Opposition makes direct attack on governor

| 08/09/2020 | 150 Comments
Cayman News Service
Governor Martyn Roper presents Arden McLean with the Instrument of Appointment as the new leader of the opposition, 23 May 2019

(CNS): Opposition Leader Arden McLean has gone on the attack against Governor Martyn Roper, accusing Britain’s representative in the Cayman Islands of pursuing his own personal agenda with the implementation of the Civil Partnership Law. In a letter to the overseas territories minister, Baroness Sugg, and in a press release from the official opposition, McLean took aim at the governor, although he did not define what he believes Roper’s agenda is.

In addition to suggesting that the governor had been planning since February to push the law providing for same-sex unions, which was implemented on Friday, McLean said he had used “colonial heavy handedness” to give assent to the law that had been rejected by the legislature and the Cayman people.

In another five-page letter addressed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (which is now the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office), McLean covered a litany of complaints about the bill and how it became law last week. He also said the governor was “discourteous” for failing to respond to his letters.

McLean accused the UK of racism and compared Roper’s imposition of the law to the situation in Hong Kong (where China is brutally suppressing protests and arresting political activists). He said the governor had no regard for Cayman’s Constitution and that the people want him recalled, claiming that the majority of the people had lost faith in Roper.

While there is certainly a vocal conservative Christian movement opposing the legislation supporting human rights for same-sex couples, there are also many who appear to be more than happy to see equality for all. Nevertheless, a poll conducted by the opposition of just 1,000 people resulted in 90% against. (See CNS poll below.)

Whatever public sentiment is on the matter, gay rights are human rights and the public cannot vote for or against who should and who should not have rights within the Constitution.

The opposition leader is clearly aware of this and the official opposition has not at this point backed any legal action that might emerge regarding the implementation of the CP law. Instead McLean is focusing on the governor and his key role in making the bill law, although in the press release he also took the opportunity to criticise his political opponent, Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Referring to Roper, he said, “Despite his protestations that he did not want to find himself in this position and his love for the people of this country, it is alarmingly obvious that he too used this opportunity to fulfill a personal agenda.” Without explaining what he thinks that agenda is, he added, “This is borne out by his total lack of respect for the members of the legislature who voted against a bill that was flawed and rushed.”

McLean said “the lack of respect was further exacerbated” when he published Baroness Sugg’s letter to the opposition leader but did not send it on to him.

“The Governor’s actions and disregard for our Caymanian way of life, attests to the saying, ‘A man can’t serve two masters’. While the Cayman Islands public purse is paying for his salary and lifestyle, he remains very much a devoted UK public servant,” McLean stated.

CNS has contacted the opposition leader and some of his team regarding the allegation about Roper’s personal agenda and we are awaiting a response.

See the press release and letter to Baroness Sugg in the CNS Library.

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Comments (150)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There was no referendum so Caymanians haven’t rejected anything. He doesn’t speak for the Cayman people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I understand the desire for the opposition to be seen to oppose this law but Arden Mclean needs to understand that his position is now bordering on the wrong side of dangerous.
    I am Caymanian and I choose to invest in Cayman because I know it is based on the rule of law. The moment that changes all bets are off.
    Anyone looking at this from the outside would see a bunch of local politicians unable to handle the reality that they themselves are creating instability because they cannot get their heads around the fact that they cannot cherry pick which laws are followed and which are not.
    Above everything is our constitution which our highest local court has said must be followed and isn’t. This isn’t negotiable.
    Arden’s continued refusal to tackle this central problem means he either condones a position where certain people are being discriminated against or condones a reality where the rule of law doesn’t need to be followed. Both are equally terrifying. This isn’t leadership. This is a cop out to assuage those people he wishes to continue to pacify. Arden should relinquish his position as leader of the opposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      We hope East Enders will finally wake up next election

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t have to worry. We are waking up. He is using this to obfuscate he failings and hopes it give him national appeal.

        Talking foolishness about he deserves to be Premier.

  3. Vote the fossils out! says:

    🔈🔈 I propose each of us makes a list of the Caymanians under 45 that we consider MLA material and call them to encourage them to run for office. Even if we have to create a group that works together to create their manifesto, print flyers, etc. #MISSIONNEWBLOOD

  4. Anonymous says:

    Read McLean’s letter. If I was Baroness Sugg, I wouldn’t bother to waste my time in detailing a reply. I would simply respond:

    Dear Mr. McLean,
    I note the content of your letter. In giving reasoned consideration to the points you raise, I have to say that I have never read such a load of ‘tosh’.

    My suggestion is that you hold a referendum on the issue of independence and if the majority of Caymanians wish to have you and your colleague MLAs run the Cayman Islands without any oversight from the UK, then your right to self-determination will be observed.

    We, as members of Her Majesty’s Government, will be glad to see the back of the Cayman Islands as an OT and would look forward to the time when we did not have to have any political interaction with you, or listen to any more of your garbage.

    Love and ‘hugs’. BS x

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Alternate reply – Dear Mr. McLean, we have a new post here in the UK called the Ministry of STU, would you be so kind of heading it up? WE are doing this for too reasons, one to relieve the people of EAST End of a spur in their buttstocks and the people of the Cayman Islands with an fresh start after their C19 lockdown. Whilst STU means STUPIDITY we are more than willing to compromise on the name made BUTT would be better? Let me have your thoughts before you lose the election.
      Kind Regards,

  5. Anonymous says:

    You call it “discourteous” call it being a tyrant.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Arden please stop making people believe all Caymanians are stupid like you.

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