McLean: Premier should ‘fight’ governor’s DP move

| 24/08/2020 | 102 Comments
Cayman News Service
Opposition Leader Arden McLean addresses the LA, with Anthony Eden behind him

(CNS): The opposition has said that Premier Alden McLaughlin should fight the move by the governor to use his reserved powers to implement the Domestic Partnership Bill. Although the governor is doing this to uphold the rule of law, the opposition members, led by Arden McLean, continue to blame the premier, as they spin their objections from the bill itself towards what they say is now a constitutional issue and peddle false claims about UK policy on the European Convention of Human Rights.

In a press release Friday, the opposition questioned why McLaughlin was not fighting Governor Martyn Roper over his use of section 81 of the Constitution, which provides any governor with the power to enact legislation that relates to national security, the rule of law and areas under his direct responsibility.

However, McLaughlin has made it clear on numerous occasions that for a host of legal reasons Cayman must pass legislation that provides an equitable legal framework for same-sex couples’ relationships. Following the government’s successful appeal last November against the legislation for same-sex marriage, he had noted the need to pass an equivalent law for civil unions

The premier has stated many times that this is to ensure that Cayman is compliant with its own Constitution and the right to a private family life as well as with the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights. Even if McLaughlin wanted to challenge the governor giving assent to the Domestic Partnership Bill, which is unlikely given that it is his own government’s policy, there is no legal course of redress.

While McLaughlin had negotiated for the removal of section 81 with the UK government in recent talks, the agreement with the UK has not yet been finalised and the provision remains in the Constitution. Nevertheless, the opposition leader accused McLaughlin of an about-face “in moving from a champion to a coward on this issue”.

He said that the premier was “sitting back and allowing the governor to make changes to domestic laws” and that “once we open this door, it cannot be closed”.

But there is another reason why McLaughlin and his government cannot stop the governor, namely that the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has already directed that a law of this kind must be implemented. In addition, so long as Cayman does not have a framework for same-sex couples’ relationships to be registered, it remains in breach of its own Bill of Rights, in particular the right to a family life.

Claims by the opposition that the UK government is considering its position regarding the European Convention on Human Rights as part of the consequences of Brexit were also wildly inaccurate. The issue of Brexit and the UK’s relationship with the European Court of Human Rights is entirely unrelated to Britain being a signatory of the 1950 treaty that is the European Convention on Human Rights.

On Monday the Governor’s Office confirmed to CNS that the UK Government has no intentions of withdrawing its support from the convention, which is completely separate from the UK’s former membership in the European Union.

Despite all of this, the opposition has accused the premier of ignoring his obligations to “debate, discussion, discourse, and dialogue” in order to reach a compromise.

“While the governor is an employee of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is tasked with representing the interests of the UK Government, the premier as a democratically elected representative of the Cayman people has no excuse for not consulting and engaging the people he was elected to serve,” McLean said.

The opposition is also suggesting that the objections to the Domestic Partnership Bill have become constitutional, even though the opposition members vehemently opposed the bill for religious and evidently homophobic reasons during the recent debate.

The opposition accused the premier of misleading the public over the number of laws that have to be changed, though the reason for this is because of the decision to enact a separate piece of legislation for same-sex couples instead of reinstating the chief justice’s ruling which legalised same-sex marriage.

McLaughlin pointed out in detail at the end of the debate on the bill last month that the reason why the UK may opt to impose same-sex marriage rather than steering through the bill on the table was because such a move would not require so many pieces of law to be amended.

He even described the chief justice’s ruling as “genius” in its simplicity, as it changed just eight words in the Marriage Law and with that settled all of the issues relating to family life as well as next of kin and inheritance rights.

The changes to eleven existing laws are to pave the way for ‘domestic partners’ to have a family life and become each others’ next of kin. The changes are necessary to allow them to make the same types of decisions for each other, carry the same shared responsibility as parents and have the same kind of access to each other’s assets, as is the case for spouses.

“The official opposition is now calling on the premier to come clean and publicly disclose his ‘consultation’ with the governor, as required by the Constitution before the use of section 81 of our Constitution,” McLean stated.

Seven months after the premier said that Cayman had to pass a civil union type of bill and following years of public debate, the opposition accused the premier of not offering proper prior consultation or input from the public.

See the latest press release from the opposition in the CNS Library.

