Miller wants end to corrupt politics in 2021

| 31/12/2020 | 80 Comments
Ezzard Miller MP delivers his 2021 New Year Message

(CNS): As the election campaign gets underway in what is going to be another challenging year, the independent MP for North Side, Ezzard Miller, is calling for an end to the corruption that dominates Cayman’s political landscape. Miller has created a new party that aims to eradicate entrenched undemocratic and corrupt practices, which he says have allowed the influence of a few powerful people to undermine the lives of Caymanians.

In his New Year message, Miller said that over the current festive season the handouts of turkeys, microwaves, gift certificates and even cash to influence or buy votes has been evident, and he expected “this already festering sore will degrade further into an open, oozing wound leading up to the May 2021 elections”.

He said it is the because of political corruption that ordinary Caymanians are being left behind in the political and economic dynamics of the Cayman Islands.

“Much of this is based on the so-called ‘trickle-down economics’. As an economic proposition unduly favouring businesses and the wealthy in society — supposedly as a means to stimulating business investment in the short term and benefiting society at large in the long term — this economic scheme has never managed to achieve its stated goals,” he said.

“It is not hard to understand why this stratagem has failed. The top-down decision-making style that trickle-down economics promotes inevitably leads to poor government decisions, in both policy direction and programmes,” Miller explained.

He called for an end to the situation where just a few politicians, influenced by the wealthy, decide what is best for all Caymanians and the islands as a whole. “This reflects a model bereft of empowerment, participation and consultation,” Miller stated.

The Cayman Islands People’s Party, which he founded, is launching a membership drive in the new year and will establish electoral district committees who will select candidates for the General election. Miller said his team aims to make 2021 a historic year and change the face of local politics.

“The Cayman Islands People’s Party offers Caymanians an opportunity to play a direct role in directing and guiding our own future and that of generations to come,” Miller said. “This is essential, as meaningful political and economic growth and change can be achieved only when people are empowered to participate fully in our democracy.”

Describing the new party as a major departure from the current modus operandi, he said that under the current political parties the majority of Caymanians are excluded from the decision-making process. He said he wants to see political power returned to the people and away from the self-seeking politicians.

“This includes the narrow special interest groups that constantly lobby for the benefit of their own agendas,” he said as he extended an invitation to Caymanians to join the ranks in the New Year and drive corruption out of politics.

“We invite each of you to join us in steering these Cayman Islands to new horizons and making this a happy, prosperous and healthy 2021,” he added.

See Miller’s full statement in CNS Library or watch it below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Party politics = POLITRICKS (you scratch my back and I scratch yours); that is where corruption proliferates – in those very parties. You break the law, but I can get you scot-free because so and so over there is a member of my party and I can offer him/her a big time position in exchange. No ethics, no scruples, no conscience. And the beat goes on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Ezzard you have had a corrupt government employee on NS for years but what you done with him. You know who is and you know what he done and he rides a government truck doing his business yet nothing is done with him. Respectfully please start close to home first.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 12:39 if you know someone has committed a crime you should report them to the police like Ezzard does.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And don’t leave out the Licensing Dept. deal at breakers…which now boast a liquor store sign on the building. XXXX …Alden and Kurt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No Weed, No Vote

    Canadian doctors can import extracts from their friends who grow it in Canada and sell it to us for $115/half gram but local Caymanians who are prescribed it can’t even grow the plant to brew some tea with themselves???

    • Anonymous says:

      Just get the dog ones from the vet. They not bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. The United Nations drug commission just re-scheduled cannabis as a far less harmful drug. CARICOM supports legalizing the medical cannabis industry as well.

      Many Caribbean jurisdictions are legalizing medical cannabis (and, in some instances, recreational cannabis) to provide revenue streams, which are needed for their economic survival.

      If the Cayman Islands does not now allow for cultivation and extraction to occur locally (as well as allowing cannabis and cannabis extracts to be exported), then we are in for hard days ahead of us.

      Also, as relates to decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use by adults, sections 9(1)-(2) of our Bill of Rights gives a platform for defending against consumption, possession and cultivation. Cases, in recent times, have proven this to be correct. Facts!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eradicating corruption and criminality is a good thing. However, we have a long way to go. With the caveat that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, let’s get into it.

    (1) Any man that lays hands on a woman is a coward. And whether drunk or not.

    (2) The biggest street-level criminals are the Royal Cayma Islands Police Force. How do you think all the seized contraband gets back on the streets?

    (3) At a macro-level, it does appear to be politicians, who are abuse their positions of power to benefit a handful of wealthy supporters. I thought they were supposed to be servants of the people? Guess not.

