Veterans events cancelled to keep seniors safe

| 02/11/2020 | 8 Comments
Governor Martyn Roper receives a poppy

(CNS): The usual Remembrance Day events celebrating Cayman Islands’ veterans have been cancelled this year in order to keep seniors safe. Given the potential risk posed to elderly and vulnerable veterans as well as other attendees the Sunday Parade and Ceremony will not take place this year on Grand Cayman. “This decision was taken by the Cayman Islands Veterans Association and we fully support them,” said Chief of Protocol Meloney Syms.

“We continue to encourage the public to still give to the poppy appeal,” she said. “By wearing our poppies, we honour the vulnerability of our aging veterans and give back to them.”

Syms explained, “Poppies are symbolic of those who have given their lives while fighting for the freedoms enjoyed today. Members of the public are encouraged to wear their poppies with pride.”

The decision was made based on the limit of five hundred people at any gathering under the COVID rules, officials said, as well as the advice of medical experts to protect those who are most vulnerable.

“Despite all the changes that have come with 2020, we still encourage everyone to find alternate ways to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifices on our behalf, until we are allowed to once again come together,” said Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose.

Cayman Brac officials, in consultation with the Veterans and Seamen Society of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, have decided to proceed with a smaller ceremony there on Sunday, 8 November.

Those attending the Cayman Brac ceremony are asked to assemble by 10:30am on the lawn of District Administration Building or, in case of inclement weather, the Aston Rutty Centre.

For those unable to attend the Cayman Brac ceremony, the Protocol Office has organised remote and socially distanced ways to still honour our veterans. A one-hour televised special will air on CIGTV and its YouTube channel on 8 November, from 11:30am.

On 11 November the community is invited to lay wreaths, reverently throughout the day at the Cenotaph, inside the Elmslie Memorial United Church on Harbour Drive, George Town. Social distancing measures must be in place. People are also urged to join in pausing for the two-minute silence at home or in the workplace at 11am on Wednesday, 11 November — the eleventh hour of eleventh day of eleventh month.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Brackets still having theirs

  2. Anonymous says:

    I though that we would remember them no matter what? They fought and many paid with their lives so that we could live in freedom but yet we will celebrate our pirates’ heritage albeit on a scaled-down version.

    Maybe out of respect we should forfeit the holiday!

    Very sad! No wonder they were thought of as suckers, which they are not but we have diminish their sacrifice!

  3. Anonymous says:

    While I whole-heartedly agree with Mario Rankin’s assessment of the “ridiculous number of National Heroes” in Cayman, I disagree with him and others that Remembrance Day should never be observed. The reason for cancelling this year’s event is understood, albeit a bit “overly-cautious” – as proper protective measures can be taken, in light of Cayman’s essentially community “covid-free” status, But Veterans should be public honoured for their service and deceased veterans should be remembered.

    What I have an issue with is the seemingly “broad” allowances established by the “new” guard of the Cayman Islands Veterans Association (CIVA) as to who is eligible to be a member. The word “veteran” distinctly applies to a “veteran of a war or conflict”, not necessarily a “veteran” of being a member of some military establishment.

    But, alas, similar to the “diluting” of the value of the status of National Hero, being a member of the CIVA today does not hold the honour that it once held, when true veterans were the only members.

    • Mario Rankin says:

      Let me clarify, the Veterans of our Islands are the real heroes and we need not further diminish their status.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rescind the public holiday as well please.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Should have been shelved along with Heroes Day, Pirates Week, Batabano and Miss Cayman a long time ago.

    • Mario Rankin says:

      Amen. I cannot for the life of me understand why we go around patting so many people on the back in our society! To boot there is a ridiculous number of “National Heroes” on thos rock as it is.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We don’t have community spread, seniors should be allowed to make their own decision, and nothing wrong with all other age groups gathering to show respect.

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