HPC: Local COVID-19 vaccine trial properly screened

| 23/10/2020 | 106 Comments

(CNS): Approval for a local company to begin the first phase of human trials for a COVID-19 vaccine in the Cayman Islands was given only after a strict, proper and thorough screening process, the Health Practitioners Commission has said. Stressing confidence in this trial, the chairperson of the HPC, Dr Joseph Marzouca, said he has volunteered to take part himself and believes that the project, which is being overseen by local physician Dr Sook Yin, could help place Cayman at the vanguard of medical trials.

“The Commission has done everything that it can to ensure safety and efficacy as it relates to this trial. We also have the legal power to change or halt the trial should a need become evident,” said Dr Marzouca in a statement Friday.

Perseus Cayman Islands Limited recently announced that it had the HPC’s approval and was looking for 20 volunteers from Cayman for the first phase of the human trials. This will be the first vaccine trial in this country using local volunteers. Dr Yin, the medical director of the health facility, which has previously focused on cancer related vaccines, has been working for several years with US-based scientists behind this new COVID-19 vaccine trial.

According to those involved, there is no risk of onward transmission of the coronavirus during the trial. It is entirely voluntary and the company must monitor the work and report to the commission every six months.

Meanwhile, through funding from the European Union, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in partnership with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), has secured down payments to buy over one million doses of the expected COVID-19 vaccine (or vaccines) for Caribbean Member States. which will include the Cayman Islands. The deposit covers enough vaccines for 20% of the populations of each of the participating COVAX countries.

The aim of the collective is to ensure equity in vaccine distribution, once safe, successful vaccines become available and that healthcare and front-line workers as well as those most at-risk will be inoculated as early as possible.

The access to COVID-19 vaccine will be facilitated because PAHO’s Revolving Fund, a 40-year experienced mechanism, is working closely with the COVAX facility and will be responsible for purchasing and deploying vaccines when they are available.

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Comments (106)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is pleasing to see is that there is enough kickback vs support in these comments for the vaccine not to be made mandatory. So everyone can relax and have the freedom to do what they want to do.

    Of course, that’s until we can’t… then there is going to be trouble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Having just become a Google Doctor, I have one question to ask:

    This gives some idea of the vaccine approval process in the UK and the USA.

    Before a Phase I trial is allowed, there is rigorous examination of the laboratory development and testing process that came before. So my question is: “Did Perseus publish or otherwise have their vaccine development process reviewed by anyone (like the CDC) who doesn’t have a financial interest in the company?”

    There is certainly a need and a place for a local Health Practitioners Commission, but approving Phase I vaccine trials is pushing the envelope into medical malpractice in my opinion. I would feel more comfortable if it was approved by the Minister for Health alone, and everyone knows the high level of confidence that can be placed in his decisions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Once all Members of the Legislative Assembly, Dr. Lee and the Governor, successfully survive it, then we should be good to offer the trials to the general public!

  3. Jazzy says:

    Will you be able to travel and don’t have to quarantine on return?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Two drugmakers announced Friday the resumption of U.S. testing of their COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

    Testing of AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate had been halted since early September, while Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine study was paused at the beginning of last week. Each company had a study volunteer develop a serious health issue, requiring a review of safety data.


  5. Anonymous says:

    In 2010-2019 HPV vaccinations in Cayman were heavily promoted/sponsored by:

    -The Department of Health-pickedup the remaining cost
    -Cayman Cancer Society-provided funds
    -Cayman Compass-provided advertising platform
    -Dr Sook Yin-the main promoter

    It is appears they weren’t able to sell the already discounted vaccines-at least in 2010, to the Cayman girls, The Department of Health has picked-up the remainder.

    All this was happening when information about thousands vaccine injured girls in Europe have been widely circulated in mainstream media.

    How could Compass, Department of Health, Cancer Society participate in these despicable campaigns?




