LGBT group worried by MLAs’ view of law

| 06/08/2020 | 75 Comments

(CNS): The local LGBT advocacy group, Colours Cayman, has welcomed the governor’s decision to intervene in order to uphold the rule of law regarding the rights of that community and enact the Domestic Partnership Law. However, the activists have raised concerns that some local legislators have said that they are not willing to comply with the law if they believe it contradicts “God’s Law”. The group said this takes the issue beyond that of marriage equality and creates a constitutional crisis.

In a statement issued Wednesday on behalf of Colours, Billie “Bee” Bryan, its founder and president, said the failure of the Legislative Assembly to pass the Domestic Partnership Law left the Cayman Islands in clear breach of its own Constitution and the UK Government in breach of its international obligations under the ECHR.

“But the issue here is no longer solely about equal rights for LGBTQIA+ people,” she said. “Disturbingly, this ordeal has transformed into a constitutional crisis of unprecedented nature for the Cayman Islands. The legislators went so far as to state publicly on Wednesday that they are not willing to comply with the law to the extent that it contradicts ‘God’s Law’.”

Bryan said that failing to address the issue was already unacceptable but defying the Court of Appeal’s declaration is an “entirely more alarming scenario by effect of the legislators expressly stating that they are not prepared to comply with the final decisions of our own courts”.

Concerned about the approach taken by the several MLAs, she said they welcomed the governor’s decision to utilise section 81 of the Constitution to “put an end to the path of anarchy we’ve been forced into” and the inevitable intervention by the UK.

But the orgnaisation still hopes that Cayman will achieve full equality for the LGBT community, given the inequities that still exist with the Domestic Partnership Bill.

Bryan said that Colours Cayman supports any genuine attempt to comply with the Constitution and to uphold the rule of law and it will take the time again to assess the revised bill in detail when it is published.

Noting that they were “disappointed that the bill provides a legal framework for ‘domestic partnerships’ rather than marriage”, she pointed out that the Court of Appeal had “made it very clear” that, “contrary to popular belief”, nothing in the Constitution prevents the legislature from extending marriage to same-sex couples.

As the premier had noted during the LA debate, this would have been the easier route to secure equality for all, rather than effectively instituting legal segregation in the Cayman Islands, she said.

“Colours Cayman will continue to pursue the fight for same rights with the same name,” Bryan said. However, she added that the group nevertheless recognised the importance of this step, which will ensure the protection and recognition of a broad range of rights for the LGBTQIA+ community.

See the full statement in the CNS Library

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Comments (75)

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  1. Peter Pat says:

    @ JTB
    Jesus hate the sin (meaning don’t approve of it),but he dearly LOVE the sinner. Amen!

  2. JTB says:


    Matthew 22:15-22

    Your move, CMA

  3. must offer IDENTICAL says:

    It must be “marriage” — not “domestic partnerships”. Anything less than marriage amounts to “separate but equal” — which is always separate and never equal. Just ask blacks and other groups if they were content with “separate but equal”–!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Religion creates so many unnecessary problems. What a colossal waste of time and money, all because some delusional people believe they need to impress their imaginary friend.

    Saddest thing is that most of these anti-gay Christians are otherwise sane and nice. They only feel obligated to be crazy and mean because a clueless pastor tells them to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Religious organizations are one of the biggest charities in the world. Feeding and educating millions of people a year.

      Please tell us what you have contributed other than blabbering on behind your computer screen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny because here on island it’s Expats and not the Christian community.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s for their PR application and to keep in good standing. Notice how they disappear and the visible volunteering stops once status is obtained?

          • john says:

            Not true in many cases.
            My wife obtained Caymanian status years ago and continues to do her volunteer work. So do many others.

      • Anonymous says:

        One of the biggest scams too.

        Evangelists needing multiple private jets?

        Created the universe but needs my money every Sunday to support his house?

        Yea, sounds logical.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pointing to good deeds does not excuse the immeasurable evil done in the name of religions.

        I’m sure all those priests who raped children did nice things too. So what?

        There’s a good chance Osama bin Laden did some positive things in his life as well. Who cares?

        Tell a gay person who is asked to be a second-class citizen in his or her own country not to worry about it because religions do charity work. Sorry, it’s an idiotic defense of unfairness.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t say anywhere in Gods Law that I have to obey speed limits either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if it did say so there would be way fewer accidents on the roads. But again, it’s probably not the part most would choose to follow.

