Roper: Police investigating hate speech

| 21/09/2020 | 136 Comments
Cayman News Service
People gather on Public Beach to shot the ‘Sunset on Hate’

(CNS): Governor Martyn Roper has said that the RCIPS is now investigating recent threats made against the LGBT+ community on social media and radio, which Roper described as “shocking”. This is despite previous comments by the police commissioner that they were not investigating and a apparent miscommunication over the hate speech. The governor has again urged the community to treat everyone with “courtesy, dignity and respect” and for “both sides” of the debate to “lower the temperature”.

Speaking at Friday’s press briefing, Roper said he had seen some the comments on WhatsApp concerning the Civil Partnerships Bill, which he said were “deeply irresponsible. I find them shocking. The worst ones have been referred to the police to look into.”

Declining to single out the individuals or organisations behind them, he called on “both sides in this debate to lower the temperature and think twice before posting anything on social media that will offend others in our community”. He also urged people to think about the damage to Cayman’s international reputation.

“We are known for CaymanKind,” he said. “Unfortunately, a small number of people in our community are falling below acceptable standards of behaviour.

The comments themselves had caused significant concern for the LGBT+ community, but when it appeared that the police were not going to investigate they were even more worried.

Colours Cayman, a local advocacy group for the LGBT+ community, had sent all the messages to the governor and asked him to intervene. It appears that after Roper saw what had been circulated, the police were asked to step in.

The WhatsApp messages were circulated and debated by named groups and individuals that included leading members of the Cayman Ministers’ Association.

The governor said that the police commissioner had not seen all of the messages when he made his first comments, which had led to a miscommunication. However, he was now aware of the extent of the issue and had received all of the messages and an investigation was underway.

Despite the concerns raised by the hate speech, dozens of members and supporters of the LGBT+ community gathered at Public Beach late Sunday afternoon to demonstrate their resilience. Sending a message of a “Sunset on Hate”, they joined hands to form a human rainbow.

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Comments (136)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Swear some people live under rocks. And in 90% of the cases, it’s not the locals, but rather the “enlightened” expats who want to pollute the Cayman Islands with their garbage left wing pie in the sky idiocy. It’s not enough that you have wrecked your own countries, states, provinces, counties, etc. now you want to wreck others. Btw, this has nothing to do with gay rights. I am in full support of them.

    In two previous commentaries I wrote about the need to be careful what is being labeled as “hate crime”. Totalitarian states, whether of the left or the right persuasion, love ambiguous laws with which they can attack their opponents. Lately, it’s been a favourite tool of the cancel culture Left…

    In my most recent commentary 21/09/2020 at 6:56 pm I deliberately described the Left as the “Fascist Left”. Sure enough, the first progressive troll (or perhaps, an ignorant muppet) to answer my commentary made sure to let the world know that “Fascists are Righties and not Lefties”. LOL. The very same Fascist Lefties (or ignorant muppet – take your pick) who love to label people with all kinds of unfounded names and charges are the first to take offense when you turn things around on them. Sure enough, it didn’t take much for a few more Leftist parrots to chime in with their own boundless ignorance.

    A few definitions of fascism:

    – a form of authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy

    – a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

    Has fascism been associated with past right-wing governments (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, etc.)? Sure. Have former right-wing governments been fascist in character? Sure. Again, Fascist Lefties love labels (just not those that label them). It makes them feel good – superior… It’s their saviour complex that needs to be scratched on a regular basis, a need to social engineer society to what they feel (key word) is their idea of an ideal society. And in doing so, they fail to recognize their very own Fascism… But I digress.

    Did Fascism start with Hitler? Nope…But Fascist Lefties sure love to point to him. It started with Lenin and the Soviets, with the overthrow of the Russian monarchy. Look at the very definition of Fascism and compare it to the communists in the former Soviet Union, China, and former Soviet Bloc countries… (A) Authoritarian? Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Enver Hoxha, Erich Honecker, etc. (need I say more?) (B) Ultra nationalist? The forced “Russification” (ethnic communities were forced to give up their own cultures and language in favour of Russian), the take-over of ethnic communities by Russians (ie. Russification of Moldova)… In China, the counterpart of “Russification”, “Hanification”, is taking place in Mongolia, Xinjiang, etc. China is presently in the process of trying to replace the ethnic Uygurs, their culture and their language, with Han Chinese, etc.. (C) Dictatorial powers? Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Hoxha, etc. (D) Forcible suppression of opposition? Try going up against the present day regime in China and see what happens. How many political opponents died at the hands of Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Ceausescu, Hoxha, etc.? Tens of Millions. Those who were not liquidated with a bullet to the head, ended up being starved to death in Siberia death camps and/or similar concentration camps throughout Russia and China. Over the past 100 years, Russia and China have been responsible for the death of close to 100 million (some argue more) people. (E) Strong regimentation of society and of the economy. Check!

