Premier ‘humiliated’ by fellow MLAs

| 04/09/2020 | 101 Comments
Cayman News Service
Premier Alden McLaughlin in the LA

(CNS): Premier Alden McLaughlin said he was “utterly humiliated” by the failure of legislators to uphold the law, after the UK government was forced to legislate for the Cayman Islands on Friday with the Civil Partnership Law. In a statement about the governor’s assent of the new legislation, which paves the way for same-sex unions, McLaughlin pointed out that this country is a democracy, not a theocracy, and stood up for the LGBT community.

“Notwithstanding our firm faith in God and strong Christian heritage, Cayman is not a theocracy but a democracy, and no democracy can long survive if it does not respect the rule of law,” he said. “I have been shocked that so many of our legislators and, indeed, members of the broader community believe that it was right to urge the government to ignore a declaration of our own Court of Appeal.”

On a day when his own education minister, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, described the law as an evil being forced on the country, the premier hit out at those who believe the government is free to decide which categories of people are entitled to enjoy the constitutionally guaranteed right to private and family life.

“But I pray that now that the Civil Partnership Law has been assented to by His Excellency, the Governor, it will be accepted as the law of the land and the campaign against same-sex relationships will end, along with the demeaning rhetoric which has unfortunately characterised the public debate,” he said “My faith tells me that we are all created in the same ‘image’ and must reckon with God each for ourselves. Jesus urged us to do unto others as we would have done to us.”

McLaughlin said the introduction of the Civil Partnership Bill was the right thing to do as a society that values each and every person within it, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. The premier also went much further than he has before in defence of the LGBT+ community when he condemned the things said in the Legislative Assembly by some members.

“Regrettably, much of the debate inside the Legislative Assembly and in the media has caused our sisters and brothers in the LGBT community to feel belittled, undervalued and ostracised. Jesus never treated people in that way, ever. I am hard pressed to find a reference in the Gospels where Jesus castigated ‘outsiders’, even when their lifestyles didn’t comply with his view,” he said, adding, “Let us as a community now seek to do as Jesus did.”

See the premier’s statement and other relevant documents in the CNS Library.

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Comments (101)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad that he feels this way, about time. Da wha you get for trying to sneak this in without widespread public consultation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok ok there is a move of divide and conquer at play here and Caymanians in general are falling into the trap. While we part,sleep, work party and sleep the expatriate community’s voice is getting stronger. In the past strong laughing at us in private and now openly in stymying our efforts at work places calling us lazy and uneducated and secretly lobbying to have power over these asinine natives ( their words) who will never get educated who have leaders who according to them are corrupt and lack basic understanding( again their words repeated wherever they gather privately or in public). Quite frankly one two of our LA members deserve to be kicked out for their attempt at sounding grand and stupid utterances are at all times very embarrassing.

      My advice to the Croat community who believe this is their time don’t push our backs against the wall . We are very nice people, indeed very tolerant and not all of us are at the level you portray all of us. Quite frankly I encourage you all not to Put any more wood in the fire it certainly could create an unnecessary state of affairs.

      Give peace a chance as opposed to satisfying your egoes of superiority.

  2. David Shibli says:

    Is that what he will tell God when he stands before Him?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alden, if you promote and boast about “Cayman’s Christian heritage” then don’t act surprised when people seek to treat others unfairly in the name of Christianity. It comes with the territory. Read the Bible. It’s all right there, a blueprint for bigotry and discrimination. More than suggest we treat some people poorly, I it demands it. If this surprises you, please read the Bible. Fundamentalist Christianity is incompatible with modern human rights. Simple fact.


  4. Anonymous says:

    This CIG advanced $4k in legal aid to try and overturn it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has Alden ever considered that his fellow MLAs have been humiliated by his conduct?

  6. Annie says:

    So much hypocrisy in government.

    But Alden used to have a moral compass. He used to be someone who believes in fairness. Without reservation he should stood up for civil unions, not because he was forced by the U.K., but because it is the right thing. I believe anyone who seeks continuous political office is suspect in their motives.

