Cayman Islands border opening very limited

| 30/09/2020 | 147 Comments
Cayman News Service
British Airways flight from Grand Cayman

(CNS): Government officials have stressed that while the Cayman Islands’ borders will begin a phased reopening on Thursday, 1 October, admission will still be very limited. As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, tourists will not be allowed to enter at this time, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism. As well as those already permitted to return, only homeowners, students and those with close family ties to residents can enter during this first phase.

Tourists are expected to be allowed to visit the islands in phase two but no date has been set for that second stage in this phased process. Meanwhile, neither plans for the proposed ‘global citizen’ programme, which would allow people who can to work virtually from Cayman to do so, nor the concept of ‘resort bubbles‘ have been fully outlined.

While the government is still referring to 1 October as the start of the phased reopening of the country’s borders, in reality little has changed from the current circumstances.

When the British Airways fortnightly service arrives on Thursday, most of the passengers on board will take part in the home-isolation project using geofencing technology. All those aged five and over will also be tested for coronavirus at the airport.

Wristbands will be issued to everyone who will be isolating at home. They will then be taken to their residence, where the parameters of their isolation and that of anyone else in the household to which they are returning will be set.

The wristbands have been tested on 29 travellers who arrived here on the previous flight from London and on public servants, and so far no breaches of the quarantine protocols have been reported.

Officials said that evaluations will continue on the technology as well as processes and procedures as more flights arrive through October and more people arrive here from overseas. All of the participants will be tested on the fifteenth day after their arrival and will require a negative PCR test result signed off by the medical officer of health for their quarantine period to end.

“With the safety of the Cayman Islands community remaining a top priority, government has combined several distinct layers of protection to safeguard residents and minimise the risks from COVID-19,” officials stated in a press release. “These include an element of personal responsibility, supported by repeated PCR testing, monitoring through geofencing technology, random checks and strong penalties for non-compliance.”

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said that with the stringent policy decisions Cayman has minimised the community spread of COVID-19 in comparison to many other regions of the world.

“Although we are in a relatively safe bubble, the economic impact of remaining closed to the rest of the world is increasingly translating into business closures and job losses, leaving Caymanian families facing significant hardship,” he said. “Government is doing as much as we can to provide relief programmes and financial support to those most affected, but this will not be sustainable over the long term,” the minister added but did not say when the country will move to the next reopening phase.

“We are continuing to monitor and learn from the experiences of jurisdictions that have already opened and we are putting robust health and safety mechanisms in place so that when it becomes safe to do so, tourists can gradually be welcomed back to our shores, enabling people to return to work,” Kirkconnell said.

Government has not revealed how many people will be arriving on the BA flight on Thursday. CNS understands that when the flight leaves on Friday to return to the UK it will go via the Bahamas.

Since there is to be no press briefing ahead of this first step in the border reopening process, CNS asked government to confirm if this means that those returning to Britain will now need to quarantine on arrival in London and we are awaiting a response.

The government has issued the new requirements for those who want to travel to Cayman and meet the current criteria. All incoming passengers must still register with TravelTime and receive pre-travel approval. All arriving passengers aged five and over will be tested at the airport on arrival and again two weeks later.

Most travellers will be allowed to quarantine at home wearing a iMSafe wristband but all members of the household will be subject to the same quarantine requirements. Anyone not approved to quarantine at their residence will be required to quarantine either at a government or privately run facility for 14 days.

While a household is in quarantine, food, medication and essential supplies should be ordered from suppliers who accept contactless payment and offer delivery service.

Any member of the household who does not comply with the conditions could be committing a criminal offence and may be prosecuted and required to complete the remainder of their isolation period in a government-run isolation facility. Anyone found to have committed an
offence will face a fine of $1,000 and imprisonment for six months.

During the month of October no one will be charged a fee for the monitoring wristband or the PCR tests.

During this first phase of reopening only private charters and repatriation flights operated by Cayman Airways and British Airways are allowed to enter Cayman. Although approval to leave the Island is not required, government continues to caution residents that travel should be limited to essential or medical needs only.

See here for the latest news and information regarding travel to and from the Cayman Islands.

See the press release outlining full details of the new travel arrangements in the CNS Library.

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  1. Seriously? says:

    It would be nice if CIG could do something simple like update the travel time section of their website for the new rules.

    It is not like they didn’t know the 1st of October was coming.

