Cop used ‘unnecessary’ force in rogue rider case

| 02/06/2020 | 121 Comments
Cayman News Service
Rogue rider arrested on Saturday, 4 April

(CNS): An investigation into how police handled a pursuit of rogue riders in April found that one officer used “unnecessary and unreasonable force” during the arrest and behaved badly to a member of the public at the scene. The Office of the Ombudsman also found that an off-duty officer made matters worse when he joined the pursuit in a private car, and that the whole thing had escalated because senior officers had failed to take charge of the situation.

In a summary of the full report about the incident, which has been given to police but not yet made public, Ombudsman Sandy Hermiston recommended that the arresting officer should be disciplined, the off-duty cop should receive advice and guidance, and that the RCIPS update the pursuit policy, as has been previously recommended.

The ombudsman began investigating this incident, which happened on 4 April, after videos surfaced on social media that raised questions about the conduct of the police.

The chain of events started with a report that several motorcyclist were riding recklessly and pulling stunts. The police helicopter responded and tracked the riders to Bodden Town.

As the police approached, the riders fled in different directions. Officers chased just one rider in a pursuit that lasted for well over an hour and ended when an officer was able to grab the rider’s arm and pull him to the ground.

A struggle ensued and additional officers arrived to assist. One of those officers immediately drew has baton and beat the rider on the leg, although he was already flat on the ground.

This incident was seen by several bystanders, some of whom recorded it on their phones. That footage was then circulated on social media.

After that the officer who used a baton approached a woman at the scene who was filming the incident and yelled at her to return to her car. He repeated the behaviour towards the witness two more times and threatened arrest for recording the incident.

The ombudsman found that the “force used by the arresting officer when he grabbed the motorcyclist’s arm and pinned him in order to handcuff him was necessary to end the pursuit, but she was concerned about the second officer’s use of his baton.

“This use of force was unnecessary and unreasonable given the suspect was on the ground and, although struggling to get up, was not strenuously resisting arrest,” she stated in a summary of the report.

Hermiston said the officer’s interaction with the woman at the scene fell foul of the RCIPS Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Behaviour and his conduct was unprofessional.

She also raised questions over the police pursuit policy, calling it “outdated and not fit for purpose because it lacks clarity and is difficult to understand”.

She added that senior officers on duty failed to take charge of the incident that day, which led to an unnecessarily long chase that lasted 72 minutes and increased the risk to the public.

Finally, the ombudsman criticised the involvement of an off-duty officer who used his private vehicle to join the chase. She said the officer used his own car to conduct a tactical manoeuvre to intercept the fleeing cyclist.

But instead of stopping the rogue rider, the off-duty cop collided with an on-duty cop who was on a motorcycle. She said the off-duty officer had created a high risk because his vehicle was not fitted with police markings or lights and siren.

The Office of the Ombudsman has now made several recommendations to the police commissioner about the incident, including the disciplining of the officer over the use of his baton and his interaction with a woman at the scene. Hermiston also suggested a debrief of all the officers involved in this case so that they can learn from it.

There has been no comment yet from the RCIPS about these findings and any details on whether or not the officer who used excessive force is still on the job. CNS has contacted the RCIPS to find out how it will be responding to the report and whether there have been any consequences for any of the officers involved.

Meanwhile, Hermiston, whose office also covers freedom of information, has confirmed that the full report of the incident, which has been passed to the police, is not a public document.

When CNS asked for a copy she said, “The Office of the Ombudsman seeks to release as much information as possible on the matters we investigate. However, we must balance the need for transparency with the obligation to protect the integrity of criminal investigations and people’s right to privacy. Therefore, we do not release final investigation reports under the Police (Complaints by the Public) Law, as they contain confidential, sensitive and personal information. Instead, we summarize them to provide an overview of the findings — as we have done in this case.”

See the summary report in the CNS Library

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Comments (121)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a lot of racism here in Cayman. Also the police force is rife with it especially against Caymanians and it’s not the white officers either it’s those black ones from you know where. Imagine a Caymanian is picked up and arrested for breaking the curfew. Locked up in a cell at the Detention Centre, begs the officers to let him take a shower and they ignore him for days and do not let him take that shower. But there’s a Jamaican there in lock up tòo and he just has to ask them once and they take him to let him take his shower. This is just a fraction of police brutality and injustice we are going through with here in this country. So please do not encourage it. They should be punished like anyone else when they break the law or think they are above the law.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No mention of the off duty officer who joined the pursuit in his own vehicle. What was he thinking? Most probably had the mentality that they always have that they can do anything and get away with it. He should be charged and dismissed. Just like the the one used excessive force on the rider and assaulted the woman. They need to understand they are not above the law too and be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else. We should not be encouraging police brutality. Most of these police officers do not even know how to talk to people much less anything else. Also why did they pursue only one rider? Is he someone they had a bone to pick with?