    Serious adverse events associated with HPV vaccination

    Discrepancies in the evaluation of the safety of the human papillomavirus vaccine

    Leading Gardasil Lawyers in the Country
    “ Gardasil was fast-tracked to the market, achieving FDA approval in six months, which usually takes three years. Even one of the principal investigators of the Gardasil clinical trials (the human testing that precedes FDA approval) said the process “went too fast.”
    “ We are evaluating potential cases with the following HPV vaccine side effects after the Gardasil shot (or shots):
    Gardasil death
    Inflammatory disorders
    Neurological disorders
    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
    Movement disorders
    Chronic fatigue syndromes
    Chronic pain syndromes, including Chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
    Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)
    Interconnective tissue disorder
    Gardasil arthritis
    Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
    Heart problems, including severe arrhythmia and heart attacks
    Gardasil auto-immune disorders
    Pulmonary embolism
    Guillain-Barre syndrome
    Multiple sclerosis
    Gardasil epilepsy (seizure disorder)
    Rheumatological disorders
    Birth defects
    Small fiber neuropathy
    Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia – CIN 2/3
    Reproductive disorders, including premature ovarian failure”

    HOW in the world the vaccine was even allowed in the Cayman Islands?

    Why there seem to be the goal to protect every cayman resident from Covid19, yet half baked vaccine that already injured and disabled thousands very young girls and women around the world was given a green light, heavily promoted(by misinformation) by The Cayman Islands Cancer Society, the Public Health Department and by Dr. Sook Yin?

    Why no one, not a single organization and or public department stood guard to protect Caymanian girls and women from the shameless promoters and sponsors?

    Why is it that Cayman is being chosen to conduct questionable experiments with GM mosquitoes, radio frequency emitting bio buttons, dangerous vaccines, vaccine trials?

    Is it because they, the experimenters, know that Cayman is run by inept people who would never figure out what is it they agreeing to? In other words, taken advantage of?

  6. Anonymous says:

    ‘properly screened’ LMAO
    Who made up the ‘experts’ who did the ‘proper’ screening? Any bets as to whether they even know how to screen sand?

    • anon says:

      3.16pm Members of the Health Practitioners Commission include members of the Planning Board, I KID YOU NOT!.Only in Cayman.

  7. Anonymous says:

    First GMO mosquitos now GMO people.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The only person to benefit from this is the ‘local doctor’. She has the medical board in her pocket. What benefit testing on 20 people in the Cayman Islands when it is being tested on thousands elsewhere. And the UK has committed to providing the vaccine that Oxford/AstraZeneca are well advanced in. This is a scandal to introduce the virus when we are doing so much to keep it out, because that is what a test does.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest the 19 elected members and the governor be you 20 volunteers. Time to back up their so far empty words for love of country with action.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Open the border, fix the dump.

    • Anonymous says:

      Better yet, keep the border closed and fix the dump. An open border and a toxic dump can each cause problems.

  10. Yolande says:

    Ijust a few things to remember
    1. The Cayman Islands has capped insurance claims related to non-economic losses in medical malpractice at US$620,000 per claim, dramatically reducing malpractice insurance costs.”

    2. For a medical claim to be successful the key word is around proving “negligence”.

    3. I’m sure volunteers will be waiving any liability claims but even if they don’t $500k max for medical disasters might not cover you if things go wrong.

    4. Covid is a virus. HIV is a virus and been around 30+ years with no vaccine yet….

    5. Other than the travellers, Cayman has been relatively Covid free. Why bring this virus into a healthy nation.

    6. Johnson & Johnson and Roche, largest medical research co’s in the world can’t tackle the virus

    7. Medical waste – Can we trust that this apparently deadly virus is going to be handled properly since we don’t even have proper control for the disposal of masks and other PPE used for the “deadly virus”

    8. Of the 46 million cases Worldwide less than 1% have died – everyone else has RECOVERED. With no vaccine!

    • anon says:

      Yolande, regarding point #5, presumably because the promoters were confident the HPC would approve the trial here. However I am puzzled why the Chairman of the Commission would feel it necessary to volunteer himself for the trial.