  2. DBH says:

    -sad that there is no plan to get tourism back to Grand Cayman

    -sad that CIG believes there are scads of uber-wealthy property owners waiting in the wings to flock back to the island

    -sad that CIG doesn’t understand that the uber-wealthy people they expect to come and spend money have plenty of other places they can go and not be placed on house arrest

    -sad that the government has convinced so many that if Covid is present everyone will die

    -sad that many do not believe the downfall of the tourism sector will not lead to the downfall of other sectors

    -sad that CIG is spending 1.9 million dollars to secure a line of credit that they may never use (maybe that 1.9 million could have been used to fix the dump)

    -sad that there are thousands of property owners that simply can’t return because they are not in a position to be under house arrest for 15-17 days

    -sad that people do not realize the real estate market is not going to remain strong, soon many of those property owners will be putting their homes/condos/land on the market because what is the point of owning in a place you can’t visit and have no idea when you might be able to visit again

    -sad because at some point the handouts from the government will stop, then how will food be put on the table

    -sad because our government officials are not suffering, they have no clue how the little guy lives and they never will

    -sad because Covid is not going to disappear and in the future Cayman will have no clue how to live WITH Covid other than revert back to strick lockdowns and control of everyone’s lives

    -these are just my sad thoughts about what our future looks like…can’t leave the island without being under arrest when we return, can’t have family visit because they can’t afford a private jet to get here, and can’t take off enough time from work to quarantine for 15-17 days, can’t get mail, can’t send mail, the list goes on and if seems there is no end in sight.

    Sorry for being “Debbie Downer” but at this point, I feel CIG has let us down and they will not move forward with allowing air traffic to return until the end of next year at best. And you know what it really stinks! This place is beautiful (if you look past the dump) but seriously at some point, the downfall of tourism will take its toll on all of us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad state of affairs, to put it kindly….

    • Anonymous says:

      Good thing CIG doesn’t care about your opinion. Never seen more ungrateful and wutless people in my life than those who comment on CNS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only plan is follow the English Man

    • The Triangle says:

      Not saying that Bermuda is perfect

      But look at Bermuda and other places who have placed rules in place

      for tourist and returning residents

      some of your small businesses will close forever

    • Jimmy says:

      For damn sure for damn sure !!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is shocking how many believe that Grand Cayman is in high demand for rich and famous. Not until the Dump is gone and the environment is cleaned up.

    • Anonymous says:

      2:58 You could be surprise how many want to come here

    • Anonymous says:

      Many people whether “rich” or working class want to come here. Hell just look at the BA flights.
      Read Compass comments many are asking when they can come or saying they are looking forward to vacationing next year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, American Airlines is rolling out preflight testing for Hawaii, Bahamas and Jamaica, under which .. ” Any Jamaican resident who tests negative for COVID-19 ahead of their flight will be able to skip the required 14-day quarantine currently imposed on returning residents” …

    • Anonymous says:

      And they have Covid circulating in their community. Spot the difference?

      • Jake Spellings says:

        And their economies and personal freedoms aren’t destroyed unlike the imbeciles in Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          The economies of the Bahamas and Jamaica were destroyed long before Covid.

          Our economy is actually doing better than many think, at least for now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t tell Caymanians how to run their island. Please allow them to continue their downfall. I for one believe that Cayman island would be better run by the UK. Give it a year. Or a hurricane.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least some people are trying to find workable solutions, rather than just sticking their heads in the sand and hoping it all goes away. Not sure about no quarantine at this stage, but 5-7 days quarantine may mitigate most of the risk.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would urge people to look at what Bermuda is doing. It has reopened its borders to visitors with sensible pre travel and at arrival testing and quarantine requirements. It has not seen a spike in positive Covid cases and community transmission is low to zero. They now have daily flights coming in from the USA and UK and are able to control the incidents of Covid 19 through the large scale testing they are doing. On 28th September they reported 1232 tests with none positive and have conducted nearly 65,000 tests to date. Bermuda doesn’t require expensive GPS monitoring of arrivals and has moved quickly to bring in pragmatic procedures for arriving residents and visitors. The gotobermuda web site now lists many hotels which are open and ready for business.
    The government of Bermuda has continued to show a flexible approach to handling the pandemic, balancing public health needs with the legitimate economic needs of any society. They will continue to be flexible in their approach, even if this means changing or toughening the current restrictions.
    The Cayman government’s approach continues to be too rigid and their response time way too slow in nearly every area. If we continue at this snails pace then economic reality will take over and tourism will regress by at least 5 to 10 years. As an example the Global Citizen program is dead in the water and unlikely to yield positive results unless there is a rapid change in government direction and speed.
    Our government has been at pains to “save” everyone from Covid and the result will be large scale destruction of people’s livelihoods and businesses that support tourism. You cannot cut off a whole economic sector from operating for 9 to 12 months and expect it to survive. Many Cayman businesses are struggling right now and are on life support financially. It won’t take much for many of them to tip over the edge into closure.
    The government should have introduced 14 day home isolation for returning residents in August. There was nothing stopping it doing so apart from political will and operational dithering.
    The government should have opened our borders on September 1st to people owning properties with pre arrival testing, arrival testing and then testing at the end of 10 days.
    These actions would have allowed us to understand whether we could begin to open up to visitors who wish to come and self isolate for less than 14 days but with multiple testing at different times.
    At the moment we are a beginning to look like a joke. Hope is not a strategy and we are hoping the virus will go away. It won’t! We are hoping that a vaccine will be the magic bullet. It won’t! (It will help but it won’t make everyone safe). And in amongst all this the world is just getting on without us.
    The Cayman government needs to step up its game and move with purpose to restore the international links which are our lifeline. If they do not then it won’t just be the tourism sector that suffers. Financial services and other areas will begin to slow as Cayman cuts itself off from the world.