    (4) The Premier and Deputy-Premier are, indeed, freemasons. Watch Alden playing with his damn ring all the time, which he has on display. However, I wonder what favors he’s doing for them? Not all of them are bad people, but I thought “blood in, blood out” was gang thing. Can anyone say blood oaths!!!!

    (5) Why is it that the Premier is bending over backwards (PON intended) for [law firm]? Is it because XXXX works for them? Last time I checked [law firm] was not elected by voters.

    (6) Why is it that a partner in law at XXXX law firm admitted to bribing a government official in Turks and Caicos, but is allowed to practice law in the Cayman Islands? How could he have ever been honest on his application for admission? Oh wait, he is protected by Alden? That’s right.

    (7) What is the Premier’s beloved Regiment doing for the Island? Well, it seems providing a cover for clandestine operatives (such as MI-6) to come in and out of the Cayman Islands under the cover of “training” the troops.

    (8) Why is it the Kurt Tibbetts has bought up strategic parcels of land, where new roads go through, and using it to his advantage? Isn’t this equivalent to insider trading? Abuse of governmental position?

    (9) Why is there no records of the now abandoned Smith Cove project not available? What are they hiding? Or was this just a project geared towards the now abandoned port and cruise facility? Or was it a double whammy to get Barbara elected again?

    (10) Why is it that the Governor has found it appropriate to pass the Civil Partnerships law as a matter of National importance, but yet overlooks all of the widespread corruption?

    (11) Why has the Minister of Health been allowed to publicly embarrass the Cayman Islands during this pandemic? And why is his wife above the law?

    (12) Why is it that Government boards and tribunals have (what seem to be) life-long appointments? PPM and UDP are all guilty. Shame!

    (13) What is being done about XXXXXX conspiring to break the law? What is being done about the surgery that occurred? (CNS note: We’re waiting for the judge’s ruling, which should be soon)

    (14) Why is it that XXXX was not able to go back to Royal Palms before it closed? I dare for someone to truthfully answer this question.

    (15) Also to be fair, ask XXXX whose business records he helped dispose of in years gone by in order to keep his friends out of jail. This is old news, but not widely known.


    • Anonymous says:

      Point 10. Congratulations! Because he is either not taking it seriously or involved.
      Which is it?
      Can we have a public statement Mr. Governor on how you plan to tackle the corruption in your government?

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about investigating and prosecuting some of the past corruption? That would give us the clear out we need to start afresh. Maybe an amnesty for citizens who come forward and cooperate. It’ll never happen but is exactly what is needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a joke and now the MP trying to give themselves severance pay if not elected. Wow see the package for Mac, Arden and Ezzard, cause they going.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well said Ezzard.

    Even wannabe politicians like Alric Lindsay are jumping on the vote buying train – there is no other way to describe his Windsor Park Christmas gift giveaway that he’s pushing on social media. A mere two steps away from a fridge or a driveway 💩

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets start with those double dipping of collecting Pension and then an MLA salary. Lets get rid of those that say they are retired and collecting pensions. Publish the NAMES AND AMOUNTS so voters can decide come May.

      • BeaumontZodecloun says:

        I would like to see that also. I don’t, however, think that double-dipping is illegal; it’s just shoddy.

    • Anonymous says:

      A one eye man in a blind man shop. Done nothing and don’t intend to except talk and collect.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians have the perfect representation of themselves in these fools. They just wish leadership would hide their faults better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting comment.
      I find you are right. After many decades in Cayman, I have found that their politics trumps their Christianity.
      Now they have the leadership they deserve and the noose is tightening.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr Miller it has only taken you 20 years to wake up to the corruption?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is it too late to ask for a turkey?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Time out.
    How long has Ezzard Miller been in politics?
    What has he ever done?
    I rest my case.

    • BeaumontZodecloun says:

      Is the length in politics now the measure of worth of the candidate? Isn’t that the antithesis of what most of us are collectively protesting?

      We want fresh! (YEAH!)
      We want young! (YEAH!)

      We want……….. truthful? Someone insulated from the good ol’ boy way of sharing the spoils? Someone who organises meetings and speaks with their constituents?

      We’re gonna have to pare down our wishlist.

  12. Mckeeva Boy says:

    Unfortunately the alternative to MR Miller is just as bad as the Covid 19 virus and is just an extension Cord of our convicted Woman beater who loves liquor and has the same traits as his mentor!