    The best comment 22/09/2020 at 12:37 pm stated:

    Great comment. Final goal of Communism – complete control.
    Final goal of Naziism – complete control.
    Yet they fight each other, not realizing they are on the same side. Complete control for their masters.
    Step out of the left-right paradigm, do yourselves a favour and be free to think independently.

    This commentator is absolutely correct. Fascism is not a left/right-wing issue. It’s a disease of both the left and the right. Crawl out from whatever rock you’re hiding under and educate yourself. Next time someone calls you a Fascist Leftist, don’t let your panties get all scrunched’s just a taste of what you like to dish out. A dish best served cold.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugh whatever makes you sleep better at night

    • Anonymous says:

      Calm down dear.

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t even bother to read the whole thing. No LGBT person is trying to convert us straight people, only fighting for THEIR equal rights which takes nothing from me, so I cannot see how you can compare their movement to authoritarian, ” forcible suppression of opposition”.

      The only similarity here is the fight against the church’s oppression to anyone who doesn’t share their belief system, be it gay, Hindu or Atheist.

      • Anonymous says:

        You definitely did not read the whole thing. Your response demonstrates it. It’s like driving without looking at the road.

      • Anonymous says:

        Aren’t you the one who never bothers to read large comments? Reading comprehension issues? There is help available for those with learning disabilities. Nothing to be ashamed of.

      • Anonymous says:

        Comprehension skills are clearly lacking. The commentator did not compare the LGBTQ movement to any sort of authoritarian movement, or argued that any LGBTQ person was trying to convert straight people. Hope you drive better than you read.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before spreading to other European countries.

      Opposed to liberalism, Marxism, and anarchism, fascism is placed on the far right within the traditional left–right spectrum.”

      kindly stfu.

      • Anonymous says:

        Take out the “far-right” part of the definition, and Fascism describes Leftists, Marxists, etc. to a tee. Fascism is just a word and a construct that has been applied to the right, but its definition fits the far left just as well. You just need to get your head out of your a$$ to see it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who hurt you?

          Anyway, You can choose to define whatever however you want in your little world but the standard accepted definition is what it is. And you aren’t the first person to try to redifine a word to serve your interests but that doesn’t change the reality. All respect due, none, you keep regurgitating the same bs argument telling ppl they have their head stuck somewhere but from the outside looking in, maybe you should take your own advice.

          • Anonymous says:

            Who hurt me? Lol. Your stupidity, that’s who. And you seem to be stuck, like someone with OCD, or autism, on rigid definitions, unable to see the forest for trees. My advice remains.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I see posts with #caymankind I cringe. What a load of self righteous nonsense. There is no such thing. There is a group of Caymanians who hate expats, dislike any form of progress and are intolerant of any other with alternative viewpoints and especially sexual orientation. These people happily turn a blind eye to domestic abuse and think that having affairs is acceptable. So let’s stop with the Cayman Kind rubbish.

  3. Bertie :B says:

    This whole debacle is really insane man . This is so simple / if you do not care for someone elses lifestyle , do not invite them to your yard for dinner , But ya cant say Kill em all cause we different .like wtf is that ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    tik tok tricky

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please let me know the date and time the CMA will be marching on the light sentence the Jamaican monster got for raping a child and giving her an STD? Asking for a friend!

    • Anonymous says:

      You raise an excellent point.
      The only answer can be for the religious leaders to humble themselves before the community and lead us all into repentance.
      The time for passing the plate is surely over?
      As we get closer to our meeting with the Creator, we need to be more circumspect addressing our own sins before we point out the sins of others.

      None of us are perfect.
      We are all delightfully human, hopefully striving together to attain higher goals.
      One of our greatest failings as humans is unforgiveness.
      Blessings Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would also like to be made aware of the march regarding widespread and rampant adultery since we are now living under fundamentalists interpretation of the Bible and “God’s law”

    • Anonymous says:

      And how about the gluttony of most of the members?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing to stop anyone marching, why wait on the CMA?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Take out the gay/straight, Christian/Atheist argument, and just look at the fact that a human being said another human being should be lynched. What have we become? We’re terrible to each other and it breaks my heart.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The laws are good, but first, fundamental questions must be:

    • Why do human beings hate each other?
    • Why it is so easy to hate each other?