    Just glad the outcome was as it should be.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What premier Mclaughlin should be humiliated about is that the Cayman Islands has not produced any leadership thus far to navigate the country and the people forward from British Colonisation, and expatriate domination. Instead every four years an orchestrated dance occurs in the form of an election to prey on the uneducated voting population. In return “mother’ England sends a governor to ensure the UK’s agenda is met. Issues as this one are convenient distractions.

    • Anonymous says:

      3.26 What a load of drivel. Ex-pat domination? I can’t start my own business unless a local owns 60% of it. I have to re-apply for my own job in case a local fancies their chances. I have to pay a whacking ‘tax’ if I want to buy a house.

      As far as the uneducated voting population goes, whose fault is that? You’ve been prepared to put up with it for years because employment legislation almost guarantees a local a job no matter how goddamn awful their literacy level is.

      Instead of bashing ex-pats (AGAIN)why aren’t you booting down the door of the education minister (what a misnomer that is) and telling her to spraff less crap about God and LGBTQ issues and actually formulate some policy to educate the hundreds of kids who leave school here barely able to use written English?

      No, didn’t think so chum.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a crock of bs! Stop blaming England, Cayman, and get off your ass and solve some of our very desperate internal problems which have nothing to do with England. Of course, having a Minister of Education telling us to pray to a fairy in the sky and a Speaker in desperate problems and other MLAs of very questionable intellectual capability makes things difficult for us but we need to stop this constant blaming of things on “colonialism”.

      • Anonymous says:

        ahhhh members of the entitled expatriate group (EEG) are out in force ! Cayman Islands will solve its own problems and it begins with getting rid of you lot.

    • Al Catraz says:

      Why not educate the uneducated, instead of putting a religious bigot in charge of it?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alden “utterly humiliated” himself the day that he made a deal with the devil so that he could become Premier. There was always going to be a price that had to eventually be paid.

    Alden was right to push for equality. However, despite insisting that a yes vote was simply doing what was necessary to uphold the rule of law, he refused to insist that all of the members of his government vote with him to do just that (i.e. uphold the rule of law).

    If the Premier is not going to insist that the members of his government vote with him to uphold the rule of law then he no longer has the right to be Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY! I can understand the Opposition not supporting the vote but if he was so concerned about his own cabinet/ government then why did he tell them to vote their conscience. Personally I believe each one should have and they did vote the way their constituents wanted them to. Apparently after it is all said and done it was more important to hold on to the make believe majority than get a yes vote. I believe he humiliated himself. normally he seems to be able to make a last minute calculated move but this time it back-fired. Could it be that he is as skillful as he once was? It is what it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        He told them they could vote their conscience because he knew they would do so anyway. (More embarrassing to him)
        But his ego made him so sure he didn’t need their votes to pass the bill

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your should be humiliated all on your own.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wait, it took him this long to figure out that these people are an embarrassment?

    • Anonymous says:

      He needs to accept the fact that he brought us to this point, he should have dealt with before he sent it to the courts. His administration put us in this position.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So now you know how Caymanians feel…your 8 years of governing for your own personal interests and blatant destruction of the opportunities for Caymanians for your personal benefit…we are incredibly embarrassed by your third world exploitation of office…you need to leave politics and cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Mr. Premier, you are correct , we were all made in the image of God!! The great debate is what happened since then? Go back and read your bible again with that in mind. You are smart you can figure it out. Just asking for a friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please. Every four years Caymanians moan about the government that they vote in.Alden didn’t give you enough handouts? Everyone with their hand out and whoever give the most, they vote for. You all voted for the Government that you got. Alden got us through a crisis so stop complaining about minor issues. This is just a distraction. We have more important things to worry about like jobs and our children’s education.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, did he bother to ask God His feelings?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The minute Cayman let “Progressives” control the country we should have known it was morally done! Congratulations to the dissenters for letting us see what the PPM and the UK are about!

    • Anonymous says:

      “Congratulations to the dissenters for letting us see what the PPM and the UK are about!”
      Really? The only thing the “dissenters” have done is show us that the UK stands for the rule of law and they do not.
      It’s all very well getting on your moral high horse but when you ignore the rights that all Caymanians have under our constitution which was agreed by the people in a government led referendum, then you show your true ignorance and double standards!