    • Hubert says:

      Bermuda is light years ahead of Cayman on how they do things. We refuse to learn from them because we are a brilliant people.

      • Anonymous says:

        1:23 light years ahead when? 😂 they do one thing semi decently and suddenly they are the crux of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      And if you thought I was joking about the vaccine issue, this just in from a study commissioned by the Royal Society in London. A key quote from the news story “There’s not a question of life suddenly returning to normal in March.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Life will return to normal on its own.

        • Orlando Bob says:

          Sure life will return to normal on its own but only after 20 to 30 million die in America from COVID. The situation is not getting better in America with cases skyrocketing. Of course, anti science Trump people will just say this is fake news until they are dead.

    • AnonymousLC says:

      Hear, hear!

  6. Anonymous says:

    If I read the conditions of home isolation correctly wearing the iMSafe bracelet I can’t remove it but am required to charge it when it’s at 30% power level and its not water proof. How are we supposed to recharge the unit? So, I can’t use my pool, I probably can’t shower that should really promote social distancing. iMSafe – NOT

    • Anonymous says:

      i dont think you recharge the unit, you recharge your phone that’s connected to it for monitoring. Reading about them online, you can shower no problem
      these things seem to be better idea than the benjamin buttons

  7. Anonymous says:

    Phased Opening of Our Borders Programme
    Monitoring Technology: Participant Agreement to Terms & Conditions
    By participating in this programme, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
     You will be transported directly to your place of isolation by an authorised person and will activate your quarantine location immediately upon entering your place of isolation. You will wear a mask or cloth face covering until you enter your place of isolation, including in the taxi.
     You will not leave your place of isolation unless you have received advance authorisation from the Medical Officer of Health or in the case of an emergency. If there is an emergency that requires you to leave your place of isolation, you will telephone 911 to inform them of the emergency and of your current location. If you have a question or concern about an essential task that may require you to leave your place of isolation, you will seek specific guidance from the monitoring and compliance team using the contact details that have been provided to you.
     You will take appropriate precautions to protect the mobile device issued to you as part of this programme from damage or loss. You will also ensure this mobile device, at all times:
    o has at least 30% of charge in the battery;
    o has Mobile Data services enabled, including for the Tracesafe application; and o remains in the same room as you within your place of isolation.
     You will make all reasonable efforts to be available for telephone calls and physical checks at your place of isolation made by authorised Public Health officials and other members of the compliance team. This includes answering calls on the mobile device issued to you as part of this programme and/or your personal mobile device within a reasonable timeframe and presenting yourself at the doorway of your place of isolation if requested in order to speak to an official. For all in-person interactions of this nature, you will also wear a mask or cloth face covering.
     You will not attempt to tamper with or remove the wristband fitted to you, and you will ensure it remains powered on at all times. You will not fully submerge your wristband in water or any other liquid for more than 30 seconds, including in a sink, bathtub, swimming pool or spa.
     If the monitoring and compliance team receives an automated alert that indicates a potential issue with your monitoring technology or non-compliance with a requirement of your isolation, they will contact you by telephone or in person. You will answer their questions and provide any information that may be requested, including details of your current location or location history and reason for movement if your monitoring technology cannot confirm these facts.
     You will not allow any individual who does not reside in your household to enter your home or to enter your yard space if you are physically outside of your home at the time. This includes but is
    Page 1 of 2

    Phased Opening of Our Borders Programme Monitoring Technology: Participant Agreement to Terms & Conditions
    not limited to friends and family members, nannies, domestic helpers and other household employees, work colleagues, service providers, and delivery persons. If your place of isolation requires emergency indoor work, you will contact the monitoring and compliance team and discuss the requirement before authorisation will be considered for an individual to enter your place of isolation under conditions that will be specified by the Medical Officer of Health. Please note that indoor work is considered an emergency if it cannot possibly be postponed until the end of the quarantine period.
    You will not have direct contact with any individual delivering food, medicine or other supplies during your period of isolation. You will ask friends, family members, neighbours and individuals providing delivery services for or on behalf of a business to provide contactless payment and/or delivery services. Payments should be completed over the telephone or online and you will not physically collect supplies until after the person delivering the supplies has left your yard space or property vicinity. Please note that these directions of the Medical Officer of Health for the purposes of regulations made under the Public Health Law relating to the control of Covid-19. Any breach of these directions may result in your removal from this programme without notice and a requirement to complete your isolation period in a Government Isolation Facility. Certain breaches of these directions may also amount to an offence under the Public Health Law and regulations made under it relating to the control of Covid-19.
    If you do not wish to participate in this programme for any reason, or if you decide to stop participating after you have been fitted with a wristband and/or transported to your intended place of isolation, the alternative is to complete (the remainder of) your isolation period at a Government Isolation Facility. This may be at a cost of CI$9,000 or more. You may be required to fully cover the cost of this isolation.
    By signing this form, you signify your agreement to these terms and conditions of participation.
    ____________________________________ / __/ ______
    Participant name (please print clearly): _____________________________________
    If you are the parent/legal guardian of a child under the age of 16 who will participate in the programme and on whose behalf you are signifying agreement to these conditions, please clearly print the name(s) of your child(ren)/ward(s) below. In agreeing to these terms and conditions of participation you are also signifying your agreement to ensuring that your children are familiar with them. Children aged 16 or 17 should sign their own form.
    Child participant name(s): ______________________________________________________________
    Page 2 of 2

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the actual agreement?