    May be solutions to hate speech are not laws and public gatherings, once these questions are answered.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The 800lb gorilla in the room is that Caribbean “churches” aren’t necessarily formed as houses of religious piety. They are often paper-thin fronts for ecclesiastical crime and transshipment: financial black holes, with very low or non-existent oversight, and duty-free conduits for money laundering, corruption, and political baksheesh. They find the dead-end, out of work vulnerable, and introduce them to their affiliated gang hierarchy. Grand Cayman has an improbably high quantity with over 200 registered churches – enough for a stand-alone congregation for every 100 voters. The anti-gay narrative isn’t about religious piety, it is a baseline directive from the upstream handlers in Jamaica, Guyana, and Colombia. It’s a strange thing to focus on. Billions transit our waters via this Caribbean fellowship front. It’s why our cooperative regimes are hands-off to these transshipment economies, and fail to see the paradox of their being so well integrated with the gang leadership – the very criminals the police/coast guard/JMU are supposed to be spending all their days locating and arresting. Right in front of us. The NBF. All forgiven. No charges.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There are “Laws” and there is “Law enforcement”. Cayman has “Laws”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Some people need to grow some skin. Cant wait until Alden gets out and we stop pretending to be little Britian. I know the world has got smaller but the UK isn’t going to help us out of this mess.. We live in the Americas.. This place is the wild west., people gone talk al types.of things good or bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Preach! The is one instance that we can take a page from America’s book. Leave people’s freedom of speech alone and grow a pair.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hate speech is not protected free speech.

      • If you think speech is free in the US, I have a tower in Paris to sell you says:

        Ah yes America, the bastion of free speech and a country that certainly doesn’t have decades of recorded examples of attempting to limit and eradicate unwanted speech from political groups and minorities who they held no regard for

        COINTELPRO, state sanctioned political assassinations and blackmail being the hallmarks of truly free speech

        Seriously you are either laughably uninformed or just playing dumb if you are going to try to hold up America as some shining example of free speech

        A country that lets neonazis and white nationalists march proudly and freely while siccing dogs and using tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protests

        Land of the idiots, home of the deluded

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet we all continue to say what we please without worrying about the police coming. Go have another sip of that koolaid.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not on any side but why hasn’t Governor Roper or anyone, in general explicitly stated their concern for anti-religious and anti-authority speech emanating from homosexuality practitioners and supporters? Any person also has the right to believe in a “sky fairy(their mockery for god)” if they so desire. Why does it appear that everyone seems to be rushing to the defense of LGBTO…sector of society while ignoring the threats against the opposers to this lifestyle? Where is the fury that out of order Billie Bryan has dragged innocent children into this debate? This is all uncomfortably one-sided now…

    • Anonymous says:

      9:49 Your comment is EVERYTHING! 🙌🏼 My sentiments exactly. Everyone is supposed to be up in arms for them, but the hate speech and derogatory remarks constantly spouting from the lgbt community must just be accepted. Some of the most nasty and hateful remarks I have heard have come straight from the lgbt community, yet no one says or does anything about it. If the “Govenor” but half as much effort into making Cayman better for ALL as he is for lgbt then maybe we could actually get somewhere, but his bias is always blatantly shown. He is after all why much of the unrest is stirred up.

    • JTB says:

      It’s always good to hear from the Christianity Practitioners.

    • Al Catraz says:

      What do Christians say about the gods of Hindus?

      What do Christians say about any religion which does not recognize Jesus as Lord?

      Get real. Christians hold that any religion which does not agree with them is of the devil and that all other gods are fictional idols.

      Christians say the EXACT SAME THINGS about any religion which is not their own, so do not pretend that it should be some kind of offense for people to denigrate religion. Otherwise, I shall be most interested to hear what the Baptists say about the Mormons, what the Seventh Day Adventists say about those who go to church on Sunday, and what the Jehovah’s Witnesses say about the Catholics.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s obvious that Billie deliberately trolled all of you religious nuts after hearing you say homosexual Caymanians should be executed. It’s common to try and mix up pedophiles with consenting adults to further the anti-LGBT rhetoric. Brilliant angle of attack to ruffle your feathers.

      Such workshops to teach tolerance would’ve been nice when I was in school. 4 of us cornered the gay kid and beat him up and as an adult I’ve grown to ask forgiveness from him. He even attempted suicide. No one should have to live like that.

