Week opens with negative COVID-19 tests

| 14/09/2020 | 16 Comments

(CNS): After losing the COVID-free status last week after three travellers in quarantine tested positive for the coronavirus, Cayman started this week with good news, as Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee reported on 333 negative tests that were carried out since Friday. The three active patients remain in isolation, along with 230 other people who have returned to Cayman over the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, as the World Health Organisation continues to raise the alarm about the global spread of the virus, with 7.2 million people currently infected worldwide, the UK is about to begin trials of an inhaled coronavirus vaccine.

The Imperial College London team believes that delivering doses directly to the lungs might give a better immune response than conventional jabs.

The two front-runners already in development started human testing in June and are among 180 potential vaccines currently being tested and trialed around the world. According to a release from Imperial College, about 30 healthy volunteers will be given the shots as a mist or aerosol.

“We have evidence that delivering influenza vaccines via a nasal spray can protect people against flu as well as help to reduce the transmission of the disease,” said lead researcher Dr Chris Chiu. “We are keen to explore if this may also be the case for SARS-CoV-2 and whether delivering COVID-19 vaccines to the respiratory tract is safe and produces an effective immune response.”

He explained that the current pandemic is caused by a respiratory virus infecting the cells lining the nose, throat and lungs surfaces that are specialised and produce a different immune response to the rest of the body.

“So it is critical we explore whether targeting the airways directly can provide an effective response compared to a vaccine injected into muscle,” he added.

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  1. anon says:

    Locked away in a room for 16 days – what about excercise?.

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS can you please ask the government/ doctor what chemicals are being sprayed into their mandatory quarantine facilities? In addition, exactly how are those chemicals proven to not only combat the virus, but not harm people?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap. Sorry to hear about that. My wife is like that too. Also I feel very sorry for the idiot that thumbed you down. Perhaps it is one of the politicians that has a cleaning contract at the hotel? Lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Low ultraviolet B and increased risk of brain cancer: an ecological study of 175 countries.”

    Conclusions: Countries with low solar UVB irradiance and estimated mean serum 25(OH)D levels generally had higher age-standardized incidence rates of brain cancer. Since this was an ecological study, further research would be worthwhile on the association of prediagnostic serum 25(OH)D with incidence rate in studies of cohorts of individuals.

    THE Question to CIG: on what scientific basis people are quarantined indoor for 14 days?

  5. Dr. Jack Kruse says:

    Fauci finally admits that “We The People” have some individual control over our immune systems. We don’t need to default to Big Pharma solutions. It’s a start for Fauci, but it raises the question, why did he wait so long to talk about the obvious cheap solutions and why did he do it on IG live with a two-bit actress? He casually mentioned sunlight and how skin color is a risk but he never closed the loop of how dark skin creates a lowered Vitamin D when people live at high latitudes and are forced indoors.

    What will the immunity deniers say? What will the vaccinators say about this about-face?

    So, in the US 190,000 lives have been cut short, multiple businesses permanently closed, sports canceled and Fauci nonchalantly says, “yeah….I take vitamin D3….it can lower your susceptibility to infection.” 🤬

    Excuse me, sir?? The entire week the media’s focused on the Woodward Tapes and how Trump knew this was a respiratory virus but downplayed it etc…yet the nations leading infectious disease experts quietly admits he’s been taking vitamin D and why it’s important for immune health—on a freakin’ Instagram Live with Jennifer Garner! What in the F#@*?

    Why isn’t the media up in arms asking Fauci how long he knows about the protective effects of vitamin D? The sunshine hormone! Why did he reveal this information on an Instagram live of all places??
    I thought the mantra was ‘save lives…out of an abundance of caution wear a mask because they save lives’.
    Vitamin D is probably the cheapest supplement around—plus we could have (still can) get it from being out in the sun. ☀️
    Will YouTube and FB now un-censor our videos mentioning vitamin D and the relationship to immunity and skin color???
    This is why it is frustrating to say the least at being a doctor now. Makes you really question whether these suggestions and mitigation strategies are altruistic or CYA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    La Vagabonde couple with a toddler arrives to Azores, takes COVID test, it is negative, now they’re are free to explore the island. No 14 days quarantine.

    Most PAINFUL Virus Test.. and then WE’RE FREE to Explore! Ep.266

  7. This is pure madness says:

    Started watching Compass’ video “besides the scene in a quarantine hotel” and the very first thing that really “hit” me : POWERFUL CHEMiCALS!

    People, COVID is a respiratory virus, not cholera, typhoid or norovirus! It had been said numerous times that regular, not antibacterial soap is SUFFICIENT!

    Whose idea was to sanitize rooms this way? Who is monitoring it? What kind of aerosol chemicals are being used? Who approved it?

    Aren’t hotels worried about people who would be breathing chemicals saturated air and touch surfaces covered with chemicals? there’s a limit to how much chemicals a human body can take.

    It is absolutely unnecessary to contaminate rooms with powerful chemicals. There is no reason and basis for that. Cayman is literally COVID free. Isolated cases don’t count.

    This is pure madness!

    Cleaning and Disinfectant Chemical exposures sharply increased calls to poison centers in the US.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The rooms are sprayed with a bacteria-killing chemical agent by cleaners in hazmat suits, wielding electrostatic spray guns.