  6. Caymanian ◇ says:

    I and my family am willing to be a part of that crisis, Billie. We will obey God rather than man. You Billie, your LGBT supporters, and CNS will see us round up by the authorities. You will see the fruit of your actions.


    • Anonymous says:

      You are a class A psychopath

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes because CNS is politically motivated to want to have people “rounded up”. What a bunch of near sighted, bigoted, people commenting on this article.

      You all act like if a same sex union happens here the skies will burn, the economy will collapse and the coral will die. How does two men or two woman have such an impact on your life? Maybe you should stick to your own business and not others.

      I’m Christian, church every Sunday at Elmslie and was taught to love thy neighbor as myself and let God be the judge. I’m responsible for my own soul and that of my wife and children and not anyone elses. And after sitting down and seriously trying to find out how two men or two women getting a civil union will impact and be a detriment to my life or my marriage? Sorry but I’m not finding any.

      I believe marriage is a sacred thing, I believe homosexuality is wrong from my beliefs but I also know that before Christianity (an yes shock and surprise there was a thing) people were getting joined. May not have been marriage as the bible says but it’s the same thing under a different name.

      As for the governor, I do not agree with what he did, pushing the law through but I understand that the alternative was something that would have threatened to break the core of Cayman. What will be passed was what was argued in the MLA. The alternative was the full measure of the same sex marriage law as it is in the UK being imposed. It’s the lesser of two evils. Take it with a grain of salt and move on, there are much more pressing things happening on this island that require our attention than Ms. Day and her partner wanting a civil union and being able to get health benefits.

      Focus Cayman!

      With all these people talking about following God’s law and not man’s? I’m getting stock in the companies that quarry here on the island because rocks to stones sinners will soon be in high demand.

      • Also attend Church and believe in Love says:

        Do you really see it necessary to make and enforce a law on the country for gays to have “rights”? Don’t they have rights already like us? Where did you get that they need special rights?

        My dear, just because you are a christian doesn’t mean you are in the right.

        • Anonymous says:

          dont you get that the most important thing in the world right now, is sexual orientation and the rights of those that want to be seen and heard and be the first to get their “way” in the Cayman Islands? what rock are you living under? Smoke and mirrors all day every day, focus on rubbish with more important things like change laws against pedophiles only having to serve less than 6 months for raping their own child? How about that? You can bet your bottom dollar that if Cayman Currency was not valued at what it is right now, very few people would even consider living and working here, or fighting to change laws, that is FACTS! And not ONE of the same ones that are pushing for Cayman to become like everywhere else in the world, would be fighting for anything other than getting as far away from Cayman as possible. How about you go try to change the laws in those countries that treat women less than men and will stone them for having their face uncovered in public? Lets see you get their courts to change their laws on same sex as well…naaa Cayman too easy, Caymanians too passive.

          God’s love is all that matters, whether you believe in God or not that is your issue not the Cayman Islands deal with it, not one Christian has publicly said they hate Chantelle or Vickie or anyone that has a sexual orientation other that heterosexual and your interpretation of upholding the Christian Faith in the Cayman Islands equals hate is completely wrong, however, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone that either grew up in Cayman or moved here for work knew what kind of island we were before you moved here and Chantelle knew where she grew up, therefore, it is no surprise and appears only to be a simple agenda, of wanting to be the first person/couple to accomplish what others were not able to.

          If love is all that mattered and getting married then you could have done it where the laws allowed as neither were living on island at the time they got together as a couple anyway so what is the difference?

          Since you all feel the need to fight for what you consider to be your right, then why is it that Christians aren’t able to fight for our faith without being called hateful?

          Having different faiths, beliefs and preferences does not equal hate, yet it is okay for anti-Christians to pass those same feelings onto Christians and nothing can be said unless we are considered “hateful”.

          But it is ok, we all have free will and I will still wear my rainbow colours in representation of what the bible says it represents which is God’s love for all of his children, whether they accept him or not, as I support God and all that follow him and wherever God leads is where this story ends. God Bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      cool story bro.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You know who else created a list of people they didn’t deem as equal as them? Nazis.

  8. JTB says:

    Why does the CMA have the right to ram their weird Christian lifestyle down our throats?

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny, they don’t even have any redeeming Christian purpose. They are literally 100% devoted to an antigay hate-based mission as a partner of Caribbean CAUSE. There’s no feeding/housing/clothing the poor, no rehab/mental health, or anti-drug message, no Sunday school info, no helping single moms, no disaster relief, or community work. It’s 100% fallacy-based antigay hate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you have the right to ram your weird LGBTQ lifestyle down ours?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is anyone forcing you to marry a person of your own gender? Who rams what on you exactly?