      Wan play with mud then get pissed when someone else throws mud at you.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you don’t know the difference between someone saying you believe in a “sky Fairy” and the death threats send to LGBTQ.. members, like they are all going to shot or they should all be hung, then you are quite delusional.
      Insults and death threats are very different things.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a problem with prosecuting people for directly threatening the lives of others (whether the people being threatened are gay or straight), as long as “hurt feelings” and “I don’t like what he/she said” don’t become “hate speech”. Let’s make sure that the Fascist Lefties don’t get their way and ban anything and everything that they don’t agree with.

    • anon says:

      I guess you don’t know Fascists are Righties and not Lefties.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, if you’re a simpleton.

        • Anonymous says:

          Great comment. Final goal of Communism – complete control.
          Final goal of Naziism – complete control.
          Yet they fight each other, not realizing they are on the same side. Complete control for their masters.
          Step out of the left-right paradigm, do yourselves a favour and be free to think independently.

    • Anonymous says:

      Being gay is fairly natural, common, and legal. There shouldn’t be any groups or individuals plotting against gay people, or any others for that matter. There are no shades of permissibility when it comes to hate. No forgivable amount of abuse the innocent should have to bear simply to spare the zealots who can’t stop meddling in other people’s lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Fascist lefties” in the context of homophobia. I hope the oxymoron was at least intentional.

    • Anonymous says:

      My sentiments exactly. There has to be a clear line between actual threats and this newly found concept of ‘Hate speech’ which seems to be a nice blanket statement for when people get their feelings hurt.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the line:

        Hate speech, noun = abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

        …add that choosing to be a selectively pious fundamentalist is not a shield of protection, if that simultaneously involves plotting abuse, threats, and prejudice, or physical harm. That includes the hurt feelings from the abuse, threats and prejudice, and from the “lawmakers” and “police” that pretend it’s not their problem, or that there is somehow merit in the abuse. There isn’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Political literacy isn’t your strong suit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fascist Lefties?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Fascist Left….lol, you need to stop watching Fox News dude.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry folks, the analogy is quite fitting. You must have right thinking or it’s the camps for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          OED, Fascism: An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

          • Anonymous says:

            The exact definition, minus the “right” of communism and socialism… does your thick skull prevent you from understanding?

      • Anonymous says:

        Typical muppet socialist response. It’s not true cause that’s how I feel. That’s all you got Muppet?

      • Anonymous says:

        Give your head a shake, and bring yourself back to reality dude.

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes

    Both sides are out of line Mr Roper

    The one side saying lets hang people, mass deport people and arm ourselves to deal with these people are the same as the side saying we would like it if you would treat us equally under the law regardless of your personal beliefs

    • Amen says:

      Nah. He is probably referring to atheists who challenge the logic and sanity of some of these “christian” commenters.

      Which is what needs to happen to these religious extremists.

      Why must I be considerate of someone elses ignorance?

      I see stupidity I call it out. Is that so bad?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can we have laws that make it illegal to spew hate and harassment on social media/ the internet? As in make it a criminal offense. This is such a small community and people (children and adults) need to be protected. When will it be be too late? So many people are taking their lives or attempting to because they are targets. I can only imagine that whoever is brave enough to take this on will have such big support from a large population of the community that are silent and afraid to speak out.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are anti abuse rules and regs, it’s just that those professionally tasked with policing them, are not yet familiar with their existence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those laws are already in place (ask Sandra Hill about her experience with them)

      Its simply that people like Kattina Anglin, Anthony Eden and the Ministers association are under the impression that either:

      A – those laws do not apply when speaking about Gay people you have to remember a core part of their belief is that not only do gay people not have the right to marriage, they also don’t have the right to protections under the law (i.e they can be harassed and defamed and demeaned without consequence) not to mention that they should also not be tolerated in wider society at all, they believe that gay people do not have any legal standing in Cayman and can be dealt with or removed as soon as they can get enough people in the LA who have the nerve to do so


      B – that regardless of those laws existing and applying to everyone that they will never be arrested by the RCIPS and charged by the DPP because they have a (nonexistent) right to say whatever they want about gay people that is sourced from the Bible or from (nonexistent) special provisions of the constitution that afford Christians greater leeway
      Its quite hard to pin down exactly what legal basis these people think they have to never be held accountable for anything they say or do.
      But it usually boils down traditional Cayman beliefs being a legal cover for them or the Bible being used to justify their speech

      In my honest opinion the people like the ministers association and Kattina Anglin say inflammatory and defamatory things not by accident but on purpose, they want to see exactly how far they can push without pushback and in the worst case scenario if they are ever arrested or charged they will cry foul and say they are the ones being discriminated against to galvanise their mindless supporters, Christians have always had a bit of that victim complex still left over from when they hid in the catacombs in an effort to evade the wrath of Rome
      They will never let it go, in their minds regardless of what they do, they are the victims despite quite clearly being the perpetrators

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, I do think we are supposed to have freedom of speech, but a few people think you shouldn’t express your opinion if it is different from theirs. Wait minute, Let me change that. Make that a LOT of people!

