Watercraft body sorry over COVID-19 danger

| 30/11/2020
Cayman News Service
Skylar Mack

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Watercraft Association (CIWA) has issued an apology after a guest at an event this weekend breached COVID-19 protocols. The association has confirmed that Skylar Mack, the daughter of International Rider Dennis Mack and the girlfriend of Local Pro Rider Vanjae “VJ” Ramgeet, attended the National Jet Ski Race when she should have been in home isolation.

CIWA Head of Fundraising Christopher Bodden said, ”I would like to apologize to all of our great sponsors who came on board for the final race of our very short season and reassure you that we take the safety of everyone, including the reputation of our sponsors very seriously.”

As soon as CIWA officials were notified about the situation regarding Mack by members of the public, they immediately alerted the authorities. The matter was then dealt with by the RCIPS and the Public Health Department.

Officials from the association said that they were assisting the authorities with their enquiries about the breach. In addition, CIWA will be penalizing Ramgeet and a board meeting will be held to determine the appropriate disciplinary action.

In a statement from CIWA, President Gary Whittaker said, “I would like to make it abundantly clear to our riders, officials and the general public who were in attendance that safety is always the number one priority at our events, regardless of whether it’s on the water or on-land.”

The association also urged anyone who believes that they may have had contact with Mack to contact the Public Health Department and follow their guidelines.

Mack is understood to have been in home isolation using the iMsafe wristband but was able to either tamper with or remove it and leave her quarantine. According to her social media pages, she tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies this summer.

Officials confirmed that Mack’s entry PCR test was negative. On Sunday she was moved at her own expence to a government facility, where she will be monitored under 24-hour security detail. Officials said Sunday that the matter is under investigation and will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for a decision.

Given the implementation of the change to the Public Health Law on Friday, Mack is now liable to a CI$10,000 fine or up to two years in jail.     


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