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Comments (102)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What an effing twit!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, “average person” thinking is still just midway across a wide scatterplot of possible thoughts, beliefs, and bias, much of which is tragically incompatible with 2020, and with good governance. It suggests a very ignorant non-thinking, or possibly mentally-impaired base, to skew the field so broadly. The slowest end always seem to be lead by the usual cast of non-contextual Bible-misinterpreters from both back and front benches. The UK will force some of them out of their chairs, but “collective Cayman” really needs to start nudging the rest to join us moving in the only direction possible. These dummies aren’t going to be going away anytime soon, but I’m sure most of them can learn if they feel they must. Let’s hope.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nothing changes when nothing changes.

    Vote differently in 2021.

  4. ANONYMOUS says:

    “ Stupid is as stupid does “ – Forrest Gump got it absolutely right

  5. Anonymous says:

    Arden has just missed a fantastic opportunity to keep his mouth shut. The government was doing a fine job of letting people on all sides of this argument down without him getting involved.

    But no, Arden has to speak up, loud and proud, and remind everyone that he remains firmly on the wrong side of history.

    It’s not leadership to say “hey, vote for me, see I am just as ignorant and backwards as you are”. Leadership is saying “this is what we must do to move forward as a modern country”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Once the governor promulgates his law (or whatever you call it), file a bill to repeal it. Now that would be a fight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you even understand what is going on? This is happening,it should have been done years ago and it’s going through. Do you realize who has upper hand? Equality is days away. Live with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        A semblance of a provision is days away. Gay Marriage is up to the Privy Council, and that day will be following-on shortly for true equality.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, what is going on is people are not giving up.

  7. Bishop Nicholas Sykes says:

    Constitutional Issue

    Whatever else the Opposition may or may not have said, one thing at any rate is crystal clear: they are correct in pointing out that this is indeed a constitutional issue.

    Section 23 of the Constitution is entirely clear that when an incompatibility between primary legislation and the Constitution is declared by a Court, it is the Legislature’s responsibility alone to decide how to remedy it.

    The Grand Court in 2019 erred constitutionally by purporting to remedy the matter itself. The Constitution says, and this was recognised, that the task of remedying incompatibility does not fall to the Judicature.

    Now we are faced by a similar constitutional challenge to the Legislature, but this time from the Executive, in the person of His Excellency. And equally, this challenge must be successfully resisted if we are to retain the rule of constitutional law.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are obviously a lawyer and I am not, so this comment may not be correct….
      There may be an incompatibility between legislation and the Constitution but that doesn’t mean simply that the LA is then solely responsible for fixing it or for being the gatekeeper of the Constitution.
      Firstly the LA has had an opportunity to fix this and failed to do so. The Opposition can bleat as much as they like but as they have failed to put forward a bill which deals with the court of appeals requirements then they have failed in their duty to ensure Cayman is following the law.
      Secondly, and to your point about remedying incompatibility, this isn’t just about the Constitution but all the underlying laws that give that substance including the European convention on human rights.
      This isn’t like an ice cream store where you can pick which flavors you want and walk away. The appeals court has stated that in order for Cayman to be compliant with the Constitution it must respect people’s fundamental rights as outlined in the European convention.
      Your approach would imply that Cayman can and should ignore that which doesn’t make sense.
      If the LA or private individuals feel that the Governor has exceeded his powers then they could and should challenge that in the courts. Isn’t that why we have a system where the Judiciary are independent and non political, to ensure that laws are judged impartially?

    • Anonymous says:

      “it is the Legislature’s responsibility alone to decide how to remedy it.”

      And the legislature decided to make us look like a bunch of backward fools by quoting leviticus to justify further inequality to deserving, consenting adults.

      We had our chance to grow up and we ignorantly refused so now the governor must do what he has been hired to do, and will do so with royal assent. Welcome to living in British territory.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what are you saying? The Governor decided to push through the law without knowing exactly what he can do? Really now…

  8. OMOV Distress Signal says:

    The practical downside of single member constituencies. What are you supposed to do when your choice is between a moron or a lunatic?

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the same guy that went Mall shopping in the US for personal items using a CI Government-issued credit card?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure but there was rumor of a “watch” that was bought by an MLA

        • Anonymous says:

          COMPLETELY WRONG! If your reading of the bible is as wrong as your reading of the Constitution I feel pity for your congregation.