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s pretty easy: different opinions are always welcome, so long as they aren’t hate or cult based interpretations of books from 3000 years ago. Compassion, tolerance, and equity are SUPPOSED to be the tenets of Christianity (which starts in the New Testament). Vengeance, plotting, subversion are hateful and are supposed to be the works of the devil (both books). The Bible instructs followers to abide their government’s laws. Pick a lane, or get run over.

  16. Anonymous says:

    SO CAN WE LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND GAMBLING IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS NOW as LGBTWXYZO is a minor group and got there 💩 on the agenda let’s pass the other necessary stuff now. Like the famous guy in the Brac always says 😂 No Weed No Vote !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      gambling and marijuana are not human rights.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Well its taking away my rights if I wanted to sit on my balcony and smoke one spliff with out fear off being caught and sent to jail.. So what’s good for one group to have their rights noticed well it should be good for the other group to smoke a spliff in peace..NO WEED NO VOTE

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with legalizing marijuana but I what don’t agree with is saying lgbt people wanting the right to marry is an ‘agenda’. What agenda? To have basic human rights?

    • Anonymous says:

      Chud way to say it, but you’re right.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hate speech is not protected free speech. We have to be very clear about that. So when Roper or Byrne lecture the abused to be tolerant of “both sides”, and include the community that would burn Bise in the trunk of his own car and insulated those murderers from justice for 8 years, it really demonstrates how out of tune they are with the situational reality of hate here. It is literally 1670’s hate paired with deliberately slow justice. Don’t tell us to be patient.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Hate speech” seems to be whatever you strongly dislike.

      • Anonymous says:

        Defending speech calling for the hanging of LGBT people, ****ed vibes, up to the wall.

      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking out against inequity and intolerance is the only correct side of the fence. It’s the side of Jesus. Being gay is fine, normal and legal in our society. It has been for the two decades you guys have spent being drunk at the end of the bar. Time to grow up or go to jail.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Jesus you are writing about doesn’t exist.

        • Anonymous says:

          More like time to get over yourself and stop trying to infringe on everyone basic human right of freedom of speech. One good thing about America, you aren’t taking our right to speak whatever we feel.

          Some people say some classless things but it is still their right to say what they want. Quite being such snowflakes about everything

      • Anonymous says:

        Gay people don’t need nor are they asking for you to like them, they don’t care if you curse them out, or stare daggers with your eyes or walk around displaying your own ignorance with signs about the natural order or your ability to speak for God

        But if you think that calling for firing squads, or hangings, or mass deportation or any of the other vile things the far right authoritarians have been spouting off for far too long in Cayman isn’t hate speech then what you are really saying is that people can incite violence with no consequences under our legal system

        I guarantee you if these statements were being said publicly and frequently about MLAs or the Governor or even members of the police service there would be warrants issued and cases pending already
        I guarantee if I was walking around calling for hanging members of the Ministers association or saying gay people should gather up and go deal with Kattina Anglin again the police would be here faster than you could blink
        So spare me the ‘hAtE sPEeCh sEeMs tO bE wHaTeVer yOU sTrOnGLY DiSLike” song and dance
        There is plenty of evidence and hate speech is pervasive across Cayman spouted publicly and impetuously because they fear no reprisals or or legal consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong on two counts. Anglin was convicted of the murder 6 years after the fact. I’m sure that if they could have resolved it quicker, they would have. Also, according to the judge, the “murder of Mr. Bise was committed within the context of a homosexual encounter”; not because Mr. Bise was a homosexual. Get your facts straight.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Boycott any sponsor of crosstalk until the host and the MLA address and apologize for what they let get said. If that doesn’t work, boycott all of hateful media group.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crosstalk has been around forever and a day, that is not going to happen. Apparently the MLA has already said he should have said something in the moment. It is easy for all of us to talk off the cuff of “what we would have done”. We all need to remember that there are times when people will be shocked and caught off guard by the things people say or do. I know there have been times in my life that the things people have said or done shocked me immensely and it took me some time moment to react and be able to reflect on my thoughts and emotions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmmm I would have to say the comment from the deplorable man was so shocking that anyone with half a decent bone would stop them right there. But it seems that MLA Suckoo would rather not lose that guys vote OR the people who voice outrages. You can’t have it both ways.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When investigating hate speech against the LGBTQ community, I hope they start with the MLA.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Any Christian that says a human being should be hung is not a real Christian. Whatever happened to the commandment ‘thou shall not kill?’ Hypocrisy.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Ministers Association should be shut down as a hate group and an investigation launched into source of funds. They should loose their non-profit status and should be denied a Cayman Islands web domain, facebook, twitter and anything else. That they are operating in breach of all of the acceptable use policies of OfReg, ICAAN, and local Human and Civil Rights anti-abuse regs is just a fact. Sorry if there are still naive people out there that mistake this hate group for some kind of plausible redeeming social value Christian mission group. They aren’t feeding the hungry, housing the poor, or clothing/housing the homeless. They are an anti-gay group 24/7/365, with open linkage to more militant “Cause Caribbean”, which would hang gay people if they could. It’s no joke.

