Smiles and handshakes for guilty speaker

| 07/12/2020 | 152 Comments
Cayman News Service
Minister Tara Rivers and Speaker McKeeva Bush at the name changing ceremony

(CNS): Government leaders were all smiles and handshakes as they were greeted by House Speaker McKeeva Bush on Friday at the official naming of Parliament, just 24 hours after he appeared in court and admitted assaulting a female bar manager in a drunken frenzy earlier this year. Bush was in full ceremonial garb as he presided over the historic proceedings.

The governor, chief justice and premier were all formally greeted by Bush as they arrived at the renamed political house. Bush even formally greeted the police guard before entering the chamber.

Recalling his 35-year history in the Legislative Assembly and what he said were his own achievements, the speaker attacked people for complaining on social media and the radio and took aim at those who might poke fun of the occasion.

Bush said he was “ringing this warning bell” about those leading the charge against everything and that it was not beneficial “that they are prepared to behave irresponsibly to get their way”. The long-standing member for West Bay said the people who were at times tearing down the church and undermining government at every level had done nothing “but talk with nice flowery language”.

He said people were urging others to demonstrate about everything, “and maybe demonstrate against the speaker too”.

Bush made no mention of why people might want to protest against him retaining his high office, given his admission of violence and public intoxication.

The speaker went on to commend the current coalition government and said people should be grateful for the Cayman Islands, given the situation here compared to other countries.

The speaker’s address was followed by Governor Martyn Roper’s throne speech for the state opening of Parliament and Premier Alden McLaughlin’s address.

Bush then went on to hand out commemorative symbolic keys made from Caymanite to each member of Parliament, with the exception of Roy McTaggart and Juliana O’Connor-Connolly who were not present for the celebrations, shook hands and smiled for the photo opportunity.

With the exception of Ezzard Miller, no members of Parliament, including the three female members, have responded to requests from CNS for comment on Bush’s guilty pleas last week, the admissions about his drunken behaviour and the expletive laden message he had sent about his victim.

See the ceremony on CIGTV below:

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  1. Anon Anon says:

    Little Cayman will separate if Bush is not removed

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