COVID-19 daily tests all clear

| 15/12/2020 | 8 Comments

(CNS): There were no positive cases of COVID-19 reported on Tuesday from a batch of 489 test results processed over the last day. Five people among the 22 active cases of the virus still have symptoms, according to officials, but no one has been hospitalised as a result of coronavirus. Meanwhile, Cayman witnessed two people go to jail today for the first time for breaching COVID isolation rules.

Responding to demands for more punitive measures a judge sent VJ Ramjeet and his girlfriend, Skylar Mack, to prison for four months after they both broke quarantine rules.

There are currently 1,435 people in isolation or government quarantine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you just have miserable friends and family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yup 4 months, I guess the Islands got the last laugh.

  3. 345.... says:

    4 months, thank god I left a few years ago. Can not imagine being locked down or in quarantine on that tiny island. And before you start beating your chest, all my family and friends agree the island is miserable and worsening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like sour grapes. Did you get fired, or maybe your girlfriend broke up with you and you had to move away? If the island is so “miserable and worsening” then why are so many people scrambling to move here? I doubt that your family and friends have even been here. If they had, then like so many others who come here, they probably wouldn’t have wanted to leave. We are living the good life while all around us other countries are hurting. We did just fine during our lock-down and now have more freedom than most. Life is great here… how about where you are? Finally, please don’t come back… we don’t need whiners like you here!

      • Happy to be here says:

        Imagine leaving a place that you think is miserable and then continually going to read local news on the place you are so happy to have left? Seems like 345… is a lost soul, destined to be miserable regardless of place or circumstance.

        • 345.... says:

          Well, my passport says Cayman so you might say I have an interest in it’s going on. And I think you mean to say many young Caymanians are lost and miserable. Remember I said I left 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Your island is beautiful, but where I live we are not hurting. I have been working since July- in person, going to the gym, restaurants, etc. I am not the OP.

      • 345.... says:

        Scrambling to come here….until they are scrambling to leave! You package your point without mentioning inflation, xenophobia, employment numbers, rising crime including robbery, theft, corporate, and most recently sex. Access to goods and services has always been horrible, corruption, of course, can be tagged to ALL your leaders, add tumbling infrastructure and you have the REAL Cayman….tell me do you think Bush will get away with beating a woman on camera….ONLY IN CAYMAN I say. You say life is great but very few of the people I communicate with for one reason or another would agree with you.

        You call me a whiner, I call you delusional and dishonest.

        And you really going to hate this, I am Caymanian, born breed and self-made :-0 I can come and go as I please

        In fact, as soon as you stop hiding from the big bad Covid I will visit again to see family. I’ll offer an update on the mess then.

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