Negative COVID-19 test trend continues

| 09/07/2020 | 39 Comments

(CNS): COVID-19 test results from the latest batch of 210 samples were all negative, Medical Officer for Health Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez reported Thursday. It has now been seven days since the test screening programme turned up any positive results. During that time public health personnel have carried out 1,671 PCR tests, which have all been negative. There are currently just three active cases in individuals who are all asymptomatic. The positive tally remains at 201 from a total of 25,740 tests that have been carried out over the last four months since the virus arrived in Cayman.

This country remains among the top three to five countries for per capita testing, as league table vary somewhat, and the falling number of active cases also places us close to being declared virus free on the global stage.

After opening up in stages, with two week breaks between each lifting of restrictions, Cayman has avoided any surges in cases and appears to have successfully run the virus to ground.

However, Cayman still faces the challenge of how it will reopen its borders after the United States endured another record-breaking day of coronavirus cases.

More than 60,000 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the US on Wednesday. On Thursday, Florida reported 9,000 new cases and 120 new coronavirus deaths, which was a record daily increase in lives lost for the state.

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Comments (39)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While science is “over-rated” to you, it seems like good grammar and proper use of punctuation is also. You must have a bag full of question marks to throw anywhere you like.

    Good one to criticize science, high school dropout!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It really saddens me to see many still believing this “ain’t no thing” I just hope it’s the same lonely, unloved, bored individual who is continually making those comments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why has this virus brought out such rabid examples of sanctimonious behavior in so many?

    Why do so many get upset that maybe the government overreacted? It’s surely better they did than under react, no?

    So maybe 800 people won’t die here afterall, why can’t that be universally acclaimed as a good thing and without cynicism or self-entitled criticism?

    I’m struggling to see why so many are upset we’re wearing masks – sure, the virus is pretty much contained if not obliterated, but that’s a good thing and if wearing masks for a while longer keeps the status quo why not just get on with it?

    Are you so superior and self important that being told to wash your hands or order from your phone and not the bar is truly a travesty of justice? F*ck me.

    So many experts always on here telling us how the virus is not the end of days event and more people die of cancer. Great. Hopefully you’re right, actually you likely are. But I’ll still wear a mask, wash my hands and stay safe until told not to. That doesn’t make me weak or a communist, it just means I’m part of the team and trying to get on my feet again after lock down.

    It must be great to know everything and make snarky comments about Cayman being in a bubble for no reason, laugh at us for staying safe when there’s nothing to be afraid of. Lucky you Mr Wonderful.

    Me? I’m thankful we’re ok and soon to be even better. If the government want to wait until they are as certain as possible the tools exist to keep Cayman safe once we allow people to visit again, I’ll suck it up and wait with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      800 was never in the cards. It had happened nowhere in the world. If so Sweden would have lost 1,333 persons per 100k instead of 43 persons per 100k. False models. Comprehend the difference in numbers? Hopefully you and our Premier will catch on to this fact in the coming months.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman could be even more welcoming than Barbados (12 mos Welcome Stamp) as we are 1 hr from Miami and know for wealth and securty.
        Kudos to their Prime Minister for saying they offered excellent education and room for students too!!
        Again, Cayman Government lags behind due to lack of focus on Education – Get woke, get your Schools in order!!

        Our Politicians are not traveling this summer and should be meeting daily to face the next wave of 2020:
        Economy, Public health safety, revamp (replace) Tourism, Education overhaul, Vocational training…
        bring back the Press Conferences and make every single MLA earn their pay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is no such thing as herd immunity for this virus, as yet, nowhere in the world. I have seen interviews with scientists to that effect. The reason is that the virus is so new and there is yet no evidence that recovered people have developed antibodies. Even if antibodies remained, to develop “herd immunity” (as the term implies} would require most of the population of any given community or country to have caught corona virus and recovered. In our case I doubt 200 cases could be considered as “most of the population”.

    I suggest you stop repeating “man-on-the street” talk for which you have no back-up info. That is dangerous to you and those around you.

    Just simply continue to wear mask in public at all times, social distance and sanitize hands regularly and leave the control decision to the pros.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree, but your last paragraph. Never leave the control decision about your life and health to anyone. There are no pros. Never will be. Science is overrated. Wisdom of ages isn’t.

      To understand limitations of science read this article:

      “Getting back to nature: a reality check for experiments in controlled environment.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you willfully dumb or just an unfortunate chance combination of dumb genes?

