Separate court job created for financial services

| 02/11/2020 | 3 Comments
Bridget Myers

(CNS): Bridget Myers has been appointed as Acting Registrar of the Financial Services Division (FSD) at the Grand court. The new post has been created to enhance the independence of this arm of the court and develop its own specialist staff. Court Administrator Suzanne Bothwell said the move was in keeping with the chief justice’s vision that the division be administered through its own registry.

This appointment is part of ongoing efforts to create a position to help lead the initiative and identify staff within the courts who have the potential to develop into the role.

“By her work in support of the FSD Judges, Ms Myers has demonstrated a strong sense of appreciation for the important work of the division and a real commitment to its mission,” said Chief justice Anthony Smellie. “I am pleased to see Ms Myers take up this opportunity while she also undertakes appropriate paralegal studies to ensure her ability to deliver the high-quality service required in this new role.”

Bothwell said that over the last two years Myers had stepped forward to learn the business of the Financial Services Division, and as part of her professional development, she is currently enrolled in a two-year distance learning paralegal programme with the University of the West Indies.

To help her make the best of the appointment, she agreed to work with and be mentored by senior court staff, including the Clerk of Court Shiona Allenger, Senior Deputy Clerk Jenesha Simpson and members of the judiciary. In response to Myer’s strong performance, the judicial administrator recommended to the chief justice to appoint her as acting registrar for a year. By taking up the acting post, Myers has also agreed to a comprehensive, one-year training plan through the mentorship and leadership of the clerk and senior deputy clerk of courts and the judiciary.

“This acting period will provide Ms Myers with the unique opportunity to develop the necessary skills and expertise required for the position,” Bothwell added.

The department is proud to “develop our staff in house and to groom them to take up future leadership level positions within the organisation”, Bothwell said.

Myers promotion has paved the way for another staff member to train and develop into the role of a personal assistant for the Financial Services Division judges.

“We look forward to working with other staff members who demonstrate a willingness to grow and develop and to support them in honing the qualities and initiative to take on such leadership responsibilities,” Bothwell stated. “Developing talent in house is a tremendous leadership opportunity, to which all of our senior leaders are committed.”

Myers said she was striving to be the best she could on her journey of development. “I will continue to prove myself to be worthy of the confidence that the management team at Judicial Administration has placed in me,” she said, as she thanked the management team.

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  1. Congrats says:

    Congrats. It’s a shame that the same cann’t be said about the private sector. We have to do better.

  2. anon says:

    Just hope she answers her phone.

  3. Alfredo hernandez says:

    So many opportunities for Caymanians in the civil service. Congrats to all.

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