    • Anonymous says:

      No sane person would choose to travel here under the above listed entry requirements , when they can go elsewhere to a place that has managed the present Covid crisis to allow travelling there & avoid a 14 day quarantine.

      • Anonymous says:

        They can come here and after 14 days roam freely in our very safe environment or go somewhere else and take their chances, which are not likely very good. Careless is as careless does.

        • Anonymous says:

          ☠️ ⛔️Very safe environments don’t include carcinogenic dumps. 🆘

        • Anonymous says:

          You know virtually everyone recovers from this cold, right?! The rest of the world people are just getting on with life, vacationing, etc
          Only people with low vitamin d levels are even badly affected, should just do a vitamin d test for all residents and visitors and tell those who are low to get outside or take a supplement, this isn’t rocket science, switch the news off and you won’t even know there’s anything wrong as virtually everyone will be fine!

          • Anonymous says:

            Tell that to the one million people worldwide!!
            Unless vitamin D stand for dead.

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes, one million is a lot of people, but put it into perspective…there are 7.8 billion people on this earth, so one million is only .01% of the population.

          • Hubert says:

            Guess President Trump did not get your message. He has COVID. Bet you think this is fake news.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that is what they want. They need to be able to say “we opened up” but in reality they just kept everything as it was.
        There is no real plan for getting the tourism sector working again. It’s a joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for sending.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for applying to travel to the Cayman Islands. As the next step in your application process you will need to identify a quarantine location.

    There are now three options available:

    1. Quarantine at Residence
    2. Quarantine at a Government Run Facility
    3. Quarantine at a Privately Run Facility

    Quarantine at Residence
    You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Quarantine in Residence Programme. This includes wearing a monitoring device that creates a virtual perimeter around your quarantine location and having your quarantine location inspected so that it can be approved by the Medical Officer of Health. Please see overview of Terms and Condition of Quarantine in Residence Programme attached.

    Please note that should you wish to participate in this programme where there are other persons who reside at that location, all members of the household will be subject to the same requirements. If you are interested in participating in the Quarantine in Residence Programme please provide the following information:

    § The address of your quarantine location and any instructions that will help inspectors locate the property.
    § The name and contact number of someone who will be able to provide the inspectors with access to the inside of the property.
    § The name and date of birth of anyone who is travelling with you and will be quarantining at the location.
    § The contact details of anyone who is not travelling with you but will reside in the household while you quarantine, so that they can be enrolled in the Quarantine in Residence Programme.

    If you wish to participate in the Quarantine at Residence Programme please note that your quarantine location must be inspected and approved before your application to travel to the Cayman Islands can be approved. As such, we encourage you to provide us with the required information as soon as possible.

    Quarantine at a Government Run Facility
    If this is your choice, please advise and we would be happy to provide you with information.

    Quarantine at a Privately Run Facility
    Attached please find brochures for the private facilities that currently provide quarantine services. If you wish to quarantine at any of these locations, please contact the location directly. Once booked, please provide us with your reservation number so that we can update your record and complete the processing of your application for travel to the Cayman Islands.

    Thank you in advance for helping us continue to keep our beautiful Cayman Islands safe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How about we get 20 people to stand for election on the platform of opening our borders and stop killing the economy? this is a global casedemic not a pandemic. It is easily lived with. We are avoiding the inevitable. This must stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s hard to live with something when you’re dead. Those that can’t read, and pivot might be getting “killed” by refusing to learn and adapt to the global circumstances. The CIG has hundreds of millions at its disposal to employ/stimulate and develop necessary longterm infrastructure. What an opportunity. Along the Hotel Tourism Core, all the bike lanes should have been done months ago (with all the money that was previously allocated 2015-2020 NRA Budgets for this). There should be a sidewalk on the east side of the road, and better lighting. What are we waiting for? We get periodic inert suggestions from the Brac-based Tourism Kleptocrat, who is strangely so busy and important that he has to now channel his thoughts through a junior underling press liaison.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Interesting Ba will now revert to flying via Nassau rather than flying direct..

    So you are good for an hour or the first leg but for the rest of the trip???

  11. Anonymous says:

    I read all these comments and I think what’s the unemployment rate lately? Does Cayman have an unemployment rate? If so, what’s it doing? Other places seem to think it’s important.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mean while in the real Cayman I am trying to keep Scotia bank from taking my house. But let’s focus on tourism.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is leading the way again. Everyone wants to live here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except those who already have.