  3. North Sound Estates Concerned Member says:

    All the officers on scene were professional and did their best to deescalate the situation. The rider did say in the North Sound Estates ”FU Fassys I am not stopping”. And being that I was closed to the scene I saw where the young man was resisting arrest on the ground and would not stop fighting with the officer. Also the young lady at the scene was following as the pursuit took place. She is not any relation to the young man yet encouraged him to ignore Police instructions. Hence why the Officer yelled why didn’t you tell him to Stop also heard in the video. She then made an Instagram live video saying she encouraged him to continue evading police and had persons commenting they would kill the officers at the scene. There is a recording of this video and screenshots. This all happened after she was arrested. XXXX Please people look at the whole picture. These people are waste of Cayman’s society and then they are stupid enough to post these things on Instagram after he even recorded himself on Instagram Live speeding away from police.

    I plead with the public to report these idiots on the dirt bikes and where they reside take photos and pictures when possible we need to get those bikes confiscated and destroyed before law abiding citizens are seriously injured. Most of these young men are not work and doing illegal things to keep these bikes maintained XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      When people break the law they should be punished. Anyone intentionally breaking the law with a motor bike should lose his bike forever…….. plus a little jail time to give him time to think about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Appropriate amount of force. These idiots on the bikes have been terrorizing the streets for long enough. If they are not going to obey the law and respect the officers then to hell with them. That goes for any of the criminals out there.
    Everyone complains nothing is done to stop their actions but when officers finally do something everyone cries about it. Especially to moron on the bikes. You can’t have it all. The people either want police to do their jobs or want to let the lawlessness continue.
    Wake up Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      9:52pm. I have had to deal with those no brain idiots on the road and just pray, that I never experience an incident where one one of them falls from a bike and is in need of help. They block the roadway and vehicles cannot pass and worse where there is no broken line to allow you to overtake. Why are they allowed to ride unlicensed bikes on the road or why are the allowed to be sold here? Can someone answer the question.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Police officers are nothing more than civilians in uniform. They don’t have, nor should they have, extra powers to use force beyond that which is reasonable. They would do well to remember that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You guys who are screaming that we should arrest everyone with violence do know it will be impossible to put them in jail or get their bikes taken away if the cops don’t act lawfully?

    That being said the police also need to follow the laws and start arresting these people and pulling them over for breaking the law. Tail light out, not using an indicator, parking in the middle of the road, ticket ticket ticket.

  7. Anonymous says:

    People are talking about an officer shouting at a woman for filming and an officer hitting the suspect. Neither of these things is in the video I have seen. Is there another video? And if so can someone post a link please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here you go.

      The video that is on CNS and the Compass is from a different angle, so you dont see the blow with the baton very clearly and you certainly don’t see the officer screaming at the woman. But what you do see in that video – not obvious in this one – is at the time the officer strikes the biker with his baton he is already on the ground with a RCIPS officer on top of him holding his arm behind his back. I guess the ombudsman saw both videos, and most of the commentators here probably only saw the one – apart from those who don’t really care about disproportionate force or the police threatening people videoing them using it.

      • Anonymous says:

        All I see here is the cursing at the bystander.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:54pm the woman should’ve been arrested as well. Too many of us encourage wrong doing and try to make others look bad, that’s why their children can commit crimes and they shield, protect and encourage them. Sad, but it is true. Wake up!

    • Anonymous says:

      This would actually help the Ommbudsman make her point. ‘Everyone’ agreed the actual arrest seen was appropriate. (Even the Ombudsman, from the news report.) The problem seems to have been with the actions of another officer. Which ‘most of us’ can agree seems unacceptable/unnecessary/inappropriate. If they could show the officer walking up and whacking the suspect unnecessarily (from the report) I think more people would see it the way of ‘most of us’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Peace is maintained by the treat of overwhelming use of force.

    And sometimes, that threat has to become action, on thugs.

    • Intelligent Police Will Make the Difference says:

      If you had said the ‘appropriate’ use of force, then you might have a point. We only have to look at the USA to see what an ‘overwhelming’ use of force can quickly escalate into.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, overwhelming is very clear and unquestionable.