      • Anonymous says:

        What was important to people about the Constitution was political advancement, not human rights. Human rights were warned about. People would say things like ‘we don’t need human rights’ or ‘we’re not ready for human rights’. It’s hilarious just to type out now, but back then (and we’re talking a mere 11 years ago), those were mainstream opinions. Human rights would lead to all kinds of things. Even the gays would have rights! And the people who said things like that then, are still very much alive. Which tells you how the problem ultimately gets solved.

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought every person had rights. Or gay people are different than human beings? So straight people are going to have to demand they have their rights as well. Sick people.
        I guess Aldart had to see to the passage of the law, because it strikes so close to the heart.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s very hard to govern a nation when there are still many people who believe in fairy tales and superstition. Wherever cults have that kind of political power through their numbers, you find abuse – much like you find in religious regimes in Iran, or even in American polygamist cults. You can justify almost anything, when you quote make-believe laws as your power. Much like suicide bombers, who are driven to tragic absurdity by the same sort of warped beliefs, how can you reason with that? To persecute people for who they LOVE, based on religious beliefs… no way! Someone had to act. Like the State must sometimes take custody of a mentally ill person and make decisions for them, there was a need for civilization, writ large, to compensate for the pure ignorance of people like Jon Jon. The most futile thing is to argue with someone like him, who believes in the unbelievable and doesn’t have the intelligence to see beyond his own myopic views.

  15. Hermaphrodite Brig says:

    Pure political theatre.

    The Premier knew exactly what he was doing when he waived the collective vote. And he knew exactly what the outcome would be.

    This is all just posturing after the fact to ensure history looks upon him favourably, even as he continues to captain his crew of deplorables.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Humiliated by this but not really effected by the possible drunken violent assault of a woman at her work?

    • Anonymous says:

      Still cant fathom how mac has just waltzed back from vacation. And dont get me started on Kenneth Bryan thwarting the vote of no confidence. Unforgivable.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems to me all our mla’s men and women agree with men are men and women (at leastl expat women) are chattel.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s done. Clearly no reason why we can’t have strippers,casinos, gambling, sell cash pot and party after Saturday 12am to Sunday mornings. Fake and hypocritical %%%% ho&&es..

  18. Anonymous says:

    Get over yourselves… You are all done!

  19. Anonymous says:

    He should have fired Jon Jon when his wife breached the curfew, instead of defending him and making up some story about only being able to control a dog in his own house. He might have got the bill passed then.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thank God rule of law still exists! For now… Goodbye Bush???

  21. Anonymous says:

    You all gone and let the snake in, watch when he bite you. What good is it to gain the world and lose your souls? I pray hard for my 3 beautiful Islands, knowing we are situated in a very dangerous zone. God do not like ugly!🙏🙏🇫🇰✝️

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the uneducated and myopathy that still infects the world. Hate-based religions, who would call someone who loves another person of the same gender a ‘snake’, are the scourge of the world. Once this kind of ignorance is eliminated from the world, we’ll all be better off.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope you’re also including the Muslim religion, the one that encourages the stoning of women and homosexuals…

        CNS: Extreme forms of Islam encourage violence – mental and physical – just as extreme forms of Christianity do. Please don’t spread the lie that all Muslims believe this.

        • Anonymous says:

          CNS, the comment was written in a certain way because I was aware that it would draw a response.

          I think it is clear, to most sane people, that not all Muslims encourage violence, whether mental or physical, just as not all Christians hate homosexuals.

          What I find odd however is that CNS opposes the spread of certain generalizations about Muslims, but does not offer the same courtesy to Christians. For example, the comment below could also have drawn a similar clarification (ie. not all Christians try to impose their beliefs upon others; not all Christians are zealots; not all Christians hate homosexuals). Btw, I a not religious, but a little bit of fairness would go a long way:

          05/09/2020 at 7:45 am
          You can’t possibly be serious. If Christians were not constantly trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else, nobody would have anything to say about them. You religious zealots ask for and deserve the critiques but of course you would find a way to play victim. Bs like this infuriates me and I’m not gay or Christian, just sensible.