        • Anonymous says:

          A good one! 👍

          The Dump turns Grand Cayman into….THE DUMP

          You can wrap it in as many shiny wrappers as you wish, but underneath it is still The Dump. Carcinogenic, decomposing, radioactive, filled with medical waste and dead animals. rodents, chicken, mosquitoes and other insect spread the viruses and bacteria around the rock. Welcome to paradise on your private plane through your private airport. Or Land on the top of the Dump for the fastest access to your property.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honey, you are supposed to be grateful you don’t have Covid. At least, that’s Alden’s stance.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Travel Time and CI Government have not provided the information needed about these tracking devices actually work. If they are dependent on an Android phone and bluetooth connection, what about those with I PHones? Or terrible WiFI as most of us in eastern districts suffer? So please tell us how those living in the FLOW internet black hole of the eastern districts can be monitored properly? Out here in Loer Valley it goes in and out all day and night. So would those in quarantine be constantly subjected to middle of the night phone calls because it looks like the bracelet was taken off? How about some answers!

  14. Anonymous says:

    CNS – Do you know what Public Heath looks for when approving / disapproving a residence for quarantine? Has the government published its criteria somewhere? It would be helpful for persons to know if they even have a chance of their homes qualifying. Thank you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “this will not be sustainable over the long term” ~Moses

    Most people have known that for many months.
    The government is clinging to a failed and disastrous strategy.
    Only a miracle will have us opening virtually risk free, but make no mistake we will eventually open (when the pain finds the right people)having gained nothing and massive losses for thousands. And the virus will still be there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Once the ‘right’ people are affected, I also think the strategy will change. Right now certain persons in the CIG seem to be willing to ignore a large part of the populations’ hardships and are asking us to basically ride it out and hope for the best.

      I hope that when the virus is gone we don’t have too many regrets for the way we allowed our government to handle this. No-one can predict the future, but we can certainly ignore the signs. I hope we don’t pass a point of no return.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please do not use the words boarder opening and travel time in the same sentence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Border not boarder…there is a difference..

      • Anonymous says:

        This is The Caymans. Here they are boarders, if you don’t like it then I suggest you cross the boarder and get out of here.

      • Anonymous says:

        My sincere apologies Ms. Spelling. Would you happen to have any useful comments on the subject at hand?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well this is major progress. One can now be tested at the airport.

  18. Anonymous says:

    April 2021.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will bet April 2022 unless the bank cuts off the money beforehand.

    • Anonymous says:

      for what???
      cayman bubble will still be too fragile to accept the international infection risk….
      sorry for the honesty….

  19. Patrick and Shirley Heft says:

    My husband and I from Calgary, Alberta Canada would like to visit our son living in the Cayman. Our 3 week flight was canceled by AA in March and I rescheduled it for December 16, this year. Will there be a problem getting in to George Town?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. Because we will have the same paranoids in government. Canadians are free to fly to the US, for any reason, so an option would be for you to meet your son in the U.S. Having spent 4 weeks of my summer in the US it was wonderful to be around persons respectful of the virus without being shamelessly and embarassinly afraid of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said and you are 100% RIGHT….The media makes it look way worse in the USA than it is.

        • Anonymous says:

          Living in the U.S., believe me it is getting very damn bad again. Numbers are beginning to go up in many parts of my country. Now between 800 and 1,000 coronavirus deaths each day. In places such as Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York State and New Jersey cases are beginning to go up again as people start moving indoors with fall.

          Probably a year before we get a vaccine if one listens to the experts not Trump.

          America certainly needs a national strategy on how to handle the virus. The 50 flowers bloom strategy is not working.

        • Miami Dave says:

          7:49 Worse than it is? Over 206,000 deaths in 7 months and 7 million people with the coronavirus. Guess it is a hoax. A really big one though.

          • Orlando Bob says:

            Until there is a national public health policy strategy America will not get ahead of the curve. Due to the fact that so many people travel all over the USA you cannot have one set of rules in Florida and another set of rules in New Jersey.

            The virus will never be contained going into fall with more people confined to indoors with colder weather. As Americans, we are screwed until a vaccine is developed. There are a lot more deaths and pain to come.

          • Big Bobo says:

            Trump has COVID now. He is going to bring America and American democracy down. The hoax is over America.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Stop trying to figure out how the yachts and private jets can get to Cayman and figure out how the mail and average tourists can come. Stop trying to be for the rich and famous- they are not interested.

    • Anonymous says:

      Darts planes and staff have been flying in and out like it was 2019. They quarantine at home. So we know that system works. Just need to replicate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Darts group is coming for work. Ultra wealthy are not going to put down their champagne to even consider walling themselves up in Cayman for 16 days. Why would they? I don’t know anyone rich or poor that would volunteer for doing this and having to pay for it as well. Get real – no one is scared enough of the virus outside of Cayman to subject themselves to this for “fun”.

      • Anonymous says:

        keep drinking the kool-aid…

      • Anonymous says:

        Flying like its 1999.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wearable tracking devices emit radiation and must not be used on anyone younger than 21, pregnant women and anyone with health issues . Putting geo tracking wristbands on children as young as 5 years for 24×7 in the absence of any nnEMF safety regulations is criminal.