    • Anonymous says:

      There are more woman beaters, you just don’t know about them. When you do, the truth will be shocking.
      I have no idea how these people stay in power. Smashing 7 shades of shit out of women when they come home drunk and then have to get dragged out of jail to meet dignitaries.
      Yes, we “apparently” vote for them.
      You know who the hell you are. POS.
      Think about that when you sign the next law that removes more freedoms from decent, law abiding people.
      Martyn Roper needs to get off his bloody steel drums and fix some shit.
      Perhaps he should send his new army to the houses of our corrupt politicians to arrest them?

  13. Anonymous says:

    So Mr. Miller wants to end corrupt politics in 2021!!!
    Corruption requires both a corruptor willing to corrupt and a corruptee willing to be corrupted. If a $50 microwave is all it takes to buy a vote, then I would raise the import duty on a microwave 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Truth says:

    The ONLY WAY to root out this systemic corruption that is in Gov’t is to pass and enforce the Standards In Public law and regulations.

    And in doing so highlight and root out the “Lodge” membership that has infiltrated and taken over control of Gov’t.
    These members only look out for fellow members, they do whatever is necessary for the futhurence of its members.

    Until that occurs, and Gov’t employees are made to reveal membership, nothing will change but in fact only get worse.

    Gov’t makes you swear an oath to serve the Queen and people of the Cayman Islands.

    The “Lodge” makes to swear on your life, and on pain of death, to serve the “Lodge” and it members.

    Who wins when there is a conflict of interests?

  15. DANIEL JOHNS says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    Government is a legalized criminal operation.
    There are 10 commandments.
    That should have been enough.
    But no, criminals posing as righteous people are attempting a coup of darkness over light.
    Fools. Even the smallest candle curses the darkest night.
    I am with the Light of the World, Jesus, the risen Saviour.

    • Anonymous says:

      A legalized criminal operation ??? Wouldn’t that make it legitimate? Smh watch your words they expose your true motive

      • Anonymous says:

        My only motive is for truth to be told in all aspects of life, especially those that affect other people.
        If you have a problem with that, then I would suggest you have a problem.

  17. Tom says:

    First Job for 2021 is remove Speaker Bush out of government for good.

  18. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Last time I checked April 1 was still three months away 🙂 Mind you it was a full moon last week.

  19. James Boden says:

    Ezzard remains the most inept politician.

    Can anyone name a single thing Ezzard has ever achieved? A project, an initiative, anything? No. If Ezzard had any self respect he would not stand at the next election and allow a new generation of Caymanians to do more than simply moan as Ezzard has for years.

    • Northside Recovering Addict says:

      I can name two he has stopped a well known criminal and drug dealer from getting elected to our house of parliament and sitting with his BFF who is a renowned and convicted woman beater and drunkard just like him!

  20. J.A. Roy Bodden says:

    Reading Ezzard Miller’s concerns one gets the sense that this is indeed “a cry from the heart” and while some readers will gravitate toward dismissiveness and contempt ,here is my take on the dilemma .
    The contemporary Caymanian politician labours under more challenges now than at any previous time in the history of these island’s existence. The impact of big money , special interest groups, rising societal expectations ,the promised panacea that ‘one man ,one vote ‘ would solve our problems and social and income inequality emits a confusing array of signals. The forces roiling the social fabric that the current political directorate has lost the ability to temper the pace of development , and to arrive at some concept of sustainable development . As a consequence , the jurisdiction is rushing into a ” Dickensian maelstrom “of income inequality , environmental degradation ,and an atmosphere of hostility between ‘us ‘and ‘them ‘.We missed the textbook opportunity to create a plural society when we jettisoned Vision 2008.
    And now ,from out of this ” Hobbesian Hell “,it is expected that relief will come come from the contemporary Caymanian politician , a creature so ill-equipped , so unprepared and so buffeted by the centrifugal forces previously mentioned that it is impossible to be effective.
    In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ ,but demand the function , we hide behind anonymity and offer only ‘ad hominem ‘criticism. We laugh at the educated and castigate divergent thinkers , cultivate leaders without hearts and yet expect virtue and enterprise. And as if that were not challenge enough , we frown upon honour and humility , but are shocked to find malingerers in our midst. Finally, we favour the ‘self-righteous ,those whom the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called ‘smatterers ‘Like the Biblical aphorism ,”we have sewn the wind”

    Ezzard Miller’s ‘cri d’ coeur ‘ bears listening to.

    • Anonymous says:

      As usual Mr Roy , you used long words and phrases and ended by having said nothing.
      If you wish to put your words to work , then do so in plain language by condemning the Speaker’s actions,…if you agree with Mr Miller , then please say so in English, not misspelt French.
      Your influence is valuable Mr Roy, just wish you would use it to hit the target, not paint pretty pictures.

    • Anonymous says:

      What did you do when you had the opportunity to fix the system Roy?