          Getting really sick of hearing about Christians and their beliefs tbh. You ppl are overstaying your welcome.

          CNS: Regarding your comment, I did understand its purpose. Sadly, though, there are many who would take it at face value. I don’t think it’s a question of insanity but what information they are exposed to. At this time there is a lot of anti-Muslim propaganda from certain quarters, especially in the US, where many here get their international news from.

          I do take your point about fairness and certainly do not believe that all Christians are zealots. The difference in my approach to moderating is that Muslims here are a very very small minority, which makes them vulnerable to abuse, whereas Christianity is the overwhelmingly dominant religion here. One result of this is that everyone has at the very least a familiarity with the belief system and would not be inclined to believe that they would stone adulterers, whereas there is much ignorance about other religions and some people might actually think that this is the general belief of all Muslims. My aim is just to balance the scales, but I can see why you think I was doing the opposite.

          • Anonymous says:

            CNS, thank you for your response, as well as for providing a forum for discussion. I believe that CNS practices outstanding journalism, allows for diverse opinions, and provides a voice for ALL people of the Cayman Islands and those abroad.

            My “criticism” was in part fueled by some of the anti-Christian vitriol spread by some people on this forum, that sometimes goes unchallenged. Again, I am not religious, but I do believe that all religions ought to be treated with the same respect, fairness, and protection. And I have a particular distaste for some expats (not you) who are guests of the Cayman Islands, but treat Caymananians and their beliefs with complete disdain (if they’re going to be critical, they ought to have the decency to at least be polite about it). Finally, I do not believe that you believe that all Christians are zealots.

            In part, I get some of the anti-Christian comments – some, like the Minister of Education, ought to practice what they preach (ie. love they neighbour, homosexuals included). In part, however, I believe that other less public figures are entitled to their opinions, as long as those opinions do not cause harm. I have a sister who is married to a same sex partner whom I support (equal rights) fully. Nonetheless, I also support the rights of those who disagree with homosexuality, again, as long as their beliefs do not cause harm. My other sister (half-sister in Germany) happens to be married to a Turkish Muslim man. I support her and her husband, I am happy for her, and I’d rather she be married to a Muslim man who treats her right, than to a Christian who may not. In that respect, and others, I couldn’t care less whether people are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, black, white, purple, yellow, etc.

            I understand clearly your reason for defending the Muslim minority in the Cayman Islands. In fact, when I thought of it, that was exactly why I thought that you were somewhat more vocal about one group than the other. Having said that, on the world stage, the two religions are getting closer in their number of followers (Christianity is still the number one religion in the world, with the Muslim religion closing in on the numbers). In addition, I would also argue that the degree of persecution of Christians by Muslims on the world stage may be worse than vice versa. (ie. disappearing Christian communities in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan; bombings of Christian churches and communities throughout the Middle East and Africa – ie. Egypt, Nigeria, etc.

            I realize that this is a very complex topic, without easy answers, and that there are many pro and counter arguments to be made…something that a few opinions cannot resolve. Thank you again for your fair journalism, your response, and for providing people with a voice.

    • Anonymous says:

      well then she must hate you

    • Anonymous says:

      Well God sure don’t like you then.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “a society that values each and every person within it, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation” – which country is he referring to, because it sure as hell isn’t Cayman. Does he seriously expect people to believe this bears any resemblance to reality – how does he reconcile that with the daily catalogue of examples of discrimination and prejudice – the rhetoric against Jamaicans specifically and foreigners generally, the over riding emphasis on Christianity as against other religions (or for that matter against certain sects of the Christian tradition), the recurrent pattern of verbal and physical violence against women (exemplified by certain members of his government), and of course the vitriol against providing homosexual with equal rights.

    His colleagues like JuJu may not have particularly attractive views on these issues, but at least they dont try and pretend that Cayman is some liberal Eden with a few isolated extremists – hell, the majority of the LA are counting on exactly those prejudices to get re-elected.

