Cayman clear of COVID cases for three weeks

| 03/08/2020 | 42 Comments

(CNS): With Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee reporting Monday on another 279 negative test results from COVID-19 samples processed over the weekend, Cayman has now gone more than three weeks without recording a single positive case of the virus. There are no active cases of coronavirus in Cayman at present, though there are 121 people now in isolation, largely in government quarantine facilities, who have returned to Cayman from overseas and who have yet to be tested.

Cayman health authorities have now conducted a total of 30,401 tests, and despite a drop in testing numbers since a peak in June, it is apparent that they have suppressed and controlled, and possibly even eliminated, the virus. The Cayman Islands is one of just of fourteen, mostly small, island countries and territories that have no active cases.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the world the virus continues to surge, with major countries battling to suppress its spread, often in vain. Of particular concern for Cayman is the continued failure of the United States to get any kind of grip on managing the virus there.

While plans for a soft re-opening in Cayman on 1 September using bio-button technology now appear in question, the long-term prospect of opening the islands to US tourists, which make up around 80% of the market here, remains in jeopardy if the spread there cannot be contained, especially in Florida.

There are currently 2,256,170 active COVID-19 cases in America, with Florida accounting for 437,282 of those ongoing cases, the largest number of any state. Across the country, over 107,000 new cases of the virus were reported over the weekend, when more than 1,500 people died, adding to the country’s death tally of more than 158,000 people.

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Comments (42)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pay attention. This probably happens more often than not. False positive. False negatives and ALL THE TROUBLES IN BETWEEN!

    After four days on the water, cruise will return to Juneau with COVID-positive passenger.
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – UnCruise Adventures has canceled all future departures in Alaska after a passenger on the Wilderness Adventurer was notified by the State of Alaska that they had tested positive for COVID-19.
    Wilderness Adventurer left Juneau on Aug. 1 in its first sailing of the year for a 7-night excursion in remote areas of Southeast Alaska. The cruise had 36 guests and 30 crew onboard, City and Borough of Juneau said Tuesday.
    The cruise will return to Juneau on Wednesday morning so that passengers and crew can quarantine. Passengers will stay at a local hotel and crew will stay on Wilderness Adventurer at port.
    The company said the COVID-positive guest had previously received ađź”´negative test result đź”´before boarding Wilderness Adventurer and was not showing symptoms of the virus. On Tuesday, the passenger was on the boat when they received a call from the State of Alaska notifying them that they had tested đź”´positive for the virus.

    đź”´False COVID-19 result shuts down day care in North Port. “..your son was tested đź”´positive. Your son tested đź”´negative. The nurse that originally called you, she made a mistake..”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only way to get back to normal is high immunity. Do you know how you get to high immunity?

    • Anonymous says:

      what is high immunity? Strong immune system you mean? Spend more time under sunlight, swim in the ocean every day, move as far from the Dump as you can and stay away from everything that needs 4G to function. Oh, ..and stop worrying.

      • Anonymous says:

        High immunity means herd immunity. It is what brought the end of the Spanish flu.

        • Anonymous says:

          As it is herd immunity has been tossed out because people are being reinfected by this virus. So immunity doesn’t last.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are right but actually wrong. While you can be reinfected it is generally accepted it is very unlikely. If you are reinfected the illness will be less severe then the initial infection. How do you think the Spanish Flu ended without a vaccine.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is not the fact. Some People do remain positive for longer than expected, but it doesn’t mean they’re reinfected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi CNS, I know you mentioned you were working on an update….Is there any news on what’s up with the flights for September?

    The Government really needs to get away with Travel Time and BIO button madness, with all due respect. The prices for tickets are going up and if people will have to produce a 72 hour covid free test do they understand that normal thinking people won’t be able to book without paying for it with body parts? Having such a team in place is not justifiable when they cannot reserve your flight at an advance rate. Only the travel agent or airline can do that please Alden, wake up no everyone has the doosh 💰like the Government.

    Do they understand that people need advance booking to to get the lower fare? Are they aware of the rapid test rolling out in the U.K. that they can look into and make available for locals and residents arriving on arrival? Dear

    Mr Governor, please get this sorted now that Honurus is sorted, because the air bridge is now almost 1,000 from U.K. one way to cayman excluding luggage

    CNS: We’ll post an update when we get something definite.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about the asymptomatic cases still out there. Every single country that reopened is seeing outbreaks. Keep the mask, social distancing and sanitising regulations please!

    • Anonymous says:

      tehy are finding no levels of infection so how can people be asymptomatic??