      The process resembles an anti-terror squad decontaminating a crime scene, or perhaps an outtake from ‘Ghostbusters’.”

      Bacteria killing agent? I thought COVID is the virus.
      The scariest thing is that Compass and Hotels truly believe that they have to be praised for “decontaminating”.

      In its recently released “Guidelines for Safer COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection,”…some technologies being marketed for controlling COVID-19 unnecessarily increase hazardous exposures, and others require more proof of efficacy and safety.

      Information on these sprayers is changing on a daily basis. There are so many differences between them. It is important to read what the safety protocols are. Before purchasing a sprayer, read what is approved by the EPA to go through it. Do as much research as you can. Read up on the manufacturer. Ask for documentation. There can be health risks when using these sprayers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent comment. I was doing a couple of exams in the States a few years ago and had to study really hard in my hotel room for the preceding week.
      The hotel that I had booked had that exact problem and my breathing was hampered. I could not even open the window.
      Try as hard as I might, I was unable to focus on the studies.
      After a single night, I gave up and moved down the road.

      Most of these cleaning chemicals that we use today in our homes and businesses are toxic and it is about time we explored healthier, greener options.

      Whose fault is this? The blame lies squarely at the feet of the chemical industry and the government departments that actually approve this shit for use around humans.

      Somehow these criminals try to shoehorn the blame onto us. No wonder the climate is all screwed up? We have invented chemicals that should never have been invented. They are just as insidious as the atomic bomb which also should never have been invented.

      While we are on the subject of chemicals toxic to humans, I would just like to bring attention to what I can only describe as a treacherous piece of work, Ivanka Trump, saying publicly that she will take the vaccine for coronavirus.
      Her father (the great actor – Donald Trump), bought and paid for by Israel, along with the criminal Democrats, also bought and paid for by Israel, together with their media houses, law enforcement, banking industry, entertainment industry, food industry ad nauseam, will have another surprise up their sleeves for us come November.

      Netanyahu the criminal, under investigation for corruption just declared a 3 week lockdown in Israel to divert attention from his criminal activities. Problem solved, demonstrations instantly illegal. Everyone complies under the iron fist of the government. They just need to hang on a few more weeks to bluff us that all will somehow return to normal. (Not gonna happen.)

      No doubt our Zio-gov in Cayman will be on the bandwagon in a heartbeat? And you thought our colonial masters were British?
      They are….on the outside. I wonder how Martyn Roper feels about the impending vaccine? Asking for a friend. Will he pass another one of his “overrides” to make it mandatory?

      These are the tough questions that the press need to ask this man. What if people decide that they do not want to be vaccinated? If “smart” people are vaccinated and therefore supposedly immune, why should they even care?

    • Anonymous says:

      If a person stays in a room 101 for 16 days, tests negative, does the room 101 have to cleaned by a person with a hazmat suit? They say common sense isn’t so common. That’s before the internet. Now it’s common sense is on the verge of extinction.

      • Anonymous says:

        The answer to you question is here:

        ““I feel 100% safe and I feel comfortable because of my protection and my sanitising.” (Angela Walters from The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman said. Assuming she is the one doing the job)

        “Pratik Vyas, director of housekeeping [The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman], believes some of the changes could be here for the longer term.”
        “In the shorter term, Vyas believes the cleaning process can be part of the blueprint for a safe reopening even as the threat of COVID-19 lingers.”

        So NO, common sense won’t be used. Contracts were signed, equipment and chemicals purchased, why continue with old fashioned, yet sufficient “soap and water” cleaning?

        If hotels are so obsessed with sanitizing, why didn’t they go for UV lights, including pools? Most, if not all, European pools use UV light for sanitizing, not chemicals.

        As a side note, are hotels even aware of existence of radiation protected GEOVITAL HOTEL ROOMs? So many people have electrosentitiity these days which didn’t even exist 50 years ago. What their options are?

        Cayman hotels (and almost everywhere else) have no “green” concept whatsoever. I hope they remember about Delaware family that was poisoned by a banned pesticide last year during a Caribbean vacation . https://www.cbsnews.com/news/87m-settlement-to-family-sickened-by-toxic-pesticide-terminix-on-vacation/

        I personally have multiple chemical sensitivity. Once I had a painter in my condo, doing final touches, which I believed would take 2-5 minutes. I spent 2 previous night in a hotel while the painting took place. I didn’t even see what exactly the painter was using for final touch ups. But my body did. I ended up taken by ambulance to a hospital where I spent 3 days for my heart rate escalated to 200+ and was not slowing down. I ended up with elevated Troponin, cardiac-specific marker in the blood that helps to detect heart injury.

        So yes, powerful chemicals used to sanitize rooms is a HUGE deal for many of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        They they may have had it and recovered while in the room as there is no pre test or arrival test…test on day 14 can be way to late.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s fine. They can inhale whatever vaccine I won’t.

    • Anonymous says:


      And 7.2mil is all inclusive-test repeats, asymptotic, false positives, mild cases etc.

      How much money is being spent on vaccines and why? 99.9% of earth population is fine.

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