        Science is overrated? Science in general or just the science that allows you to spew random pseudo-mystical bullshit on the internet?

      • Anonymous says:

        Science is overrated. And here’s a scientific study to prove it. – Idjit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And fools still out there wearing masks.

    • Anonymous says:

      The FACT that designer masks, and non-N95 grade (very bare minimum) have virtually no effect on the spreading of the virus is still a FACT. There is a reason when you have a real deadly viral outbreak, no one with more than one brain cell would ANY of these idiotic masks and expect to survive.

      CNS: This is from the CDC: Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19. It makes sense that a virus that spreads via saliva droplets will be curtailed by something that blocks the droplets. N95 masks are designed to protect the wearer, cloth masks are to protect other people if you have the virus. Let’s hope the silly politicization of mask wearing in the US does not take off here.

      The narrative is what has changed and political correctness was induced (for conformity purposes as is what all politically correct coercion are meant to create).

      As such, now we must all obey the moronic politically correct based policies. And this is why we are seeing idiots wearing masks where about 95% of everyone wearing them are either wearing a useless masks, or are not wearing them correctly.

      Seriously, you have to wear a mask when entering a restaurant until you get to your table or have to go to the bathroom, then it’s perfectly OK to not wear the mask as you eat the food that was served to you? Do you think they are wearing masks in the hot kitchens?? This is just one pathetic example out of 1000’s

      CNS: Yes, all staff should be wearing masks, something you should check on before you go to any restaurant. As to customers, it makes sense to wear masks where you could spread the virus – speaking to staff, laughing, coughing. When you are eating, you are limiting potential spread to those you are dining out with. However, you have a very good point about people not wearing masks correctly – I’m guessing because they are not taking the pandemic seriously, something you are hearing less and less, even from the right wing in the US, except for extreme holdouts like Rush Limbaugh.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, the Mask Enforcers are out in full force. I choose not to wear one and some of these people that are puffing up and approaching people like me need to go sit down and worry about themselves. Leave us alone if that is our choice. Sick of unna now. Cha!

      CNS: The same sort of argument is used by people doing dangerous wheelies on unlicenced dirt bikes:

      “I can risk my life if I want to! It’s my body.”
      But you are also risking other people’s lives.
      “Well they can just stay home then. I’m going to do what I like. The law is for suckers. Wheeee!”

      You think you’re a rebel/free spirit or even more bizarre, a “thinker”, but really you’re just another selfish idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Miami’s mayor said infection rate has dropped in the last 10 days since the mandatory mask order.
        Northeast states in the US are now in the decline due to mandatory mask order.

        If you don’t care enough about yourself to wear a mask, don’t be so selfish not to protect your family when you return home or your grandparents when you visit. Wearing a mask is protecting you and those you love.

      • Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    1671 in past 7 days all negative. Only 3 current positives. All while bars, stores, restaurants are fully open. Looks like herd immunity is taking place naturally. This is awesome!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait till the paranoids hear the “bad” news. How can this be? The virus is lurking amongst us. It’s alive and well, we just won’t know till we test everyone. We have to be diligent! Don’t let a sole in, 800 will die. We must quarantine Caymanians. We cannot let anyone in, even from Timbuktu. We can’t trust anyone to act responsibly and self quarantine.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is not herd immunity, that is the result of a successful lockdown. It is too early to declare victory, but Cayman doing well. In a couple of weeks, with no more positives, there will be genuine cause for celebration. We are not there yet and need to keep our guard up

      • Anonymous says:

        You are 100% correct. It’s not herd immunity. It’s a bubble. The only problem is that it is a tiny bubble on a tiny island. One that depends on international travel and business to survive. Unless a vaccine materializes soon, and it could be years, the actual situation Cayman is in, is a frog in a boiling pot of water. Alden says we love a Miami. If he thinks that’s Cayman main purpose of travel he’s a fool and has unknowingly turned the burner to max. While people like you claim success, many are struggling. The world is moving on and we are not. At some point we have to tackle the virus head on. Fauci says no second wave, not because the virus has gone, but because they are more prepared. While other Caribbean islands open up successfully we have no plan. Are we to lock down internationally because we love to shop in Miami? Kindergarten logic!

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL, Celebration of what?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not herd immunity. This is called living in a bubble. Unfortunately, eventually, you’ll run out of oxygen and join the rest of the world. You have yo choice. By that I mean the territory, its people and businesses will run out of money. Enjoy while you can. Leave if you can. Prepare if you can to survive on bare minimum.