      • Anonymous says:

        Simple. We are only testing a few front line people every day and most of those have been tested before – repeatedly. As there is no random testing of the entire population, the incidence of the disease is unknown and there could be easily be asymptomatic people among us transmitting the disease at a low rate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, I believe this to be a unintelligible move by CIG. You are not hunting down the virus if you are testing the same folks.

          • Anonymous says:

            If they are front line, they are being exposed to a lot of people some of whom potentially carry the virus. So they’d test positive. What would be interesting to know is what percentage of the tests are repeat frontliners.

            • Anonymous says:

              Half of them are not even considered frontline anymore.

            • Anonymous says:

              What they need to do is test people who work in retail, bars, and restaurants. They are more frontline now than the previous frontline staff.

        • Anonymous says:

          True – and transmitting a version of the disease so deAdly people don’t even realize they have it. So…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Last week a judge in a case let women cases be suspended due to COVID? Was this precautionary or are there cases of COVID in the prison?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why are people being permitted to have home quarantine when coming back from the USA? The rich have their own rules?

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is?
      If you know this as FACT say the names and list the facts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kids need to tour amusement parks. No crowds. They post pictures and brag on Instagram. Name begins and end with a K. Now you take it from here, because our government certainly isn’t.

      • Anonymous says:

        Only those with severe medical conditions are allowed to quarantine at home, after CMO approval.

      • Anonymous says:

        7:04 Do you make it a point to comment on every post with this “name names or give facts” bullshit?

        You do realize that people who work in bars, restaurants, and retail encounter these characters? Many of whom have no qualms about boldly stating that they flew in the week prior. My little sister works in retail and she has told me multiple times about people who have come into the store and mentioned that they arrived on island the week before. They did not have to go to the Government facility and were only “quarantining” for a week. She does not know these people as they are foreigners. Even if she did get their name, she would not be putting names on a public form for fear of losing her job. Many would not do so either because we all have bills to pay and need to survive. So you can keep harping on about “name names, blah blah” but just because are not doing so (usually because they do not know these people) does not mean it is not happening.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Turns out Dartanians can fly off and back on private jets and upon return go straight home. Thanks for the the hypocrisy Alden!

  7. Anonymous says:

    No active cases have been detected by repeatedly testing of the same people over and over during the last month or so. That does not mean that there are no asymptomatic cases within the 2/3 of the community that are not being tested.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are 116 travelers in quarantine. Most, if not all, likely have Covid-19.

      • Anonymous says:

        Stop scare mongering!
        The is only a 1% chance that any of them have it!

        Your statement would mean nearly every person in the globe had it!

        • Anonymous says:

          With all due respect. I wasn’t scare mongering. I’m highlighting the fact that government has not been transparent with how many persons have returned to the island and how many of those persons have the virus. In addition, the wealthy are allowed to fly in and out under separate rules. On the 29th of July we inadvertently learned that 116 persons are in quarantine. What are the scare mongers going to say if cases do not increase in a week’s time? Like the bars? What is the justification of quarantine in government facilities – for some? And please don’t tell me there is a plan. So many persons are being tested these days, the ability to get a test and buy a plane ticket within 3 days is simply not going to happen.

          • Anonymous says:

            And you know right!
            You claim ” Most if not all the 116 have COVID-19 ” That statement was BS! and like I said it would be luck to be 1%.
            As for getting a test in 3 days that is easy.
            After having 8 tests over 10 weeks this is easly achieved in Florida using the correct private Labs. I have also done it in Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas.

            So believe what you want from the news but take it for fact as a person that has had many test and traveled lots it can be done.

            There is no exemption other than medical that have allowed a person on a private plane to isolate at home and if you know for fact say the names!

          • Just the Facts says:

            Im in quarantine here and Cayman and have no physical interaction with the outside world. CIG doing a great job of arranging flights to help bring people back home while keeping the island safe.

          • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Complete BS, and even if it were true, so what. They don’t get out without testing negative.

      • Anonymous says:

        A friend who lived in Florida since January and just returned to his home in Europe was tested negative. He had 12 hours layover in a busy European airport. 2 weeks later he remains healthy. Just because someone is from Florida or passed through Florida means he is positive.

    • Anonymous says:

      2/3??? They announced after testing about 16500 that further tests were on repeat persons. “Tests administered” not the same as “individuals tested”. 16500/65000 is only 25% of supposed population.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if they are positive they are in quarantine. Let’s stop wearing masks and social distancing until we all have to go back to lockdown when borders open and people freak out again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you insane? It took weeks to get everybody to learn to wear masks and social distance. Letting our guard down means covid will spread very quickly before everybody dons masks etc again!! Do you want the same old tired arguments about covid being a hoax and not affecting young people etc as teh idiots among us try to evade commonsense approaches to controlling covid??!!

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