Charity rebrands for inclusion

| 30/10/2020 | 8 Comments
Susie Bodden at the Inclusion Cayman Reception

(CNS): The Special Needs Foundation of Cayman, a local charity founded in 2008, has changed its name to ‘Inclusion Cayman’, representing the evolution of the non-profit into an organisation with a modern approach to protecting and representing vulnerable and disabled people. In a rebrand launch at Government House recently, Susie Bodden, the CEO of the charity, spoke about the aspiration to advance inclusion for all individuals in Cayman society.

“Our new name ‘Inclusion Cayman’ is a much more current reflection of our work, and our desire to see people with disabilities access and live inclusive lives,” Bodden said in a press release about the rebrand. “The label of ‘special needs’ has been communicated by individuals with disabilities as being outdated and damaging.”

She explained that Inclusion Cayman’s mission statement is: “Inclusion is not a place. Inclusion is belonging everywhere. Inclusion requires a commitment to valuing all individuals.” The charity advocates that inclusion is a basic human right for all individuals.

“However, the global reality is that persons with disabilities face exclusion throughout much of their educational lives, community spaces, and access to the workforce,” Bodden said. “This exclusion can be devastating and have life-long implications on individuals and families. Many individuals with disabilities and their families in the Cayman Islands live very exclusionary and segregated lives from birth through to adulthood.”

She explained that people with disabilities are not provided the same rights, privileges and opportunities to access their communities because of systemic barriers.

“This is largely notable in education, recreation, community and employment. The rebrand and renaming to Inclusion Cayman will clarify our ongoing work in the community to ensure that the common reality is inclusion for persons with disabilities,” Bodden added.

The charity’s main areas of work include building capacity for inclusion in the community with the provision of training and support to schools, recreation facilities, community, and employers. It also supports individuals and families in identifying and advocating for solutions in order to deconstruct barriers to inclusive lives.

“Individuals with disabilities are people first, full stop. All people possess a unique multitude of strengths, gifts and offerings. Excluding people with disabilities from the community is a huge loss for everyone. Inclusion of all persons make us all a stronger Cayman,” Bodden said.

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  1. Dumbo says:

    Well, I think it’a dumb name, but what do I know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Things to do by end of 2020.
    1. Start a charitable organisation ( the rising star of 2020)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I truly appreciate the continued advocacy and dedication of individuals who are able to fight for equality, inclusion and opportunity for those who may not be able to. No matter the name once the vision and mission remains the same achieving the goal set always happy to support such a group

  4. Anonymous says:

    Too much focus on political correctness. Doesn’t really matter what the name is has.
    Otherwise, thank you for representing vulnerable and disabled people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The makeup of the Legislative Assembly confirms that inclusion has long been a thing.

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