell me. I’m taking note of ideas though, so keep them coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Work experience too!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lodge membership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Education is misleading qualifier as it generally captures the cracker-jack box and patron-sponsored honorary degrees. Then there’s Tara Rivers, who apparently earned undergrad and postgrad MBA and LLB from a real school…but alas, despite having done the work, all that book-learning had no bearing on her political (in)competence, (lack of) ethical integrity, or Ministerial (non)performance. They are all equally seduced by the corrupt veils of non-disclosure and semi-autonomy afforded by the status quo.

  17. Elvis says:

    A bunch of no hopers out for themselves as usual. No wonder my wife refuses to vote for them ever.
    They as bad if not worse that the next one. Her words

  18. Anonymous says:

    Politicians should only be allowed to run in districts they live in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not really. If McKeeva ran outside of West Bay he would probably lose. As terrible as he is, he’s still smart enough to know where he’ll get votes.

    • Make em all run, a marathon that is! says:

      They all need to run, a marathon that is. The ones that finish and survive qualify in my book. That said, I can’t see any of these big belly boys and girls actually finishing.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Great photo – let’s see if we can match Muppet characters to existing MPs. How about the Swedish Chef=Mac? Both unintelligible and prone to violent behaviour in kitchens.

  20. JTB says:


    Do NOT vote for any of the current incumbents, other than Ezzard. We must show that we do not tolerate violence against women.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may want to look into Ezzards history regarding this..
      Personally the old guard needs to go and we need persons in their 40’s early 50yrs OK and younger to run.
      Unfortunately I have money on it the old guard will still be there due to the older voters who won’t change a thing.

  21. Anonymous says:

    CNS you just made my day with that picture LOL!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Kermit’s intellect is far above anyone’s in the “parliament” now.

  23. Anonymous says:

    For sure, I’ll be voting for any Muppet before voting for the option I have so far! Or maybe I’ll vote for Oat Willie and get free pizza!! FFFB!

  24. Anonymous says:

    In fairness, the stated pre-election “viewpoints” are often at odds with member’s past track records and future ambitions, and it seems Caymanians have some kind of amnesia that wipes their slates clean after 3-4 weeks. It would be good if CNS, and the rest of the media, could help challenge the false narratives that will spew in earnest:

    Violent male abusers and silent female gender affairs Ministers pretending to advocate for women; serial DUI crash-absconders chiming-on about tougher crime and traffic measures; environmental stewards proposing we dredge marine parks and turn a blind-eye to developers ignoring DOE statements, and clearing lots before PLA approvals; sponsored and targeted foreign misinformation, voter bots interference; expect it all, and more.

  25. That's not fair... says:

    the picture on the article is a disservice to Muppets!

  26. Anonymous says:

    For Muppet, read Lodge thug.

  27. Get with the plan Cayman says:

    Legalise cannabis or no vote.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’d vote for one of those muppets over the fossils we currently have elected (except Ezzard, he cool).

    Which muppet will be campaigning to legalize growing medical cannabis for Caymanians?

    End the legal monopoly on the extracts and kill the cash cow that is smuggled.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fools like you are why fools like Ezzard keep getting elected. You’ll believe whatever populist bandwagon him and others jump on just to bait your kind in to voting for them. #gobacksleep

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, the present manifestation of Ezzard is indeed tempting, intolerant of corruption and inefficiency in civil service, keen on proper financial records, etc. But I have heard in the past Ezzard many times on radio, lamenting the days when Mr Jim would bully the expat managers of the Holiday Inn, or Morrits, and in doing so overriding the legal functions of the work permit board.

  29. Anonymous says:

    No Cayman 27. Sad they will be missed this election

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