    • Over It says:

      Because the world revolves around gays…anyone who opposes them or does not stand with them must be abolished. The same way you lot want your rights, is the same way other in the community are entitled to theirs. You are NOT the some majority in the community. Seriously, get over yourselves and move on with your lives, like damn. Always harping on about some shit, never happy.

      • Anonymous says:

        “The same way you lot want your rights, is the same way other in the community are entitled to theirs. ” They already have their rights. How is this so hard to understand?

        • Anonymous says:

          6:03 Actually the LGBTQ+ are beginning to encroach on the rights of everyone in the community through constantly playing the victim and trying to change every thing to suit them. Without any thought to the rest of the community mind you. You cannot come in like a bull in a China shop and not expect damage and fall out. Things take time and pushing people too far will not end well. Yes, respect and tolerance is needed but it needs to be from both sides of the fence, not just one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Getting huffy when LGBT engage in politics, we’re not allowed to do that, oh no!

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t get it and that’s sad your little Christian heart and morals are ten times less than mine, an atheist.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you could have said this a bit better, but I get your underlying point. It does feel a bit that everything is viewed through the lens of being an “LBGT+” first from members of their community and therefore the language used when describing issues comes off like and us vs them. (This goes both ways)

        I agree with their right to marry. They should be afforded the same opportunities as anyone else, but the constant victimhood from some of the members of the LBGT community is getting tiresome.

        Maybe people might disagree with me and they are welcome to critique my argument, but like it or not their behaviour is not the ‘norm’ in society. While we need to treat everyone with the same respect, a man who looks physically masculine dressed in female clothes is not normal to see in today’s society. However, there seems to be a push from that side to be seen as normal, but no real discussion can be had because any criticism is seeing an hate speech or bigotry or a phobia.

        The average person is too busy with life (kids, career, responsibilities) to really hate these people so long as they don’t encroach on their freedoms and family, but the LGBT community always seems to have something they aren’t happy with and push and push some issues that don’t need to be pushed. The right to marry is a fair one that I feel we should all work towards providing for all who live here, but when you start talking about “educating” our children because of how you ‘feel’ its annoying to hear. People have too much they are putting up with to progress in life only to hear complaints about the small things in life (not the right to marry) that the everyday person puts up with, it comes off as childish and naïve.

        This is more an expansion on the original comment I am replying to and not rely directed towards the content of the article. I do not condone threats on anyone’s life.

    • Anonymous says:

      That sounds like hate speech to me

    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman Ministers Association = A mouthful of scriptures with hearts full of hate!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    It was a bizarre press briefing. The media should have pressed to clarify exactly who knew what and when. Was the same information provided to the governor not also provided to the RCIPS? Am I wrong to have gotten the impression from an earlier CNS article that there was communication between CNS and the RCIPS about the very comments in question?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is particularly frightening if (as it appears) we have indeed arrived at a place where, were it not for the Governor’s intervention, no action would have been taken by the police.

      • Anonymous says:

        The harassment on social media and the internet need to stop. Everyday it is someone new (dead or alive) and it will not stop until it is a criminal offense. Can we go up to someone and physically hurt them and not risk going to jail? No, the police would arrest you. Why shouldn’t it be the same when someone does this on the internet. It is all so worrying and this island is way too small for this to be acceptable.

        • Anonymous says:

          What about drunken creeps mistreating ladies in bars? Cayman law thinks more of dogs than they think of their women.