          Section 23 ONLY applies to legislation that came into force AFTER the Constitution, ie. after Nov 2009. Section 23 does NOT apply to legislation that pre-exists the Constitution. That is why the Chief Justice was absolutely correct in his decision. Also, if you have read and understood the Court of Appeal decision it did not reverse the Chief Justice on that specific point.

          Please read and TRY to understand your Constitution and the Court decision before you make a public statement. In particular, please read Section 5 of the Constitutional Order.

          As regards your point re Section 81 and the powers of the Governor, again you are COMPLETELY WRONG. His Excellency absolutely has the power and indeed duty to legislate in circumstances where the Premier informs that the legislature is unlikely to do so in matters that include compliance with “external affairs”. This includes compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

          As you know, on 29 July, the Legislature rejected the Domestic Partnership Bill, so there is nothing for the Premier to report to the Governor in order for the Governor to effect Section 81 and to legislate; the rejection by the Legislature speaks by itself.

    • JTB says:

      Stand yourself

  9. Elvis says:

    Good god man just sit down again already will you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No point in arguing with a fool

    • Alfredo hernandez says:

      Arden please stop this! I know you are trying to find something actually anything to gain some politics mileage. But fighting this issue is just so wrong and a real blunder.

      Your colleagues have already lost their seats and now you have lost my vote. Issac is gaining many votes in East End by keeping his mouth shut.

  11. Tired of the same crap says:

    For Pete’s sake! Caymanians over 30 with a degree, common sense and willingness to work, please run for office in every district. We have had enough of Austin Harris with his pompous deliveries and Arden “Jurassic” McLean; Anthony “the Bible says” Eden, Preaching Julianna, Full Moon Seymour, Mac the Eel and Capt. Absent Ebanks, et al. Enough is enough! We deserve change for the better. Cayman MUST have better.

    • Anonymous says:

      7.42 ‘Caymanians over 30 with a degree, common sense and willingness to work’.

      With the best will in the world, that is a very shallow pool. Those people will already have decent jobs. Why would they want to get involved in the sh!tstorm that is CIG?

      • Pro Caymanian says:

        To 6:14am Why?! Because they are the only ones allowed to. But hey, if they do not want the legislative work because they are too comfortable in their private sector jobs, then perhaps it is time the Elections Law gets amended so that Cayman-born children of Status Holders can run for office. I bet that pool would get deeper immediately.

        • Jotnar says:

          Leadership doesn’t get you re elected. Populism does.

        • Jotnar says:

          Status holders are Caymanian. And their Cayman born children are entitled to be once they hit 18. The issue is not status – it’s the second generation requirement. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that you cannot spend significant time outside of Cayman on business ( unless you a government official) before qualifying – God forbid we would want people with experience of a world outside the islands. And a rule which conveniently eliminates a whole class of senior professionals.

      • Anonymous says:

        Service: that is the defining trait that’s missing from CI Politics.

        We’ve seen glimmers of it in the past. It is muffled and suppressed by corrupt party affiliation, layers of redacted public funds accounting, and private baksheesh deal-making with common resources that belong to the public.

        The Governor has all of the legacy-building reserve power, as design architect of good governance, to adjust the controls and appropriate sufficient resources to ensure his remit long after his term.

        If you are serving, you are attending to your constituents, consulting on their preferences, taking polls, and representing them. You’re not blindly toeing the avaricious party line of some meglamaniac du jour.

    • 21st CenturyDemocracy says:

      USA and UK were at this same juncture many moons ago when they began to break ranks with morality and precepts of GOD.

      Now? They are paying for rainbow lighting up and desecrating the White House. Their “better” was, complaining about Trump for the past 4yrs.

      We can go on with their betterment program of removing Prayer, GOD and the Bible from schools. We can list all their dreadful results with their youths. And now SARS-CoV2 ravishing both of them.

      Once the bastion of a semblance of post WW2 global morality, they are now a mockery.

      This is not a “political” issue. It’s a people’s issue and the UK violaation of democratic process.

      I wish Caymanians will put aaway the childish jumping on personalities and line up with ALL the freedom activists in history. Most of them had GOD as their guide.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So what Arden is really saying is… “I don’t respect our own constitution and I don’t care about the fact that my own position is contrary to law as outlined by the highest court in Cayman.”

    It is incredible and terrifying that the leader of the official opposition to government has this view. He either has no shame or he is happy to play politics with our own constitution. Shameful, absolutely shameful behavior from a senior politician who is meant to be a leader of our nation!

