Five travellers test COVID positive in 4 days

| 19/11/2020 | 64 Comments

(CNS): With one more asymptomatic traveller testing positive for COVID-19 over the last day, the tally this week is five cases of the virus in four days. Medical Officer of Health Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez said that 276 COVID-19 tests were carried out over the last day and one was positive, increasing the total since testing began to 259 positive cases. There are currently 15 active cases, with just one symptomatic patient. The latest positive individual will remain in isolation until considered recovered, along with 935 other individuals who are either quarantining at a government facility or isolating in their own homes.

Meanwhile as Cayman continues to keep a lid on the spread of the virus from travelers arriving here who are testing positive into the community, the pandemic shows no sign of abating. The world health organisation said that one person is dying from coronavirus every 17 seconds in Europe as the virus overwhels national health systems around the continent.

Yesterday, the total death toll in the United States passed 250,000 as more than 1700 infected people died in one day just as another 176,580 new cases were confirmed.

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Comments (64)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The US CDC put out a release yesterday that everyone who is vaccinated will receive a government card providing evidence of vaccination. Will that be done in Cayman as well and will US cards be used to allow people travel?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman rarely follows what anyone else does especially if they are successful at it. They will most likely just give you a tee-shirt with a smiley face that says I “got mine”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are people who persist in writing in support of alternative facts and suggesting that nobody dies of Covid, they only die with Covid. Similar logic would dictate that nobody dies of cancer they only die with cancer and nobody dies of cardiovascular disease they only die with cardiovascular disease and nobody dies as a result of trauma associated with car accidents they only die with trauma. Hopefully at some point they will come to terms with objective reality rather than what is spouted on Breitbart and One America News.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fools listen to fools because that kind of information is the only kind they understand. Same with smart people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CNS, have you heard anything from Government?
    Is there any conference schedule, so they can inform WTF they are planning for this island?
    Are you staying like we are for more 52 months?
    They are talking about vaccine for December (are you kidding me) that is not even approved yet, and it will be not so quick to get it.
    We are still Locked, without the right to come and go, seeing business and people failing, without any idea of what is going on?

  4. Anonymous says:


    Good news for those suffering Coronaphobia. Not sure though what kind of treatments are available in Cayman hospitals.

    Southwest Florida will soon have a treatment to help possibly curb the time COVID-19 patients are staying at hospitals.

    Starting Monday, health systems in Southwest Florida will receive a new nonoclonial antibody treatment to help reduce hospital stays for those with COVID19.

    The treatment is for people who are in the early stages of COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms. They must be high-risk to qualify for the treatment.

    For those who meet the criteria, this could keep their condition from worsening and prevent them from the long hospital stays thousands have experienced.

  5. Anonymous says:

    pfizer vaccine arriving in cayman 10th December.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pfizer seeking emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine in US

    Emergency use isn’t the same as full approval

    If there’s an emergency green light, “that vaccine is still deemed investigational. It’s not approved yet,” Dr. Marion Gruber, chief of FDA’s vaccine office, told the National Academy of Medicine this week.

    That means anyone offered an emergency vaccination must get a “fact sheet” describing potential benefits and risks before going through with the shot, she said.

    There will be a lot of unknowns. For example, the 95% protection rate is based on people who developed symptoms and then were tested for the virus. Can the vaccinated get infected but have no symptoms, able to spread the virus? How long does protection last?

    That’s why the 44,000-person study needs to keep running — something difficult considering ethically, participants given dummy shots at some point must be offered real vaccine, complicating the search for answers.

    An at least for now, pregnant women won’t qualify because they weren’t studied. Pfizer only recently began testing the vaccine in children as young as 12.

    A decision on Pfizer’s vaccine won’t affect other COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the pipeline, which will be judged separately.

  7. Anonymous says:

    2000 people died from Covid yesterday in the US

    Canada and Mexico announced yesterday that they are not allowing people from the US in other than in exceptional circumstances

    CNN reports today: In a public briefing by the [coronavirus] task force Thursday — its first since July — [Dr Deborah] Birx also showed a series of graphs showing the current increase in cases is sharper and steeper than at any other time during the pandemic.

    Now is not the time to re-open our borders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t make up stories.

      There has been and still is plenty of people that can enter Canada and Mexico as I have done.
      There is a lot of categories of essential services, that allows us to cross boarders with no restrictions no isolation. Family menders of Canadians and Residents are also allowed in. As for you comment about not allowing people from the US that is BS…..It is ALL nationalities.

      • Anonymous says:

        Total rubbish – the very limited number of people from the US that are allowed to enter Canada are required to quarantine.