          • Jonathan Adam says:

            Uh Huh, and for your next trick what do you plan to do? Will you now try to draw liquid integrity from a ‘CORAL’ stone laying upon the shores of a prostituted and corrupted and now eroded ‘BEACH’?!? Those who find employment with, tacitly collude with, patronize the establishments of and give an undeserved validity to the illegitimately derived products of and physical embodiment of a thus far unmitigated and unhindered institutionalized corruption and the promulgators, facilitators, benefactors and charlatan blackguard bad actors therein and who now want to cry foul all need to take a good hard look at their own damn selves in the mirror.

            One should not be surprised when one lays, plays, lives and works with metaphorical (apologies to the canine clan of the animal kingdom implicit) dogs, that one will more likely than not acquire an infestation of fleas, or get viciously bit.

            That pigs in wigs once again sit is the status quo of the day. People so fool as to be pigeons on stools are the ones who are standing in the way. There will be no justice to be had in this day. Have a nice play at …… … Sand fleas and nitwits seem to have more sense.

            • Anonymous says:

              Jonathan I would bet you $100 that you couldn’t read that second sentence without having to stop and take a breath.

              Christ man lay off the dictionary and get to the point!

              • Jonathan Adam says:

                Your problem is neither verbosity nor the words therein. Your problem is held by the inconvenient truths exposed within.

                If you wish for me to say it, right in front of you, that is something which I would be most happy to do.

                Hell, I don’t even care if you give me the flu. Find something of consequence and quit saying boo hoo. Me nah bizness fih true. This hyuh heavy toker will still smoke you.

                This common refrain is a common stain, worn by the hypocrisy which I disdain. If you want a dictionary from me to you, then come on over and we can debate it till we both black and we blue. These realities are nothing new.

                They are things which destroy community glue. Those who ignore it are the real foo foo. Coral stones and pirate’s bones underneath the feet of drunken charlatan’s moans.

                Lay with dogs and you gonna get fleas. Work for a thief and you best believe, the licks they not even started to flyin. Just wait until the legalseaze and the pig in the wig starts to lyin.

                Cayman’s future long since been a dyin. Badumpadumpdump, and the beat goes on. We didn’t start the fire, but we damn sure gettin burned. Dem deh kinda people should long ago have been spurned. Dem deh crooked captain’s table need to be overturned.

                People still nah learned. Bring yah hundred dollahs. I don’t take it as a slight. Gonna take something more than that, to hide the truth and what is right. Try as you might. I don’t fear the darkness. I speak to the light.

      • Anonymous says:

        People saying something and people doing something are two vastly different things.

        • Anonymous says:

          Extreme ideas can lead to extreme actions.

          • Anonymous says:

            Agreed, but at the same time small infringements on the people’s right to say things will lead to much more extreme actions that will hurt everyone.

            I’m not saying that you were implying this, but the idea of free speech is very important. I know alof of people here live to talk smack about the US when it comes to certain topics but the concept of freedom of speech is one thing that I wish all countries would realise is a fundamental right we need to protect. Unfortunately, free speech means people will say things we don’t like but no free speech is alot worse.

            Think about this, which other country in this world can a group of people hold up a severed head replica of a sitting president and not be “disappeared”. Free speech comes with its bad sides, but even the extreme ideas needs to be heard so that we can discuss it without fear of persecution to explain to everyone why its extreme and bad.

            If we can’t talk about things, then how do people communicate ideas? Through violence? Through art? When those are deemed illegal because it can lead to ‘extreme actions’ what do we do then?

            • Anonymous says:

              I agree with you that freedom of speech is important. However, disagreeing with homosexuality is one thing, but saying that gays should be killed is unacceptable. People advocating for the killing of others based on their sexual orientation should immediately be sent to a mental hospital.

            • Anonymous says:

              Ummm why are people talking about freedom of speech like it gives them permission to say whatever without consequences? If you think that is what free speech is you are sadly mistaken. Go read a book

      • Anonymous says:

        The governor should not have to intervene in these matters. If there is any question as to the law the RCIPS should have asked the DPP for an opinion. If the RCIPS did get an opinion from the DPP that indicated that the comments did not meet the threshold to be considered a crime and the governor still intervened to override that opinion we have definitely arrived at a very dangerous place.

        It would be good for CNS to clarify if it is their position that the comments that the governor is now saying have been referred for investigation by the police are the very same comments that were the subject of their communications with the RCIPS.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think this Governor will intervene any time it suits him or his agenda…we already arrived at a dangerous place when the votes were cast and he carelessly “overruled them”. The whole voting process should have been taken to the people of these islands. This “law” is what affects US, not so much them, so we all should have voted on it. Let the majority speak.