  11. Anonymous says:

    can someone please help educate me with receipts) about Dr Wagner from Perseus (assume he’s heading this up) and also some transparency in how Perseus is operating/manufacturing/obtaining this potential vaccine ? I may very well be looking in the wrong places but there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there considering the credentials and achievements being claimed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Anonymous says:

    Watch Netflix documentary “When a drug trial goes wrong” first, then sign up for the vaccine trial. Make sure compensation would be sufficient if something goes really wrong.
    Otherwise, this is not the first time Cayman residents becoming guinea pigs. Genetically modified misquotes trial was the first, I believe. Though the latter was involuntary.

    The reason they need to test the vaccine in the Caribbean is that the trials must include Black and Latin participants, for people respond differently to drug therapy and vaccines based upon their genetic makeup or genes.

    I hear that in the US they can’t recruit enough blacks and latinos for the trials, therefore they can’t move forward with vaccines .

    What is still not taken into consideration that people living in tropics would probably respond differently from people living near the Arctic circle. This is called Environmental genomics which is a study that seeks to predict how an organism or organisms will respond, at the genetic level, to changes in their external environment. Tropics vs.Arctic for example.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is insane. This is only happening here because it can’t be done in US or Europe. BTW phase one is mainly to make sure it doesn’t kill you.

    • Anonymous says:

      What will happen if something goes wrong and some of the guinea pigs need urgent medical attention or intensive care? Cayman does not have the facilities to test vaccines.

      Will those being injected with Covid be in quarantine?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it is because they need to test it on people with different genetic makeups-white, black, latino, asians, for each group responds differently to drugs and vaccines.
      Here is a good article to understand that (though it is not about covid vaccine, but you get the picture).

      • Anonymous says:

        “As coronavirus vaccine trials struggle to get minority participation, a group formed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has unveiled an ad campaign urging Black and Latino people to get involved.“

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there anything Cayman is not leading the world with?

      World Class!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a “World Class” guinea pig! That’s what you are! Run up and be a test subject with no assurance of compensation WHEN something goes wrong.
        Remember, your existing health insurance will not cover you through this freakish experiment. When else has a vaccine been rigged up so fast?

    • Nina says:

      You do know that tens of thousands in the UK And the US HAVE BEEN vaccinated, they are in phase 3, having completed phase one and two. Your argument is invalid.

    • Human Vivisection says:

      Wonder if your life insurance policy will cover you if you happen to volunteer and die from the jab? I highly doubt it. Make sure you check for the fine print “guinea pig” clause if there is one in your policy.

  14. anon says:

    Surely they need a lot more than 20 volunteers not only to take the vaccine but also to take a placebo, if it is to be tested properly, as has been the case in the U.K ,U.S and other countries.If they claim success does this mean they will be selling this vaccine to Govt.?, if so we have a major problem.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a little used bridge that is currently available in the middle of the Sahara desert – perhaps the HPC would like to buy that too?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The dozens of very experienced local vaccinologists, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and others well qualified to assess the safely of this vaccine who also sit on the HPC approved this trial………. what do you mean we don’t have anyone qualified to do any of those things but we have a committee that had nothing else to do so why not approve the trial of a vaccine that is not approved anywhere on the planet – only in for profit Cayman

  17. Anonymous says:

    Call me what you wish but I will not get a vaccine for a disease that is so deadly washing your hands will prevent it. Stop drinking the kool-aid this is the start of a one world economy and one world order. Put your thinking caps on sheep and not being led by a malevolent agenda. I will bet you not one MLA will volunteer to take it. Wake up you been sleeping too damn long!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my. You really believe that this group of MLA’s who can barely organize a press briefing on time, is unable to coordinate two travel programs, and can’t/won’t resolve the dump… yet they can co-conspire with some other unknown fictitious bogeymen to create a one world order. Sorry, can’t buy what you’re selling.

      I think you’re giving way too much credit to politicians around the world. Narcissists don’t work well with others!

  18. Henry Crun says:

    Wagner (on his Cancer Vaccine Trials) said eligibility for clinical trials is limited to “people who have failed everything else. If they die from this they are going to die anyway.” He said 14% of the patients who have participated in his treatments are still alive.”

    source: https://scbiznews.com/news/government/44688/

    Just do your homework, assess your risk and then decide if you’re going to need a vaccine. But first remember to get your flu shot every year, deary.