    And it seems a massive co-incidence that his new found belief in equal rights comes close to the end of his term as premier, at a time when he must be hopeful of a gong from the Queen for his service, particularly around Covid.

    “Much of the debate inside the Legislative Assembly and in the media has caused our sisters and brothers in the LGBT community to feel belittled, undervalued and ostracised..” – yeah, and what about your actions in strenuously resisting attempts by those brave young ladies to get recognition – not much brother /sisterhood there, was there, and sweet FA of standing up to your colleagues in the LA. Where were you when Dwayne and the others weighed in with their homophobic comments in the House? What drove your defence of the application for judicial review of the denial of marriage rights in the face of your late professed belief that denying the LGBT community legal recognition of established relationships is wrong?

    The only difference between you and the likes of the Minister of Education is that she is at least honest about her beliefs, as repugnant as they may be. You are either manifestly dishonest about your true feelings, or were willing to conduct a course of action you apparently personally considered was immoral. Who could ever trust a word out of your mouth now? Away and tend to your farm – you have exceeded your sell by date, and the new politically correct Alden just doesn’t wash. You are as convincing with your new found love for civil rights for minorities as Donald trump trying to appeal to the black vote.

  23. Anonymous says:

    We the silent majority of Caymanians are humilated by Premier Mclaughlin actions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Speak fuh ya self

    • Anonymous says:

      We the silent majority of Caymanians are actually humiliated by these kind of thoughtless comments which seek to support intolerance and eventually hate.
      The world has moved on and LGBT equal rights are now very much accepted, even in many conservative jurisdictions.

  24. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Wth really humiliated? Resign then! Just like people that advocate for the law, there are people have a right to vote their conscience, humilated why though? Is it because you’re not going to get that next gong from the Royal family for not delivering a law that the vast majority of indigenous people oppose!

  25. Anonymous says:

    A great day for Cayman and those of us who believe in the Bible that says treat thy neighbour as yourself

    Stop the hate. Thank you Governor and Premier

  26. Anonymous says:

    Now you know how we the people feel, having to be governed by these fools for years.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Typical narcissist!!! Always about him smh

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Just before the 2017 election he swore he would not support the imposition of homosexual rights to a church group now today he is cheering because the governor has done it. Alden will say and do anything for power

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Imposition of homosexual rights to a church group’….. what does it mean actually? Sounds like everyone in a church group is required to be gay and exercise this right. What on earth…

  28. Anonymous says:

    If the Cayman Islands had to truly depend on the prayers of the hypocrites we have in the LA and in our wider community, we would have been doomed forever on any matter whatever they be. Prayers from the likes of such people “do not go higher than the ceilings of their places of worship and their homes.”

    Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    If Alden is humiliated by the Government why doesn’t he resign?

    Answer: Humiliated or not, money, greed and power is his mantra.

    If Alden knew this was the way the vote would go why did he release his cabinet his cabinet to vote their conscience? Was it because if Julie, John John, and Capt. Eugene he would lose his government and power?

    Answer: This was a way for him to say “I told you so” and to slough off “politically” some of the current members of the so called “unity government” that he won’t need or maybe now will need for his re-election and his hold on power.

    Alden is not humiliated. Alden his playing the political game. Take them down before they take me down.

    One thing I will always give him credit for, he learnt at the feet of McKeeva how to keep his puppets voting for him and keeping him in power. We saw when power came into being last election they decided to join power, take the two most powerful positions and keep their power over the people in check.

    My only hope for next year is that we can have a new, younger, less power hungry and country minded group of people running so that we can remove the stains of Alden and McKeeva from the political arena forever.

    What alden should be humiliated about is allowing Mckeeva to take an unapproved leave of absence and return after being arrested for allegedly beating up a woman in public. Like always we will never get an answer to why he continues to allow that. Does he need Mac to win the next election or is he planning on dumping him soon?

    As a Caymanian and registered voter, I am humiliated too! Humiliated by the people that are in charge of our government..