  24. Concerned says:

    OMG. I don’t know what is worse. The Commissioner deciding the law hadn’t been infringed before he saw the extent of messaging or the fact he failed to actually bother his backside to assess it properly.
    However, it’s more likely he did know the extent but failed to act and the excuse is just the Governor being politically sensitive to cover up the COP’s poor judgement.
    The man has to go. He is unfit to lead RCIPS, an organisation riven with problems that he is simply ignoring or worse acquiescing to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t shoot the messenger. The problem is we don’t have fit for purpose law that deals with hate speech against groups rather than specific individuals. The CoP is right. However, the Governor has told him that it is politically unacceptable to actually say that – especially as in the current environment there is zero chance the LA agreeing to modify the existing law, and the G really doesn’t want to have to use s81 again. So now RCIPS will launch an “investigation”which will last until the media cycle moves on, and RCIPS will quietly announce that DPP have advised against a prosecution. The outcome will be exactly the same as the “investigations” into Mario Rankine and trainer gate – zero.

    • Anonymous says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness. Now if we can have them investigate discrimination against “locals” that would be great!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bollocks! All opportunities are afforded Caymanians. All you need to do is show up on time and exhibit a good work ethic and willingness to learn.

      • Caymanian says:

        3:12 you are clearly a foreigner to make such an ignorant comment. Caymanians are NOT afforded the same opportunities and many are more than willing to “step up” as you so crudely put it but are not given the chance.

        • Anonymous says:

          What’s with the assumptions! I am a Caymanian who worked my tail off to get where I am at. I was willing to start at the bottom and grabbed every opportunity to learn when it presented itself. When will our people stop making excuses, and expect to be treated differently by virtue of our birth, like we are more special that any other group? No wonder we struggle to be taken seriously by expat bosses. I for one, earned my place at the table through hard work and sacrifice. I suggest you stop complaining and go for what you want. Don’t expect special treatment, because like me, you are not special.

      • Sex Pistol says:

        There she blows. In your dishonest and decrepit existence wallowing around piggishly like a naked emperor suffering the delusions inherent within an illegitimate superiority complex, you have once again shown your demonic face.

        Your mentality is one, as a conceitedly limed out teapot blackguard, where you can only see those subjugated to your diabolical colonialist rank as those who are subservient to you and your dastardly crew.

        The hell with you and the hell with them. Time for you to walk the plank. Whether you sink or you swim is of no matter. Even the shark has no use of your carcass on the platter. You are poisoned in the mind and you lie all of the time. Your ethical compass turns on a dime. Your very countenance is dark and dank. Hypocrisy is thee and your top lip is stank.

        Never mind the bollocks, watch out for the sex the pistols. Your wretched mentality is in the line of sight. The bully is going to find a fight. Then for those like you it will be goodnight, never again to be heard the Englishman’s slight. You loveless promoter of other people’s plight.

    • Anonymous says:

      2:08 pm
      When are they going to Investigate discrimination and sidelining of caymanians in the job market. I guess that’s of no importance. Only LGBTQ.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Governor. Is the Commissioner aware of certain cabinet status grants yet? An investigation appears a little overdue there as well….

    • Anonymous says:

      Dull. Dull. So, so, dull. Nothing ever going to happen, and it was far too long ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        The negative consequences continue. The players still wield power. The questions continue to circulate. The suspicions continue to be aroused. The possibility of serious criminal activity is real. The lack of even investigative action by anyone in authority is astounding.

    • Anonymous says:

      An investigation of those status grants is vastly more important that infringing on people’s right of freedom of speech. I do not agree with the vitriol that has been spewed from some in the community, however, people are free to say whatever is on their mind or whatever they feel. So now we are trying to control people’s mouths? He best look at controlling those in his own Government before he tries to overstep with those in the community. After all, it is him who is stirring up unrest in the community with his biased “speeches” and other verbiage.

      • I pay my dues says:

        To 2:34pm I was granted one of those on the grounds of ancestry and ever since, I have worked, obeyed all laws, bought a house, supported charities, donated my time to PTAs, donated clothes to the needy, etc. It would be good if you did not tar us all with the same brush.

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly do you think should be investigated from almost 20 years ago?
      There are so many more concerning things been going on up in here besides that from 2003.
      Zzzzzzz…. Let it go already.

    • Anonymous says:

      By law, all the records were all shredded in 2009, by the same people that occupy the LA. Fix the problem not the symptoms.

      • Anonymous says:

        What records? You jest. There is hardly a grant amongst them that could ever have been properly explained by “records.”

        Land registers and transfer documents still exist though… they may shed some light. A big part of the problem seems to be that no one can be bothered to look.

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