        “Appropriate” is just very subjective PC fluff to make yourself feel good about yourself.

        Thugs require overwhelming.

      • Anonymous says:

        USA is using correct amount of force on unruly thugs

        • Anonymous says:

          A guy allegedly forged a cheque and you think he should have his neck kneeled on for 9 minutes then DIE??? That’s a thug to you???

          • Anonymous says:

            Ok, he was only a past thug. He may have rehabilitated himself.

          • Adrian Fulford says:

            If he had obeyed the officer’s orders, he would still be alive.

            • Anonymous says:

              Even if he did in fact resisted arrest, as you have made up, you think using that force was necessary on a person? He had him on the ground for nine minutes while he slowly, excruciatingly died begging for his mother.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Give the police officer a medal!

    • Anonymous says:

      Until you or one of your family members are mistreated by the RCIPS. Their unprofessional approach has been a problem for years and needs to be corrected before it gets out of hand. If i do not follow the procedures and processes of my employer, I will be held accountable. It should be no different for public servants.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about us in the US. We will manage. What you need is to buy some spike strips and learn to use them. Chasing someone for an hour means you are doing it wrong.

  11. Cayman police quagmire/dilemma says:

    Well well Cayman hiring police from jurisdictions known for brutality and hiring those who believe criminals are victims from jurisdictions who’s law enforcement efforts to protect the innocent and victims is complete joke and utter failure . What a friggin mess we in Cayman.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yup and as soon as one of these fake ass wannabe bikers hits a 4 year old child who wanders onto the road in a residential neighborhood these same libertards will be screaming why wasn’t something done about them earlier.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Did I miss something….. struggling to get up after a hour long police chase does not mean resisting arrest!!! Is the osbudsmand daft! People who have no respect for the law should not be given concern, it’s that simple!

  14. anonymous says:

    Nobody will ever know what words the biker fool utter when he was finally apprehended. The Ombudsman is assuming a great deal. The Police reacted to a dangerous situation well.

  15. Change Is Needed says:

    The police service on this island has become inundated with person of a criminal nature. It is especially true of the top positions.

    Those persons, in these positions, have sought out the good, dedicated and committed Officers and belittled and bullied them. They have ensured the protection for the criminals by issuing polices and directives that make it harder for the good officers to do their job and easier for the criminals to commit and get away with even murder.

    Until there is a real change in the upper echelons there will consistently be incidents like this and worse. A change needs to occur.

    Police need to be able to Police, not be in fear of doing their jobs.

  16. ELVIS says:

    load of garbage. these thugs were arrested correctly and before they kill someone I think don’t you?
    I’ve almost been written off by these morons on more than one occasion and the report says arrest them with care and don’t be rough? lol.
    typical do gooders ruining the world

  17. Anonymous says:

    We can’t ignore police over stepping duties. They work for us and are meant to uphold the law. I hate these crotch rocket losers but they win if the cops go rogue. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention that we all foot the bill for the unprofessional officers that think they are above policy and procedure. How hard can it be to have the chopper follow and report? No vehicle on this Islands can out run, much less hide from the chopper with all that expensive tech we have. Egos running high among officers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since its an unregistered motorbike having the helicopter follow it to my yard, even my garage, filled with matching motorcycle parts, doesn’t prove that I was riding the illegal motorcycle in an unsafe manner. Yanking me off the bike does.

  18. Anonymous says:

    While I don`t condone the reckless riding of the biker, I will not praise these officers who feel they have the right to abuse their power in the name of law enforcement. The biker was already practically detained, so what was the reason for further hitting him with a baton as if he was his child to be disciplined. That’s what the courts are for, to provide the punishment necessary. When an officer kills someone, what will you all say then, “that’s what the individual deserved” smh. At the end of day we are all humans and should treat eachother as such.

    As for the officer shouting at the young lady…. couldn’t be me because he would’ve swallowed all 32 of his teeth that day and I would glady sit down in NWP to collect my 3 meals a day!

    • Anonymous says:

      8.12pm – your last sentence ‘contradicts’ the last sentence before that. Whenever did making someone swallow 32 of his teeth come under the terms of ‘we are all humans and should treat eachother as such’ ? Violence as a response does not solve anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        Violence as a response works. Or have you forgotten WW1 and WW2

        • Anonymous says:

          1.45pm – That’s a ridiculous argument !! – totally different circumstances – you cannot compare the two ! (but then, you knew that before you posted, didn’t you?).

    • ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

      So it’s ok for a parent to hit a child but it’s not ok for the police to subdue a criminal on the run for over an hour? And it’s ok for you to physically assault the police but they can’t speak to a bystander in the heat of the moment? You need help.

      • Ban the Birch Switch says:

        It’s actually not okay for a parent to hit a child. Which century are you living in?

        • ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

          I agree. I was pointing out the inconsistencies in the comment above where the person is upset about the police using force on a criminal who had putting the public in danger for over an hour but seems to be alright with a parent hitting a child. For the record, I think the moron on the bike got what he deserved but hitting children is completely unacceptable.

          • Anonymous says:

            Police brutality pure and simple and should not be tolerated. Been happening here for far too long.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you missed the point of the post.

      • Anonymous says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Here in Cayman the criminals are the victims when the cops catch them. Culturally the cops are bad because they enforce laws. Third world is stil practiced here.

  20. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you thought you were posting a clever remark, but given the situation in the US right now, it’s rather insensitive, and I’m calling you on it! Get a grip!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dirt bikers rule on Grand Cayman. Never forget that fact.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dirt Bikers are dirt with no respect for others on the road one day someone will be killed by their irresponsible actions and then the police will be berated for not doing enough. The law is the law and these riders need to respect it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Waster dirt bikers with no jobs who think they real men but really are just little boys with who decide to drive like idiots when they tired of playing X-box?

        They rule? Hahahahahahaha

      • Anonymous says:

        Until they are caught or kill themselves. Please try harder not to kill anyone else until then.

    • Anonymous says:

      #dirtbikerlivesmatter only to themselves. #otherlivesdon’tmattertodirtbikersandbush.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Well, we knew this would be her opinion didn’t we? I hope the Commissioner tells his cops to read the report, be careful, and go on with suppressing these nasty thugs we have here. Discipline for the “guilty” officer should be a wrist slap.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh Canada!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Disgraceful outcome – just undermines the good work of the cops in this arrest. What’s the point, we may as well let these twat$ just do what they want as they appear above the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      The issue is not the twat on the motorbike, its the police officer completely losing his temper – you clearly haven’t seen the video in question. Striking the restrained guy on the floor is one thing – screaming – and yes, it was screaming – at the woman filming him, let alone threatening her does not give me confidence that is an officer capable of acting rationally and calmly under pressure. Two wrongs don’t make a right. When you start to make assumptions that whatever police officers do is OK because the perp deserves it is when you end up with cases like George Floyd or that guy being beaten by the LAPD officer without resisting at all whilst another officer just watches. And I am no softy liberal – think the kid on the bike should get time, and have no problem with police firing rubber bullets at people throwing rocks. But seeing an officer clearly lose control, and then turn on a member of the public because they are filing them doing it – that worries me. And it should worry you, too.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are very much a liberal, just not for the reason you think.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol, I wonder how many people here upvoted me thinking I was calling him a liberal for agreeing with the ombudsman, and not for thinking that rubber bullets should be used on people throwing rocks, while we look at videos circulating everywhere the police using rubber bullets on everyone, violent or peaceful, exploding their eyes from their sockets like that one reporter.

        • Anonymous says:

          And to add this seprately since I’m unsure whether it will go through moderation:

          The reason he’s a liberal is because liberalism is the moderate wing of fascism. Rubber bullets and tear gas are already killing people, liberals are OK with “less lethal” means of police brutality, fascists with live ammo.

          CNS: I don’t even understand it. It’s a jumbled mess of nonsense. Liberals are actually fascists and are OK with rubber bullets and tear gas killing people. What does that even mean?

          • Anonymous says:

            To CNS, I’m using “liberal” in the historical sense and as it’s used in other areas of the world not as influenced by US politics, in the sense that is used more specifically in “neoliberal”: an ideological supporter of the current status quo of capitalist hegemony and the institutions that arise from it, such as the current institution of policing.