      • Anonymous says:

        The education system continues to be a mess and Mr. Roy had plenty of opportunities to improve on it, yet generations now have been left behind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you taking about Cayman or the United States? Or both?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard for Premier, May 2021!

    • Hubert says:

      Yes, he has just discovered corruption in Cayman.

      Has this man been blind the past 20 year? His complicity is a major part of the problem.

      Please Caymanians put on your thinking caps? Don’t be so stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      We would become Cuba, you must be mad, evidently you knows nothing about the underlying truth.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The pejoratively entitled and so-called; One Man One Vote (“OMOV”) has been an unmitigated disaster for these islands. It should never have been put in place.

    Poor, inexperienced and insular leadership with an under and un-informed electorate thought this was the (only) way to curtail the Lord of West Bay (West) and his political sycophants. “Baby” and “bathwater” come to mind.

    OMOV and Single Seat Constituencies (“SSC”) or the more correctly characterised “winner take all”/”first-past-the-post”, Westminster style electoral political system with but a small number of votes needed to get elected in each Cayman Islands’ SSC promotes a “race” to the bottom. Here, all “politrics” is truly “local”. Politicians are laser focused on their own hermetically sealed and silo-ed SSC where turkeys and TVs are the currency of (re)election. Choice of representative for (would-be) voters is reduced to the lowest common denominator as but few of those with the requisite intellect, vision and drive necessary to really “do the state some service” wish to be dragged into the quagmire of this fundamentally flawed system of clientelism.

    We must cast aside the shackles of Single Seat Constituencies, which promote the West Kingston(Bay??) garrison effect and all associated harm.

    We need Multi-Seat Constituencies. We need Proportional representation. We need proper political parties based upon ideas and not personalities. We need both district 3,4 or 5 seater constituencies complimented by an islands’ wide super constituency also with 3 or 4 seats. Candidates could stand in either the local or islands’ wide constituency and voters to vote in both (if they so choose). At least this is a way to promote maximum choice for voters – both at the micro and at the macro level. Ideally, states-women and men have a better chance of election in the island’s wide constituency where scale itself will mitigate the penchant for purchase of votes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The 2021 election will be the 2nd under OMOV. Multi-member constituencies have big challenges too. There is no perfect system. As the majority of voters in our powerful neighbour to the north have discovered despite how bad you think things are it can also get worse. If you are eligible make sure you’re registered and vote your preference!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have always voted. The worst was last time – the Single Seat Constituency made for a horrible choice of candidate; between the the incompetent and the substandard.

        The voters up north have it doubly bad – a first-past-the-post/winner take all primary election followed by a first-past-the-post general election.

        #electoral reform Cayman, #revokeOMOV, #multi-seat constituencies

  23. Naya Boy says:

    I hear you Ezzard Miller but take a good look around at the political landscape and Core government look at law enforcement and our judiciary and legislature branches and those in charge of this place. Then remember all those who’s reputation and careers and who fought against this corruption you say you want to stop. All have been viciously and deliberately slain and destroyed and no longer are able to fight or care to even get involved in this useless crusade. Then look just how corrupt those remaining have become, so powerful they are untouchable who now sit in judgement of others and have domain over our economic & political systems and institutions and society. Who no longer have to get their hands dirty now to malign or assassinated anyone who challenge or confront or mention their unholy or immoral conduct or behaviour .Who now like the mafia have soldiers and enforcers to carry out these unpleasant duties or task on their behalf. Yes Mr Miller we hear you but unfortunately because our current status we are unable to even complain for fear of further losses to our unbearable lives or that of our families and friends. Here is a little advice or small solution that might help in your Corruption Crusade You can start by removing and identifying those importing foreign help or mercenaries to carry out their dirty Anti Cayman program or campaign who are senior sister and brothers of your own inner circle.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You can’t change the culture Mr. Millar. It is a big part of Caymanianism. Just trying to make it functional for everyone on Cayman would be a huge step forward. Right now what you have is a Government who only represents a small portion of the island. The majority of the island has no representation and I am not just talking about expats.

  25. Anonymous says:

    People need to speak out against handouts and the media need to specifically report instances of events where they take place rather than referring to them in general terms without holding the people responsible for them to account. The failure to speak out on this is tacit endorsement of corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did everyone see the “Opening of the Boatswain Bay Father’s Children’s Park” hosted by McKeeva Bush? There were prizes for adults….of Toasters and Microwaves and bicycles and tablets for children. SO WEIRD!!! Obvious vote buying.