        “Travellers allowed into Canada despite the ban—including essential workers, students, and spouses, children, parents or guardians of Canadian citizens—must still quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Not true! Walked in 2 times in the past 2 weeks no quarantine required!
          In fact Canada just released a statistic that 80% of entries from the USA where exempt of isolation. Freight needs to move…People need to eat…Medical supplies must travel! You think all the people involved could isolate to do that? Business must go on!

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of these are coming in on the BA flight. Why are you not mentioning the UK stats?? They too have escalated cases and are going back into lockdown in zones. The US is not the only place struggling to maintain.
      It is not ALL about North America

      • Say it like it is says:

        1.44pm I will mention the UK stats – as of today they are levelling off in England and reducing in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and this is not taking into account the results of the second lockdown put in place earlier this month.

      • anonymous says:

        Right, Canada independently is having a rise in covid, not due to usa rises. This is a global issue not just soley evil america. Get educated!

      • Anonymous says:

        You have no idea what flights the positive tests are coming in on.

      • anon. says:

        Has the data been released to show that most of the positives are coming from UK. I would be interested to see those figures

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s so tiring to read the same story all over again…
      “2000 people died from covid in the us” 😱
      people dying with covid, not from covid.
      let me know how many of these died from stroke, heart attack, cancer, car accident, diabetes?????
      stop spreading fear

      CNS: The problem is that the Trump administration and right wing media, which inform each other, have been consistently ignoring scientists, including the US government’s own experts, to play down this pandemic. Because people with comorbidity are particularly at risk, there is this effort to portray the death as misery as something that would have happened anyway. If you are truly interested, here is how the CDC explained excess deaths in the US as of October 3rd, before this recent surge:

      Here’s a slightly simplified version with graphs:

      • Anonymous says:

        BIG LIKE for CNS response – hopefully the perennial deniers will read about reality and absorb what they read.

      • Anonymous says:

        and I suppose you also believe that Trump won all 57 US states, (including the secret Martian colonies), by a landslide and that the Venusians are conspiring with the devil and his Democratic cohort to take over the US.

      • Don't run in the herd says:

        There is a large plate of issues with the “scientists, experts, and the CDC.” These same individuals will tend to cherry pick information as they want to suit their narrative. Please see the Denmark study that found masks have zero effect on the virus. Our testing centers are rife with errors and I know many, and I mean many that have gone for a test – signed up, left because the line was too long, and then received a positive test. Money is being paid for a positive result. CV is real but making it a political issue is not helpful. Every single state has the ability to make its own decisions regardless of what Trump says or doesn’t say. So, please stop with this. New York with its draconian lock downs, killing their business districts, and having more Corona casualties is an example of following the “expert advice”.

        Further, anyone that doesn’t get in lock step with notion that the government has to knuckle down on our freedoms to control this virus is completely pushed off all media platforms.

        Please see

        Here is a Pfizer Executive that has gotten his opinion removed from Youtube.

        I could go on but Coronaphobia usually comes with extreme tunnel vision as well as acute mental stubbornness.

    • Anonymous says:

      And 2,400 died of heart disease in the same day. Everyday. Before corona virus and after. Everyday. Worst than Flu, Not as bad as heart disease Corona is.

      This is such an annoying and silly argument. Yes, people die. Humans have not yet discovered the secrets of immortality, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore a very infectious disease that is killing hundreds of thousands, who slowly suffocate, if we can prevent those deaths, not to mention the long-term effects, which doctors are still discovering. Heart disease is not infectious. Let that sink in. Many people can do more to to reduce heart disease in themselves – exercise, diet, etc – but medical care is very advanced. COVID-19 is a new disease and is highly infectious. Right now people are trying to contain it, while they develop treatments and hopefully vaccinations, because if this doesn’t happen, the death rate will rise dramatically.

  8. will says:

    why are these people not tested 3 day prior to coming in that way they do not come with the virus and expose everyone on the flight

    • Anonymous says:

      keep asking…maybe someday someone will give an answer that makes sense…

    • Anonymous says:

      It can take up to 14 days to test positive once infected(longer in some cases that have been documented). A negative test 3 days before departure means nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        NOT TRUE….The most accurate day to be tested is 7-8 days after posable exposure.
        A negative test before means a safer flight for all!

      • Anonymous says:

        we know its not foolproof but some testing before people leaving is better than no testing.
        why is this so hard to understand?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because a negative test at that time still does not tell you if they have it. And they might. Do understand?

    • Anonymous says:

      I said similar on a different article and got blasted for being selfish… lol
      So many people have NO common sense up in here.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you will deny potentially sick Caymanians from coming home? How inhumane and selfish is that. All persons coming home are subject to the quarantine procedures, positive or negative. Some other poster summed it up perfectly – coronaphobia!