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep the puppets voting for him? With a comment like “our sisters and brothers in the LGBT community ” I think we can rule that out. Alden sees the exit sign looming large – this is about securing the CBE, not about political expediency. About as credible as a KKK member saying he was always a NAACP supporter.

  30. nobody says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Premier, I trust you accept that the “sisters and brothers in the LGBT community” also hurled the same stones at the church and at Christians in this community, making them “feel belittled, undervalued and ostracised.”
    As you say, “Jesus never treated people in that way, ever.”
    Please don’t pretend the vitriol was one-sided.
    With that said, it must stop. On BOTH sides.

    • Anonymous says:

      The vitriol may have been on both sides, but the practical consequences of the status quo were not. You can call all the names you want – its not grown up or very nice, but there is a hell of a difference between mocking another’s beliefs or sexual orientation, and denying people basic legal rights. There is a fundamental difference between making fun or disparaging someones beliefs – which affects that persons feelings of pride and self image – and denying them basic rights readily available to the majority.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t possibly be serious. If Christians were not constantly trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else, nobody would have anything to say about them. You religious zealots ask for and deserve the critiques but of course you would find a way to play victim. Bs like this infuriates me and I’m not gay or Christian, just sensible.

      Getting really sick of hearing about Christians and their beliefs tbh. You ppl are overstaying your welcome.

  32. Elvis says:

    I hung my head in shame for cayman that day it was rejected. WhT an embarrassment it was for the UK to have to implement the law for idiots fighting it down

  33. JTB says:

    If you lie down with dogs…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Alden knew what he was getting in to when he got into bed with the likes of JuJu and Jon Jon…if he is humiliated by their actions then the territory as a whole must be humiliated by his alliances.

  35. Anonymous says:

    No sympathy here for your Mr Premier. You made your bed out of a rag tag group of MLA’s to take power and how did that work out? You name Dwayne Seymour, Health Minister, seriously? JuJu in charge of Education or should that be indoctrination? Last but not least, you sold your soul to McKeeva as Speaker. You reap what you sow………….

    • Anonymous says:

      He had no alternative. If he had not formed a unity government we all know Mac would have been premier . Alden in-fact saved us from that terrible fate and we should be grateful.,

      • Anonymous says:

        If the police did their jobs he might have been.

      • Anonymous says:

        No difference..He and Mac run the country. do you honestly believe that if Alden could do without McKeeva’s vote now that he wouldn’t have thrown him under the bus a long time ago.

        Caymanians memory is so short. By this time next May Alden and Mac will be smelling like fresh roses again.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yes, most MLAs are a massive embarrassment. Alden got that right at least.

    • Anonymous says:

      Including him..

    • ppm Distress Signal says:

      Especially Premier Alden McLaughlin who has sold out the ppm and has sold out to dart and all big developers. He is a disgrace thatwill do anything for powers looking for a knighthood

  37. David “Benjy” Holmes says:

    There is a core of goodness in the MLA; a root of humanity. There is hope.
    The bigotry and hypocrisy shown by the Minister of Education and others will dry up and shrivel. Be patient. There is hope.
    The children of Cayman, straight and gay, will carry on the battle for equal rights for all.

    • Anonymous says:

      The minister of education is the biggest embarrassment to this government that I can think of. Jon Jon is a real close second but this woman is in charge of our children’s education and futures. The education system here was failing to begin with, she have raised to folks doing a poor job and every time she speaks all she does is preach hate. Christian nation or not, hate doesn’t belong in our children’s lives. If our kids want to have their own views on the subject later in life then so be it; but to indoctrinate them with religion that may not be their own and hate that should be no ones is not at all the place of the education minister. XXXX

      • Anonymous says:

        The only person in “charge” of your child’s education is you(parents who brought them here). Figure that out and it will determine what kind of future they will have. When did the politicians and teachers inherit that responsibility?

        • Anonymous says:

          They indoctrinate our children in the schools. They got some of the schools in Cayman Brac operating like SDA schools. They used to have Halloween parties. Now, they can’t even have dress up like Heroes or Princesses. They can’t have pork in the schools.

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