      • Anonymous says:

        But that’s the issue!!! they didn’t start ramming anything down you’re throat! you are causing us to ram it down your throat (by the way I am a cis human) because you disagree with what they want to do with their lives…..Remember you don’t have to gay marry. If y’all would move on this thing would be over and no one‘s life would be affected except for those that have been denied equal rights.

      • JTB says:

        Sorry BoBo, I’m not gay (don’t think my wife would approve)

        But I do believe in human rights, equality, treating other human beings with decency and compassion. You know, the kind of thing Jesus recommended.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who do these people think they are? Why do they think they can impose their religious beliefs on me? Doesn’t the BIBLE literally say church and state should be separate.

    If you want a country that follows ‘God’s Law’, then move to Saudi Arabia, where you’re thrown in prison for holding hands in public, and women have little to no rights, all in the name of religion.

    • You MaMa says:

      Hello, Point of order.

      These Islands were built upon the backs of God Fearing people who took religion as part of their heritage and culture.

      So don’t you dare expect to live under the comfort they provided and expect people to accept what you say as right and their culture is wrong.

      ANYBODY else is just DRIFTWOOD. Christian values is part and parcel of these Islands, always was and always will be. Take your cancel culture and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      Any REAL CAYMANIAN would respect the religious culture.

      You say to move, well I say to you go live somewhere where your personal beliefs are accepted and STOP trying to change these ISLANDS to suit your mixed up beliefs and culture.

      Real Caymanian….

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you just suggest they get a noose and be hung? Hmmm, much like slaves not to long ago. Which the Bible didn’t mind endorsing as a work force. But if you pick and choose what you want to believe, my friend, I’ll see you in the proverbial hell.

      • Anonymous says:

        What do you know about Christian Values?

        Did Jesus tell anybody to stick it where the sun don’t shine?

        Was it at the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus taught others to tell people with whom they disagreed to XXXXX

        Of such low intelligence. #embarrassingtobeCaymanianattimes

      • Anonymous says:

        You Mama. You know this island was built on slavery, incest and money laundering.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another Hell-bound jackass. How do Cayman’s churches get Christianity so wrong?!?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ironic how you told me this is a God fearing country and we are religious, then used a derogatory term like driftwood, and told me to kill myself. Very contrary.

        FYI, I’m Caymanian. So yes I’ll be fighting for what is right in my country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since when is your version of Driftwood better than the current Driftwood. These Islands never had an indigenous people. All Caymanians are Driftwood. The fact we are a more recent version of it doesn’t make us less constructive and valuable to Cayman. Cayman has much to be thankful for as peaceful and beautiful country that has been able to avoid many of the difficulties suffered by many other countries in our region and the world at large. Part of that has been due to our success as a sophisticated first World financial Centre where people from around the world feel confident that Cayman is a good place to do business because it is a democracy and adheres to the rule of law. My friend being part of the first world has many advantages which Cayman has benefited from but it also comes with responsibilities. Those responsibilities include protecting the rights of our fellow citizens who are in a same sex relationship as is required by our Constitution and our International Human Rights obligations as a British Dependent Territory.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m straight, married, believe in God and am Caymanian. But clearly I’m not a real Caymanian.

      • JTB says:

        So anyone who doesn’t agree with you should be strung up?

        It’s good to see Christian values flourish8ng so strongly here in the Cayman Islands

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you find somewhere else to go and kotch since Cayman’s is so abhorrent to you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A country that follows ‘God’s Law’ never turns out good. Look at Saudi Arabia, where you’re thrown in jail for holding hands in public. If these MLAs want a society like that, they can move there.

    And doesn’t the Bible even say to separate church and state. Because churches are corrupt organizations that will exaggerate ‘God’s Law’ to exert more power over the people.