    • Anonymous says:

      You still haven’t figured out that with all the flights coming in with one or two people testing positive, No one else on the flight caught it from them or anyone else. Unfortunately the problem is that you still do not understand whatever information you have.

  9. Anonymous says:

    People are still saying that as only 1 or 2 percent of people who get Covid-19 immediately die of it, we should throw the doors open and not worry. They seem to ignore the fact that there is growing evidence that even those who experience mild or no symptoms may develop long term problems. To those that do not understand this, please read the section below:

    From the Guardian 18 Nov 2020

    Speaking remotely at global healthcare summit Wish 2020, Dr Fauci said:
    Even on people without symptoms who have recovered virologically, you do MRIs on them on their hearts, you see there’s a degree of inflammation that might even be asymptomatic.
    But you’ve got to ask yourself, an asymptomatic inflammatory process now, six months or a year from now, does that lead to arrhythmias, to cardio myopathies? We don’t know that.
    That’s why I think we need to take this disease with a degree of humility that we don’t know everything about it yet, that’s why we’ve got to be really committed to preventing infection and the spread of disease.

    • anonymous says:

      Be very careful in concluding longterm effects at this early stage. Unfortunately america is opportunistic, any potential excuse for personal issues is sought, many longterm complaints at this time are vague thus very questionable.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So 14 Asymptomatic out of 15 positive ‘cases’.

    So let’s get real – how many of those 14 are false positives – a lot I would suggest.

    The PCR test is not designed for the purpose it’s being used for, yet the whole world hangs on its every thread. SMH.

  11. Anonymous says:

    will keep asking…
    are the infected in government quarantine or at home?

  12. Anonymous says:

    How many are actually sick at home and how many hospitalized?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Statistically speaking, it is only a matter of time before Lockdown 2.0.
    If you thought 1.0 was bad, and I did, then 2.0 will be much worse.
    It feels like we are sitting on a powder keg.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stop the flights NOW, before the c-virus gets out of hand and it will be too

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you don’t work in East End, assuming you need to work at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      ha ha ha
      what a silly comment

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why everyone needs to be subject to your fear. Those who understand the risk should have the freedom to continue with their lives. No-one is forcing interactions between anyone, delivery services are picking up in Cayman which should allow those who wish to stay inside the option to do so.

      The fear of the virus is understandable for me, if it were back in January – June. I saw the videos from China where people were dropping in the streets and I very much remember the death toll in Italy and other parts of Europe. I understand the fear of the unknown. However, we now have new information but it seems like the fear is still there. The virus has a 99% survival rate for those under 75 or 80 (I can’t remember the exact statistic at the moment). The point is, we cannot allow the fear of something to let everything else deteriorate. Success and failure grow exponentially. Think about someone who is suffering from depression. Simply sitting down in the house and allow depression to take hold will destroy a life slowly at first, until it takes hold of 3 things, then 9 things. You sit back and don’t engage in anything except work. Then, not interacting with others makes you more depressed. Then the depression stops you from working, then no income, then you can’t maintain a lifestyle. Your diet might suffer which will make you ill, etc. Its an example just to highlight that once something like this gets rolling, it will continue to grow/decline exponentially.

      If we sit back and let the this fear hold us from attempting to manage the risks around it and instead hide in our houses, the rest of the economy will suffer which will have worse effects than a virus with a 99% survival rate and will fall apart in 1 year and take 10 years to rebuild.

      Some common sense thinking needs to be applied by those who allow the fear of the unknown take hold of them. You manage risks on a daily basis. The risk of getting into the car with your kids and getting into an accident. The risk of driving on a friday (or even sunday afternoon nonw) night when other people are on the road and might be drunk driving. Simple examples but I feel they prove my point. Risks are managed everyday by everyone living in the world, so why is this any worse and stopping an entire sector of the economy justified?

      Last point, which is more of a question, but at which point is it justified to expect others to bear a burden because you do not want to suffer a particular outcome? Freedom comes with responsibility. Because you don’t want the ” 1%” virus to reach our shores you want the economy to suffer? Do I get to say that no-one should be allowed to drink alcohol because of the risk of becoming an alcoholic or even the risk of drunk driving? Where do you draw the line for infringing on people’s freedom? Do you honestly believe that shutting down one of the main drivers of the economy is worth it? People might say, which they have said to me already, ‘so you don’t care about people? Shame on you’. I say to those people, you rather those working in those sectors and those who rely on those sectors to suffer because you are afraid of a 1% death rate virus. That to me, sounds selfish as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        What are you doing using complete sentences, logic and rational discourse on a news blog comments section? Don’t you understand this is a place for ill informed debate and mass hysteria? Leave us at once….now, where is my tin hat and ouija board?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said. Thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said! Drop the death rate to 0.5% and it looks even better.

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