      • Anonymous says:

        Those who provide funds for Mac to continue his wote buying are just as guilty. You know who they are and they have a lot to gain from a politician they have bought.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is this not made illegal?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Was feeling a little down until I read “Miller wants end to corrupt politics in 2021” now I can’t stop laughing!

  27. Anonymous says:

    At no point did Ezzard sponsor a Bill to amend the elections law, change the party system, adjust criteria for eligibility, or create a mechanism to disqualify members facing criminal charges while in office. He did however standby while the members gave themselves a new found ability to set their own compensation. Strange.

    • Anonymous says:

      same old, same old, change starts with the politicians, no one wants more than them. We not stupid Ezzard.

    • Anonymous says:

      In fact when debating the Legislative Management Bill he and Kenneth waxed eloquently about their compensation. It was so awful in a time when government revenues have decreased.

  28. Elvis says:

    This is like peeing against the wind my grandad used to say

  29. Know Whatsreal says:

    Ezzard, where are the young people in your party? Not a single person under the age of 65. How are you going to do anything to change the landscape without listening to and actively engaging young people. Also, the issues you identify are not new. You’ve had many terms in which to do something about it and you haven’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard, McKeeva, Alden have done absolutely nothing to encourage young Caymanians to get into politics. WHY? Because they are in the greatest gravy train ever and they need no competition.

      Best we can do is replace Eden with his son, to keep their family on the gravy train.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am in my 70’s, I never gave or taken a bribe, I worked very hard for what I got. And I vote for whom I think is best, and all policiations know it’s no good to offer me , cash, microwave , stove or anything for my vote.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well done Ezzard for at least acknowledging the existence of Jamaican style political corruption.
    It’s Not just at election time, it is a way of life for you know who , which needs to be monitored at every point in any transaction , contract and agreement stage of any contract involving “Mr what’s in this for me.”
    Good luck and success from one who is seriously fed up with the Teflon Don’s unpunished antics.

  32. Cruyff says:

    Can we really trust the public to tell us what to do? If the Government had listened to the masses we would have opened up in June and half of us would be dead now.

    The masses believed the Port referendum law was illegal which was wrong

    And let’s not forget the public out cry before the Ritz and Kimpton were built. Oh yes and the huge tear down about the west Bay Road closure.

    I agree, stop the hams etc give aways but I cannot agree the public knows best.

  33. Anonymous says:

    ‘The handouts of turkeys, microwaves, gift certificates and even cash to influence or buy votes has been evident’.

    Has it really? And what have YOU done about this ‘treating’? Reported it to RCIPS? Challenged the individual? Compiled a dossier for the Ombudsman to peruse? Canvassed your peers to force a no confidence vote to oust said perpetrator?

    Thought not. Actions speak louder than words. Corruption exists because it suits Cayman and a particular cabal. And forever it will be thus.

  34. Anonymous says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! That’s like the myth of King Canute trying to turn the turn back.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with this…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard, you are fighting a loosing battle. Caymanians only like to complain about corruption. But to actually stop it….not really.

    They prefer to complain. So, no matter what solution you bring….it’s the wrong town you’re trying to sell it in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course deep down we don’t want to stop it. We know that it is tolerated here and even modelled to the point of being encouraged in some parts of society. So long as we can imagine ourselves one day benefitting from something, we have a hard time getting rid of it. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t thought ‘he got to do all that before he was caught? Sounds pretty fun/easy to me’ before the morality/risk assessment/reality kicks in. How many movies are based on this idea – that crime could be so worth it if only we were good enough not to get caught? So I don’t know how we change this because everyone here seems to like the idea that you can gain an unfair advantage by your wits and schemes and dumb luck, and that creates an environment in which corruption is just ‘getting caught’, and playing by the rules is always a bit depressing and doesn’t yield the same rewards. And if you don’t think I mean everyone, find a single resident who isn’t proud of their special access to something by virtue of being a regular or whatever. You won’t. And since corruption then becomes common in such a society, it has to be lightly punished and barely investigated, if at all, otherwise it could not continue while the facade of lawfulness and propriety remains intact.

      NB. I am an attorney so I am not advocating law-breaking but have had enough time to reflect on its attractions.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is everyone is expecting to need a “favor” granted themselves one day. There’s not enough people for real, open competition so politics and business run on trading favors.

        • BeaumontZodecloun says:

          Yes. Cronyism. It’s nothing new. They just used to have the class to keep it hidden. We want a brave new world, we’re going to have to scrap for it.

          I don’t know that Mr. Ezzard has the sand to change things in a positive way, but I do trust that he won’t ride that same broken horse that his compatriots have for so long. Good luck, Sir.

  37. Anonymous says:

    folks, joke of the day
    please, take notes 📝
    (and happy new year)

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