      All the money CIG spends on quarantines are wasted, because viruses are smarter than people and just like mosquitoes can be eradicated, but not eliminated.

      135k U.S. deaths from COVID19 is still 0.04% of the total population. Nearly 50% attributed to care homes, who knows how many died from improper treatments in March and April, plus there’s great manipulation in reporting hospital’ deaths.

      What is troubling, Cayman hospitals/doctors have zero experience and expertise in treating COVID19 patients while the rest of the world has gained extensive hands-on experience. Ventilators for example, are not simple devices where anyone can just push buttons. It requires highly specialized knowledge, certification and extensive practice. Patients must be monitored around the clock (Boris Johnson). Do you want to be the first patient for inexperienced respiratory therapist who has treated no COVID19 cases?

      • Anonymous says:

        Florida has not lived in a bubble and now there is a public health disaster there.

        Sooner live in a bubble for a while than be dead.

        • Anonymous says:

          No disaster here in FL. Just came home after swimming with the sharks, literally.

          • Anonymous says:

            People in the Cayman bubble have no clue how the rest of the world is adapting to the situation. I’ve been touring New England. Beautiful food, hotels, museums, experiences. The only ambulance I’ve come across in 4 weeks was a motor cycle accident. People are wearing masks, despite what the media says. People are getting on with their lives. What choice does one have? There is no vaccine.

            • Anonymous says:

              I live in one of the New England states also. I go to work, the gym, shopping, out to dinner and to the beaches. Masks and social distancing every where and by everyone ( as it is mandatory to wear a mask inside a building or when you can’t social distance). Drove by a summer camp w/ probably 100 children and they all were wearing masks while on playground and playing basketball. People have adapted.

          • Anonymous says:

            8:26, Oh stop it Trumpite in Florida.

          • Anonymous says:

            Check out the morgues in Florida. They are now overflowing with bodies.

            Good thing the sharks didn’t get you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, Floriduh, where your brilliant Trumpite Governor said “if we can open Home Depot’s we can open schools”. DUH.

            Great news is that like Trump the Florida Governor also “aced” his cognitive test. Must be something in the Florida water that makes so many people brilliant there.

          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps you are not smart enough to know this but Florida, followed closely by Texas is now the world epicenter for coronavirus cases.

            I am sorry to say that until a member of your family or your best friend contracts the virus you will still be a non believer.

            I have friends who are both doctors and nurses in Florida. They are exhausted and very concerned the way things are going in Florida.

            Perhaps it would be a good thing if a shark did get you in the Florida waters.

    • Hubert says:

      Sweden’s bold approach to herd immunity ended up being a massive failure. The stats are now in and Sweden has the highest death rate per capita in Europe taking the herd immunity approach.

      So we now know herd immunity DOES NOT WORK.

      • Anonymous says:

        Meant to give you a thumbs up as I agree 100%. Many countries who tried the herd immunity approach are ending up with very tragic numbers. Thankfully in Cayman most people are not selfish and have generally followed the guidelines, and hopefully continue to do so! The “me, myself and I” attitude of people, including leaders, in other countries is an embarrassment to humankind, especially if you consider the hardships that others have suffered in the past!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sweden’s approach, not closing down, is absolutely the worst at 53.5 per 100,000. If one doesn’t count the following countries which did close down. Belgium 85.6, United Kingdom 66.8 (which we happily receive planes from), Spain 60.8 and Italy 57.7. Don’t ever let the facts get in the way of paranoia. Plus, this is a two part war. First prevention, which Cayman has done well. Then assimilation with others – which Cayman doesn’t even have a plan for.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sweden is actually 7th in Europe for death per capita.

        Not that great but sort of goes against your argument. It really is too soon to tell how this all turns out over time. We do know that 5,500 people have died from Covid-19 there as of yesterday, but they have had medical treatment for other issues and didn’t blow up their economy.

        We really need to compare excess deaths in a country to understand the full effects.

        If you compare Sweden to others you might not be so critical

    • Anonymous says:

      Herd immunity – you wish. You dont get the immunity without the infections.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yet still no plan.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean like Barbados which placed an advert in U.K. media inviting those who can work from home in the U.K. to work from beach houses in Barbados? You mean like Jamaica which tests people prior to departure and upon arrival? Like Saint Lucia …

    • Anonymous says:

      But there is a plan in Cayman. Look at the results BOBO.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you had any sense you’d know we put up some good points in the first half. We are now at the half time show. How do we win the second half, aka opening up? Coach? Coach?

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