            Consider that, to take the current situation in the US, many of the cities and states – in which the curent spate of cases of police brutality are occuring in the wake of the protests and riots – are run by Democratic mayors, and yet continue to maintain the necessity of the police there as it’s currently manifested in society. They may suggest reforms to the police, but they fundamentally do not wish to change its structure to be accountable to the communities they occupy. So when I say “liberalism is the moderate wing of fascism” (which was a bungled up quote on my part, the original was “Social-democracy is the moderate wing of facism”, although in this context, neither the US nor here are social democracies, so it’s a moot point), I mean that, by failing to address the root of police indiscipline, it aides those seeking to impose authoritarian rule over the populace.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jesus get over your fetish with liberals. I’m sure you could find some porn hub site that will help you cope enough to keep it between you and your hand.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree. That’s the part of the report that I agree with the ombudsman on. Police should never, ever, threaten to arrest someone for recording them.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who do they think they are? Clearly the officer thought he could violate the woman’s right to record from a distance. Glad they caught him but they are exposing the tax/duty payers to an unnecessary lawsuit.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s called human rights not like the 3rd world shithole what you’re use to.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The thing that disturbed me the most was how one of the officers approached a woman that was filming him in the course of his duties and threatened to arrest her if she did not stop what she was doing. There have been previous communications from the RCIPS to confirm that it is legal to film police officers in the course of their duties. The officer in question is not fit for service and should be fired immediately.

    This incident also reminds us why only specially trained police officers should be armed. When the adrenaline kicks in they are incapable of keeping their emotions in check.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What’s next? I didn’t hear the officer say please.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Someone needed to give these reckless punks some discipline because their parents sure aren’t giving it to them.

  27. Anonymous says:

    We all think he deserved it!!

    Until…. the police think that it’s appropriate to use a baton on you in a non-violent situation and break your leg. Police brutality starts with one incidence and becomes a culture of excessive force.

    These were bad choices by the RCIP and they can DO better. #Facts


    • Discipline for the unruly says:

      I have a pair of fur lined handcuffs they could have used. Just kidding, this miscreant showed zero respect for the law and other citizens so he was not treated with kid gloves. The Ombudsman’s office wants our police to respect the rights of the wood be criminal, yet we law abiding citizens don’t seem to have any.
      Anyone thinking this is the same as what recently happened in Minneapolis, it’s not.

    • Gray Matter says:

      NON VIOLENT SITUATION: These IDIOT rogue riders were using a LETHAL WEAPON. Can you comprehend this.

  28. Anonymous says:

    And so the real perpetrator becomes the victim!

    You can’t make this crap up!

    A lot more of these public nuisance bike riders need to be taken down by whatever means. If not some innocent child or elderly person will be seriously hurt by these mindless pieces of humanity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok so it’ll be justified to kill a bike rider for a few traffic infractions, why don’t you please go back to America with that BS. Oh wait you can’t because you would probably die just for the color of your skin, moron.

  29. Anonymous says:

    everyone including (more so !!! ) POLICE have a code of conduct which must be adhered too… dont you fools see whats happening in the USA right now because they wearing a badge doesnt mean you have the right to do what you want to civilains by using excessive and unnecessary force plaine n simple and for Mr. Hot shot off duty along with any others involved need to be relieved of their duties !!!! and send them bac to Jam where they can practice this on their who people 10 4 over n out

    • Anonymous says:

      Numb nuts, the civilian in this case was riding a motorcycle in a dangerous manner and refused to stop. He got what was coming to him. If he was in the USA, he’d not be treated with the luxury of a quick tap with a baton.

      • Anonymous says:

        Struggling to find where in the law it says that if you are dangerous driving and refuse to stop you are summarily liable to be hit with a baton. There is something in the law about the reasonable use of force to restrain a suspect in arrest, but not sure that a use of a baton on a man lying on the ground with another police officer already on top of him counts. But you are right – if a black guy was in the USA and caught committing an offence then perhaps he would get more than a baton strike. So as long as the officer didn’t actually kill him I guess its all right in your book.

    • LIQFL says:

      What happened in the US is clearly very different than what happened in this case. The use of the baton in this case was questionable, but given the circumstances, acceptable. The one unacceptable thing that the baton-wielding officer should be severely reprimanded for is threatening the female for filming the arrest, something that was perfectly within her rights to do.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Have you all seen what is going on in the US? The ombudsman’s recommendations are a joke. The shouting police officer should be fired especially if he was the one using the baton. Why was he trying to prevent the girl from observing or filming what was going on? If he was acting correctly he had no need to worry who was observing him, instead he almost blew a gasket. The police can’t be trusted so when you see incidents like this observe closely and film if you can. Otherwise those brutes could kill someone and then the report they return to the station and give is a far cry from what happened. And no police says anything against another one, or restrains his/her colleagues. The Office of Ombudsman is another part of the establishment and they try at all costs to exonerate the police. I have had experience with them investigating a complaint against the police. That organization is a waste of money. Better they left the police investigating themselves via the Professional Standards Unit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey jackass. Do you know this was well before the us issue? Put your self in the law enforcement shoes. You chase a person for 1hour plus, who during that chase potentially injured or caused damage to numerous persons or property an you want them treated with respect or concern? You must be family or a baby mama to this no good, unless piece of garbage. I don’t know where you were raised we should all respect the law around here. And if you don’t like it go back to Jamaica were you can do as you please. Not here. Anyone who has no respect for the law should be locked up straight away.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you can’t catch them, why continue to chase and endanger other people’s lives? What if the biker ran into and killed someone because officers decided to chase the rider in a residential area? That shows lack of experience and training. The last time i checked, we have a multi-million dollar chopper that can follow and report to ground units. The officers just wanted to teach him a lesson and blow off some steam. In these current time where everyone has a camera accessible, the officer deserves what he gets for being so foolish.

        • Anonymous says:

          So your logic is that the police should not pursue, let people do what they want on the road? Do you understand that if they don’t catch the person in the act then you can’t prove they were the person actually in control of the bike or veichle? I could pull that into my yard and run into the house and say “it wasn’t me”. So as I said before if hey have no respect for the law and the flashing lights then we should have no respect for them. Simple. If was up to me I would ordered the helicopter to shoot him off that bike and end it in a few minutes. One piece of garbage is not worth the destrucction and waste of resources he caused.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about you in any position to make critical decisions. It shows you have no capability to think critically. The chopper has infrared and night vision that they can see and record video in situations the naked eye can’t. Again, properly trained police would have completed the apprehension with less chaos. There was a case in the past where officers chased a rouge bike rider into a residential area, hit the back of his bike and made the driver slam into a boulder, sustaining serious injuries. Do you know how that played out for us? The CIG had to pay out hundreds of thousands. This is just the incident i know about. Imagine all the others that they make people sign NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements). Too many officers on the force with piss-poor critical thinking skills like you. That is precisely why the DPP cannot secure most cases against criminals, because officers do not follow the code of conduct and ruin the opportunity to prosecute. Even more baffling, the DPP still decides to pursue weak tainted cases.

            • Anonymous says:

              Totally disagree. Why should I obey the law and they dont have to. And we then have to drag out a criminal case to prove it was them committing the offence becuase sensitive people dont want to fight fire with fire.

              They should be stopped with whatever force necessary. Boo hoo for them if they get road rash or a baton to the leg.

  31. Anonymous says:

    One of these rogue riders goes up and down with a child of about two years old on his loud bike on fairbanks road and nether wearing a helmet. If these people are not taken down they will kill someone and then people will complain the police are not doing anything. Take them down!

    • Anonymous says:

      @3:56 you are absolutely right! All he had to do was stop immediately and he would have avoided the button..

      These thugs are running wild and the ombudsman wants the police to be nice in their approach…BS!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Someone should go find the Ombudsman and help him or her understand what the public thinks is excessive

    • Anonymous says:

      It really is embarrassing how Cayman has exposed itself as not only being a follower, but of poor judgement of whom they follow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, what the public thinks – always the best choice of what the police should be doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Caymanian (which should not matter but it probably will) I think the Ombudsman got it right. Her ruling (from the article) was
      a) pulling a fleeing suspect from the motorbike to the ground, OK
      b) whacking the suspect when they’re down and restrained, not OK.
      (Note: the blow was apparently not needed to further restrain the suspect or keep him from escaping or hurting another officer.)

      Sounds about right to me.

  33. Anonymous says:

    We have all been endangered by that one “dirt biker” for years. Hitting him in the leg with a baton because he was resisting should not be an issue. Reasonable “force” was used. 30 years ago he would have been “clothes lined” with a “clothes line”

    • Anonymous says:

      Apart from the small matter that he was already restrained when hit with the baton. And the treatment dished out to the woman who filmed the officer doing it, who as far as I can see wasn’t driving a dirt bike or endangering anyone or anything other than the police officers exposure to disciplinary action.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Nonsense. Should had lick him harder.

  35. Anonymous says:

    These bikers really need to stop acting like a bunch of nuisance and waste men trying to impress their idiotic waste men friends and girls!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Unnecessary force? They should have taken their belts to that idle boy backside right their in public.

  37. Anonymous says:

    yawn…glad this is a sensible reaction.
    next time i see the cops involved i’ll be buying them a drink for a job well done.

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