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Fossil Fools”

    “…why can’t them young people use tablets made from good ol’ stone and not those magical electronic ones…”

  14. Anonymous says:

    How can anyone take this buffoon seriously, he talks nonsense (when he manages to put two words together). If we want to be regarded seriously on the international stage then we need to get rid of this dinosaur. How can anyone in their right mind vote for him.

    • Alfredo says:

      The bumbling Opposition can’t get anything right. Now they want someone to fight their fight.

      Arden and Bernie have already lost their seats and if Pal and Blanders continue to follow this nonsense they will be looking for a job in May.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s not interested in being regarded seriously on the international stage. He’s just interested in the $13K he gets every month plus the backyard deals he gets because of his position.

  15. Looking says:

    CNS, Can you please post in your Library the Press Release by the Opposition regarding McKeeva Bush deciding to return as Speaker to the LA?

    CNS: I think you’ll find it here. Let me know if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, I think they are asking for something more recent in regards to the speaker returning to the LA.

      CNS: Oh, sorry. There hasn’t been a statement about that yet (as far as I know).

      • Looking says:

        Yes, Anon, that’s what I was looking for, and thanks CNS for confirming that there hasn’t been a statement by the Opposition on McKeeva Bush announcing that he is returning to the LA and to the role of Speaker. I can only presume that the Opposition is fine with McKeeva doing this or they are still working on figuring out who they should blame for it.
        I listened to Arden on For the Record on Friday morning talk for minutes about the need for the LA to be autonomous and separate from the public service – in order to produce Hansards faster by the way. And I read your story a week ago about the Opposition’s ‘protest vote’ on changes which had been made to the 2019 budget for the Prison.
        Now consider for a minute what would happen if a senior public servant got in a tiff with some female and then announced on social media that he was taking a leave of absence without seeking permission from his agency. And imagine if his employing agency accepted his unilateral action and continued to pay him. And imagine if during that time he was charged with 3 counts of assault and 1 count of disorderly conduct. And also imagine if after 6 months, this senior public servant announces that he is returning to work still with no action by his employing agency other than to keep paying him every month.
        Fast forward now to the head of that agency attending the LA to answer questions in Finance Committee like the prison officials. Can you even begin to imagine how Alva, Arden, Bernie and Chris would go off on the head of that agency?? Three would hold him while one beat him.
        And they would certainly be justified for condemning the agency for letting any employee behave in such a way.
        Of course, neither the Labour Law nor the Public Service Management Law allow an employee in the private sector or civil service to get away with such behaviour. Only in their sector, in their House, could such a thing happen. And after 6 months, they still can’t or won’t put their time and effort into championing a solution to this arrogant, disgraceful and despicable behaviour.
        Oh, I forgot – the LA needs to be autonomous!

        • Wondering says:

          To Looking 7:32am: The LA needs to be autonomous to produce Hansards faster? I wonder how these two points connected, even in Arden’s mind. 🤔

  16. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Dream on. Will never happen though politicians will say great things just before election next year. For 20 years they have talked before every election.

      Our only hope on this is direct rule.

    • Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Alden Mclaughlin don’t have a backbone, Arden for Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden doesn’t have a backbone true, but no.

    • JTB says:

      Or, Alden AND Arden for the trash can

    • Anonymous says:

      To 4:50pm: I know you gah jokes! 😂😂😂😂 Every time the LA is in session Arden says the same boring BS:

      – The people of EE sent me here (millennia ago)
      – I went to sea
      – The Premier did/said
      – I hoard papers

      When last did that man buy a soda in East End while just talking to people? If that is Premier material according to you, you have very low or non existent standards, buddy. 🙄 Anyone in the LA With more than two terms has got to go.

  18. The Constitutional Critic says:

    Arden really has lost the plot this time around


    Caymanians, I know we’re not a part of Caricom, however, many of our ancestors were enslaved and also, some were enslavers. Some of our old mercantile families still carry great shame about their enslaving past. Many of their ancestors used the bible to support treating humans as chattel. Working tiny children. Removing them from their mothers. Rapping women. Studding men out like bulls on a ranch. Hanging bodies like strange fruit from trees.