    • anon says:

      Wagner is the man behind this, his expensive cancer treatments are sold to desperate people who will try anything. What is there track record here in Cayman, to say “14% of the patients are still alive” means nothing unless you say for how long.Are his cancer treatments approved by the FDA?.and used in the U.S.?.

  19. Baxter says:

    Time to roll up your sleeves and take your medicine Cayman! Our brilliant leaders have been saying we have to wait for a vaccine and here it is. Get everyone into the trial and we’ll be impervious to that darned old virus!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Honestly this is the hypocrisy of Cayman in a nutshell – “we must isolate ourselves from the world until there is a vaccine!” When there’s an opportunity to further this technology through participation in vaccine trials – “we are suspicious and don’t want any part of that!”. Seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a phase 1 human trial on a non-FDA-approved drug ie. these will be the first 20 human applications being applied, to dumb/paid residents of Cayman, overseen by a surgeon/obgyn/GP with no virological credential or background. Call me after phase 3 papers are published.

      • Anonymous says:

        Give it to government first. lets see who’s keen and who remains thereafter.

      • anon says:

        3.17pm Exactly my fears, the small U.S company behind this has not got FDA approval for trials so they have come here. This I believe also applies to the unproven cancer drugs that have been dispensed here through a local doctor to Cayman patients.What expertise does the local Health Practitioners Commission have to subject this vaccine to a proper screening process?. Dr Marzouca says he will volunteer to take the vaccine himself, will this also apply to Dr Sook Yin?.
        If this goes ahead it will be a blot on the local medical profession. If the trial goes badly wrong who will pay for the consequences?.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I think youll find a correlation between those who didnt want to isolate from the world (but instead build up our natural immunity) and those who will refuse a vax. So no hypocrisy….


      Tell you what. Why don’t you go first. If it works for you, I’ll consider it. This is an affront to the people of the Cayman Islands. To treat us like guinea pigs! I am livid. How dare they? Why don’t they do this in their own country first? Are we expendable? Nothing doing! Go to hell!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is this a joke?
    Get unknown substances injected into your body.
    Go to hell. My body, my choice.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable! Typical first world exploitation of the Caribbean. Why do the trials need to be performed here? Why outside of the governance and approval structures of organisations such as the FDA? Who will protect Cayman interests if it is found down the road to be a detrimental study? My fellow Caymanians, do not be fooled by 10 pieces of silver offered HPC/Peseus. And to add insult to injury, the EU, PAHO and CARPA is going to further indebt poor Caribbean countries to pay for the vaccines. Shmmh.

  23. ELVIS says:

    I believe our leaders should step up and take the vaccine.

    lead by example. EDEN?

  24. Anonymous says:

    How much do they pay? In the UK you can get £2000 for participating in such a study.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dr Sook Yin has been promoting for years various vaccinations in the Cayman Islands.

    I am curious if she receives kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for administering vaccines.
    Or is it called “Quality of Care Bonus” from insurance companies for taking good care of their patients?

    If she does have ties to Big Pharma, should it be disclosed?

    I believe pharmaceutical and medical device companies are required to publicly report all payments to doctors more than $10.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dr.Yin is a pillar of the community. She should be rewarded for her commitment to providing world class healthcare.

    • Anonymous says:

      Has Your Doctor Received Drug or Device Company Money?
      Unfortunately only the US doctors could be searched.

    • Anonymous says:

      1:16 – I have been curious about this as well. She is constantly pushing vaccines on people, I was a former patient and actually stopped going to her. She pushiness about vaccines, beyond those that are necessary was quite a turn off and made me wonder what she gets out of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        It makes my blood boil when she pushes HPV vaccinations on uneducated mothers, using Compass, despite the fact that there are thousands girls who ended up seriously ill after the HPV vaccinations.

        Severe somatoform and dysautonomic syndromes after HPV vaccination: case series and review of literature.

        UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)

        A cluster analysis of serious adverse event reports after human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in Danish girls and young women, September 2009 to August 2017

        • Anonymous says:

          6:26 not just girls but boys as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          Here it is. Her name is in the article.
          “ “People really should take advantage of this vaccination,” said Dr. Yin…”

          “HPV vaccines available in schools”

          SHAME! SHAME!
          Read the entire article! It is unbelievable!…even Cancer society is involved here!!! Сompass shamelessly selling itself to the shameless promoters of HPV vaccine!