    Besides the peak RF exposure from Bluetooth devices, which is what the SAR measures, parents need to be concerned about the cumulative RF exposure. 336 hours of uninterrupted nnEMF exposure is especially harmful to children and developing fetuses.

    Comparison of international policies on
    electromagnetic fields. (Cayman has NO policy whatsoever.)

    The sensitivity of children to electromagnetic fields

    • Anonymous says:

      Better take their cell phones away then bobo.

      • Anonymous says:

        5-10 year old kids don’t have cellphones and if they have the dumbest parents on this planet who do allow them to use one, still they, the kids, don’t strap it to their bodies for 24×7.

    • Anonymous says:

      You better dump your cellphone as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Children vs. adults, there’s a huge difference. While adults stopped in their development long time ago, kid’s bodies, brain, nervous system are developing well into their 20s.
        Secondly kids don’t attach cellphones to their bodies for 360 hours.
        Lastly, you have no slightest concept of EMF safety. It is like explaining a cave man..
        Finally, grownups are free to kill themselves or ruin their health with whatever they feel like. Kids, on the other hand, must be protected from adult’s stupidity. Child exposure to nnEMF is a new, 21 century, form of abuse. Parents are obligated to protect their children even though they’re ignorant. EMF safety education must be mandatory for all parents.

        Physicians for safe technology. Lots of educational material here.

  22. Anonymous says:

    yep the plan is no-plan. get used to it.
    and to be fair, there is nothing we can do at this stage if we want to protect the cayman bubble.
    the slow decline of the cayman economy will continue until and well past the time we have a vaccine. recovery will be equally as slow.
    cayman economic and tourist activity will take 5-10 years to get back to pre-covid levels.
    ask anybody with a knowledge of economics.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the press releases had the economic numbers of what is happening and what is coming then everyone would have some hard questions to answer. Dart pulling out until Oct 2021 speaks volumes. The CIG knew well ahead of time that Dart was going to do this. All the same, it isn’t affecting voters yet. When hotels start closing in quick succession, food, fuel, airport taxes, hotel taxes, rental car companies, maintenance of vehicles, pools, lawns, and the economic scale shrinks until prices start to rise for everything – it will not be easy to change course. I suspect that the construction companies are getting phone calls about any projects that are scheduled for next year. I would bet that most will be postponing them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont Think so buddy., lots and lots of money printed and it’s funding err… I mean finding its way into the ground. You may starve but that money as long as it is safe and secure will keep finding its way into this real estate market.

    • Anonymous says:

      with all the construction I see going on there is no reason for any able bodied caymanian man to be unemployed

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can I come quarantine in my beach house and leave in 10 days? Don’t really want to stay the whole two weeks confined in the house.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. Because our government assumes you are covid positive and you will double the chance of infecting our airport staff. Not to mention, the logistical problem of lack of regular flights.

    • BeaumontZodecloun says:

      As I understand it, no, you can’t. Consult with Travel Time.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. I just asked TravelTime today and was (very politely) turned down. At least for the next couple of months, you have to serve the full time in quarantine before you can leave the island again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you are incapable of reading or you are just hard of of understanding. 14, Fourteen, catorce, quatorze, days in quarantine. Hopefully that clears it up for you, so no your 10 days is not acceptable.
      Nor does anyone want you out and about spreading your germs ahead of time and risking our population who are able to enjoy life normally.

      Not capable of following the regulations…stay where you are.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Cayman has boxed itself into a corner on the off chance that a vaccine is made available that has no adverse side affects, that works, that is universally, globally available and that is mandated for all travellers to have taken it before entering the Cayman Islands. In other words, for something that will never happen. The whole world will not take the vaccine. And if you try to mandate it here, you’re going to have the worlds largest law firms all over you.

    How are we in a corner? Take a look at the world #’s. The vulnerable (mostly people who’d avoided dying from a relatively easy flu season the months beforehand) have died already.

    IN Cayman? they have not. But without a vaccine or complete isolation in perpetuity, they will once we open the borders.

    So, what to do? What. To. Do?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry. Trump has promised a vaccine within several weeks. Shame we’re so dependent on him. But that speaks more about our lot than it does him.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one is depended on that orange clown.

        • Anonymous says:

          You point is pointless without the word “willing”.

        • Anonymous says:

          at some point people like you with this mentality need to come to grips with reality. The person you are replying to just makes a point that we as an island are dependent on the US. You can get the person isn’t a fan of trump but a point is made outside of “Orange man bad”.

          Your comment is trash and I’m sick of the lack of intellectual awareness on this island. You don’t like Trump? Wonderful, you still rely on the country he runs just like the majority of the world. If you hate him that much, lets try to see how we can all work towards not being so dependent. Perhaps we can never be fully independent but maybe we can reduce our dependency by a bit.

          Ideas sir/madam? Or are you just going to get emotional and tell everyone who and what you don’t like while adding nothing to conversations?