    That’s why we should show solidarity with Caricom’s call for reparations and also:

    1. bring back Emancipation Day. Where did that day go? Erasing that day– we must be the only country in the region that refuses to celebrate abolition– doesn’t erase history.

    also, and more to the point:

    2. give LGBT Caymanians the “BASIC” rights they’re calling for. Many Caymanians didn’t have equal rights because of their skin color. In fact, we were treated like chattel and bible thumpers back in the day sited God’s law as justification for barbarity.

    It’s 2020.

    We ALL know sexuality is no more of a choice than the color of our skin. Yes, we ALL know. Even the bible thumping, latent homosexuals that think suppressing what’s natural will make “it” go away.

    You know it won’t. Oppressing humans who deserve rights won’t make you NOT gay, either AND it won’t remove the “gay stain” from your daughters and sons.

    So, just stop.

    Also, do better CIG. Surely you don’t need a coup or the actions of “mother-Crown” to do what’s right.

    Again, it’s 2020. Isn’t attending to the economic fall out due to the pandemic + preparing for raging hurricanes due to climate change more important than oppressing Caymanians who want some very basic rights?

  20. Bonnie Anglin says:

    Seriously Arden. Stop peddling in politics and breaking the LAW, which could lead us to having to make a decision on independence, when we are not yet ready. Go fix some issues that affect day-to-day life for families such as – if it rains, we need non-profits to feed a large number of families – WHY? How can the Govt. expect persons and families to survive on $6 minimum wage? Our schools need to be finished and others expanded and/or refurbished, address the high cost of heath care insurance and high cost of living generally, put some energy into a movement for a greener environment, and the list goes on. In particular, spend some time in your district with your ears to the ground – East End has some negative societal issues that are becoming increasingly more prevalent and affecting our very young children (read between the lines). The DPB is a Bill that provides equal rights for some basic human rights for persons that seek to have same-sex civil union relationships. It’s not the end of the world. It will not destroy Cayman. Greed and not taking care of the lower income population will cause more damage to our society. Stop the political pandering before you go down in history as the person that lead us to independence BEFORE we were ready!

    • Anonymous says:

      @Bonnie Anglin

      As our district rep he has failed us miserably. I for one a registered voter have been asking the question on what has Arden achieved (of substance) for our district? He not even want to mix with us young people. He pass through the district, windows up and head turned in the other direction.
      I plan on playing a major part in this coming election in playing a part to get my friends and other young people registered. He needs to hear our voice.

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anonymous 5:09 pm: “He needs to hear you?” No, no, no; EE needs someone new! The man has occupied that chair for nearly two decades and he refuses to realize that this is a new century. Please, do not just encourage your people to register to vote. Also encourage people over 30 with completed tertiary education to run for the EE seat. EE deserves a new voice.

  21. Anonymous says:

    …the only thing the premier should be fighting right now is McKeeva Bush, and show that violence is unacceptable

  22. Anonymous says:

    If only these guys could spend their time and energy on things that really matter…Cayman could be so great.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is the man who in 2007, as Minister responsible at the time, responded to questions about future electricity generation with a comment along the lines of (this is not a direct quote), ‘Diesel is the only answer.’ He also dissed WTE, refused to introduce a recycling program and oversaw the disastrous post-Ivan scrap metal contract. Nice set of social priorities? So by his standards we can turn these islands into a polluted trash heap but same-sex marriages are banned.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Direct rule it is then!

  25. Anonymous says:

    everytime arden speaks we movea little closer to direct rule….

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is what he is putting his time into? How about the fact that this guy is the reason we will get a 6% hike from CUC soon. One thing I can tell you about most people against gay marriage, they aren’t raking in the cash.

    So 2 consenting adults getting equal rights doesn’t affect your life, but 6% higher CUC bill WILL.

    • Anonymous says:

      3:03 pm
      Didn’t we/they all Have equal rights? Were they living on another planet and all of a sudden arrived here to the New World? I am looking forward to some new world stories.

  27. HArdened says:

    Old toothless dinosaurs gumming old bones. We pay them to act and be worthless! This is very shameful behaviour and certainly not honourable.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The opposition has finally taken a stand on something and its not McKeeva, not the port, not the dump, not offreg, not the health minister’s incompetence, not all the waste and mismanagement. It’s gay civil unions. An issue that the rest of the world resolved 10 or 20 years ago. This is so embarrassing for Cayman. We look like a bunch of uneducated, backward, superstitious fools.

    If we allow civil unions, gay couples’ lives will be improved and nobody else’s life will be affected in any way. It’s a non-issue.