          “ Dr. Sook Yin, medical director of the Cancer Society, explained that the vaccine, which is given in three doses, usually costs $150 for each dose, meaning if a girl had to pay for it herself, it would cost a total of $450. However, thanks to an arrangement with the manufacturer of the Gardasil HPV vaccine, Merck Sharp & Dohme Co., the vaccines are being offered at $40 each.
          This means that a $30,000 fund supplied by the Cancer Society to pay for the vaccines”

          Even The Public Health Department got involved here!! What a shame!
          “ Free HPV vaccines”

      • Anonymous says:

        How strange. Dr Yin has been my GP for 20 years now and has pushed me or suggested to me to take ANY vaccine, not even the seasonal flu vax. I cant remember the last time I even got the flu but my husband of 13 years has never seen me have it so maybe thats why it has never come up as a necessity (?)

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please. You stopped going to her because of that. That is doubtful. If the doctor did that you always have the choice to say no. The Doctor didn’t strap you down and inject you did she? Geez the things people will say are quite ridiculous.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where did 4:43 say that they stopped going to Yin because of vaccines? They simply stated they stopped going to her and didn’t like her pushiness. So maybe you should go back to school 7:15 because clearly you are not capable of reading…or understanding for that matter. Furthermore, if they did stop going to her for that, it’s a valid reason. Who wishes to be pressured about vaccines constantly? Yes, you can say no but always having that discussion can be a turn off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you REALLY believe the big pharmaceutical companies report payments to doctors??? I sure as hell DON’T !!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    How about our elected officials go first with this one? Lead the way!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dr Yin should lead by example. Vaccination should be conducted publicly to make she doesn’t get a placebo.
    The same goes for Dr Marzouca.

  28. Anonymous says:

    HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MINDS? There is no such thing as a vaccine for a Corona Virus. A Virus IS NOT a living organism thus is not possible to be vaccinated against.

    • Anonymous says:

      Smallpox, measles, polio…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok folks. Those are all diseases caused by a virus (or something else). e.g. Small pox is caused by the variola virus. Same as Sars-Cov2 is the virus, Covid 19 is the disease.

        If a person who has the flu is in a room full of people and sneezes – a lot of folks will get the virus but not everyone will get the disease.

        Vaccines greatly reduce the risk of infection by working with the body’s natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease. In other words, it accelerates herd immunity which is the human cure to what nature throws at us.

        I personally will rely on my own immune system and stay healthy. Maybe 1 Burger King a month… but you take a vaccine if you think you need it.

        Old Joe and the Cheese Curl man have nothing to do with is.

    • Anonymous says:

      @12:59 Keep wearing the tin foil hat – it suits you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell that to smallpox..

    • Anonymous says:

      Um….while I believe it is technically true that a virus is not “alive” (I am not a medical professional) – polio, hepatitis, measles and various strains of the flu are all viruses with successful vaccines. Honestly this sort of misinformation is the biggest part of the problem.

    • Just asking. says:

      So true this is a SCAMDEMIC.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did this get 10 thumbs up? 10 seconds on Google would have corrected this fundamental error but I guess there are some people who just prefer to spout what they think are facts without even the most basis checks.

      • Anonymous says:

        1 second google search:

        Vaccines, such as the measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and nasal spray flu vaccines contain ❌live❌, but weakened viruses: Unless a person’s immune system is weakened, it is unlikely that a vaccine will give the person the infection. People with weakened immune systems should not receive these live vaccines. Source : medlineplus.gov

  29. Anonymous says:

    Go for it Anti-Trumpers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trump is pro-vaccine so go for his fans.

      I never believed in taking flu shot so won’t be taking the trial or otherwise.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anti-Trumpers believe in shutting economies down and locking up healthy people till there is a vaccine!

        • CAYMAN ISLANDER says:

          It’s like this. Either your money or your life. Which will you choose? I’ll go for my life. The money you can always make back, one way or the other. But you can’t get another life.

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