    Yeah not here. Bye.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Legalize Personal Massagers!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Billie Bryan’s view that those members of the LA who voted against the Domestic Partnership Bill have created a constitutional crisis and I believe they should all resign en-masse if they are no longer prepared to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law is the essence of every democracy. How can they legitimately except members of the public to obey the laws they pass if they say they and other like minded people are entitled to disregard those laws passed by the LA which they consider are contrary to God’s law. Who are they to say that? That is not how a democracy operates. Cayman is not a theocracy it is a pluralistic democracy in which the law of man must always prevail. In a democracy those who believe as they do are entitled to express their views freely and openly, in their Churches and in their homes but they have no right whatsoever to impose those views on me.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s worse: their actual job is to propose, read, review, and debate Bills that become our laws!! If few can hear, we have to wonder how many can actually read.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If an MLA is not willing to apply the law of the land, and instead follow ‘god’s law’ then they should resign as they are totally compromised from performing their basic function as a legislator.

    Won’t happen of course.

    • Just my imagination running away says:

      You know one question which is never broached is what makes an LGBT person from a legal stand point. You are born male or female and recognition of either gender is via a birth certificate. You become a Citizen of a country you are given a Passport with the right of abode and become a national thereof. So what apart from a “Human Rights “ perspective provides this nomenclature of persons whose gender has been established and recorded at birth but later in life recognize that there has been a transformative process in their chemistry which draws them to person(s) of the same gender .

      So the identification process of what a person morphs into ( for lack of a better term) is really not clearly established in law, but rather has become an acceptable practice, which has gained legitimacy through lobbying, advocacy, and whose being is consolidated in words in a charter of human rights subscribed by nations who proffer identification which name your gender as a male or female but does not provide you with legal substance , other than allowance of same sex marriage or domestic partnership. One would think that this stage the LGBT community would have advanced their standing by lobbying for recognition of their sexuality by demanding that LGBT be as synonymous as Male or Female as an identifiable legal character which would then afford all rights and privileges under constructed or revised laws rather than having these harem scarum debates which quite frankly have now become quite boring to say the least. So LGBTr’s if I’m right in my assumptions go for it . If I am not then all have a good laugh at my Thursday ruminations. Cheerio!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Facebook, Uniregistry, and OfReg should already be in the process of taking down the CMA website/group pages for breech of acceptable use and anti-abuse policies. The Gov Office should demand that CMA non-profit status be revoked per the non-profit registration law. This would be a measured and useful warning of the limits of hate, without going completely thermonuclear on the individuals behind these groups. Later if isolated zealot protest persists, orders of contempt, and arrests can follow. The CIG not only has to recognize rights, but they equally have to defend them…disqualifying any of the remaining lawmakers who still don’t get it.

  15. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Cockroach has no business in a rooster fight’ Remember those immortal words from the speaker when Governor Roper arrived? Methinks the ‘cockroach’ is having the last laugh 😁.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why are people opposed to everyone having equal rights? What right do you have to impose your “Christian beliefs” on my life? Why do some people get so riled up about what goes on in someone else’s bedroom.

    You have your own bedroom, worry about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ona all sound Ike the Tower of Babel , contradictory palaver, arrogance and hatred and whatever else is evil.

      Every man Every woman has a right to exist , to choose to live peacefully one with the other and with each other provided that their right does not infringe on another’s rights. Now in the case of this never ending dispute there is only one winner and that is The Crown, earthly title indeed, but history has given its existence. Yet again the colonial ethos of overlording over the peasants and slaves to the Monarchy will feel it’s mighty hand extended from afar to put the uncivilized ( figure of speech here) wannabe leaders in their place and submit them to it’s will,for their imbecilic way of thinking, because they knew , they perceived that this would be the outcome of the debate, send the fool a little further .

      Rest assured that the vision of independence is now even further away, for men and women of today who hold leadership positions in these Islands who are unable to comprehend the art of compromise have no doubt set back the dreams and aspirations to be free men and women and to charter their own destiny on a ship well equipped with all that is necessary for a good voyage; well yes it will remain a dream. Until we educate ourselves in the art of diplomacy, of war of subterfuge vital traits of our colonial OverlordS, , we will be forever talking crap in the Legislative Assembly and in the street corners, while our young ones future just slips away day by day.

  17. Anonymous says:

    1. The Governor could change the definition of marriage but he chose not to – why?
    2. The DPB creates a framework that has more advantages than marriage – you don’t have to be in a relationship with your domestic partner, you don’t have to be living with your domestic partner either. Its more advantageous in those ways, no need to think if the Dept of Immigration would investigate an allegation of partnership for convenience as they do with marriages.
    3. The Premier released his government from collective responsibility, knowing members of his own government would not vote in favour of the DPB – why would he do that if he wanted the bill to become law?

