Cop choppers ready for peak storm season

| 11/08/2020 | 3 Comments
Cayman News Service
RCIPS helicopter arriving back in Grand Cayman (Photo by @XRayOneCayman)

(CNS) The RCIPS Air Operations Unit is back to full capacity after both of the helicopters have been serviced and spruced up ready for what is usually the busier part of the hurricane season. The newest H145 arrived back home last month and is now fitted with weather radar, daylight and thermal imaging camera, Nightsun lighting equipment, encrypted communications and a PA system. It also now has a flotation system and a hoist.

Tweeting about the machine, the RCIPS helicopter team, @XRayOneCayman, said it is one of the most advanced police helicopters in the world.

Both helicopters can now carry out police work, such tracking rogue drivers, thereby reducing the need for dangerous police car chases, as well as drug interdiction and search and rescue operations at sea, supporting the Cayman Islands Coast Guard and the Customs and Border Control agency.

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  1. Dengue drone says:

    Can they spray our mosquitos?.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All this money spent on cool toys for catching ganja boats.. just legalize personal growing and there won’t be a cash cow to smuggle anymore.

    Free up the poor farmer and the medical herb.. you only hear about ganja busts. All the white powder goes to the elite who can pull strings – quite evident after reading Ritch’s book.

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