  29. Bulldozed says:

    “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me.

    They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office.” —H. L. Mencken

  30. Anonymous says:

    heavy sigh… I wish they would put this much effort into our kids education or increasing the minimum wage, mental health facility, etc etc etc.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Shame that CNS knows about the laws and human rights than our politicians.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hardon McLean. Super fool. There’s not even a battle to be won here.

    He’s like the Christian equivalent of the Taliban.

    Please, get rid of this anachronism.

  33. Anonymous says:

    “Religion is like a pair of shoes…..Find one that fits for you, but don’t make me wear your shoes.”

    “I’m completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. … These two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.”


  34. Anonymous says:

    Our MLAs should be ashamed of themselves! Even if they didn’t like the vote, at least explain to the Christians who only have two issues (anti-gay rights and anti-abortion) that as an independent territory i.e. not a sovereign country, we would have to accept this ruling AND that the Governor is not strong holding the people.

    If we even go independent for one issue, the gay rights have already been fought and will win, it’s the times we’re in, and like it or not, these are rights we will have to accept.

    We should have accepted the civil union, maybe the more attention we give this need to be married, more determined they will be. Let the gays join everyone else with the divorce and challenges of relationships.

    Educate the electorate that this is all about politics…. acting as if you’re really fighting for Caymanians over one issue and ignoring the other 99!

    And God help us if this is a position supported by those who want to push cayman into dependence. If we think gay marriage is bad, a government without accountability is a nightmare we don’t want to experience.

  35. Anonymous says:

    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

  36. L.R. van der Pluijm says:

    It would adorn Mr. McLean if he would use his position to increase the $6 minimum wage instead of fighting this lost battle

  37. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe how stupid both the opposition and church leaders/protesters are. The bill is “to ensure that Cayman is compliant with its own Constitution and the right to a private family life as well as with the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights”. How can any self-respecting, rational individual argue against these requirements?

  38. Anonymous says:

    No cure for stupid.

  39. Mike G says:

    Does the opposition have nothing better to worry about?

    How about the CIG blowing through 2/3 of their cash reserves since Jan, no credible reopening plans for tourism, unrealistic plans for masks in schools, a speaker who’s CV in any other country would permanently disqualify them from office etc etc…

    Absolute silliness….

  40. Anonymous says:

    The photo with this story looks like and ad for Jurassic Park, come see the dinosaurs.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Bush, Arden, Eden and Juju make me ashamed to call myself a Caymanian. Hope unna na so fool to give the fossils 4 more years to crystalize.

    We need young open minded Caymanians to take the reigns now. Too much 1970s mentality up in that parliament.

  42. Anonymous says:

    He has point. Let me explain… Alden is not interested in upholding the rule of law or he would have insisted that his fellow ministers vote along with the rest of the government to ensure equality for all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Insisting that his fellow ministers vote yes would’ve resulted in a collapse of the government with 9 months until elections.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for explaining so far…

        And that way they don’t get blamed by the religious groups in there respective constituencies whilst holding up the “bogey man” Governor for imposing the law against their will…

        All is fair in war, love and politics 😂😂😂😂

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s okay. It’s how the process works. We can have early elections.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get why Arden thinks this makes him look any better than Alden. Whining is not accomplishing anything.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Spend your time on something productive!! There are so many problems in Cayman that deserve your attention!

    • Anonymous says:

      Build sidewalks and bike lanes. Educate your youth. Maybe encourage people to go to college.

  45. Anonymous says:

    To put it quite bluntly Arden McLean is an idiot!

    • Res Ipsa Loquitur says:

      What a disaster. It is clear the Cayman Islands cannot afford for Arden McLean, Joey Hew, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly, Dwayne Seymour, Tara Rivers, Alva Suckoo, Anthony Eden, Moses Kirkconnell plus co-leaders of the Government of National Unity McKeeva Bush and Alden McLaughlin to become the next Premier in 2021 under any circumstances.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe your solution is Johan?



        • Anonymous says:

          To Anonymous 5:16 pm: So those three are the only Caymanians that could run for office? I doubt it.

          • Anonymous says:

            No, not the only three, but certainly better than the idiots and dinosaurs that currently have done nothing for their district in the last 3 terms at least?

            What has Mr. Mclean done for East End in the last 3 terms?

      • Anonymous says:

        1:23 There is a bigger PROBLEM, the REPLACEMENTS!

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