          • Anonymous says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Because your comment added SO much to the conversation? People are entitled to say whatever they feel. If they wanted to say we are not dependent on trump, they can do so without having to further discuss anything. Get over yourself. Clearly little d**k mentality. A lot of mouth to make up for what you are lacking.

            The world is a big place and it doesn’t rely on the US. No matter how much you guys would like to think so.

      • Miami Dave says:

        Trump has COVID. God’s punishment for ignoring science and not wearing a 😷 mask.

        God works in mysterious ways.

      • Johnny Canuck says:

        Trump has COVID. God’s punishment for ignoring science and not wearing a 😷 mask.

        God works in mysterious ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not true. Many already have t-cell immunity from prior colds and flu. Not every elderly is automatically vulnerable. Not every obese person is automatically destined to die.
      Chances to get infected outdoors are nearly zero. General population should have adequate Vitamin D levels.. Bottle of iodine to sanitize upper respiratory tract is under $10 and will last forever.
      It seems that some people in Cayman developed COVID paranoias and are in urgent need of mental health help.
      Lastly, Since 2013 the flu vaccine has had the SARS nucleic acid sequences in it. The PCR test only checks for nucleic acid homology, therefore you can be positive and never have C19.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Since there is no longer a 72hr pre-flight negative test window with TravelTime, all those on the inbound planes have to now share the recirculated air and undetected virus with all those that could never be bothered to take adequate precautions while they were away having fun. Possibly seated next to them for hours. Please put the 72hr negative test criteria back into the pre-flight plan. You can still test them at Owen Roberts and again at day 14. Let’s not get cavalier with the health and unknown lifetime well-being (and social costs) of those others on the planes, or import any more avoidable Covid statistics.

    • Anonymous says:

      We’ve had planes fly in each week. If planes are so dangerous, why is only the odd person here and there testing positive? What statistics do you have to prove otherwise?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is that positive person has symptoms? Asymptotic? False positive? Had recent flu vaccine?

      • Anonymous says:

        Requiring everyone checking in to have a negative PCR test result (from an approved lab) 72hrs before boarding the plane would certainly help reduce the inbound surprises, and set a clear standard of what’s required to return after gallivanting in the “free” contagion world. As it stands now, there is no disincentive to reckless non-believers lingering at the pub send-off until last call and then taking a taxi straight to the airport, believing they are fine. We don’t want any of our elderly seated next to them on the multi-hour flight after their night before.

        Just in April the airline industry had 15 flight attendant deaths in 9 days – all from Covid-19. It’s not an imaginary threat. Google it.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was never a 73 hour pre test here…they where to dumb to mandate it.

    • Anonymous says:

      2:26 stop spreading fake news.
      the risk on airplanes is probably lower than in many confined spaces because modern airplanes have cabin air filtration systems equipped with HEPA filters that capture at least 99.97% of airborne microbes by circulating the cabin air once every 2 to 4 minutes.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not actually re-circulated, it is circulated and replaced. Hull pressurization works on the principle of a calibrated leak. More air is pumped in that can escape out through the outflow valve. Yes, this air is filtered too, making airplane air the purest you will breathe on public transport

  26. Anonymous says:

    So what happens with their garbage? Does it accumulate until after isolation? What if they say have a water leak and need a plumber? Does the plumber get isolated as well or does city just turn off their water? If the former does the plumber become part of isolated for 2 weeks beyond contact? If the latter, what if they live in a condo..does the whole building get turned off?

    • BeaumontZodecloun says:

      Gee, what if an meteorite pops through the roof during a rainstorm and causes a leak? Will we have to create a visqueen decon chamber to allow workers to fix the roof?

      Come on. These things are going to be handled as they come. We should not reach for every thing that could happen; the government cannot (my guess) continue to support and fund everything. We have to be flexible and more than that, be adaptive. This is all a world-changing thing. Let us all work together toward the evolving changes that will make us better in the future. m’kay?

      • Anonymous says:

        CIG has reached for the most extreme position in this self induced panic. CIG is neither adaptive or flexible. One size fits all – just that some will get paid and others will loose everything. That isn’t working together unless those getting a pay check start dividing it up with everyone else isn’t because of CIG’s policies.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m thinking why take the chance with you guests….stay in your plague riddled countries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its all in the document when you come in. Even a water leak or break down.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suspect you have OCD and the one who posts bizarre, irrational, clearly paranoid comments here. Get help, it won’t disappear on its own.

  27. Jake Spellings says:

    The people in Cayman who support these continued lockdowns are scientifically illiterate.

    Every 1% increase in unemployment in the US = 40,000 additional deaths from overdoses, stress, suicides etc.

    Lockdowns caused US unemployment to go from 3.8% to 14.4%

    Lockdowns will have caused around 400,000 additional unnecesary deaths.

    Never forget that the hospitals in Cayman were literally empty, and not a single person died from Covid, yet Cayman Islands government destroyed the entire economy for no reason other than pandering to their brainless fear-mongering voters.