    • Anonymous says:

      The definition of marriage cannot be changed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because that is already the subject of much ongoing litigation. Cayman has the minimum obligation of recognition and protection of same sex civil unions. That is what the next DP Bill will be about.

      The Premier allowed his Cabinet to pander to their zealot bases with advanced counsel and assurance that it was going to happen anyway. I think it’s kamikaze politicking to serve your preferred base to impact while simultaneously disqualifying oneself as an unbiased lawmaker. The governor should suspend/hold in contempt these specific lawmakers, and they can join their suspended government employees on the sidelines until formal ousting in 2021.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the outcome is a big political “cop out” for all the politicians involved. However, while I think the Governor should have gone further and implemented marriage, I think it is a compromise in the fight for equality and hopefully some day soon marriage will follow once the populous becomes more educated and the tensions have subsided.

      All the politicians knew they were unable to stop same sex unions, but those opposed have been able to vote against it and demonstrate that they were standing up for their religious beliefs or their constituents. I agree with others that as a consequence of opposing they should have been forced to resign because they have shown they have no respect for the constitution or the law of the land. But that is not going to happen.

      The Governor and the UK have taken the easy way out and are only going as far as the government as the government was willing under order–the necessary bare minimum. The Governor could have gone further and implemented same sex marriage, but that would’ve caused further resentment from opponents to same sex unions (which the government is one) and put pressure on the territorial relationship.

      I think this may be a necessary stepping stone to same sex marriage. Once the opponents realise that same sex unions do not cause the sky to fall, the island to sink, or all their children to be molested by gay people then the irrational fervour will hopefully subside and there will be a simple pathway to same sex marriage. This indeed was the route that the UK took…same sex unions come before full marriage.

      We will continue to fight the good fight for equality.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is just confirming the slippery slope that many have been warning about.

  19. Anon says:

    Please explain what “LBGTQIA+” stands for, I am just a normal person and get confused by these abbreviations .

    • anonymous says:

      I am a gay man and am not only confused about the various letters etc. but also question why does any originating group of activists in the the lesbian and gay communities believe that all persons are to lumped together whether because of sexual orientation or self identity or for that matter gender identification itself. As a gay man it is discouraging that a term such a “queer” is for many generations a word with the same symbolism as the “n..” word. The “Q…” word should be never used from my point of view.

      • Gaymanian says:

        The word queer has been reclaimed by both the activist and academic arms of the LGBTQ community – it’s usage is somewhat controversial but it is seen as acceptable.

        As for how it’s used, you’d use it as descriptive adjective. For example, I’d say “I am queer” or “I am a queer person.” You wouldn’t say to someone however “You’re a queer”, as that usage (as a noun) is a pejorative.

        As for it’s definition, it is purposely undefined and unclear so it can be used as a catch-all for identities. So even though I am a bi/pansexual man, I refer to myself as being Queer sometimes. I hope this clears things up: it is not meant to be offensive, but it is also understandable why some may be apprehensive to adopt/use the word themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          I actually find the explanation self serving to those who believe that a negative word such as queer is somehow appropriate if you refer to yourself as queer. I guess with that logic the use of the “n” word is okay as long as your refer to yourself using the “n…” word but not calling someone else the same. This simply perpetuates the original meaning and denigration actually. In actually the word faggot could be considered less harmful since its definition does not suggest strange or odd or unusual

    • Anonymous says:

      Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer (or Questioning), Intersex, and Asexual. The + means and any other sexual identity.

      • Normal says:

        4.30pm At this rate we are going to have more sexual identities than letters in the alphabet – pure madness!.

    • Anonymous says:

      I got everything except for “QIA+”. And if Q=queer isn’t that derogatory?

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t “Lesbian” and “Gay” the same thing or is just to discriminate between men and women?

    • Anonymous says:

      Full reply here: I only share it because you asked; otherwise, I think the constant adding of letters is totally unnecessary. We are all humans and that is enough for me.

  20. Onward Christian Dinosaurs says:

    Who do our local legislators think they are, the last Crusaders? Their twisted Christian views smack of the same twisted fundamentalist ideas of DAESH.

  21. Trevy says:

    I’m a straight Atheist Caymanian. I fully agree and support the LGBT group because I too feel the church’s persecution in my own islands.

    They only love you if you believe what they do because if you don’t, you won’t pay offering every Sunday.

    You have the right to an opinion/disagree.
    You have the right to worship in peace.

    You don’t have the right to use those two rights to hinder my constitutional right to freedom from religion.

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