    90% of the people wanting to close cayman off are either already super rich and don’t work, or are government workers. For all you government workers, I have some news for you, Cayman government won’t be able to keep paying you with this existing “plan” and you will be next to lose your jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should add the difference between an unnecessary death and an old, ill, or obese person with covid, is that the unnecessary ones were likely persons who had to provide for others. So the damage is much more than 400,000.00

  28. Anonymous says:

    Looking at what is happening in the places these flights are coming from I am very glad that re-opening is limited.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Problem is Travel Time does not work.

  30. Anonymous says:

    WHEN will they be bringing in the US post?!?!??? Why has it not been arranged with Cayman Airways yet??
    WHY is this not being addresses??


    • Anonymous says:

      Because they dont give a shit about incoming and paid subscriptions that we have lost or bday cards for our kids or even cheques/payments from overseas.

      But I promise you that come March, we will all get our annual renewal fee for our post office box that hasnt had S#!+ put in it since April now that most people getting their utility bills by e-billing. We will be turning our key in.

    • Anonymous says:

      The mail slots at the George Town Post Office are “under repair”. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Anonymous says:

      They started last week. Problem is that the post office here didn’t relay that info to media to report on.

    • Baxter says:

      Haven’t you heard? There is all kind of surging and raging happening in the US. You can’t expect mail to be delivered from such a place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where do you think the food comes from that you shovel into your cake hole?

      • Anonymous says:

        Please tell me you are joking about raging and surging in the USA…..Being here after island lockdown hell for 6 months is GREAT…..And there is a normal world out there!

        • anonymous says:

          8:01 stay in your new found paradise and don’t bother to drag your lowly ass to our beaches

  31. Anonymous says:

    All hail King Alden. Long may the oppression continue!

    • BeaumontZodecloun says:

      It’s easy for us to criticise. Our government is wrangling the very same issues as the rest of the world, and I think they have done very well, particularly in this constantly-evolving world of Coronavirus.

      What would YOU do differently? Would you be responsible for CV deaths that would be a certainty upon a nonregulated reopening?

      This situation is an entirely new one for us and the world in general. I am proud of my government and the care and innovation they’ve created to address this changing situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        They closed the border which was probably necessary and a relatively easy decision to make.

        The hard part has come after that and they haven’t exactly excelled in laying out a reasonable economic plan. What innovation have you seen?

      • Anonymous says:

        The only changing situation is more and more people are catching on to the fact that the number of deaths do not correspond with the mind numbing fear that people like you and our government have.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Our government is wrangling …” WITH NOTHING! In fact they are getting fatter from so much “ wrangling”.

      • Fed up of all the sh*t stains we have for representatives. says:

        It is easy to criticize them as they are sh*t stains on the fabric of our society.

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe that I can speak for most people on island in saying the government’s response to the coronavirus, although extremely restrictive, has so far mitigated the widespread potential transmission to a minimum, arguably amongst some of the best worldwide.

        However, the oppression referred to above has occurred long before the coronavirus even formed, spread, or mutated.

        The oppression comes from the ability for any generational or indigenous Caymanians to barely survive, without hand up or hand out, and be treated as third class citizens in their own country by and at the direct expense of others who arrive on the island with little to nothing which has become horrendously disgusting and demotivating when hard work clearly isn’t rewarded evenly. The pandemic has only exasperated these issues, not created them. When others can come to the Cayman Islands and obtain a higher standard of living in 2 years, while born and raised here struggle to get the same in 20, it is ridiculously unreasonable to be sidelined and labeled ignorant.

        Others thrive while locals struggle to survive and are expected to eternally remain Caymankind, while others from around of the world are allowed to simply show up, criminal or saint, and reap the benefits of generations of hard-working locals who are given peppercorns in exchange at the thanksgiving dinner table. Until locals can get the full dinner plate that everyone else gets, frankly as their feet touch the tarmac, we will continually revisit these issues again and again, pandemic or no pandemic. Whether knowingly or naive to these problems, these people benefit and take advantage, and will eventually move on to the next country when the well runs dry for everyone here, only to leave broken promises and undelivered aspirations as repayment to further chase the money elsewhere.

        In the meanwhile, we are all left at the mercy of these opportunists who devour the 5 course meals while locals are left fight over the crumbs.

        Until any of that changes, all hail our beloved leaders and venture capitalists, may they have mercy on us!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the Sister Islands?

      • Anonymous LC says:

        What about the sister islands, you ask? Per Travel Time three days ago, those of us that live on the Brac or Little will have to quarantine ON GRAND, and you cannot travel to the sisters until you are cleared.

        I’m out.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is madness.

        • Anonymous says:

          I thought I had heard it all until your statement. I guess that everyone that wishes to come for Christmas will be handling that through a phone call. And if anyone wishes to leave CI then they will be electronically chained to a holding cell upon their return- unbelievable.

          Does anyone in CI have any concerns about this? I mean this is sheer madness like one hears about in dictatorships.

          Where are the pitchforks and torches? They should have been sold out months ago.

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